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Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya is in the process of trying to sell some things to a man at a table. Her garish facial tattoos place her apart from most others. "This is a good quality slugger. Feel the balance." The man feels it for a moment.

"I seen em wrapped with razor wire, Id buy that.".

Shreya rolls her eyes. "You would just have to wrap it yourself, I give you good price." Her accent is clearly hispanic.

The man waves her away. "Come back when you wrap it."
Elsie Elsie is working the bar this morning. They haven't closed up yet for the late morning and early afternoon, which is when Elsie gets her sleeping done, but it's in the cards. The pale redhead looks tired from a long night where the bar filled with patrons, getting drunk and stoned. A few still remain, passed out on a table here or there, while some more 'morning people' have also taken refuge. Most of them prefer the hearty oatmeal that Elsie's mixed up rather than the booze. Still, everything costs, even the clean water, so Elsie's making a good living.

Speaking of the water, she comes around the tables again to refill those who want to pay for a refill. Her smile is friendly, though it does show that she's perhaps ready to bed down, sooner rather than later. "Folks around here ain't got much to spare," Elsie confides in Shreya. "They're pretty picky on what they spend it on."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods, looking up at you. "They are just lazy to go find materials, lazy...scared...something between. "You have the pretty red hair. Que bonita!" She sets her backpack on the table. Opening it up she digs for her coin purse. Since you are beside her you see an old Genesis Magazine. You cant see the whole front cover but the little icon of a naked woman beside the title suggests pornography. Also inside is a sturdy pair of chainmail gloves and some other scrap material, boxes of .308 and Guass Rifle ammo., and on and on. She takes out the purse. "What it takes for a decent meal here that isnt Radroach."
Elsie "Radroach ain't half bad," Elsie comments with a touch of amusement as she accepts the caps into her hand, tucking them away into her pocket without a second thought. "If it's done right. Me, I prefer to make mine kinda crunchy like, yanno? Roll it in some yucca flour and fry it up real fast. Ain't exactly healthy but it's a nice treat, lets you play with a lot of sauces." Elsie, it seems, prides her establishment on its cooking as well as its market of alcohol and chems. "Today I'm thinkin' gecko kabobs, though, with some mashed tatos whipped nice'n light. That'll be for this evenin', though, when I open up again." She sets her hands upside-down on her waist, thoughtfully considering the woman seated in front of her. "Watcha peddlin, sugar?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks happy you asked this question. "I have a few things. The slugger, maybe not for a woman like you but woman like you has to have stupid men to protect her. These metal gloves. Again for stupid men who wear metal in the desert." She laughs. Best thing I have is this Sniper rifle." She unslings it and puts it on the table. Es de militar. Old military. Is a good weapon but I have a better one now." As she places out boxes of ammo you can see thats definitely porn.
Elsie Elsie shakes her head a bit. "Naw sug, between this," she sets a hand over the specialty pistol at her holster, "and the stupid men, like you say, I got lookin' out for me I ain't in much market for such things." Those big, hazel eyes flit downward into the relgious woman's backpack and she gestures with her chin. "Could drop that into the men's room, doubt I'd hear much complains since I don't deal in whores and fellahs get a mite nasty when they've got their dander up with drugs and booze." The concept of that seems rather scary, but Elsie just says it all with a grin.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods taking out the magazine. "Well...". There is a sigh as she places it on the table. There is a blonde woman posing with her breasts on full display, wearing nothing but lace panties and high heels. Knelt beside her is an asian woman clinging to the blonde's hips and posing for the camera. "This one has some with two girls. They like with two girls?"
Elsie "Men in Freeside like anything they can get. More of these fellahs pay for the only love they see, and most of 'em can't afford very much," Elsie adds with a chuckle. She digs into her pocket and starts to count out a few of the twisted bits of metal. "75 caps?" she asks, and while she waits for an answer she continues on.

"I ain't against whores making a living, not in the least. Just not a business I wanna spend the time and energy on, yanno? Really it works to everyone's benefit most times. Girl's gotta make a living, and man's dumb enough to pay her expenses that way."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya opens the magazine. "Well this one is more than most. See they show everything. Inside, outside of vagina.." A bit of color rises to her cheeks as she is showing you the sapphic spread. She skips ahead. "Penis. Some guys secretly wanting to see the penis you dont know. Other porno just shows hairy woman outside or just boobs. Your guys might come to bar just for this magazine. You give 120 caps."
Elsie At the opening of the magazine and all the sights inside, Elsie smirks. "Sugar, for 120 caps I could get an actual girl round these parts. 80's as high as I can go for somethin' fellahs are going to ruin in a week or two anyway. Cause anymore'n that could get me a girl with all those parts workin' round here. Not sure that I'd want that particular girl, of course." Because that's still a cheap woman, and you get what you pay for in the skin business. "But you get my meainin' all the same."

