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Indigo Indigo "No thrown bottles yet, hope that means the booze isn't watered down." the ghoul's voice is a low and gravelly rasp as he moves further into the saloon, cigarette somehow still hanging from his mouth despite the brief statement
Hammer "Jesus, Joseph, and Mary!" The swearing can be heard before Hammer can be seen walking into the bar and blinking as his eyes adjust to the light. Outside is dark except for where the neon signs glare or light spills out of windows to shed an unflattering view of the dangerous alleys. He holsters a revolver he was holding into the recesses of his duster. "Swear to God, I'm just going to put a third eye in the forehead of the next motherfucker that walks towards me with anything heavier than a cigarette in his hand," he mutters. More loudly, as he walks towards the bar, he asks, "In what world do people just try and accost an armed man with a baseball bat?"
Lowry      Lowry looks up from the bar. He's drinking, not working! The bar is actually kind of trashed, minimal lighting no patrons. Just the cowboy and a bottle. His horse was outside. He pushes his hat up and looks to the two as they e3nter, a bit puzzled . "Elsie!" He shouts...No answer, "Ehh fuck.. "HE points to a bottle of clear liquor on the bar and some open glasses. "Help yerselves." He says amaibly to the patter of rain outside. "Dry yer bones, boys." The Goul does get a second look but not much in the way of hostility.
Indigo Indigo "Welcome to Freeside, junky probably thought you were out of bullets." A gloved hand lifts up to pluck the cigarette from the old ghoul's mouth and his withered lips twist in a grin. He turns his head from the only other patron in the bar to Lowry and dips his head in a nod, "Don't mind if I do."
Hammer Free alcohol? In other circumstances, Hammer might be skeptical. This time, however, he simply pulls out his flask and takes a swig off it as he looks around. "Something about the bare shelves suggests that this drinking establishment is not fully established." He gives the other two men a nod; eyes not lingering on the ghoul, which suggests he has seen them before. "I'm no business man, but something tells me there's caps to be made given the location and circumstances."
Lowry "Yea, yea!" Lowry says quite loudly, the words faintly echoing in the empty room. He motions again at the glasses, the men can help themselves. "Nah," He says then to Hammer, "Ma' friend just...bought it." He sips and sets his hat down, "Though.. well.." He's buzzed and it takes a second. "You always walk around with t hat ballbat? Ya like travelin? We are hirin'...I heard.." He grins now and turns to the ghoul. "And what tha' hell you do? Ya' ll just wanderin' in ta loot tha' place?" It's quite obvioius he is being polite and making small talk but one of his hands is hidden from sight under the bar.
Indigo Indigo The ghoul's grin persists, his eyes hidden away behind his shades, "I'm not here for any trouble, fella. Just a strong drink to get these old bones of mine to numb up. Besides, if I were in the looting business." He takes a moment to look around as he heads for the bar, "Think I'd take that business elsewhere." Upon reaching the bar he snatches up a bottle and fills himself a glass, drinking the whole thing like a man dying of thirst before quickly refilling it.
Hammer "'Ballbat?'" Hammer looks confused for a moment--flask hovering just shy of his lips--and then ahs. He reaches back to pat the stock of the rifle sticking up over his shoulder. "This here's Prudence. Ain't no bat, but she sure can knock it out of the park." Whether or not the baseball reference is understood, he continues. "I'm not a merc, but I 'spose that's all perspective. I've guarded caravans and the like for money before. Not looking to settle down, though."
Lowry Lowry laughs at the ghoul. "You pour yourself a double!" He continues his ldittle laugh and finishes off his drink. Standing he heads over and refills his cup. A nod given to Indigo, "Damn man. You make me look like a school girl." Then he beams and holds his up, swallowing afterwards. Kind of stumbling before he rights himself against the bar he looks at Hammer. "Ballbat? What?" He looks confused but quickly shakes it off. "Me too. Been with Lone Star six months or so." don't sound to happy about it. "Got me ma' own wagon though. Slightly more....PRecious cargo." He adds, "But lots o' runs 'tween here an El Dorado. Not that lone star sun up till sundown stuff. More, stoppin' an whorin in every town from there ta' here. Gotta network." He gives a wink and sips again.
