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Kaelyn Soo, it's an ok night in New Vegas, folks are busily going in and out of the Saloon, common over here on the Free side and all. And so, an odder site shows up. It's Kaelyn, She's being giggled at and chatted at by CORA who mutters "Oooh, those crazy gunpowder folks did a number on you!" Kae then peers at CORA "Yus... sure did..." Kae is currently smudged here and there by carbon it appears, as if she'd been rolled in charcoal or somesuch. She coughs and some smoke escapes her mouth as she limps over to the bar and settles in... Yup, drink before medical treatment..

CORA points out. "You really should go see a doctor..." Kae then shrugs... "I'll live..." She says simply and asks for a drink, something called Tequila....
Alasa Alasa sits at one of the tables, a Securitron standing behind her. " I heard this place has some good grub, soo we'll see if thats true or not." She has a glass of something in her hand, though its hard to tell. "Try to relax, ok?..I know its not normal for you, but what the hey."
Elsie Elsie Bell, proud owner of the newest (and best!) saloon in Freeside OR New Vegas if you ask her, is just now bustling out from the back of the small room with a tray of hearty soups and fresh breads. "There we are now," the redhead says to herself, wearing her usual attire of a white blouse, a black-and-white pinstripe skirt, and a black chest piece/corset over it all. For being a new establishment, it seems the Second Chance is doing quite well! She smiles, broadly, to all the patrons as she moves through the room, offering soups to any of the hungry patrons. Hey, they only have like 2 food options. She's just one woman, ok?! There's also a selection of chems to be purchased, but alas there is no booze yet for sale. Odd, that.
Kaelyn Kae pouts at the thought of not getting alchohol..... She glances at Elsie curiously, then tilts her head "Bar, but no booze yet eh?" She says and tilts her head... "Waiting on an order or what? "She asks curiously... She could really use a drink, yup!
Alasa Alasa says, "Don't need to have booze, to have a bar...maybe this is an ice cream bar...that would sell good in these parts...people would line up outside.""
Elsie "Well," Elsie says, setting out a bowl of hot stew for Alasa. "I've got somethin' sweet if that's what you're in the mind for. Somethin' to make you feel real good." She grins, and then turns to head toward Kaelyn, to see if she too would like a bowl of the stew. "As for the booze, though, I've got some brewin' downstairs but brew takes time, and I don't even know if it's any good yet. We only just opened, y'see. But there'll be booze soon enough, you can be sure of that. Just gotta keep comin' back to check."
Kaelyn Kae ooooh's and nods slowly, then umms "Can't really do drugs to be honest, and I really only like the taste of alchohol... I don't have enough money to get drunk on it saddly." she adds and smiles before motioning to her pip-CORA... CORA, then calls out, proudly one might add. "My fault!" Kae looks at CORA and sighs "Yup gotta get her a body...."
Alasa Alasa gives the stew a sniff, "Ah, well I'll tell you what...I've eaten a lot of things...and this smells good to I'm happy." As she starts to eat..."Tastey too....I'm sure with a little work." as she looks around, "You'll be as big as the casinos some day."
Elsie The redhead sets a stew and some bread next to Kae on her table, looking back over her shoulder at Alasa with a blush, under that praise. "Aw, well, thank you kindly. In truth I don't even hope to get near so big as all that. I just want a little corner of the world that's mine, yanno? Some place where nobody can tell me what to do, when to do it, or how it should be done."

Her head spins back around when Kae's pip pipes up. She blinks her big hazel eyes. "Your pip gives you lip? That's unusual."
Kaelyn Kae glances to Elsie curiously and shrugs "Well technically not a Pip any more, I modified the heck out of it,and put an A.I. inside. CORA also has a number of other functions standard pips do not.." She adds and grins... "Anyhow the lip-service I get is an amusing side thingie... "
Alasa Alasa nods, "Kinda why I like it out in the nowheres...just open space, do what you want. Best way to live...theres a time for rules, and a time for fun..." She thumbs behind her, "I'm trying to teach this one about that..I think its a good lesson for all."
Elsie "Trying to teach her about fun? Well it's a shame about the chems, then. I've always found them to bring the fun outta any occasion," Elsie says with a grin, going back behind the bar and setting her tray aside. Happy to pitch ya a sample if you'd like a recommendation. Not enough to get ya drunk, just buzzed." She equates the level of fuck-uped-ness to alcohol, which most people can understand better anyway. Most people have been drunk at least once, right? "I'm Elsie, by the way. Elsie Bell."
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head and smiles, yah she's pretty strange, what with crimson red eyes, these aren't contacts folks, long pointy ears and slightly elongated canines... Lets not forget white hair, like naturally silvery white hair, that isn't the least stringy with old age, just the natural state and all... "Ummm well... I can have fun without chemicals... Had to learn how and all..." She says with a slight smile.
Alasa Alasa nods, "yeah, some people have a lot of trouble with fun. Usually there big guys, with lots of guns and those fancy power suits...suggest just once, they paint them pink and see what happens." She shakes her head, "I'm Alasa of course, like the state but without the K...for obvious reasons...and this my new friend Sally. A straight flush beats four aces...remember that." She grins a bit.
Elsie Elsie dips under the bar for a moment and comes out with two bottles of clean water, which are set with the stews for each woman. "S'not often you find two cleans around Freeside or New Vegas," the redhead comments conversationally. "Are you both from here, or you just passin' through? I'm hoping to get in tight with local caravaners coming through, would be nice to become a regular stop for merchants and guards, doncha think?"
Alasa Alasa laughs, "Na, just in town for awhile..came out with the LSC for the flea sounded like a big thing. See the sights, take in the town...break the bank..all those things." as she continues to eat her stew. "Not a bad place, just different."
Elsie "Oh, with Lonestar? Oh, you should tell alla those folks to come in here. Be nice to get some news through. I'm actually from El Dorado, myself. Came in with a large caravan, so we were likely on or nearabouts the same one. Dunno when I'll be going back though." Elsie pauses, sighing as she looks around her establishment with obvious joy across her features. "Didn't plan on winning a bar and ending up with, you know. Property. A business to run. It still doesn't feel real. But here you are, paying customers! So it must be real. Do you know Lo? Lowry, that is. Very good friend of mine, though a bit of an oddball, that one."
Alasa Alasa laughs, "Well I came with them, but I'm not with was like a package getaway. I'll be going back for ties I left Bob guarding the house, and I'm sure he's bored by now just chasing rabbits out of the garden." She ponders, "Then again, the garden could have been overrun by garden gnomes in search of pink flamingos..and a race war starts, and all that...but I guess I'll find out when I get back." She takes a drink of the water, "Thats the fun of Vegas, you can win big or loose it all on a single spin of the wheel...exciting."
Elsie "Well, just remember: most people lose when they play that way. And those that say otherwise are probably lying." Elsie smirks, and then glances back into the back of the bar. "I'd best go stir the soup, you folks hollar if you need anything, alright?" With another smile, the redhead turns and heads into the back to continue cooking.