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Owner Pose
Lowry      It's early morning, but that doesn't stop Lowry from making sure the bar has a patron. Himself, and another. He's half hanging out behind the bar and half on the other side. Pouring for himself unitl Elsie gets up. But he is not alone! Some trashy looking Freesider with red hair and a flat ass is letting him give her free drinks while he thinks they are hitting it off. After setting his hat down and sliding back next to her he says, "So, gots me a little spot upstairs." His eyes roll towards the stairwell. Then she falls. Hard. "Fuck." He mumbles. "Should gave her some jet." Shrugging he stands up and lifts the girl. And out to the door she is dragged, plopped out on the street in freeside. Not an uncommon site. Returning to the second chance he wonders if he will get another one this early morning! "Ahhh." He yawns out before sitting back down. His glass emptied after his chair acquired he looks expectantly at the shelf filled with newly bought booze.
Elsie Speaking of redheads ... "What was that?" The voice comes from behind the curtain leading to the back stairwell, and a few moments later, out comes the owner and proprietress herself: Elsie Bell. Her red hair is left down today, and she wears a simple green pre-war parkstroller dress. She eyes Lowry behind the bar, but after a half-second she recognizes him and her face breaks into a smile. "Workin' hard I see," she teases the man, in truth just thrilled that he actually is working. "I'll go put on a pot of oatmeal for the breakfast rush, start thinkin' about what you want me servin' this afternoon and evening. Oh, and here." She pulls out a bottle of daytripper from her pocket and takes two dry, offering a few to Lowry as well. Business partners who share together hopefully stay together and earn money together. "And lemme know what you think of the first batch of booze!" She calls as she moves to disappear behind the curtain again.
Ironface Jones Not too long after Lowry returns to his station at the bar Ironface Jones strolls into the establishment and looks around. With a deep nod to Lowry and then one to Elsie's retreating form he speaks, "Greetings. There is a woman of some sort unconcious in front of this place." But it's not too unusual for a town like this and so Ironface doesn't give it a lot of thought. Instead he moseys on to the bar to take a seat in one of the stools, "How are you, my friends? I have been well. Earlier this week I made friends with the Securitrons and together slew some gangsters that were working with The Enclave. It was a glorious battle."
Roy Roy makes his way up to the front of the Second Chance Saloon, facing straight ahead. He nearly trips over a red-headed woman, making him limp a bit afterwards. "Heck." He passes it off as the run-of-the-mill street drunkard, how sad. He opens the front door, looking inside at everyone in the Saloon. He holds his bible halfway against his chest and bicep, keeping it clutched to his body. Before long, he's at the very front of the bar where he has a view of everyone, and everyone has a view of him.

"We've given GOD the backseat! We've let ourselves go and surrendered our minds to ALCOHOL and CHEMS! Our lustful desires have taken hold of us and we cannot escape without the Lord Jesus Christ!"

He raises a mighty fist in the air, speaking loudly and with great tenacity. His bible is open on his forearm, and he addresses the crowd in the pub. "Drunkards and winebibbers, we are not to be filled with wine and beer, but with the Holy Spirit! We've rejected a lifestyle for Jesus and accepted a lifestyle of sin!"
Roy Roy holds his Bible above his head, calling out. He reads the verses straight from his head, "The Bible says that wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise!" .. "
Roy Roy says, "We are mocking God with our behavior and lifestyle! Jesus shed his blood, and we are taking it for granted! But we can all turn away from our sinful lifestyle now and accept Jesus as Savior! Give him the reins, let him control your life!"
Lowry      "Hardly working!" Lowry says with a happy smile to Elsie, his usual smart ass tone inclined. "Oatmeal sounds good, though." He adds with a high degree of appreciation. "Mights....maybe.." He squints and thinks hard before slurring out, "Some muckfruit flavored Brahmin?" A wink given at the mention of his old radio handle. When she offers the goods he happily accepts. "This...Oh this. Thanks." He popps the chems and nods. Just what the doctor ordered. And luckily, in the wake of the apocolypse we are all doctors! Crossing over to the other side of the bar then he pours himself a hefty shot as if he hadn't tasted it yet. "Excellent!" He yells to her after she has dissapeared. "Good batch."

