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Elsie Elise Bell, as she's going by, found Lowry no-doubt in some drinking hole or another. Which is fine; he's who she was looking for anyway! She's wearing her usual outfit of black corset-chestpiece over a white blouse and a black-and-white pinstrip skirt, her gun and holster on a brown belt hanging off her right side. And she's grinning. Stars above, but this girl looks happy when she finds Lowry. She'll shake him loose of his barstool and start to try to encourage him out, to Freeside. "I have somethin' to show ya, you lush. I ain't even seen it myself yet. But you gotta see it with me. I got big plans for us, for you and I. C'mon, c'mon!" Christ, but she's annoying.
Lowry      "Huh?!?!" Lowry spits out as she grabs him. He's sitting at some super dive with a glass in front of him. He looks all excited. "Aww, hey red!" Then he sours a little. "Hard to remember who you are sometimes." Still not used to her surgery but he's smiling soon enough again. "Let ma' grab ma' hat." He manages to slur out. Standing now he takes a deep breath and straightens his shoulders. "Ok. Let's go." He fixes his shirt and coat, focuses on the door and offers her an arm. "So, where we headed?" His horse is waiting outside. No doubt good at the auto-pilot game!
Elsie "I only changed once," she tells him, slinging her arm through his firmly to make sure that she, too, is pretty good at the auto-pilot game where this old lush is concerned. "You won't believe what's happened, Lo," she gushes as they exit the dive. No more dives for Lowry! Not strangers' dives anyway. It's her dive or bust! She turns her head and hisses into Lowry's ear, barely able to contain her excitement. "I own a bar!" she confesses to him, and then leans back to watch his face, waiting for it to light up like hers. Goodness, she's as bright as any of the lights on the Strip. "I ain't even seen it yet, I don't think it's operatin' right now. But I got the deed of sale and everything, it's mine!" She's a property owner in Freeside. No wonder she's so damn excited.
Lowry      "What?" He's not getting it. "We'z just in a bar.." He breathes some 'fresh' air and continues to listen. "Wait, how'd ya? I thought you were some poor little wayward girl? How you come across-" He holds up a hand gives her a pause. Reaching inside his coat he pulls some little container. Then his knife, then some for the doctor. "Shit!" He yells afterwards and offers it to her. "Well, shit lets go!" He has a...become quite excited and aware. He'll lend a hand to help her up. "Comeon wewillride there lets go I'mfu kin't hirsty!!!!" Must have been just the pick me up he needed.
Elsie Oh look, a treat! That's enough to slow Elsie up, and she watches with a glistening hunger in her eyes at the powdered Jet-type substance that goes up Lowry's nose. So when it's her turn? He needs only glance at her to assure that there's an offer, and she leans forward for her own hit. His reaction causes her to laugh, and she quickly scrambles to the horse. One hand goes into Lowry's cupped palm so he can hoist her up, and she sits sidesaddle for now. Insofar as a person can do that on the ass-side of a saddle. Grump. "I dunno that there's any booze there, but it's a bar! It's mine!" She shouts that part, unable to contain her excitement. In New Vegas, this kind of scene isn't unusual. She'll wait for Lowry to come up and take the reigns. "We found it, after a fashion. The Marshal and I. The deed I mean." She shakes her head, trying to clear it, and just laughs again. "Think my auntie forgot all about it, so it's probably pretty worthless, but I don't care cause it's mine!"
Lowry Reaching in his coat he says, "Don't matter! Lets check this fuckin' place out! HAAA!" He spurs the horse albeit kind of gently till she gets a better grip. But it is not far! Or doesn't seem ldike it when you are flying high! He hops down and lends a hand. After she is down he pulls frofm his flask and waves his hand. "You first, Ms. Bell." He says with all theatrics. He is smiling too. Wondering just what they will find. Squatters, winos, deathclaws?!?!? It could be anything!
Elsie What they find ... isn't much. The bar, formerly known as Skulbert's by the painted on sign, has seen better days. In fact, any day is like as not to have been a better day. The facade is crumbling, the windows are boarded up, and it looks like it hasn't been used in a long time.

Couldn't tell that to Elsie, though. A little kick of some chem hitting her veins with the excitement of owning property? That's enough to get her going. "It's ... perfect," she decides. "Lo, look at it. It's perfect. Traders and lawmen coming through town, this is just the spot for them, doncha think?" She looks over at the man beside her, gripping his arm hard in her delight. Then she's yanking that arm to the door, twisting the handle. Nope, that doesn't work. But why? Oh, it's jammed. She starts to try to force her way in with her shoulder.
Lowry      "Well alright!" Lowry shouts like they just walked in the Tops. "Oh yea, real potential. And a damn sight cleaner then what I'm used ta'" He gives her a big old hug before they go to the door. "Congratulations. Here." He moves her aside. "Let me." He would offer some pretty healthy boots to the door before stopping to see if it's just locked or something. They /will/ make it in! Where theres a will.
Elsie The door will not swing open, but it will nudge, nudge, nudge, until it finally manages to open enough for them to squeeze through. It looks like an old shelf had fallen and blocked it, or perhaps had been put there on purpose to keep out squatters when the place last closed down. But now? Now they're in.

It's hard to see anything through all the dust and din. Those covered windows aren't helping anything, and there's no lights on inside. What little light does manage to seep in shows what was once a small bar, though now tables and chairs are overturned or stacked in corners with crates of empty bottles. Footsteps will crunch in the broken glass. Some ray of sunshine reflects off the back of the bar; a mirror is there, with a deep and long crack in it. Elsie soon pushes in after him, and you'd think she were walking around the Ultra-Luxe the way she observes everything, eyes sweeping this way and that. "We can clean this up," she decides. "Lo ... we can clean this up, we can make this somethin' real." She turns to face him, delight and disbelief having taken over her features. "Lo ... I brought you here cause I want you to help me run this place. We can sell the chems that you run out of here, and ... well I'm a decent cook. I can figure out how to brew. This could be a real place, this could."
