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Vault Girl There had been rumors of something more 'then a man' who had been attacking the newly re-established caravans between El Dorado and New Vegas; a man who could turn into something dangerous.

At first people thought it was Ashur, since he HAD been witnessed transforming into a supermutant on several occasions but it had been verified that it was not him.

Hours ago a group of you had responded to a distress call from one of the Caravans and had arrived to find everyone EATEN!!!!!

Recently you had descended into an underground bunker with biohazard symbols all around and the words ______LA CORPORATION visible on the wall, the rest of the words faded away.

There were skeletons all around as you traversed through the bunker.

There was nothing to find, the computers had all long deteriorated, and the place had been looted many times over.

Following the sound of maniacal laughing you all came upon a large open room that looked like a nest of some kind, if nests were made of bones; human bones. Huddled in the center of the room was a man wearing round sunglasses with a trenchcoat and a half-face mask on.

He was eating a member of the caravan, at least a human anyways since he was holding a human leg like someone would hold a turkey drumstick.

You had the jump on him(it?) at this moment, there was no doubt you would not get another chance like this.
Davidson "Is that the... oh mother of-- he's eating someone, that's him," Davidson hisses out under his breath, bringing up the carbine in his arms and bracing himself; squeezing the trigger four times in rapid succession, the old bunker echoing with the clattering of gunfire, tearing through the fabric of the trenchcoat... but who knows how much damage it did to the monstrosity beneath?

"Take this sick sonuvabitch out," he barks out, glancing to the others.
Grover Grover brings up his rifle..."Now I've seen some sick things...and this is one of them.." as he fires off a quick couple of shots from his rifle..though coming nowhere near the beast...has to be that leg that throws him off.
Roy Roy stands shaking in his boots, always seeming to get caught up in trouble that doesn't concern him. He shields above his forehead with his forearm, expecting to be crushed. As his last line of offense he chucks his Rustic Flamer Pistol at Stitch in attempt to hurt him. "Stay down!" He yells, flapping around his cloak.
Ashur The transforming beast was, indeed, not Ashur -- since the establishment of the Vegas trade routes, the Legionnaire has been occupied with all the various tasks of Herculean labor his lifestyle warrants; dealing with mutants in Texas, pursuing Enclave hold-outs, hunting grand and terrible monsters, and all the while tending to his family and his position in New Rome.

The other thing he's been doing? Gilding himself entirely in gold.

Like some glorious shining figure of Hyborian myth, the golden Ashur comes; his cloak is a billowing thing of white-gold, his armor dark-plated and shining, his divine mask and feathered helm marked by sweeping, golden bull horns.

He also has a rather fearsome-looking wasteland dog, whose thick, dark coat has been freshly washed, and whose spiked collar is covered in gold that glimmers like a king's ransom.

The dog sticks close to the hero, sniffing and looking at the blood and all the awful stenches. "Heel, boy," the behemoth commands as they enter the macabre ossuary. The targeting systems of the Hellfire track the trenchcoat man in the mask.

Ashur lurches forward, an earthquake in motion, and with a strike so brutal-swift it leaves nothing to be witnessed save the gleaming arc of firing magnetic coils and a thunderous report, smashes the man's head clean off his neck, leaving glistening vertebrae exposed to the air. It soars and smacks the wall.

".. That was anticlimactic."
Esscast Esscast came as quick as he could his new X-04 power armor clanking as he does so. As he comes to the location he sees the dozens of human bodys eaten leaving nothing but bones but as he was about to speculate he hears the maniacal laughter and cocks both guns as his response. "Sir put down the human leg or ill be forced to fire upon you!" without waiting he fires anyway
Davidson Just a hint of smoke stirs from the barrel of the All-American as it's lowered, and Davidson straightens up; a stark contrast in white to the gilded giant that is Ashur, the rhinestones of his suit glittering like diamonds as he steps slowly forward from the entryway of that nest of bones. Slowly he walks along over to the severed head, nudging it with a steel-toed boot.