     "Greetings!" He returns to I. Face. "Oh yea, don't mind Terry. She got a habit o' that sort a thing." A healthy nod is given and he starts pouring the man some of the new stuff. Quietly he says, "First ones on Elsie. Just don't tell her." He looks back to the curtain and gains a feeling of relief. Yes make money together but still gotta take care of the buddies. "Gangsters, huh?" He then asks. "Kings? Been' wonderin' bout them fucks."
Lowry And then the bible thumper. Lowry just shrugs. "God damnit." He mumbles not even aware of the implied blasphemy. "Mock this." He says with a jovial tone as he downs his glass again. "Elsie! Gonna need some oatmeal out here. Don't think our newest customer will be happy with the drinks." A look is given to IRon face and he sets up to pour another round. An apprehensive but generous look given to Roy. "Wanna let me take control for a sec'?" After pouring he breaks out some lines of jet. Knowing I face is good he makes two. One for miss Bell left after his is blown into his weathered face.
Elsie "It's funny you should ask about that," Elsie says as she comes out from the back now that the pot of oatmeal is going. "About the Kings I mean. Oh, hullo, Jones," she says with a friendly, warm smile to the man she's become familiar with in both skins now. She seems about to go on ... but then Roy. Oh, Roy.

He starts preaching, and Elsie's hazel eyes go wide in surprise. And then he keeps preaching. For a moment or three, she continues to listen, clearly unsure of what exactly she needs to do. But it's Lowry who tells her to fetch the oatmeal, and indeed that seems like a good idea. Plus, if this should get violent ... well, Lowry. And Ironface, now that he's here too. She disappears in the back to put a smaller serving of oatmeal on to simmer hot and quick. It'll be out in the next pose.
Ironface Jones "Where is Lord Jesus Christ?" asks Ironface curiously as he looks Roy over for a moment, squinting his eyes faintly at the preacher. "I would meet this man who offers better fun." The big tribal looks wary about the whole situation with his head tilted slightly to the side and a frown on his face.

"Thank you," Ironface tells Lowry as he accepts his drink and gives it a little taste, savoring the flavor or something. "No, not the Kings. I think these were known as Omertas."

When he gets a look at Elsie he almost smiles, nodding his head in the woman's direction and saying, "Greetings, Elsie Bell. It is good to see you, you look well."
Roy Roy switches hands with his Bible, holding it up above his head with his left hand. He continues to preach aloud, calling out in a loud voice. "The Bible says that I should have expected you'd be resistant to what I'm saying!" .. "Jesus said everyone who sins is a slave to their sin!" .. "You don't have to listen to me, and I guess you don't have to listen to God, but you living your life with the false precept that your life will go anywhere from heavy chem use or alcohol is a false precept!"

"God hates every wrong path!" .. "This is the Bible, this is the Word of GOD! Paul said we shouldn't offer our body to sin, but instead ourselves to GOD!"

"We must confess these sins and our lustful desires to God, and the Bible says that God will give us fulfillment, peace, and cleanse us from our unrighteousness! Why are we walking drunk and heavy instead of straight and narrow?" He rebukes Lowry, pointing at him, but makes sure to point at everyone he sees enjoying a brew.
Roy Roy says, "The Bible tells us fully what alcohol is capable of doing to us! It will destroy you and everything you love and you will have nothing left but ash, if not, less! If you want to be no bigger than a radroach, continue your sinful lifestyle! If you want victory and if you want results, turn to Jesus! It's as simple as a confession of faith to God!"
Lowry      Lowry watches as Elsie scurries back to the oatmeal, a very lustful and sinning look to her backside. A deep breath is had as he turns back to Roy. Holding his glass up all the while as if to mock toast the mans words. When he is done he says, "Why can't we be aware and sorry?" He giggles and sips again, "No one is without sin. I wear mine in my liver." A wink and a nod given before the finishing of his current drink. "Have some oatmeal, partner'." A hand is waved at a seat and a look given back to the curtain. Redheads and food always cut the tension.
Roy Roy points at Lowry, calling back at him. "No, you're right! No one is without sin, the Bible says that there's none righteous, no not one!" .. "But, one can be a sinner saved by grace! If one does not accept Jesus, they will not inherit eternal life! Break the chains of your sin, walk in the light!"
Roy Roy calls out back at him, he's not finished with Lowry. "And we can't just be 'aware and sorry' because God wants us to REPENT! That's the way to Salvation, to repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ! Repentence is making a complete change, it's turning away from your chems and your alcohol and instead towards God!"
Elsie Elsie comes bustling back out with a piping hot bowl of oatmeal, which she sets out on the table before the man with a bottle of purified water. Hey, he's lucky he's getting that on the house, water ain't cheap. She wipes her hands on the apron she now has tied around her waist. Why, she looks quite the prim and proper little missues, this one. If you ignore the track marks on her arms, the scar on her shoulder, and the mischief glinting in her eyes. "Aw, sugar," she croons in a soft voice to the preacher. "T'was your G-d that put us here on this earth, yanno, with all the bounties it provides. Seems to me that enjoyin' them all is the best way to worship him." She tilts her head as she regards the man, hair falling from behind her ear to brush against her pale cheek. "Year or two ago, I'dda shown you that my own self. Never heard a man pray so loud as when he's enjoying every nerve ending the holy done put into his body." She glances back to Lowry, then over to Ironface, before back to Roy. As if she couldn't keep her eyes off the man.
Ironface Jones "I do not understand what you are trying to say!" Ironface raises his voice at Roy, not looking angry, more exasperated as he slumps back on his stool. "I still wish to see Jesus. Maybe he explains to me better why I should not drink when it is good for me and entertaining." Then he'll pause, thinking about something, "He has eternal life? I must meet this man, then. Tell me where to find him." His eyes squint again, "But I will not become a ghoul if that is his immortality. That is no life for me."