Lowry      He goes in first just in case. "Fuckin' dark." He mumbles. He pulls out a half cigar, lights it with his zippo and keeps the flame lit, peering thru the darkness. "Sounds good." He says. "I aint much on cleanin though." He has a half grin that is barely visible in the shadows, but the light of t he cigar when he puffs brightens his face up momentairily. "Let's find a fuse box." He says looking around now. "Think theres a hardware store rund these parts too. You need chain and a lock. And this." He pulls the flask back out. "To tha'....You got a name?" He shrugs and waits for the toast till she answers.
Elsie "The Second Chance Saloon," Elsie says, clearly having made the decision before they got here. "Second Chance for it and for me," she decides, moving deeper into the room and righting a turned-over chair. She peers into the archway behind the bar. "Looks like there might be some rooms upstairs. Could make a living space, outta this place. And a basement below, if it ain't so rotted as to be useless. Could do the brewin' there, store the chems..." she looks back to Lowry and slowly crosses the room to him, leaning up to plant a fond kiss on his cheek. "We're gonna be our own business from here on out, sugar."
Lowry      "Oooo, I likes it." He takes another sip, another drag from the cigar. "It's fitting, what with the new look and all." He gives her a smile after the little peck. "I like tha' sound o' that. Damn Lone star is gettin' a bit pushy. 'Be here, do that and all that shit. Oh!" He hands the flask over now. "Ta' yer new biz, doll-face." He starts rummaging around near the walls. "Bet that fuse box will be downstairs. Wanna have a look?"
Elsie "Well you'll be workin' for me. So I'll be the one sayin' be here, and do that," Elsie responds with a broad-eared grin. She's amused, and having a grand time. She's probably never been this happy in her short, shitty life. So when she takes the flask she takes a deep drink, licking her lower lip for a moment in thought. "Probably in the basement," she suggests, turning to survey the wreck of a place she's going to turn into a bar. She breathes deep, the smell of dead rats and mold. Yes, this will be her Second Chance, alright.

"Lo," she calls back to him after a moment. "You know anythin' about tools?" Because those boards need to come off the window.
Lowry      "Well you..I can handle, Lil Miss!" He starts laughing and continues to listen to her. "Yea. He says. But lets get the lights on first. Unless ya' wanna stand around holdin' this zippo. Gettin' awful hot to be honest." He gives her a snarky look in the light of the flame. And so he goes clumisly wading thru the junk towards a door that hopefully goes to the basement.
Ironface Jones The darkness of the strange building might deter some people, but that door that Lowry and Elsie had pushed open stayed that way. As Ironface comes through exploring Freeside he notices the building standing open and sticks his big head in to take a look around, seeming surprised when he spots people he recognizes. "Greetings. Do you require help in your explorations?" He asks, apparently not catching on right away to what's happening. "I have a new suit of armor with many different ways to see things and a bright light upon it if it is needed."
Elsie "Well then get to it, employee!" Elsie teases Lowry in response, grinning madly as the man turns to head past the archway. He'll see a set of stairs running up and a set running down. Basement would, likely, be downstairs.

But it's just about that time he'll hear Elsie scream. It's a loud sudden screech of fright, one that might make the bones jump from the skin. And then? A sigh in the darkness and a shake of a red head. "Fuckin' hell, Ironface! You almost made me piss myself!" Who is this strange redheaded woman who speaks so friendly-like to Ironface Jones? Surely, he saw her on the caravan to New Vegas, riding behind Marshal Stockton.

"But nevermind that. Come in, come in! Welcome to the Second Chance Saloon. Here, come have a seat." She picks up an overturned stool and uses her hand to dust it off before she rights it, setting it in front of the dark and dusty bar. "Care for a drink? Lemme see if the last owner left anything..." she ducks behind the bar and starts to rummage.
Lowry      "Aww, shoot!" Lowry exclaims at Iron face. "Well, hell ya! Light would be perfect!" Lowry isn't even aware of the face change, well, not conciously. Lowry starts to protest when she sits him down, "Nah, lets see tha' lights he was go-." He pauses, "Yea, see if'n the last fella left anything. Good idea." He makes huimself useful though and rips a few boards down, letting some light spill on the table byt If. It is screaming for a celebratory scotch, as if god himself were showing the way!
Ironface Jones "I did not mean to frighten you," Ironface says rather softly as he moves his bulk in through the door and towards the bar where the stool awaits him, though he does make a detour when Lowry starts taking down boards to join him in pulling a couple of them off, using his massive body strength let in more light. Once he's gotten a couple out of the way he climbs onto the stool and says, "Thank you, I would like a drink." He continues to look around, noticing the boards over the windows and the other signs of disuse, "Did you come to New Vegas to open this saloon?"
Elsie As the men go about yanking some boards from the narrow windows, Elsie shifts among broken and empty bottles, making musical little chimes when their bodies brush past one another. "Hmmm, this one's got a little left," she says, setting a bottle on the bar. No label. Probably someone's local shine. "Aaaaaand this one ... oh wait, this one's not even opened." She finds one, at the very back, that had fallen over. Clear. Unmarked. Likely dangerous. She pops back up and smiles to Ironface. "Uhm, no. It wasn't planned, but I came into the deed while I was here and so ... I'm a bar owner now!" She lifts her arms to gesture to the tiny shithole around her. It's her shithole! "Needs some cleaning, some work. But I want this to be the go-to spot for traders and lawmen in the region." She unscrews the bottle and looks to scare up some shot glasses. "You'll be my first customer."