"...huh. That //was// pretty anti-climactic," he comments, one shoulder raising in a shrug as he turns to look up at the New Roman, "Well, good punch, big guy. Guess we can report that the danger to the caravans has been dealt with, maybe collect a bounty."
Roy Roy looks down at the severed head and the corpse that's in shambles. He rubs his temples, staring blankly ahead. "Lordy." He walks forwards to collect his thrown flamer pistol off of the ground, wiping it on his pantleg to clean it off. "I didn't come here with the suggestion we'd be killing someone." He reholsters the pistol he doesn't know to use, wrapping himself in his cloak.
Elsie Elsie Bell is here. How? Why? Who knows, but the redhead had supplies on that Caravan, dammit! She's trying to run a business here, such as it is, and good water's not easy to find. So she of course came out with the group, looking to be of some assistance or, more likely, recover a barrel of water for her brews.

And now there's this mess. Elsie's seen some crazy stuff, both real and in her head, and this actually does manage to take the cake. She hangs back as only a semi-combatant, and then pushes through with the group when all is clear. She pales, and wobbles slightly at the sights before her. "Fuck me," she sighs in disbelief. Then she looks around, with a slight frown. No water barrels. Damn it all.
Ashur Ashur just stands and stares at the shuddering, headless corpse he decapitated in a single strike. He looks down at his hand. Opens, flexes the golden-capped knuckles, closes with a crack of bone and metal.

"Get away from that," he barks, as Dogmeat trots over to the rolling head and begins to sniff the spurting stump. "You don't know where it's been."

With a bored chuff, the Legionnaire pivots on a heel and walks back toward the room's entrance, intent to leave this old bunker. "Raider trash. Come, boy. There's nothing in this La Corporation for us now."

Davidson is given a single look, and maybe a nod, along with Roy. But then he's back to sullen silence. "Report the victory, then. I am wasted here."
Esscast Esscast looks around "so we going to clear the bunker because i dont think this one guy could have picked clean all of these peeps by himself
Kaelyn She was following in back, then they see the guy eating a human drumstick. Kae stares, eyes starting to glow just slightly as she raises her rifle, then Ashur moves and pretty much obliterates the canabal... She looks to Ash curiously and tilts her head as she adds "With our luck there's more than one of them to be honest." she responds simply...
Vault Girl The cannibal fell down to the ground. None of you would ever know where he came from, or why he was here. He was an afflicted soul out of his proper time, and place; something that did not belong here under any circumstances.. much like the rumored wreckage of something called a shuttlecraft that had once been found. (See Fallout 2)

No doubt wherever he had come from, the people there were happy to have been rid of him.

Unfortunately, you were not rid of him.

From the headless and battered corpse full of holes, movement stirred.

It wasn't possible but the body began to stand back on its feet.

Then suddenly out of nowhere, tentacles sprouted from every orifice and wound including the blasted off head and a screech filled the bunker; the sound coming from the cannibals stomach.

The stomach was a god damn mouth...
Esscast esscast looks at that in disbaleef then the tenticals showed up "god damit it a monster from those porno hollowtapes, either we run or we throw Elsie at it"
Elsie Elsie hears her name before she realizes what's happening, and she glances back just a moment. Her brows draw together, suspiciously, as she regards Esscast. "Do I know you-" she starts, but then the tentacle creature has her attention. She lets out a loud shriek of a swear, stepping a half step back and taking aim with the HK, squeezing off a few rounds more in shock than anything else. But they hit, so that's something, walking from the creature's torso to his tentacle.
Grover Grover watches as the creature looses its head..not that it goes crazy, the head leaves the body. "Well, that seemed easy enough..I wonder why the others had trouble with that." Of course then the body parts start moving again, "Ok, I see the problem." As he fires off another couple of shots..actually hitting it this time..."Now I get it...I can deal with it now."
Roy Roy backs himself up behind everyone as the corpse starts to reanimate into a squid creature. "Oh.." He's taken aback, he hasn't seen anything like this before. But there's a first time for all emotional scars.
Davidson As the titan turns dismissively to leave, Davidson's eyes roll in his head. "Sure thing, big man," he replies, turning back... and then those eyes widen like saucers. "Oh."


