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Hammer There are many farms in the Mojave of various shapes and sizes, but the most common thing among them is having seen better days. This is especially true of a farm that has become a sort of nest for feral ghouls. Where they all came from is anyone's guess, but the devastation they caused is a nightmare. What is left of the previous tenants is collecting flies in the sun while the slaughtered brahmin have had the best bits eaten away. It happened days ago, and it seemed that over time the ferals had either gone chasing off after greener pastures or been driven off by force by something that did not stay around.

The place seemed clear or clear enough to go in and look around and maybe scavenge. Or so it seemed until a man comes running up the hill towards the farm shouting off ahead of himself. "Hey! ''Hey!''" As he comes running over the crest and fully into view, several ghouls can be seen behind him. "Get to cover!" He is making straight line towards the barn, which is the only structure that looks as if it is solid enough to offer any sort of shelter. He looks over his shoulder as he is running, and he seems quite surprised at what is behind him. "Mother Mary and Joseph!" With renewed effort, he charges towards the barn. Behind him is not a handful of ferals, but at least a dozen. It seems they did not leave the area on a permanent basis, but instead were coming back for what was left after juicier prey escaped.

Hammer has one hand holding his hat on and another holding his rifle as he makes it to the barn only forty feet ahead of the ghouls and starts to shut the door. "Barricade!" He shouts before it is even closed.
Alasa Alasa and her new friend Sally are out and about in the mojave of course...the tables have been coold recently. "I think I used all my luck on you Sally..I'll have to ask the spirits for a little recharge tonight..." Its then that she sees the man running. She shouts at him, "Some problem or something? seem a bit distressed..." as he continues towards a barn. "Ok...well, I do wonder whats got him all worked up. Think we should find out?" Sally looks at her, as a thumbs up appears on screen for a moment. "ALright, lets go see what the hulabaloo is..." As the pair make for the barn.
Hammer It is likely less of a wonder why the man is so alarmed when the small army of ghouls is almost to Alasa and her new friend. One door is shut by the time they reach the barn, and the other is shoved shut right behind them. The barn has a couple boards missing in the ceiling that allows light to spill down into the building in dusty beams of light. "Hurry! Get something against the door!" The man is shoving one of the fallen roof boards into place as the first ghoul hits the outside and causes him to almost fall over. Hammer shifts his weight and leans against the door with everything he has; hoping to buy the others enough time to get some weight against the door.
Alasa Alasa hmmms, as the man still seems quite worked up about things. "Oh come now...your not worried about that little group of ghouls out there, are you?" As she raise an eyebrow at the man..."What was there...a dozen. Heck, there wasn't even any shiny ones." She shakes her head again. "You really need to get out more..." As she picks up a shovel, and walks over to the door shoving it into place. "The power of the triangle...behold!"
Hammer "A dozen?" The man shakes his head as he is trying to catch his breath. "Way more than that. And some of them are damn right naaaastay. Lemme tell you." Hammer is still leaning against the door when a few ghouls slam it at once--causing him to almost get bucked away--but then it is less bodies slamming into place and more random flailing. He steps away from the door trepidatiously as he speaks in a low voice. "If there weren't many, I'd'a gotten up somewhere high and started pickin' 'em off, but with some of those being so fast and there being multiple groups, best to just wait for them to get distracted by something else and sneak off." He sucks in another breath and eases it out, then looks over at who he is sharing the barn with.
Alasa Alasa says, "just ghouls though..I mean...really, not like that herd of centaurs I fought off that they were mean, I tell you what..." She shrugs, "And there not to hard to distract, just send out something..and when they investigate it, you move off." She glances around the barn, "Or we just set this place on that would be a good distraction." She looks over to Sally, "So your local, the ghouls a bit thing here?" Sally gives a waggly motion with her hand. "Thought so...but we got time anyways." She smiles a bit."
Hammer The man looks both skeptical and impressed when Alasa mentions fighting off a herd of centaur, but his expression shifts to agreement at the mention of ghouls being easily distracted. That is, until he is raising an eyebrow. "You wanna light the barn on fire while we're in it?" He shakes his head, and continues to speak with his voice low. "With all due respect, ladies, I think we should just wait a bit for something to pull them away, then slip out. Like thieves in the night." He pulls a flask out from his coat and starts to open it. "Don't wanna see how many more would be draw from gunshots in the area if we go out guns blazin'."
Alasa Alasa blinks, "Well, easier to light it on fire from inside...then to go outside and try to start a fire with people around. You need to think about these things." Then he talks about gunfire and drawing them in..."ok, now you got me is do you think it would draw in more or less then 20 ghouls?" As she reaches back under her cape, and pulls out her rifle. "Lets find out."
Hammer "What the fuck's wrong with you?!" The man's whisper is as harsh as a whisper can be, and he looks like he is in a complete state of disbelief even as he is scrambling to put his flask away far more quickly than he pulled it out. "And you think I had time to start a fuckin' fire while I was runnin' for my life? C'mon! Just think 'bout it. Just... put the gun down and sit tight for a bit. Please."
Alasa Sally doesn't seem to like the mans tone, and moves closer to Alasa. "oooo" says Alasa, "I wouldn't make her mad..I've heard these Securitrons keep the peace rather well in Vegas, and she really doesn't like when people yell at me. Just might want to chill a bit." As she slips the vault tech rifle back under her cape. "See, thats the need to relax get so worked up about the little things. You were an only child, weren't you? I just get this know." As she reaches into her belt, and pulls out a carrot. She bites into, and chews as she talks. "Really, you need to live your life without fear. Less stressfull that way."
Hammer "I'm fucking ''whispering,''" Hammer hisses in a tone that is not nearly the best example of whispering at all. He shakes his head at the woman and the robot and makes his way the rest of the way to the back of the barn. He is muttering something under his breath, but the only part of it that might be heard is, " fuckin' mind..." Carefully but quickly poking at the boards back there, he finds a loose one on his seventh try and--easing it out as quietly as possible--peaks out. Without a word, he worms out through the gap, puts his head back on his head, and slips away from the barn.