Lowry      A few more more come down and Lowry heads over to the table. Plopping his hat down he leans over top of it. A nod to Ironface. "Let's go with tha' clear stuff." He says happily. He's nodding as she looks for the glasses. "Yea, she got herself a nice lil' spread here. Use a women's touch that's fer' sure." Shrugging he adds, "Shouldn't be too bad though!" He sounds optimistic for her and her shithole! "Oh!" He says before hurrying off and pulling his new found pip boy out. Stumbling donw the stairs one could rummaging about and things being moved. "Fuckin' mess down here!" HE shoutws from the basement. Now he's flicking switches. Maybe the lights will work!
Ironface Jones "It is good that you have this thing now," Ironface declares to Elsie with a big nod. "I think I can help out with fixing the place a little if you want. Once I helped gorillas to build a wall, so I know about fixing things." His arm takes a swipe at the bar to clean the dust off of the portion of it in front of him, "I will be a good customer today, I think." Then he turns to Lowry and says, "My new armor is very mighty. I took it from some Enclave people that I killed and it makes me stronger and much hardier than even this armor. I look forward to using it to destroy the enemies of El Dorado and New Vegas." Then he looks around the interior of the establishment once more and comments back to Lowry, "It is a fine place. There will be many people here to drink soon, I think."
Elsie "Well, I gotta figure out how to brew, first," Elsie confesses with a slight blush. She's found some glasses, and uses the hem of her skirt to clean them out. Three full shots are poured with the mystery moonshine, which she slides across the bar to each man in turn - or at least, to Lowry's seat. Then, she takes her own in her hand. "I'm sure I could use some help getting this place righted, but I don't have much to pay you. I'll just have to get it righted on my own." On the backs of Lowry and Stockton too, no doubt. "But, here's to...wait, where'd Lo go?"

Lowry, in the basement, will find a wide open space with little in it but dust, dirk, and dank. It's pitch black down there, with thick brick walls and a stone floor. Of course, the fuse box is there ... all the way at the far end, naturally.
Lowry      Eventually he makes his way and starts flipping breakers. "Ahh!" He shouts as the lights come on in the basement where he found some switches. After awhile and a bunch of cussing and tripping over things he makes his way back up and returns. The cowboy nods To IronFace. "To this, I agree. The second chance saloon!" His glass is raised and presumably drunk. Not sure if divulging too much but a tad loose with the tongue he says to Elsie, "Folks might be askin' questions bout tha' lil' gal who came into a bar of her own. This here's territory. Someone will be a callin'. We might needs us a good story and some caps ta' coff up." He cocks his head and sips again, matter of factly. "How's that shootin' o' yours comin?" He gestures at her holster.
Ironface Jones Wrapping his big hand around the shot glass poured for him, Ironface shrugs, "I think that if you give me hooch like this then I would help you with your thing." Patiently, he waits to drink for the other man to return, "I think he is in the back area. He may be looking for more to drink." But then the lights come on and Lowry returns. Ironface nods back to him and raises his glass to join in the toast, "To the saloon."
Elsie "Well, this bottle's all I got, unless I can find another two in this mess. But you're welcome to drink with us as long as you're working in exchange for that work." Which will likely go downhill on all of their parts as the bottle gets less and less full. The mixture itself seems to be a cheap metallic tasting shine, but since it's been accidently left aging in the bottle it's not as bad as it could be. Still puts hair on your chest though, and Elsie flinches for a good five seconds after her swallow. "Fukc me," she swears, shaking her head as if to clear the booze away. "That's no joke."

But then Lowry is talking, and damn the bastard, he's making sense. "I suppose I can just say I bought the deed, right? That's what folks do. And truth be told if anyone's gonna be knockin' around it'll be the Kings. They'll want their cut, and the protection won't be worth the money most likely. Thugs in Freeside are dumb and brave. But other places make do with that, so why shouldn't I?"
Lowry Lowry's eyes are watering. "This- acckckk!" He's shaking his head now and continues, "This i'l do fer a bit. Damn!" Seems the clear liquor has gotten to him. "Nah, nah. Yer' right. Give' em as slittle as possible. Just pay 'em ta' stay away. We walll keep em lil thugs and miscreaaannntts awaway!" He sounds very reassuring in his own buzzed way. "But ya' gotta get some lead thru that ther' pistol." He helps himself to another shot on his own. Swiveling on Ironface he says, "And you! Ya' big bastard!" He offers a healthy smack on the back to Iron. "Heard theres a next o' them Deatchclaw fucks about. Somewhere.." He looks around..."Round' here. Let's find one o' them fire breathin' ones!"
Ironface Jones After his drink of shine Ironface opens his for a moment to let air get to his tongue, then he licks his lips and nods his head, "Good hooch." Another nod, "I will help out for some time. I have much more exploring to do and armor wearing practice to get to." A glance is given to the open door, then back to Elsie, "If anyone shows up here to do bad things and I am around I will make them leave. I think I can scare bad people sometimes." Or just crush them. When patted on the back his head rocks forward in a nod, "Yes. I shall test the new armor against them. It will be good to eat Deathclaw steak again."
Elsie "You ain't hunting deathclaws when you're sloshed and high, Lo," Elsie says in a tone of authority. One she's used with him before even before he was kinda working for her, which he maybe will be doing now? If nothing else he'll run drugs to her for sale. Mmmm the caps.

"Well alright then. You fellahs mind pulling the boards off the windows, rightin' the big furniture, and getting these empty crates put into the basement? That seems a good place to start. There's like to be rats down there anyway. Oh," she turns to Ironface after a moment. "I forgot. You can call me Elsie. Elsie Bell." Like the telephone guy. Not the radio guy. Dammit she really wanted to be named after the radio guy.