Ironface has not stopped drinking this entire time. He has yet to consider attempting to stop after just getting started.
Lowry      "Aint no one turnin' there backs on, uh....God." Lowry says with a shrug. And a sip from his empty glass. That won't do. He turns back and helps himslef to another pour. "And all that 'eternal life. Fuck that noise." He says with a drawl. "Not fer' me." Sippidy do dah to that. "We's a meant ta' die. I do declare!" Elsie's comments get a healthy nod and When Iron face speaks its just makes the cowboy smile. "He wouldn't ell ya' not ta' drink, Iron." His eyes swing back to Roy then, "Blood of christ and all that." A giggle is had and he adds, "Have some oatmeal, Elsie's second ta' none in that respect."
Roy Roy turns his head over his shoulder, watching Elsie bring out a bowl of oatmeal. He hears her talk to him in a hushed voice, he squints and shakes his head. He plays metal warfare to fend off the sexy she-devil. "Alcohol and chems doesn't bring us closer to the Lord when we drink, but farther away!" .. "The same is with sex if it's outside of marriage." He steps backwards and holds his Bible up again, "God DOES tell us that drinking isn't wise! And yet ya'll completely ignore it!"

"Without eternal life, you will inherit the second death, as it says in Revelation. First we have a physical death on Earth, we get buried! And then, without Jesus, we experience a spiritual death inside Hell!" .. "Tell me which you'd rather have! Eternal life with a mansion in Heaven beyond the crystal sea, or the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone?" He looks down at Lowry, and at the bowl of oatmeal. "I'll eat when I'm finished, sir."

"To have eternal life, we don't need to be a ghoul! We don't need to be absolutely perfect, because that's not possible! The only perfect person to ever walk the Earth was Jesus Christ." ... "All we need to do is turn to Jesus, and put our faith and trust in Him and nobody else."