Of course, with a raunchy pornography open in a public place, a few patrons are now peering over for a free leer.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "I dont want that kind of girl either I mean....sure I give you for seventy five caps." She closes the skin magazine and slides it toward you.
Elsie "Seventy-five it is," Elsie says, not about to argue it. She sorts out the last few caps in her hand and sets them in a small pile on the table where Shreya can scoop them up easily. Before they're pit-pocked, one hopes. Then the redhead will close the porn and tuck it under her arm. "Swell," she says with a grin. "Thanks, sugar. Anything to help get my little place on the map is grand for me."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya chuckles. "Going to get ruined in my backpack or in your bathroom. Might as well let them have their happiness." She smiles. "You sure thats all for you? No rifles, no bullets...."
Elsie Elsie shakes her head. "Naw darlin', but thanks. I got myself armed pretty well, and a few fellahs always prowlin' around that'll keep an eye on me. And the Kings here don't even bother me too much, so I can't rightly complain. But thanks. Can I interest you in some oatmeal, perhaps? Spot of dark beer? S'good for the blood, you know."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya sighs. "I think to pay for a girl at the Gold Digger but seems like a waste of caps. No a steak without flavor. Dont need a magazine. I have an imagination. I am hungry, si."
Elsie Elsie can't help but grin at that. "Well, you're in New Vegas now, doll. Can't throw a rock without hittin' a whore. You put another 75 caps in your hand and you can get yourself an alright one. You really feel like spendin' well, some of the girls across the way on the strip will really blow your mind." Elsie knows that for a fact: she used to be one of those girls. With a wink that is hopefully uplifting in Shreya's direction, the redhead turns. "I'll be right back with an oatmeal. D'ya want a beer too? S'two caps for the beer."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head and laughs. "No no, its a waste. It is just lonely here in the west. My people, they are all in Megaton waiting for me to clear the way so that they can come. I am Zealot Shreya, a servant of Holy Atom. The other children, they are not meant for fighting. I do miss them. When I am with someone it will be for love. Those girls, they only seem like a good idea after a few drinks. I need my caps for paying contractors to help clearing Roswell."
Elsie Elsie listens as she goes, disappearing into the back for a moment before coming back with a steaming hot bowl full of oatmeal, which she sets out in front of Shreya. "Elsie Bell," she says by way of her own introduction. "Far less grand-soundin', ain't it?" The redhead chuckles at that, wiping her hands on her apron. "S'what whores are for though, darlin'. Keepin' you from bein' lonely. It's not a life partnership, but a good whore can, ya know. Let you talk, listen to your problems, engage with you. For awhile you won't feel so lonely afterwards, with a good one. Listen, why don't you check out the Atomic Wrangler across the way? Good whores that can give you the right kind of experience, but economical too. Think maybe your problem in the past has been that ya didn't get the right one for you."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head. "No its not that I mean. If they were really good to fool me then I would probably be more upset after. A woman her name." She tries to think. "Willow Caine, She makes me think she used to be a whore and wants to be with me but...still a whore. Its a trick for me to keep wasting money that place. I am okay. I meet an NCR Ranger. She was nice. Probably Atom knows where in the wastes or dead by now. The whores, maybe a few drinks can make me forget for a moment but after I just feel poor and stupid. I will clear Roswell of the forsaken and bring my people west. They understand me. Other people maybe they think I am strange or exciting for all my tattoos or because I worship Atom but is only like a child rebelling by being interested in Zealot Shreya. I am bored with this. I want someone to share Roswell with. Maybe I will have other nights with some pleasure but not for pay, the idea that I have paid makes the mood spoiled for me."
Elsie Elsie nods to the woman, and offers another small smile. "Well, it ain't for everyone. But whores can have feelings for people too, doncha forget that." She smooths her apron out and offers the woman in front of her another nod. "I'll be behind the bar if you need antyhing else, sugar. Don't be afraid to hollar."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya sighs. "The Ranger. Se llama Rose. Only we kiss. Nothing more but was better than anything paid for." She raises her glass. "Gracias for me food. I talk enough, no?" She waves and sets to eating.