Lowry      Lowry chuckles while Ironface speaks. "Man, I get a kick outta ya', partner." He holds his cup up and says, 'I will make them leave!'" He's kind of ribbing the guy but it is certainly good natured. Especially since he talks like a retarded cowboy. "But yea, we'll gut one 'o them' poor bastards! Make some durn, tamales or sum shit wit' 'em." When Elsie speaks up he kind of quiets down. "Yes, Ma'am." He says with a little grin while he stares down. When she's finished he says, "Sounds like a plan. Just keeps these glasses full!" He knocks the rest of his back with a stifled choke before setting it down. Stumbling over slightly well held he starts flipping some tables over and pushing them in the corner. Every few feet apart, so as to be useful.
Ironface Jones "It is good to know you, Elsie bell," Ironface replies to the introduction with a big nod as he gets up from his seat to get to work straightening things out. The first place he heads is the windows, yanking boards off of them with ease. When he speaks to Lowry there's not much of a change in his tone, "It is good to be merry and laugh." Another window down, then on to flipping some furniture, "I think I would like tamales. There is very much good food in New Vegas, too. I have spent many caps feeding myself there."
Elsie Elsie refills each glass, except her own. That stuff is strong, and in truth she'd much rather shoot something sweet into her veins than drink it. But that's just her. "Just don't go scaring the Kings. They're the folks I'm gonna have to play nice with, while I'm here." She's found a rag, and is now starting to polish the bartop, finding the grain of old wood beneath the layers of dust. That wood is hard to see though, given the numerous stains and cuts that will never come out of it. Ah well, it's a dive, what are you going to do. "Bet the whores of New Vegas have been tripping over themselves to get to a big fellah like you, with all the caps you're throwing around." Elsie good-naturedly teases Jones.
Lowry Lowry keeps upturning chairs and the like till they get to an acceptable amount of places for folks to sit. Then he kind of fucks off and returns to his drink. "Yep, good eats, " He concludes and after another sip he says, "Yes!!! Whores!" Grate idea. Oh, heres another good idea." He pulls his little vile and his knife again and cuts some lines out for the trio. "Her ya' go." He says to no one in particular. After his he looks around. "Ohshit!" He's speeding again as he steps up on top of some tables and starts to straighten out old neon signs. "This placeisfuckincool." He sputters off.
Ironface Jones "The Kings seem like they are good men. They complimented me on my cape when I first met them," Jones says with a tone of pride in his voice. Then his head nods up and down deeply, "Yes, the whores seem to like me, but I am trying to save my money in case I need to buy things. It was costly to get my armor repaired and resized for me as well, so I am no longer as rich as I once was." Ironface watches Lowry's antics as he sneaks over to grab his drink and down it all at once. Once it's down his throat he closes his eyes and turns his head while licking his lips. Eyes opening once more he resumes cleaning things up.
Elsie "Doncha want yours? Lo's in a giving mood today," Elsie says with a grin as the lines appear on her freshly cleaned bartop. Nothing better for a freshly cleaned bartop than this crushed jet-derivative, amirite?! "Some of the whores ain't that expensive, if you've got a mind. But I ain't selling flesh," the redhead adds, giving Lowry a little look before she steps on the lowest shelf of the bar so she can stand up, over her own little line. That's gone rather quickly and she laughs, finding her feet again. "Where do you live, Jones? You live in El Dorado proper?"
Lowry      He catches the look from Elsie and shrugs. "It is a nicecap." Lowry spins off quickly before jumping back down from the table with smile. "Ya, stuff here can be expensive." He says with regards to Vegas. "Aint found no whores yet though." He pulls another cigar from his coat and lights it. Seemingly relaxing him a bit. "Oh....thats better." Grinding his teeth he listens to Elsie nodding hyperactively.
Ironface Jones "No thank you. I do not wish to try that stuff," Ironface replies simply with regard to the drugs he'd been offered. "I do not use chems. I think it would be bad if I had a bad experience with them and went berserk. Many things would be destroyed." His big shoulders shrug, "Maybe I will find a woman here." Jones considers Elsie's question for a moment before he answers, "I live in the wilderness. I have a good cave with a stove and many furs. It is comfortable. Cool in the hot months. And there is water nearby." Looking over at Lowrie Ironface's head tilts back a little bit, "I will show you the whores, friend. There are many in the Gamorrah."
Elsie Elsie shakes her head free again, letting her hair flutter around her pale face as she enjoys the surge of energy through her veins. It's like her blood is energy. Maybe she should drink the blood ... a thought for another time. For now? She just leans on the bar and watches the men work, such as they do. "There's an idea. You fellahs go whoring together. Share notes." She giggles at the very idea of the two of them walking up and down the street, propositioning women.
Lowry      "Excellent!" Lowry says to Ironface. "Heard o' that place." He's nodding approvingly of the idea. Turning quickly to Elsie he says, "S'agrate idea, right?" Then he slows, "Notes?" PFft. He's shaking his head and picks up a few more tables. "So, what's upstairs anyways? We aint even looked yet!" with If leaving his he goes and takes the last line before saying. "Shall we?" He points upstairs.
Ironface Jones "It will be a fun adventure, I think," Ironface says with regards to the whoring. "I do not have many notes, though." Looking toward where Lowry points Ironface will nod and then start to head in that direction, "Yes. Let us explore some more. There may be more hooch hidden there." He knows what the important things in life are.
Elsie "Yeah, be there in a sec," Elsie says, stepping back up to the bar and making Ironface's line disappear along with her own. That done, and with a few seconds to right herself, she wobbly starts her way toward the back arch and then turns up the stairs with the rest of them. She's unsteady on her feet, but really that's how she likes it.