The explorer's thumb flicks a selector on the side of the carbine, and he brings the weapon up, firing a spray of bullets that ignite into phosphorous-flame as they rattle across the wall and then the stomach-mawed beast, the firelight glittering off his thousands of rhinestones. "KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!"
Vault Girl The creature tries to attack Grover but finds no purchase against the deftness of the big strong man who Ashur sometimes dreams of at night.

Instead it began to waggle its tentacles in Kaelyn's direction causing her to fall down to her knees screaming.
Roy Roy feels very cornered and trapped, unsure of what to do. He can't partake in the assault on the foul beast due to being defenseless. Though, he captures the glimpse of what appears to be a bomb in his peripheral vison. He quickly side-steps to the bomb and flips it over, revealing the timer at '30'. He nearly has a heart attack but soon notices that the timer is stuck. He looks up at the ensuing assault on the beast, and he makes his decision.

"Everyone, BACK!" He holds the bomb up in his left hand, pointing at it. He presses the center red button to reactivate it, throwing it in the direction of the beast.
Kaelyn Yup, Kae does scream, this is the first time -anything- has psychicly assaulted her this way. Her eyes turn bright red as she grips her head and yells out, a little drool even comes to her lips as she tries to fight off the assault... As it dies down she shouts "Thing's a psyker! Guard your self!" she shouts, then raises her weapon, gritting her teeth and then cuts loose with a long stream of extremely well aimed projectiles, ripping into 'stitch' with round afte rround. Then after the first long burst another is fired, this one also ripping into the thing, causing further damage, possibly.

Then Kae is getting back to her feet, and oddly enough, her little bit of adrenaline is enough to let her cut loose with another pair of aimed rounds, though the jostling ofgetting to her feet and the massive alien headache she has at this point doesn't help either.... She misses
Esscast Esscast says in his helmet "Incendiary ammo" to wich his gun mimiced before fireing every shot he had in his heavy assault weapon till it clicked empty "yah burn bitch"
Ashur "Calm yourself, Preacher," Ashur commands, turning around once more at the sounds of conflict and the renewed strength of this interesting beast. "You stand before Ashur, the blood of Mars."

As the tentacles sway and swing, and the monster looms higher, the Hellfire-clad bull in the Legate's mask snorts, flexing his arm. "There will be faith no more. See the certainty of God."

Some people are a little bit country, some are a little bit rock and roll. Ashur is a little bit megalomaniacal. Even still, he hurls himself like a beast possessed at what once was a man, laying waste to its body with pummeling blow after blow, fists gleaming like stars as the gauss mechanisms trigger, rattling the bunker like lightning and thunder.

The explosion? Well, fuck if he realized it. The man's more than a little single-minded in his bloodlust at the best of times.
Vault Girl Between the amassed firepower arrayed against the beast, and the precision hits by Ashur and Esscast; the terrible cannibal known as Stitch is stunned momentarily. Even as it stands rooted in place, you can see more tentacles regenerating even as the tactical nuclear bomb (at least that's what the nuclear symbol on it meant right?) began to tick down from 30 seconds.

If you all fled now you would escape before the bomb went off, and with luck? The horrible beast would remained stunned while you made your escape.

You would have to trust in God or pre-war technology anyways.
Davidson "Uh, preacher-man, what's that you've--" Oh shit that's a bomb.

