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Davidson It's a dangerous life, working in the cap mines. At least it appears that's the case, because Davidson was prying up a stash of rusted caps when he dislodged a buried refrigerator.

Which fell on him.

This is why he limped his broken-armed self down to the clinic to get taken care of. At least given where he'd gotten injured they could be sure he had caps to pay. It's after treatment that he's flexing his arm a little, bandages still wrapped around it, grimacing as he makes a fist and then stretches out his fingers again. "...sure it'll be good as new in no time," he allows, "And at least there weren't any ''lasers'' involved like that crazy scientist guy-- ah, thanks, Doc, I appreciate it."
Valerie Turning just slightly to look back over her shoulder, the red-haired doctor gives Davidson a cool look, "You know, this is why you never dig directly above you." Looking away, she pulls off her gloves, wearing a too-clean lab coat over her curvy figure, with her hips flaring the tails a bit. Leaning forward slowly, she steps on a trash receptacle's pedal to toss her gloves in, "For best results, you should apply a stimpak to the breakage site once a day. But it will heal eventually on its own either way." Brushing off her hands before rising and turning back about to face him fully, she lifts her eyebrows. "I trust you know not to do any digging for a while?"
Davidson "I wasn't digging straight up. It just sort of... loosened some rocks that I didn't think were supporting what I was digging in," admits Davidson, his tone wey as he offers over a helpless shrug of his good shoulder to Valerie, "And yeah, not until my arm's in tip-top shape again, I got it. Not going to risk straining it further."
Valerie Valerie looks surprised, "Oh. Well. Good." She seems a little taken aback that he's actually going to listen to her advice. Planting a fist on her hip, she shrugs, "Well, you are good to go, I suppose, as the Wasterlanders say." She offers the faintest of smiles, "But yes, rest and recuperation are your best medicine from here on out." Turning away, she looks back over her shoulder for a moment, pausing, "Oh, did you wish to pay today, or set up a repayment plan for your treatment?"
Davidson "You never know when a mutant might rip my head off, so in the interests of keeping you solvent, doc..." A roguish grin flashes across Davidson's lips, his brows raising a little, "...I should probably pay you off today for the help." A shift moves one of his hip-pouches into a better position, "How much do I owe you?"
Valerie Valerie shrugs a bit, "I used 35 caps worth of supplies on your arm and general well-being... Then there is rent and food." She lifts her eyebrows, her tone droll and her expression not giving away whether she's being serious or not, "Clothing. Shoes." Then she smiles faintly, her back still mostly to him as she looks away to start packing up her doctor's kit, not watching him. "So pay whatever you want. The idea of needing caps to buy things is rather new to me."
Davidson Davidson crooks a brow upwards at her words, giving her a curious once-over from behind at her words. "Oh...? Take it you didn't always live down here in the Dorado, then, doc?" Buckle undone on the pouch, he starts to dig out some caps, rust-edged metal clicking together.
Valerie Valerie clicks the case shut, turning about with the black bag in hand. "Nope." And that's it. She just watches him expectantly, as if further clarification didn't even cross her mind. Under the lab coat she wears a pre-war gray blouse, a black pencil skirt, and old black pumps on her feet.
Davidson Davidson is dressed about as one might expect from a scavenger; a short-sleeved shirt that's been stitched together more than a few times, numerous pouches and pockets, and some rather strange jeans he must have salvaged from a particularly weird store. "Well, I'm not going to pry," he allows with a wry chuckle, offering out a small bag of the caps he'd counted out, "Not after you did such a bang-up job patching me up, doc."
Valerie Valerie smiles, warmly, accepting the caps with an appreciative look. "Thank you. And please do refrain from any gratuitous prying." Lifting a hand, she gives him a little wave, "See you next injury."
Davidson "Never let it be said I disrespected the wishes of a skilled, intelligent, and beautiful woman," Davidson replies with a wink, pushing himself to his feet; injured arm kept close by his side as he starts for the door at an unhurried stroll, "See you next time."