Upstairs they'll find a landing and two doorways. On one side is what appears to be the rundown remains of an old aparment ... and the same on the other side. There's a pair of them here, each one a large single room with a small bathroom and closet attached.
Lowry "Di I say I like this bastard?!" Lowry exclaims. He's laughing good heartedly still as he gets in step. Lowry looks around when they ascend. "Quaint enough." He says with his head bobbing up and down. Entering one he looks about, kicking discarded trash about. He pops a head in the bathroom and then back out. Checking the closet he says, "Well. Won't have ta' sleep in that wagon no more. I'd be carefufl about lettin' folks know just where ya' are though. Not out t he woods just yet. Afterall, Lil' Elsie Bell can't be fount out ta' be rich er' nothin'.!"
Ironface Jones "These places in here are actually nice for a house," Ironface comments as he explores around the second floor of the building, sticking his head in places and checking things out, not being at all shy about what he's doing. "You could fit many people in here in comfort." His movements eventually take him through the entire upstairs, "I think this will be a good place to stay when it is cleaned. If the water is running that would be very good, too."
Elsie "I ain't rich," Elsie informs Lowry. "I didn't pay a cap for the deed, remember? Everything I've got will be going into fixing this thing up, and after that we'll just hope we make a bit of money, I suppose," she admits with a shrug. She wobbles into one of the rooms and goes to peer out the window, before turning and wobbling back to the group. Then she laughs. For absolutely no reason, stumbling back a few steps.

"Aw man, now everything's spinny." And with that, the redhead suddenly drops to the floor like a ton of bricks, like her limbs just gave out underneath her.
Lowry      Lowry nods, "Yep. Ya, got lights. Water be next." He's continuing to look around as well. "Pretty spacious.." LEaning against a wall he listens to the other two and when they are all finished he says, "Oh, I know damn well you aint rich haha! But impressions, darlin' People will wonder. Don't let me worry ya though. It aint no sweat. Just be ready to throw some lies out tha'r and such." He makes it out to be no big deal. When she returns he says, "Aww, hell!" Rushing over he kneels down and grabs her, "Hey! Quit screwin' around, yer a vet! Don't go passin' out on me!"
Ironface Jones When Elsie goes down Ironface springs over to her side, hitting his knees next to her on the opposite side of Lowry, "Are you well? What happened?" He looks around, trying to see if perhaps there's anything that might be useful in this situation. Not seeing anything, he looks back to the woman, the at Lowry, "Should I carry her to a doctor? Do you know where I can find a doctor?"
Elsie It's Lowry shouting at her in the face that brings her out of it quickly. "Ahhh!" She screams into his face, more startled than anything else. She puts a hand on Lo, and another on Jones, and just holds herself in a half seated position now, blinking as her eyes try to focus. "Aw shit," she grumbles, squinching her eyes closed and shaking her head. She starts to lie back down again. "Too much, I had too much," she confesses. "I'm alright, don't need a doctor. Just ... maybe a nap."
Lowry      "I think it'll be alright. One of tha' side efects o' enjoyin yerself!" He lends an arm to help her up, "Aint that right, you lil' firecracker! God damn though." She starts layin back down and he says to Iron. "Let's get her downstairs at least. PRy have ta' carry her at some point. Get her close to that bottle. I'm thirsty." He'll grab her and pull her ups, how dead of weight she will be yet to be determined.
Ironface Jones Reaching down, Ironface gently pats the hand that Elsie placed on him, "You will be well. Soon you will go to sleep and feel better." His hand then moves to try to pat her gently on the head before he adjusts himself to help hold her up. "Let us go downstairs, Elsie Bell."

The trio is currently on the floor, Lowry and Ironface attempting to get Elsie up from where she's sprawled out and acting a little funny.

"Soon you will be well," The big tribal tells the woman again.
Elsie Elsie growns, mostly in weak protest, as the men go to cart her down. She's wearing her usual attire, today, and there's an open bottle of moonshine on the bar, as well as the remains of some powdery drug they've been partaking in. The boards have been pried off the windows; cleaning and refurbishing of the Second Chance Saloon has only just begun. "Fuck me," Elsie groans as she's carted down. "I thought I was at the dam again...." she grumbles, unhappily.
Lowry      "Nah. Na' sleep. Sometimes they don't wake up." Lowry says calmly to Mr. Jones as if Elsie wasn't there. Still hoisting her up. They will get her down eventually. "the dam, huh?" He asks, "Tell me all about it." He gives a big obnoxious wink over her shoulders. "Just keep 'er talkin'." He says matter of factly. Once she is sat down he'll give her a look and shrug. Grabbing fer' a drink. "Don't worry, it's one of her things. She'll be good." Looking around he adds, "Place looks alright Elsie!!!!" Now he's just messing with her, ya know. Keep her awake. And have a bit of fun since she's playin' the rookie.
Bart Bart is downstairs poking around curiously. He's got a rather large case strapped over one shoulder, and a sleek looking rifle with more coils and wires than a gauss rifle has a right to. Wearing his dandy suit and labcoat as always underneath the slight bulk of riot armor. Because a scientist in the wastes can never be too careful. And frankly, who wants to find out what that rifle does. At the sounds and patter of foot steps, he smiles some realizing he hasn't just found an abandoned establishment. "Excellent," he announces to no one while dropping his giant box on the ground with a thud - it has the equal sided red-cross on the outside - but is he really a medic?
Ironface Jones "I appreciate the offer, but I feel that now is not the time for sex," Ironface tells Elsie, giving her a little pat on the shoulder as he maneuvers her around. "Don't sleep. Instead tell us of the dam. Was it constructed by small furry mammals?" That is the important question, after all. When he sees Bart waiting there his eyes go wide for a moment before he speaks, "Greetings. I think maybe you are here at a good time."