Davidson lowers the smoking barrel of his carbine in the same motion that he's turning around, kicking a scattering of bones up as he breaks into a dead sprint for the entrance, shouting out, "Move, move, move! Get the FUCK out of here!"
Esscast Esscast would aim his gun in that still had ammo in the monsters direction and yell "ashur get outa there,this place is going to blow ill exit as soon as everyone is out to cover you guys"
Elsie "Woop!" Elsie can't even come up with a clever or raunchy curse for the noise of surprise she makes when tentacles start swinging. She takes a half step back and brings her weapon to bare again, but something causes her to turn. It's not the bomb being tossed - not exactly. She turns and looks directly at it in the man's hand before he lets it fly. Almost like she knew it was about to enter the scene, eh?

So as it's sailing over her shoulder, she's already turning to start running, and she gets two, three steps away and some momentum built as it clanks to the ground behind her. "RUN RUN RUN!" She screams.
Grover Grover shakes his head, "You know....this is getting dangerous...what ever happened to people just...shooting something." As he turns, and starts to leave..."and now I don't even want fish sticks." And he does the running running his coat flapping in the wind.
Kaelyn Kae frowns at the noting of well what looks to possibly be a very very big bomb... She nods to the others and turns to run for the exit, the woman quickly reachin a bit of a fast sprint at this point, even if her head's still ringing like crazy... "CORA what's the likelyhood of being able to get rid of this wierdness left by that thing's assault?" coRA, as Kae runs, mentions "Ummm the term Slim and none come to mind? It's prolly just gotta pass..." Kae frowns, yes she's stil lrunning "Lovely..."
Roy Roy is out of the bunker in two shakes, having dead-sprinted after he felt the bomb leave his fingertips. He wasn't sticking around to see what was on the business end of the timer. His cloak snags off on a sharp corner as he high-tails it out. But, it just gets ripped off and he's not slowed.
Ashur A swing of tentacle and Ashur ducks; he weaves aside, golden cloak swirling around him, and drives an uppercut into the humanoid monster's solar plexus; more tentacles, a contest of strength, ripping them apart even as they seize limbs and waist, roaring as if he was as inhuman as it -- and all the while, beneath that impassive visage of bearded Mars and the shadow of his feathers, Ashur smiles with the love of battle.

But then everyone has left, Dogmeat is barking, and the Roman sees that blinking detonator. His howl of anger is enough that even outside, it can be heard, and damn near shakes the walls as much as the impact of his footsteps.

"Cowards! Cravens! You'd steal this battle from me? I'll nail you to a cross, holy man!"

He's torn free, shoving the beast down, moving with impossible speed thanks to his suit's enhanced musculature, Dogmeat sparkling at his side, all filled with an absolutely bitter rage.
Vault Girl None of you make it out in time.

Howling at your feet like the flames of hell is the fiery destruction that had claimed the time-lost Stitch and was rapidly causing the bunker to collapse under massive thermobaric force.

The temperature rises and rises and as the group of you begin to escape the bunker, you realize the blast radius is just short of the exit.

It's close.

Esscast is consumed by the flames as the last one out but his badass X-04 Sabaton Power Armor protects him and he's a big damned hero for covering the escape.

The strange bunker was completely wiped out and by some sheer luck? You all find some nearly pristine weaponry in a case marked 'BSAA Supply Drop'.
Kaelyn Kae ends up picking up something that kind of resembles an assault rifle... "Ummm it looks like a carbine...." she then sticks her finger half way into the muzzle... "MUUUUUCh bigger barrel though..." She mutters and then looks at the drum mag and tugs it loose.... She stares a moment and calls out "lookit? it's like a midget .50 cal here!!!" She calls out cheerfully "But with like a mega amount of ammunition capaicity! 50 rounds!!!"
Grover Grover shakes his head, as he looks back to where the bunker was...."I do hope there wasn't anyone else down there...I mean, the creature could have been keeping some of the people alive in a side room to eat later...and now there doomed and buried...hope the person that set that off, can live with the possible death of innocents down there." He bends down to check out the box, "Ah, this is nice..light..and different..." then moves off a bit. "Overkill...."