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Bart The lab, such as it is here in Vegas - he's rented out a room at The Gammorah to avoid concern over the screaming - is cleaned up save for a rather unconscious looking Raider strapped to a table under one of Bart's lasers. Entirely humane he will assure you. Meanwhile he's tinkering on the large device that is currently aimed at the poor sod. On the table are two neatly wrapped bundles with New Vegas written on them. Probably Elsie's drugs she'd ordered. A soft hum is filling the room as he works, though it's not coming from the man himself, but the machines around him, like happy little drones going about their business.
Elsie Elsie Bell knocks on the door, and only enters once she is, yanno, allowed in. Her eyes widen only slightly at the sight that is laid out before her. "Got company, Doc? I can always come back later, yanno," she suggests warily, glancing over at the raider, to the doctor, and to the raider again. "Listen, I was hopin' I could convince ya to give me another one of them zap-fixes you're so fond of."
Bart Bart hmms? Then promplty shakes his head in the negative. Informing Elsie, "He is just here for testing, fully authorized by himself I assure you," he coughs and then promptly moves along the subject. "I happen to have your first shipment here with me as well. But we can take a look at you first." He abandons what he's doing and moves to the table he's using as an actual operating surface, a clean linen sheet thrown over the blood soaked wood quickly as he offers her a quick smile. "What seems to be the problem today, Miss Bell? Headaches still?" He asks even as he's wheeling his portable monitor over so that he can start getting readings and diagnose what ails her.
Elsie At this point, it's just Elsie assuming the position. She gives another wary look in the direction of the Raider, but then settles down flat on the top of the exam table. "Always headaches," she explains with a sigh. As well as little cuts and contusions on her body, fresh every time, but those she does not mention. "Anytime I take enough chems to keep the headaches down, I practically OD. I just ... I need a pick-me-up, that's all." Fix her body so she can wreck it more.
Bart Watching the readings, the man makes a face, "I'm just, I'm just not certain what is wrong here," he is looking at the scan of her brain, the waves given off in micro particles and he isn't getting a solid enough reading. Still, he is willing to try! Because he's completely mad mind you, but that's neither here nor there. "Well, let us see what we can do for your brain with particles, Miss Bell. I .. make no guarantees that people will not glow to your vision for a few days," he notes before bringing about his device. The familiar blindfold is handed over to her so as to shield her sensitive eye parts.
Elsie "Most people usually glow, or dance, or wobble like they're under water to me." Ah, chems. "Between that and gettin' my brains scrambled by little green men, whoever knows what's wrong with me at any given time," she sighs, laying back with her palms up, taking a position of relaxation ... as much as she can. The particles aren't always friendly.
Bart Bart goes 'huh' at that revelation and can't really respond with much else as he begins to work. The portable laser gun is aimed at her dome and with a careful twist of the dial he begins the laser surgery. Zapping into her mind, he starts tinkering with bits here and there, reducing swelling, pulling off scar tissue from previous work. He's careful and exacting as he methodically plots through each of her pain points. This will revive her for now, but the addictions remain. The thought has him blinking, "Oh, did I mention I believe I have found a way to upgrade the Auto-Doc to cure addictions?" he asks even as the air pressure changes drastically during the procedure.
Elsie Elsie sits up after the procedure, rubbing at her temple sorely. She swears under her breath. "Whatnow?" she asks, blinking in the man's general direction. "You ... can cure addictions, now? Why the hell didn't you say that when I walked in?! Do that to me!"
Bart Bart turns down the machine and stares at the girl. "Did you not hear everything I said?" his voice is probably coming out cobalt blue at the moment. "I believe I have found a way, there will need to be research, testing and eventually yes. I am sure we will have that technology. But not just yet."
Elsie Elsie exhales, long and slow. Fine, guess Santa Claus isn't real. Doesn't mean she's going to do her chores! Or stop taking her chems. "Well, when ya need a test subject, you let me know, yeah?" She reaches over to pluck up the package, standing at last. She's a touch wobbly on her feet. "How much do I owe ya, sug?"
Bart Bart's face twitches a little bit, his lips thinning as he does mental calculations. "Three hundred for the chems, hundred for your head. I believe that was what we figured out for the shipment?" he asks carefully, because sometimes the Wasteland Weed effects his memory! What? No one knows about that, honest. He pushes his spectacles up the bridge of his nose and smiles.
Elsie Elsie digs into her pockets and pulls out a fistful of caps, which she sets on the table. "Myself or my associate, Lo, will be in touch back in El Dorado, I'm sure. In fact, any way you can knock up some Calmex? I got a big order for it already from one of my customers, wanna fill it as soon as possible." She tilts her head slightly to the side, regarding the man curiously.
Bart Bart squints a bit and then does a few more calculations before nodding, "I can get Calmex in the next batch, I should have the resources and a delivery by next month," he decides aloud before jotting a few things on his notebook on the desk nearby, in the margains of course. "And the second chem you'd like for the month of January?"
Elsie Elsie pauses, considering. She chews lightly on the inside of her cheek. "Jet," she decides at last. "Been a moritorium on the stuff since Nemo Booker went batshit, and it's time I start offering that up to my customers again." She grins then, a wide bright sort of grin. "Bottle of the home brew for ya doc, on the house. Let me know what you think." From her bag she takes out a bottle of beer and sets it on the nearby counter. "Let me know when you're done and how much, and I'll send Lo your way." Yes, they have a nice drug-running operation now!
Bart Bart takes the beer and inspects it with a squint before setting it aside for later. "I will let you know, as I said, a month or so, depending on when I can get my hands on the ingredients and when I can get back to my proper lab. Mr. House is not worth all of this," he waves and fusses before going back to his work, "I will see you next time you have a headache, Miss Bell, adieu."