Elsie "You yell too much, you're fired," Elsie shoots back at Lowry, apparently pretty well there mentally, all things considered, though still quite unstable physically. A hand comes up to rub over her face and she grumbles in discontent. "Just ... guess I was thinkin' about the last battle there. Weird thing to think about when you're high as a kite. Why can't I ever see somethin' fun? Like .... hello I dunno." She rolls her head to the side to look at Jones. "What's fun for you, Ironface? And don't you say small furry ...whatevers." The sound of the dropping bag has her head turning toward the door, and Bart there. "Oh, Doc. You've got swell timing." Wait, has Bart ever met this woman before?
Lowry      Lowry bursts out laughing at Ironface's comment. "Elsie?!?!" He says in mock judgment. "Already tryin ta' screw the patrons?!? My oh my. You red heads are somethin' else." He chuckles uncontrolably and nods to Bart. "Yea, good timin' I'd say. She's drunk. Not much I think ya can do for that but I'm kinda busted up still, too. Hey, got any daytripper?!?" Cuz yea, why the doctor if you can just stay high. "But, na." He points at his head. "Could use cleanin' and the stitches pulled I reckon."
Bart Bart doesn't really have time to blink from behind those wire rimmed glasses at the crowd coming down with a rather injured looking redhead. "I-" he goes to say before realizing it would be rather pointless to argue. "Oh. Hello," he says to Ironface and to Lowry, whom he knows before being addressed by the girl they're carrying. "I...see," and then he's looking around rather quickly, and finding the one table big enough to put a body on, he points to it, "Put her there please, miss, if I could ask that you remove any metallic objects you might be carrying? What seems to be the problem?" He asks as if she might be able to diagnose herself, well a man can hope okay?! "I just came for a drink," he mutters some even as he's hauling that big box up and then opening it for the contents to suddenly dump out in a mechanical unfolding that snaps into shape that he quickly slings over his shoulder again, now holding what looks like a combination between the car engines he has in his clinic, and a gattling gun. Pulling out the lead lined blindfold he hands it to Lowry. "You know what to do with this. Daytripper? No, not currently, I gave the last of my stock to a young lady who wound up dead," he makes a face. "But I can work on stock when I return to my lab," he assures before sighing at the man and looking at Ironface, "I suppose you'll need looking at as well?" He sounds semi annoyed but it's that clinical annoyance.
Ironface Jones "Many things are fun for me, Elsie. I very much enjoy hunting, exploring, telling stories, meeting people and drinking," The big man tells the woman, staying close to her to make sure that she's awake and alive. At Bart's direction he moves to assist Elsie over to the table. Then he looks towards Bart and nods, "Yes. I recently killed an Enclave patrol and was injured slightly by them. I have new armor now, though I am not wearing it. The fuel for it is costly."
Elsie "Drinks on the house if you see to us Doc...wait," Elsie sits up a bit once she's on the table, blinking at Bart owlishly. "You can make chems? How much for everythin' you got." She looks to Lowry, then back to Bart. "We'll buy up as much as you can make." She laughs then, a little too loudly considering, ya know, she's still high. "Lookit, Lo! We just pried the door open a few hours ago and already we got customers!" She rolls her head on the table back to Bart, nodding. "Lo here will even transport all your chems, ya just gotta sell to him whenever ya make some. We can do real good business, Doc....." She's not listening to anything else he's telling her.
Lowry      "Huh?" Lowry makes a confused look and slowly puts the blindfold up to his eyes. He's entirely unsure if he's doing it right. But now he cant see. But he's just wobbling about. "Woo!! Huntin'!" He backs the man up, "Explorin'!, Venturin!" Seems he agrees. "Yea, chems too!" He's laughing at Elsie, "Doll, you's tore up!" He leans over and starts coughing, still holding the blindfold he's not secured. "Yea, Doc. We can talk! Take some chems, sure will. Hey, ma' head still hurts."
Bart Bart just exhales and reaches up to pull his goggles down over his glasses as he starts flicking swiches and turning dials on the machine in his hands. The perceptive will notice the cable running from it into his backpack is thick and looks industrial grade. This time there's a red glow that's powering up, looking at Lowry and then Ironface, he notes, "You may want to remove the metal on your persons as well, if my calculations are correct the particles will leap to the next carbon based being when they're done with the young lady here," like she's not even there. Then he curses quietly under his breath, "Bartholomew Caden Knox, miss," he explains then takes the blindfold from Lowry and places it over Elsie's eyes. "Gentlemen, do close your eyes as tightly as they'll go." The air pressure in the room shifts, like a vacuum based around that device in his hand. The /THWUMP/ is just the same and ears will pop as the bright red inside of the gun reaches critical and then rushes through the lense housing at the end before splitting against several mirrors and widening to a near eight inch diameter beam. Woowoo sounds y'all! Science is happenin! Elsie will feel a sharp tingle rather than a searing burn as cells regenerate rapidly, the toxins in her system fall to the army of particles, and when it's done, sure enough the particles begin snaking away from Elsie, towards Ironface. Hopefully he closed his eyes, because when the energy smacks him it's like First Horse Jones gave him a good hind hoof boot to the chest, followed by the tingling sensation of being coated in that beam. Twisting to face Lowry, the light sputters just a bit before coming back on with a vengeance and punching the poor man in the gut before finding the stiches and sealing the skin, the tissue itself rejecting the stitches - must be an odd sensation to feel string being pushed out of your skin quickly! Not that the mad doctor cares, he's almost chuckling as the thing, "It's working!!!" Insert slightly disturbing cackle.
