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Celeste     The rain is coming down hard outside this morning, and Celeste must have just made it into the shop in time before she got drenched. Her blonde hair is a bit stuck down to her head, and the back of her shirt and jeans show signs of a bit of rain. She's huffing softly as if she'd been running, and now she's wiping her hands over her hair to smooth it back. "Gonna have to get a hat or something with all this rain lately," she murmurs before she turns and starts to glance about the store. She has a small bag tied onto her right belt hoop, and she starts to untie it.
Nikki Nikki beat the rain. She actually beat everyone but the blacksmith to the smithy house this morning. Already sitting on the counter, chewing on a piece of jerky while glancing around the shop, she's poking at a few metal pieces that the blacksmith lets her mess with to humor her. "Nikki's been wanting to find some pieces like this, but it's hard.." The woman speaks before her attention is distracted by the door opening. This causes her to squeak and she moves to behind the counter, peeking over the edge with Dink floating just above her.
Celeste     If anything catches her attention it's that squeak, and the sound has Celeste turning her face so she can glance over just in time to see.. well, nothing. Wait. There it is. Teal hair? Not something you see every day. Brown eyes look over the hair, and as her gaze lowers just enough to make eye contact, Celeste sends Nikki a warm smile. "Hi," she greets while going back to untying the little cloth bag from her hip. It looks like one that'd be carrying coins, but the contents aren't as exciting. "You work here?" Cel asks, keeping that friendly smile on as she now looks to Dink, brows lifting in surprise.
Nikki Nikki blinks, lifting her head up a little more and she gives a blink. "No. Nikki doesn't work here. Nikki just tries to bring stuff to be used. In return, she gets to poke around at all the stuff that's made. And one day, Nikki will be able to trade for the metal pieces..." A nod given and then she lifts a bit more. Dink makes a series of bloops and beeps before she pokes at him. "Shush. She seems nice enough, and Nikki was a stranger before too.."
Celeste     Celeste pauses to observe Nikki for a moment, and after it passes she is giving her another friendly smile. "Nikki? That's.. your name?" she guesses. "I'm Celeste.." She glances to Dink and back, and she takes a few steps closer, slowly in a wandering sort of way. "What sorts of things do you bring back? I.. I haven't really spent much time out there scavenging, but i've found a few little things. Not like they'd help much, but," she shrugs, lifting her right hand to hold the bag out and offer it to Nikki. If she takes it, inside are a few dozen horseshoe nails. They're old, but maybe they could be reused somehow.
Nikki Nikki frowns. "Nikki is Nikki..." Saying it in a sort of 'matter-of-factly' way. She never means anything by it, it's just the way she is. Wait until she considers you friendly... "Uhm... anything she can find. She tries to find pieces like what she found Dink, and then she fixed Dink and now Dink is her friend.." The eyebot seems to make a noise of verification to her story and..did it wink?? When the bag is presented, Nikki takes it, glances inside, and then hands it to the smithy who likely would know better what to do with it. "Thems is nails, Nikki can't use nails cause Nikki can't use tools that could hurt her, but Nikki sometimes uses tools anyway like a screwdriver since she works on things like Dink who is a robot. But! Nikki wants to know who you are..." Saying it all and then she watches Celeste a moment longer.
Celeste     Something has Celeste smiling softly as she watches Nikki and listens to her. She meander closer so she's not so far off, and once she stops she says, "You fixed that? Dink? Wow.. That's pretty impressive.." She grins. "They don't let you use a hammer? Who is 'they'? Doubt you could hurt yourself much with a hammer. Maybe your thumb, but that's about it." She chuckles, still grinning. "I'm Celeste. I train horses. That's.. about it, really." she says, looking somewhat sheepish after. "I don't really go wandering too far out there. I prefer.. safety? Maybe?" She chuckles, eyes darting to the floor once and back. "It's nice to meet you and Dink."
Nikki Nikki blinks. This lady had a lot of questions! "They is them? The ones who kicked Nikki outta Vault Town because she was seen as..." She had to think, to find the word similar to the one she wanted. "They said Nikki was annoying and got into too much trouble, so they made Nikki leave...." But, she had been taught certain things and it was hard for her to unlearn what became habit, as habits are what drive those with mental disorders. "Oh! train horses? Do you have a horse? Cause Nikki wants to learn to ride a horse, so Nikki can go out riding with Aidan sometimes when he patrols.." She beams a smile then before...sinking down a bit once more. "She's pleased to meet Celeste."
Celeste     As Celeste listens to the story she begins to frown gently, most likely able to pick up on that one word. She doesn't dare say it, though. She listens calmly, and soon is smiling again as she says, "I'm pleased to meet you as well, Nikki. i'm sorry to hear that they threw you out. That's horrible.. Some people can be so cruel." She frowns again for just a moment, and then, "Aidan? Drake? If that's the Aidan you're talking about, well, isn't that something? Aidan's my cousin and we're out there on the ranch.. I do have a horse, yeah. A pretty palomino paint, and he's real sweet." She chuckles gently at that, her eyes shining as she watches Nikki. "You want to learn how to ride? Well, it's good we met, hm? I'd be glad to teach you. It's an important skill to have, after all."
Nikki Nikki blinks and then actually moves to sit on the counter again, resuming chewing on her jerky. "Wait. Celeste knows Aidan? Nikki just got a room on the ranch. Cause Aidan found out she slept in car chassis, and it was raining so he let her come home with him." She wasn't going to say anything more. Likely not the sort of thing one talks about with a stranger. "Uhm. Yes! Nikki wants to learn to ride and she wants to keep it a secret from Aidan so she can surprises him with the fact that she learned!" Saying that much before gnawing off another bite of her jerky treat.
Celeste     Celeste chuckles again, and she gives a devious smile while murmuring, "I think that's a great idea.. Hmm. Why not we make this a sort of trade then? I teach you how to ride horses and you teach me how to.. tinker around with pieces of robot to make things work? Something like that. How does that sound?" she asks, her eyes bright and smile cheerful. She glances to Dink again and back. "I could maybe.. I dunno, help find spare parts or something so you could teach me with them."
Nikki Nikki seems to think about this for a moment and then she nods. "Okay! Nikki teach Celeste how to find shinies and Celeste teach Nikki how to ride a horse. But remem'er...Aidan can't know that Nikki is learning. Cause she wants to keep it a secrets." Saying that much before shaking her head and then takes another bite of her jerky, chewing on it thougtfully.
Celeste     Celeste grins brightly and says, "I promise.. I won't tell him that I'm teaching you. Aidan stays so busy that he'll never notice us working together. If you're staying at the farmhouse then.. that means you'll be able to start your lessons tomorrow?" she asks, brows lifting. "Unless it's raining, of course. If it is, we'll figure something out. Maybe you could help me feed them or something." She takes a few steps back then. "Anyway.. I should get going now the rain's eased up a bit. I'll see you soon, yeah? Hope so. It'll be nice to have a new friend around."
Nikki Nikki nods and waves. "Yup! See ya!" Giving a wave before she's watching the woman's exit and bites off more jerky while taking up the metal piece and begins to poke at it again...