Indigo Indigo takes a long drag from his cigarette before chasing it with another full-glassed shot, exhaling a cloud of smoke after downing the booze, "El Dorado? Small world." He shifts to lean against the bar's edge, "Just came from there. Going to head back soon." he sniffs, "Don't know a damn thing about caravan work though."
Hammer "Pitchin' or catchin'?" Hammer asks Lowry with a touch of a grin; clearly quick to give a stranger a hard time. "And what's lucrative to run back and forth between here and there? I mean... what's El Dorado got this place don't? I've never seen so much damn electricity in my life. It's like God said 'Let there be light' and made Hoover Dam." He looks over at Indigo and adds, "Caravan work's mostly just walkin' long distances hopin' you ain't about to catch a bullet."
Lowry      "Ehh, IT aint nothin' but presence most tha' time." Lowry says to Indigo, agreeing wiht Hammer. He refills the ghouls glass and his as well. Back over to the other man he says, "Well, that be my business I'd say." He eyes the man up and down then adds, "Just pottery fer' my ma'. But she asked me. So's if I take an extra wagon on runs I'd like ta' supply it with guards is all. Don't want tha' boss on my ass fer' squanderin resources." He takes another long sip and adds,
Lowry      "Ehh, IT aint nothin' but presence most tha' time." Lowry says to Indigo, agreeing wiht Hammer. He refills the ghouls glass and his as well. Back over to the other man he says, "Well, that be my business I'd say." He eyes the man up and down then adds, "Just pottery fer' my ma'. But she asked me. So's if I take an extra wagon on runs I'd like ta' supply it with guards is all. Don't want tha' boss on my ass fer' squanderin resources." He takes another long sip and adds, "I'd pay well."
Indigo Indigo sips his drink now, "Usually the guy down the road thinning the herd if you know what I mean." he shifts onceagain, "Couldn't stand that hanging back with the wagon."
Hammer "If you're looking to hire an extra gun to go back and forth with you, I'd say sounds keen." Hammer takes a long drink from his flask and shakes it; emptying the last few drops into his mouth. "Though I ain't exactly your typical guard. Tend to get a little more tactical. Not a bad thing. Just warning that I've got a head on these shoulders and tend to have more opinion than most caravaners like to see in a guard." He gives Lowry a wink. "Name's Hammer, by the by."
Lowry      "Hey, I wouldn't mind a scout. We'll be operatin on our own sometimes." Just how often is not said. "Lowry." He says now to both of them. "I don't mind someone thinkin'." Lowry adds. "So long as yer a fair shot. Anyways, lookin' ta' get a couple wagons goin. Then a scout and some radios will be necessairy." Another drink is had before he pulls his own smokes out now.
Indigo Indigo wrinkles what's left of his nose, "Well, seeing as how I'm paid anyways to guard that road between here and there, I might be so inclined to give you some support." He takes another drink and another drag and looks to Lowry, "Though most folks would say having a Ranger along might make them more of a target. Lotta folks harbor hate for us."
Hammer "Fair enough," Hammer replies about his marksmanship. "I can ride. Shoot. Deal with brahmin if I have to." His flask is capped and slipped back into his duster. "Sounds like you got a plan, Lowry. Not to sound like a merc and make a liar of myself, but what's your policy on loot? I say we kill some raiders or whatnot, it's only fair that guards get their share of whatever's in their pockets."
Lowry      "So change yer' outfit!" Lowry says matter of factly. "Ain't gotta be rockin' them goggles. But hey, Hopin the point is they wouldn't see ya comin." He gives a nod to Indigo. Over to Hammer he says, "Keep what ya find. Little stuff like booze might get split or shared while on t he road mind ya. Not a greedy bunch, but no ones hoggin' all the steaks or nothin! And yea, we just don't go lookin' fer trouble. But it seems ta' find us more oft then not."