"Think about it. I don't think anyone has ever loved you enough or cared for you enough to tell you about Jesus. But, I came here today to change that. We don't need to be slaves to our addictions and habits, we can rise above that and have something greater." Roy slowly nods his head, closing his Bible. He approaches the barstand, sitting beside Lowry. He scoots over the bowl of oatmeal and the bottle of water, "Thank'ya ma'am." He nods respectfully, going about his food.
Elsie "...ah," Elsie sighs, once Roy has seated himself. "Godly enough to take a free meal, I see." She smirks, looking back over to Ironface. "It ain't real eternal life, Jones. It's ... eh, I'm sure he can try to explain it to you. Me, if G-d were gonna help me he woulda stepped in an awful long time ago." That smirk still holds true on her features and she moves toward Jones, who she assumes to be a paying customer, to refill his drink. "Two caps, sugar," she tells him, assuming that he knows already but it's always nice to remind him. "Care for a bowl of oatmeal, yourself? Lo, you hungry sugar?" She'll leave the philosophical debate to the men for now. Just as long as Roy isn't loudly preaching in her bar and putting off customers, that's all that matters.
Ironface Jones "If I could live forever I think I would stop drinking," Ironface says to Lowry with a shrug. "I would instead find other things to keep me occupied. Probably have several wives if that is what it requires to have sex." He huffs out a breath, "But I must speak to Jesus before I make any choices." And then he licks his lips and looks at the oatmeal. It's at this point that he remembers that currency needs to be exchanged and fishes in his pouch for caps to pay for the stuff with. "Yes, please. I would like oatmeal very much."
Roy Roy stirs his oatmeal with his spoon before taking a bite. He uncaps his bottle of water, taking a sip. He rescrews the lid semi-tight. "I'd be crazy to pass up something free." He chuckles lightly, looking over his shoulder at Jones. He turns back to his food, fishing a hand around in his suit pocket. "A tip, though." He takes out five caps, setting them on the table.
Lowry      Lowry just sighs and nods and shrugs and all the other things as Roy goes on. "Ain't sayin' I disagree..." He grins then, "But I will drink ta' that." Lifing the cup again he finds another excuse to sippity sip. "Ehhh... " He is looking to Elsie now. "Yea, I'd better. Though' food just makes ma' sick." He's teasing and will happily stomach some form of substance that is solid. Ironface does not fail to gain Lowry's attention and laughter. Not disrespectful just fully fucking entertained! "I like tha' lots o' wives part. He winks at Elsie then, "We's still evalutin' yer' cookin'. So don't you get any ideas." He's just having a ball now. Hopefully that oatmeal has arrived because at least in his awesome imagination he's devoured it!
Elsie As Elsie turns for the back, she plucks up a damp rag used to wipe up spills and other miscellanious fluids that end up around a bar in Freeside. She twirls it up nicely, and then gives Lowry a nice rat-tail snap on the ass with the most innocent of smiles. Then? She disappears. She'll return a minute or two later with a tray of two more bowls of oatmeal, which are set out for Ironface Jones and Lowry, respectively. It's about then she accepts the tip from Roy with a smile of appreciation. "Thank you." Into her pocket that goes. "Rather surprised you'd be so givin' with a group of folks you disapprove of so much. Stop that Lo," she turns and puts a hand over the man's lifted glass, pushing it down to the bartop with a soft thud. "I need you able to be runnin' this place today for awhile, I got some brewing to do. And what's this I hear about a girl in the gutter outside?" Yes, she'd overheard them talking. She's blaming Lowry, for one reason or another.
Ironface Jones "Well, if I am limited to sex with only people I am married to in exchange for living forever then I would marry many women. I think I am too old now to settle down with one wife. I would have many. And they could have other husbands, I suppose." Ironface kind of explains his thinking as he gets to work on his oatmeal. "Pretty much I'd marry everyone so that I would be okay and Jesus could give me immortality." Looking over towards Roy he says, "I must meet this man. Can you bring him here to me? Or should I go to him?" He's still on that.
Roy Roy shakes his head, taking another bite of his oatmeal. "I don't disapprove of them as a person, I disapprove of what they do. Not me, actually. God." Roy rolls his shoulders, enjoying his oatmeal. "There's a saying. 'Hate the sin, love the sinner'." He hears Ironface, turning around in his stool to look at him. "Ah, you must go to Him." He smiles lightly, before standing up from the stool. He finishes off the last few bites of his oatmeal and takes the water to-go. "Thank'ya for the meal, ma'am." He nods to everyone, "I must get going."
Lowry      Lowry blinks at the towel snap. Lazily looking over his shoulder after. And oatmeal consumed at some point as well! The glass goes down when she pushes it and he frowns. "A'wright." He slurs out in his old west fashion. When Ironface speaks he is grinning. "You wanna wife swap, partner?" He asks mischieviously and sarcastic. "I'm a likin' where yer' heads at, sir." He looks over to Ms. Bell, "Well, whaddya say?" He's laughing pretty hard now, "Me an' Iron face'l share ya!" Roy get's a nod as he stands and one more comment, "Love ya' too, Mr. Sinner." He sounds polite enough and assuredly is. Back over to Elsie he says, "Oh yea, Terry. She was...Well, I'm sure she's fine." A smart-ass smile is given and he attempts to take another drink if she isn't close enough to stop him.
Elsie She isn't close enouhg or quick enough to stop him this time, but that's partially because she's dealing with Roy and Ironface now. "No." That's all Lowry gets: flat rejection. Then she gets down to business.