Ironface Jones The two addicts do their talking thing and Ironface watches as bart sets up his machines and get things agoing. When warned about removing metal and closing his eyes Ironface quickly piles a bunch of stuff on the nearest table and squinches his eyelids closed. When Ironface gets hit with the blast of energy he stumbles back a step, catching himself before he can fall to the floor. "I am being zapped!" he declares loudly, holding his arms up high and keeping his eyes closed in the event something else happens to him. Getting down a little bit lower towards the ground he starts searching around his body with his hands, looking for more metal he might have forgotten. Yep, there's a bag of caps which he throws away from himself, right towards Bart.
Elsie Elsie lets out a cry as the familiar sensations of lazers fires through her poor shredded neurons. When it's all said and done, she's reaching out to try and grope for Lowry's hand. "Lo, lo ... make a deal with him. Get him the booze and make a deal for the chems." Then her eyelids flutter and at last she falls back, half asleep and half uncontious on the table. The last thing she says before she fades out? "Second Chance...."
Lowry      "Shit" Lowry curses as the zap finds him in the gut. Hitting his knees he croaks a little. "Damn.." reaching up he touches his head. "Well, alright then!" He stands up and checks on Elsie. "Alright, darlin'" He lets her down easy and turns. "Ready fer' that drink? Head feels better but that sure did sober me up!" He grabs that bottle and the three glasses. Poring he offers one to Bart first along with some caps.
Bart Metal tings and pings as it cools down when the lasers are finally shut down. Mad Bart has done it again, advancing medicine through lasers and particles! And the scientists laughed at him. He's either going to end up saving the world or damning it when he goes utterly evil. The machine is still hot so he just casually lets it set on a table and removes his backpack to leave it with the healing mini-gun. His goggles come up and he smiles rather happily. "I will get started on the first two batches, Daytripper and...?" he asks of the man who's doing business with him. He looks to the booze and his grin widens, promptly taking up the glass and saluting, "To new business."
Ironface Jones No one has told Ironface to open his eyes so he keeps them shut, just in case. "What happened? Is everyone alright?" One of his hands catches a chair and he pulls himself towards it to take a seat, moving carefully so he doesn't tip the chair or fall over himself. "I think I feel better after whatever just happened, but I do not know for sure." He pats at his body through the armor, making sure that he's not leaking or out of place.
Lowry      "Quite tha' contraption ther'!" Lowry says as he straightens himself. Holding up his glass he continues, "To new biz." He sounds jovial and after swallowing he adds, "Pretty good on..Hymm, jet pry. Or mentats. whatever works. I'll be sniffin' stuff out. Let's just keep a lil' quiet. Don't need no heat just yet and I don't know who the players are in town just yet." He gives an affirmitve nod to If. "We are good!" He calls out to the man. "Grab yer, drink, friend. I 'm a feelin' better too, thanks to tha' doc." He does eye the man over quickly but just shrugs and sips again with a snort.
Bart Bart looks back at the poor Tribal man and then nods, like he can see it. Thankfully Lowry is there to /tell/ him it's okay to open his eyes. "My lasers worked, that's what happened my good man," he explains before clinking glasses with Lowry and knocking back the good stuff before setting empty glass on bartop. The machine is over there still ticking away, he'll have to cram it back into its box sooner or later. Just later seems to be the ideal right now. "Well, I imagine if you hang around a casino long enough you'll find someone looking to get high," he says aloud before nudging his empty glass towards Lowry, who seems to have authority to pour drinks.
Ironface Jones When told that things are good Ironface opens his eyes, squinting at first to be safe before opening them all the way. Once he's got that accomplished he heads over to follow Lowry's advice and pick up his drink. After looking at it for a moment he downs the contents and returns the glass to the counter top. "I think your lasers are very useful. Is autodoc coming along okay?"
Lowry      "Some shit she found." Lowry indicates over towards the corner where some other empties sit. "Strong as hell, thats fer' sure." He tops the glasses off. "T'a be honest. I don't want nothin ta' do with them Securi-shits. Them bots is tough and authority is better left ta' human error in my opinion." He nods his head leans over the bar. Ironface approaches and the cowboy continues. "No kiddin', I been hacked up fer a month! A welcome little encounter here."
Bart Bart nods matter of factly at Ironface, "My lasers are quite useful, and eventually I hope to get everyone on board with the technology. Hopefully before some mysterious city swallows me up for investigating too close," he beams rather than getting glum over the loss of Qwillis and company. Instead he takes another drink and nods at Lowry, "The Securitrons of New Vegas are..interesting. I do wish I could tear one open, see how they tick. The upgrades Mr. House has applied." He's wide eyed and a bit wild all the sudden.
Ironface Jones "The New Vegas robots are very polite. I think they would not harm you unless you broke their law," Ironface says to Lowry with a little shoulder shrug. "It seems to me that they do not bother people very much." Then he looks towards Bart, "More healing lasers would be good. You should try to make more to sell them. I think that would make you rich if you did that because people would all try to get them for their towns."
Lowry      "Yea, they sure is somethin' else. Wonder if we could get our hands on one..." Lowry muses while twirling his glass in a circular motion. "Pretty fast an' loose with the rules from what I hear." He stops and listens to IF. "Yea, I reckon they can be but I heard some stories. Seen 'em shoot tha' shit out the strip a few years back." He sub-conciously rubs the back of his head. "Yep...the Law." He says quietly. "Can you imagine? Gettin' zapped like that after ever scrape. Gotta mess up yer guts after awhile."
Bart Bart is in agreement with Ironface it seems. "Indeed, and their laws are rather..erm, yes loose." he agrees with Lowry. He's of course beaming with pride as the Tribal agrees with him, lasers for all! "Oh no my good man, I would have to share this technology without charge. Training in its use however! That's worth a pretty penny," he smiles a bit mischievously before looking at Lowry. "I've heard the stories myself, that's why I'm so curious." Then he's quiet and a little defensive, perhaps offended, "Are you insinuating that my methodology of healing would have long term negative side effects?" Yup. Affronted by the notion.