Indigo Indigo tugs at the edge of his duster, "Don't know, ninety some-odd years and it grows on you. But as likely they won't see me comin' never really do." He then discards the roach of his cigarette before reaching into the aforementioned coat and withdrawing a small box, which he opens to reveal tobacco and papers which he sets to rolling, "Name's Indigo by the way, Indigo Jones.. Sarge works too."
Hammer "Caravans are a target no matter what you're wearing," Hammer says to Indigo with a matter-of-fact shrug. "At the same time, having a ranger around might just work to the caravan's favor if they come across an NCR patrol. Maybe they'll give some extra info. Maybe they'll do some extra trade." He leans back against the bar and props his elbows on it. "When we leavin', Lowry?"
Lowry      "Ehh, I get it." Lowry concedes to the old timer. "Another jones' huh?" He does not elaborate though . Knowing the history of the other Jones, there is no need for detail. "Outgrow the rangers then?" He asks before turning back again to Hammer, "Oh, not fer' awhile. Shit, we just got here!" He waves his arms around as if they were at the Tops! "Tell you what though. "Goin out on a patrol tomorrow. Get the lay of some of the land. Trade with locals. More then welcome ta' come. Won't pay much but maybe get some time out ther' get ta' know each other."
Indigo Indigo says, "I have no idea what just happened, real new to this whole mush thing, sorry."
Indigo Indigo says, "Also don't know how to talk in OOC, again, sorry."
Indigo Indigo "Seniority has it's perks, get to roam as I please as long as I can pass it off to my superiors that it's NCR business." He finishes rolling up his cigarrete and strikes a match against the gorget of his riot armor, puffing to get it started before speaking oncemore, "Patrol would do me good, figure there's still plenty to do around these parts. Always is, no matter how many Raiders you feed a bullet or Legion you gun down."
Hammer Hammer takes off his hat, pushes a hand back through his hair, and then positions his hat on his head slightly more in place than it was left from his close encounter. "I'll swing by in the mornin' and see what's what." He gets up from the stool and taps a finger across the brim. "Lowry. Jones. You take care tonight. These jet-heads ain't nothin' to bat an eye at." And with that, he heads back out.
Lowry      "Be easy enough, I reckon." Lowry says nodding with approval to Indigo. "Keep 'em in tha' dark." He holds a cup high, something he loves to do! B.S the superiors. "Oh yea, they aint goin' nowhere no time soon. Radscorps, muties, deathclaws, ghouls.." He shrugs to Indigo. Yea he meant feral ones but it slipped the way it did. "Night partner." He shouts to the man as he departs.
Indigo Indigo lifts his glass, "Taking down Ferals is a public service." and drinks, letting out a contented sigh soon after, "But until then, I've got some reloading to do, 45-70 doesn't grow on tree's.. Shit, guess nothing does." He pushes away from the bar and nods Lowry's way, "So long, Lowry. I'll see you in the morning."
Lowry      "Sounds good. Hey! Got somethin for ya." He reaches in his coat and approaches the man handing something over.
Indigo Indigo turns to eye the man, "Is it bigger than a toaster?" he says with a macabre grin
Lowry      "Just some leftover ammo. No use fer' it no more. Glad ta' be rid of it."
Indigo Indigo continues to grin, "No, but even better. That's nine dead scumbags you just gifted me, hah!" He loads the bullets into his gunbelt and nods to Lowry, "Thanks, partner." and he leaves the bar.
Lowry      Late night. And the second chance has built up a small clientele. Lowry is leaning against the wall by the door, drink in hand. He's got an observant look, the jet counter acting the long day of drinking. A few folks walk in and he eyes them up and down, his hat tipped up and a nod given. He's not the bouncer, or he aint letting folks know if he is. The girls get winks and stares to their backside. Then a couple fucks get loud over by the corner of the bar. He slowly makes his way over. "Problem?" He asks the npcs who are in for a bad time. "This fuck, he dun-" Cut short, pistol drawn and smacked over the mans head. "Get yer buddy." He then says to the other who had exceeded previously set volume limits! The guy picks up his friend and out they go. Good time to look cool. Lowry moves down the bar towards a couple of marks. Women folk that is. "Evenin'." He offers while looking for Elsie, pry time to buy some drinks. Grease the wheels.