"You'd better tell him where he can find this Mr. Jesus of yours, preacher, else he's going to follow you out asking," she warns Roy with that twinkle of mischeif in her big, hazel eyes. "Consider it payment for your meal. There's your congregation." She gestures in JOnes' direction. Yes, this should be fun.
Ironface Jones "Where is he, then?" Ironface just doesn't get it and he really wants to meet the man in question. "When you see Jesus tell him I am asking for him," says the barbarian between bites of his oatmeal. Then he looks over towards Lowry and shrugs his shoulders, "I do not have any wives to swap. It would be up to them if they wanted to swap, though, it would not be my decision." Looking over to Elsie he shrugs his shoulders, "You look like a fine woman, but I will seek no wives until Jesus has given me immortality. Until then I will be like I have been."
Roy Roy chuckles lightly, giving Elsie a wry smile. He side-steps beside Ironface, reaching into an inner pocket inside his suit. He takes out a small card with the address of the El Dorado Church on it. He sets it down infront of Ironface on the table, giving his shoulder a squeeze. "Blessings." He holds a hand up, a wave goodbye to the bar before stepping out of the door and onto the street, nearly tripping over the red-headed woman again.
Lowry      "Aww shucks!" Lowry shouts in mock frusteration at Elsie's turning down of the proposistion. He's laughing as she juices Iron up though. He doesn't refill his glass but does pull a little bag from an inside pocket in his coat. Combat knife added to the equation and he's got himself a key bump, one offered to Elsie after. LEt's see if she even asks what it is. "Should' gave some ta' ole' girl out there, pry wouldn't fell flat on her ass...." Oh, he just outed himself. But he changes the topic quickly and addresses Iron Face. "Speakin' of how ya' been. Tell Ms. Bell here how lucrative it would be ta' have some whores on hand." He obviously just can't help himself. "Oatmeal, was golden darlin'." That part sounds sincere.
Elsie No, Elsie doesn't ask what it is. Really if anyone is going to poision her, it'd probably be Lowry. The man feeds her drugs on a daily basis and she hardly asks any questions. She at least is smart enough to take it off the back of the knife though, with a little, almost girlish 'oooh.' She shakes her head a few times, red hair fanning out around her, before she comes back to her senses.

In her sensible state, Lowry gets a glare. "You can't be dumpin' chemed-out customers on the street like that, Lo. Nobody'll wanna get messed up in here, they won't trust us to look after 'em." She turns away to clean up Lowry's oatmeal bowl, and at least his praise from that earns a tender smile from the girl. "Thanks, sugar," she says, lower and more sincere as well. "But we ain't getting whores, because the only thing worse than you gettin' a discount on booze is you gettin' a discount on skin."
Ironface Jones "Yes, the food was very good," Ironface declares as he finishes off the last bite and licks his lips. "I feel as though whores would bring in much business. I need to find some to help take care of me today as I have been slightly injured in my adventures." Not that he looks much worse off than usual. "You should think about getting Bartholemew to put in a laser here for healing people, perhaps. That would bring in more people to get drunk and get fixed."
Lowry      Lowry shrugs. "Sorry, ma'am." He says like the whipped little step child. "I'll dump out back from now on." It sounds like the answer to him but he may be wrong. He nods at her comment on the whores. He concedes. The point left at that. Well, until Ironface chimes in. "Yea...I mean...I'm kind of banged up too." He's chuckling again but avoiding Elsie and her possible wrath. "I don't know. I prefer gettin' stitched up ta' gettin' shot with that there gizmo he had. Did do tha' trick though. Don't feel worse for tha' wear....Was, just...unnatural." He shakes his head at the thought of getting zapped again.
Elsie Elsie heaves a sigh in Lowry's direction, but honestly she doesn't really argue. At least dumping out back doesn't put it on display for the entire city that they don't take care of their intoxicated patrons, and doesn't mean they become a flop house. Which is exactly what Elsie is trying to avoid. "We don't got the room," she explains to the men. "I mean, maybe we could turn a back store room into a whore's room or something. I ain't got nothing against whoring, per say. Just ..." she sighs, looking to Lowry as she moves to pick up Ironface's dishes. "You find a girl you like for the job, you bring her to meet me. That's as far as I'll go on the issue fer now. Anyway, stay sober enough that you can count the caps; I gotta go move some of the booze over." She turns and disappears into the back.
Ironface Jones "I do not think a needle and thread is any more natural than a laser, unless the thread is made from the guts of an animal," Ironface says with a shoulder shrug. "I think it would be good to put the passed out people in a bed, or left them propped up at a table. That way they know it is safe to get really drunk here and that they will not be left outside."
Lowry      The cowboy just throws his arms up. "I aint' pressin' tha' issue, darlin. Lets get some ducks in a row or however they say it 'fore we think about tha' whores." He leans against the bar now, "Honestly. I think tha' smaller tha' operation tha' better." She gets a nod at the staying sober part. "I'm good." Over to IronFace he says, "Well, guess I can't argue that." On all acounts.