Ironface Jones "I will ask for a robot if I meet Mr. House. I think it would be fun to have one, but I would like one that could cook. I do not need one to fight for me, I do that well already," Ironface says. Then he looks towards Bart and nods his head a couple of times, "That is good. Charge for learning about the lasers. That is valuable, too." Then he looks between the two men, wondering what they're going on about with the machine messing up guts or not. Realizing that he doesn't care Ironface plops down on a stool and relaxes.
Lowry      Lowry just shrugs. Not noticing the mans offense, more taken in by his drink. "Aww, sure. Who knows. Whiskey makes me feel great, but...ehhh...not so much in the morning." Chuckling he takes another sip. He agrees though on the training. "Oh yea. That 'll cut down on mishaps!" He does not seem to agreeable on the robots. "Can't trust them things. Get a dog, you'l be happier for it." Yea, not to keen on the gizmos!
Bart Bart beams at Ironface, "If you meet him before I do, please do!" He encourages that very simple mind to stick to that plan! "Yes, I have seen you fight, it is quite stunning," he compliments the larger man, having also seen the man's wounds. Looking back to Lowry, he huffs a little bit, "That is because the alcohol you partake in contains congeners, if you were to drink vodka or another grain or tater alcohol rather than this cask aged swill, you would suffer less. As for my particles, they have been tested in the lab for well over fifteen years, I put my life on their efficacy, thank you!" He quips with that Midatlantic accent of the East Coast upper crust.
Ironface Jones "For now I will stick with First Horse Jones, I think," Ironface says with a shrug. "He is a mighty friend, but he can't cook or fight very well." Then he gives a nod to Bart, "I frequently stun people in a fight. It is one of the good things about using a slugger." Then Bart is apparently arguing something that doesn't have to do with Jones so the big man turns on his stool to look out the windows at the goings on in Freeside.
Lowry "Ehh, most likely. And hey!" Lowry throws his hands up. "I aint bitchin', I feel a whole lot better!" He takes another sip. "Not sure stuff was aged." He mumbles afterwards looking at it. "Hey!" Lowry has a moment of brilliance. "We should take this fella. Iron, patch us up if that deathclaw gets the better of us. Who knows how dangerous them fire breathin' ones is."
Bart Bart is dusting himself off and trying to abate his own frustrations even before Lowry basically apologizes to the mad doctor's ego. "First Horse Jones is a true companion," he nods at the big man though, still impressed with that baseball bat the man wields. Giving a soft sigh, the scientist tries not to look so upset over the recent conversation. And certainly Lowry mentioning a wasteland adventure has him perking his eyebrows up a smidge. "You would want me to tag along? I .. can offer supporting fire and medical assistance?" Hopeful.
Ironface Jones "That is good thinking, Lowry!" Ironface declares loudly. "We must form a posse of sorts to hunt them and we will likely need lasers to help us during the battle with the beast or beasts, especially when they breathe fire." Looking at Bart he almost smiles, "We will use supporting fire and things to fight the beasts. We should find our people so that when we return to El Dorado we can go to Dunwich and find and slay the beasts."
Lowry      "Sounds like a plan, then!" Lowry exclaims. "Lasers do come in handy!" He's chuckling and he downs the drink in his hand. "Shoot, things are everywhere! How 'bout you, Bart?" Turning to the man he asks, "You ever hear o' these fire breathing Deathclaws?" He lets that hang out idn the air. "Neer seen one m'self." He presumes leaning over the table and tops his drink off. "A...A man learned as you? Would think ya' could enlighten us." He sounds amiable about it.
Bart Bart has never been part of someone's posse and frankly the man doesn't know what to do with himself, so he just scrambles around to his backpack where the machine has cooled off. Packs everything up, and then digs around in the pack for a moment. COming out with a flask he takes a few several gulps and nods at the both of them. "I've heard of strange things, fire breathing deathclaws sounds like a thing of radiation. I know my rail rifle will be able to penetrate its hide at least," he decides, "I will bring burn packs with."
Ironface Jones Ironface pours himself another drink while he nods at the other guys' words. Taking a break from talking himself allows him to watch his companions and to enjoy their company. The glass in his hand gets swirled around a little bit before it's time for taking a sip. Eventually, though, he starts to speak once again because he just can't keep himself quiet, "It will be good to fight alongside you both. We will kill the fire breathing deathclaw and consume it's flesh."
Lowry      "Who knows. But yea, a rail rifle could be useful." He looks around now and scans the area. He starts poking around gotta be some kind o'...."After rooting around he comes up with a chain. "Haha! Excellent.. Now.." He tosses it on the table and grabs his empty cup. When Iron face is done he refills his own cup. He then holds it high, "To shedding blood together, "He motions over at the passed out Elsie, "And women folks frying it up at the end." Smirking he swallows with a bit of an effort.
Bart Bart finishes off his flask rather quickly and then makes a face at it. He settles it into the back pack and straps that on before slinging his healing laser back over his shoulder as well. He should be loaded down by all of that, and yet he seems perfectly steady as he tips his wide brimmed hat to them both. "I will be staying at one of the hotels nearby, I will seek you both out soon. If you need further assistance, I can be reached on radio. Do give the young lady my regards," he says and then heads for the door.
Ironface Jones "To shedding blood!" Ironface downs the rest of his drink. Then looks at the passed out woman and says, "I think soon I must also slumber. I have not slept much since we arrived here. There are so many things to do and almost everything is open, even at night." Rising up to his feet he asks, "Do you need anything else from me?" As Bart goes so too does the big tribal, following through the doorway.