Lowry      Lowry levels a look. "Let's not go 'sposin that." All he says to Franky as he rakes in the chips. He kills off another drink and pulls a vile from his coat. Some powder is laid out on the table and chopped with his knife. SNORT! Theres some left. He motions at Kae. "I know shes good. You want one though?" He's offering to Frank. "What kind o' work ya' lookin' fer? Got a few things goin' on." His eyes open wide now. Chems kicking in.
Franky A raised glass gets the attention of the bartender, Franky indicating that he needs another. "Whats life without a few spilt caps." A hand goes to the back of his neck to rub it some as he glaces toward Kaelyn with a curious look. His blue gaze then shifts to Lowry, and the vial of powder. A slight smirk, before he turn around in his chair to look at no one in particular. "When in New Vegas." He says, turning back to face the table. Franky puls out a flathead screw driver from his chestpouch to shovel a small key of powder. "Cheers." A smile before he puts the end of the screwdriver under a nostril and snorts. He clentches the bridge of his nose with his other hand, and grunts a little. "I'm decent at breaking things, used to escort caravans before I got tangled up in stupid shit back east." He blinks a little, his eyes becoming more glassy the screwdriver gets stored away again.
Kaelyn Kae blinks, watching the folks snort the powder then shrugs slowly... "Umm yaaaah enjoy that stuffs..." she suggests and just drinks her drink which can't really get her drunk unless she imbibes an almost litteral ton of it...
Lowry      Lowry nods to Frank. "Agreed." When he grabs the offered chems Lowry gives a nod. "Yea. I'm a caravaner of sorts. Work with Lone star but tryin' ta' get away from it. In fact. PRy fired now!" He doesn't seem sore about it. "But yea, runnin' protection and sorts was the name of the game. Got me ma' own caravan. And that." He points to the residue on the table. "I'll be runnin' back and forth a lots. Could use some muscle on tha' trips."

     Swinging his attention over to Kae he says. "Oh, we will." She gets a wink and he adds. "So what ya need all them big ole' guns fer' with that thing hanging around?" His eyes dart back over to CORA. No doubt he dissaproves. But his attention goes back to her and it would seem plain he has no ill will towards the elven woman.
Franky     A grin is offered to the wait staff as his drink is delivered, caps are given before he takes a slow pull from his second hand cup. "Feels numb, man." He sets his drink down. "I like it." Another grunt before he clears his throat. "I'm new to the area, so long as you dont expect me to be navigating. I'll bring Tina along." He pats the oblong weapon at his side. "Whats the trigger time like on your caravan runs?"
Kaelyn Well Cora's actually a pip-boy, massively modified pipboy that's currently strapped to Kae's wrist... Then again CORA does show up as a hologram sometimes... Kae then motions to CORA on her wrist and shrugs slowly "Better safe than sorry?" She responds cheerfully, then again the 'elf woman' has two possibly notable titles, she was one of the heroes who defended Eldorado, and one who defended the Alamo....

There could be that... "Besides, what's wrong with having a firearm or two, or four or more?" she says cheerfully...
Lowry      "Yea. Good shit." Lowry says to Frank. "Got plenty if yer' lookin.' Talk ta' Elsie. That girl keeps good stuff on hand. Her soup is only second to her chems." He gives an encouraging nod. "Nah, don't need nah navigatin'. And, eh. We pry see trouble bouts have the time. Not too bad. Mostly half-ass raiders and such." He shrugs it off and has yet another drink. When Kae speaks up he says, "Hey. I likes me ma' guns as much as the next. You's come loaded fer' deathclaws though, darlin!" He laughs a bit and adds, "Aint no complaints over here though."
Franky Franky pours down the rest of his drink and smacks his lips. "Not included to take my chems on the regular, but I am amongst new faces. Truth be told I juice up usually as a last resort." He motions to the Bartender that he needs another, allowing his eyes to focus on the pipboy strapped to Kaelyn's wrist. "You're going to think I'm fucking with you, but I swear to Yahweh....Killed a dragon in a sewer back east." He mentions to Kaelyn, his face plum serious. "I'm not young anymore, but I figure I can manage pulling trigger for your caravan if need be. Especially if they're half-assed raiders." Frank mentions back toward Lowry.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and tilts her head... "Ummm well that's nice y'killed a dragon?" She says and rubs at the back of her neck before looking from one person to the next "Umm usually save my guns for supermutants and stuff, Death Claws I avoid or run off with the whole telekinetic stuff... somtimes Gotta use the firearms on them, but for the most part, Deathclaws are pretty easy to read... Just keep a distance from em." She says and smiles slightly...
Franky A grin spread across Franky's face when Kaelyn acknowledges his killing of a Dragon. The Screwdriver is revealed again from the pouches on his chest. He gives a nod askance toward Lowry before he skewers another bump of powder, and snorts it. "Ugh, suppose I've been avoiding the topic." A sidelong gaze his given to Kaelyn, his eyes glassing over again. "Did the Elves nuke the world?" He's momentarily distracted by a fresh drink, dolling out caps to the staff and directing the waiter to bring another round for Kaelyn and Lowry.
Kaelyn Kae blinks again and tilts her head "Nooo Elves did not nuke the planet.." She responds and shrugs before tilting her head. "The Chinese and Americans did..."
Franky Franky casts a conspiratory eye at Kaelyn's response. The screwdriver gets stowed away, hilt upward, "Fair enough." A slight jolt runs through his body, followed by a calm face and a cough. Franky picks up his drink, "Fancyest pipboy I've ever seen, all I've seen are 2000 models."
Kaelyn Kae blinks curiously at Franky then looks at CORA "Yaah, CORA's kind of special... In a lot of ways..." CORA Then calls out "Heeeeyyyy!" Her holographic sprite shows up above Kae's wrist again with hands on her hips as she taps her feet.
Franky Franky sets his drink down after taking a swig, and rolling his brow from rights to left. His mouth opens for a few seconds to breath, possibly contemplating the concepts of a holographic wrist mounted technology. His eyes flick from the sprite to Kaelyn then back toward the sprite. He taking another long slow pull from his drink, while his over hand lifts up displaying his index and middle fingers to form a V symbol at the Gram. "Has she been listening the whole time?" Franky tries to whisper toward Kaelyn, Changing the peace sign to a pointed index at CORA.
Kaelyn Kae laughs "She's an A.I. so yes... Honestly her systems give me some help in living in the wilderness, what withher ability to scan, and track incoming things, listen in etc... She helps." Kae says with a bit of a grin... "Anyhow CORA has been quite invaluable, and is also one of my best friends..."
Franky Franky looks a bit unsure as Kaelyn hypes up the benefits to A.I. assisted living. Perhaps the dude never had much exposure to technology, "Reavers would literally lose their shit over something like that." Frank takes a moment to sit in silence, indicating at CORA with his chin. "Haven't heard they're much of a big deal out this way...Anyhow, all those features, and all the firepower you're packing, guy can conclude that you don't really hurt for work?"
Kaelyn Kae ummms "Yah Reavers, and the Enclave too... I'm kinda well on their hit list of folks they wanna capture and disect...." She says and shrugs "Add to it, evidently I'm a kind of technological marvel too, as my costmetic differences aren't -just- cosmetic and all.. I'm a gene-engineered life form... CORA calls me an E.l.F. or Engineered Life Form... " She says and shrugs... "I was a normal human, Back before the great nuclear war and all... I was stuck in a cryogenic stasis and modification pod for over 200 years... CORA is the A.I that maintained my systems and stuff..."