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Lowry      Late night. And the second chance has built up a small clientele. Lowry is leaning against the wall by the door, drink in hand. He's got an observant look, the jet counter acting the long day of drinking. A few folks walk in and he eyes them up and down, his hat tipped up and a nod given. He's not the bouncer, or he aint letting folks know if he is. The girls get winks and stares to their backside. Then a couple fucks get loud over by the corner of the bar. He slowly makes his way over. "Problem?" He asks the npcs who are in for a bad time. "This fuck, he dun-" Cut short, pistol drawn and smacked over the mans head. "Get yer buddy." He then says to the other who had exceeded previously set volume limits! The guy picks up his friend and out they go. Good time to look cool. Lowry moves down the bar towards a couple of marks. Women folk that is. "Evenin'." He offers while looking for Elsie, pry time to buy some drinks. Grease the wheels.
Elsie Elise is just now coming up from the basement with a crate full of fresh beer bottles. Very fresh. As in, just finished fresh. She doesn't bother trying to find ways to cap them, as they'll be sold in the next hour or two. "What was that about?" the girl asks. She's wearing a green pre-war park strolling dress, with her red hair left long and wild. She wears flat shoes to allow her to move easily around the bar.

A night like this, and Elsie is running crazy. Potato and leek soup going in the back, slinging drinks, trading out packets of chems for those looking for a different kind of party. "I heard a thud downstairs, Lo. Is everything alright?" Yeah Lo, she's looking right at you.
Stockton Stockton is strolling in as a couple of drunks are strolling out, giving them a passing glance, the Marshal in full armor and duster has left the helmet back with his horse outside. He's swapped that headpiece out for his Stetson and he's taking that off when he gets inside. He's strolling into the establishment and letting dark eyes adjust to the light. He finds Lowry over there and gives the man a nod before spotting Elsie. The redhead makes him grin a bit broadly and he just grunts at her in greeting. It's enough, she knows what it means. "Low makin' trouble already?"
Lowry      Lowry shrugs. "Fine now." He says with a smile. " I got this. You get that." He's pointing at the shelf behind her and a bottle of brown liquour he's taken a liking to. He even reaches in his pocket and fishes out some caps for her. When in Rome. Make sure everyone knows to be tipping the young woman. He nods his head over at the pair of girls he's sideled up by. "Get tha' ladies here one too."
Lowry      Lowry shrugs. "Fine now." He says with a smile. " I got this. You get that." He's pointing at the shelf behind her and a bottle of brown liquour he's taken a liking to. He even reaches in his pocket and fishes out some caps for her. When in Rome. Make sure everyone knows to be tipping the young woman. He nods his head over at the pair of girls he's sideled up by. "Get tha' ladies here one too." They smile appreciatively but aren't in any hurry to hold conversation. That much is obvious. And then Stockton comes in. The nod returned he waits and says, "On tha' contrary, Marshall. Preventing it. He grins. "New vegas is alot more lawless when you aint 'round them securitron gizmos."
Elsie Elsie gives Lowry an amused, skeptical look. "Mmmmmhmmm," she purrs softly, reaching up for the bottle and uncorking it loudly. She pours three, as requested, then corks it again ... and puts it up high and in the back, once more. Yes, Lo. She knows what you've taken a liking to.

The sight of Stockton brings that grin fully across Elsie's pale features. "I think I've got him to stop droppin' passed out customers in the gutter outside, so that's a start." She looks back to the Marshal and his armor. "Where've you been? Kickin' up a ruckuss somewhere?"
Stockton Stockton lifts a scarred eyebrow at Lowry for a long moment, that dull eye of his focusing more sharply than it probably should be capable of. "Mmmhm," it's practically a simultaneous dismissal of Lowry and his shenanigans. His mouth thins some and shifts side to side as he sniffs a few times around himself before his feet start carrying him to where Elsie is, even if that means finding himself behind the bar. When she's in range, the proprietor of the establishment is snagged by meaty mitts and dragged into a quick display of public affections. "Been kickin' up trouble like I do, can't sit around and jus' enjoy Vegas, that ain't in my blood," he says before waggling his brows at the girl and stealing a beer. Course he places double the caps on the countertop, purchase and tip after all, before sliding back out to the patron portion. "Long as he ain't tryin' to arrest no one, er murder no one. I don' gotta give'a damn."
Lowry      Lowry nods. "Definetly a start." Shit eating grin pasted across his features as he swallows the drink quickly. "Let's try one o' them berss, there darlin'." He says afterwards. The girls swallow theres with naught but a glance and he gives up. Swinging his attention to the marshal for conversation instead. "Arrest? Heh. I don't areest people." Then he squints and smirks. "What you marshall of anyhow? This aint El dorado." A brow furrows. "Sure shot lots o' folks but wouldn't call it murder anyhow. Bout tha' same as you I reckon." Sippity sip.
Elsie Elsie lets out a little yip when Stockton comes behind the bar in order to drag her against him for a brief connection. Still, she grins, and when the man's back on the right side of the bar she'll scoop up the caps. "Anythin' to do with that damned Preacher gettin' a hit put on him by the Omerta? Seems like the sorta trouble you'd find yourself in. As for this one," she jerks her head toward Lowry, grinning a bit wider at the man's mischief. "He ain't no murderer. Talk the pants off a gambler, and if his night goes well, a girl. But even if he were ... Vegas ain't the Federation. Do you even have any ... aw fuck. What's the word. Yanno, where you're allowed to arrest people. Are you allowed to arrest people here?" Then Lowry speaks more clearly the same question that Elsie has. So she just nods to him as she fetches him a beer. "What he said."
Stockton Stockton just snorts a little at Lowry and he just mutters at the man, "Lush," in good natured teasing before lifting a hand and himhawing it side to side. "Seein' as The Federation is aimin' tah make nicey nice with New Vegas and continue an uprisin' of the Independents, thus shovin' out Legion, NCR and Brotherhood before dealin' wit the Enclave...I'm as much expected tah follow an' enforce the laws as much 'ere as there." He points in the general direction of New Mexico. "Jurisdiction," he sounds it out poorly, but he knows the word she's looking for. "Sides, Mr. House been talkin' bout my guns and meetin' me, figure he's gonna talk bout what I wanna talk 'bout which is robot an' human law enforcement throughout the Federation." He grins, "Course might none of it come to pass an' President Kitty -er Caine," he quickly corrects, "might not get New Vegas to join up. Time'll tell, fer now the badge still means a damn thing." He takes the beer he stole and knocks back a few gulps. Sighing happily, "Still can't believe yah figured this shit out already, damn impressed, darlin'."
Lowry      Lowry laughs at Elsie's comments. "Seems it aint ma' night though." A quick look shot to the girls who got the drinks out of him. He shrugs it off. He takes a healthy drink of the beer and looks back to Stockton. The beer raised again in mock gesture with a smile, "That's me." Affirming the lush part and holding true. The rest he listens to carefully though. "Mr. House huh? Thats a big fuckin' deal I'd say. Them robots....Don't likes 'em." Shaking his head he continues, "Scary damn things. Auto firee and flamers. Dangerous, thats what them things are."
Elsie "Aw shucks, shug. S'only baking, after a fashion. Fermentin' instead of bakin, but the same concept." Still, Elsie blushes with pleasure, as she does whenever her food or drink are praised. "Can I interest ya in a bowl of soup, either of ya? Well," she looks to Lowry. "It's non-negotiable for you. Anythin' that'll soak up the booze is somethin' ya ought to have. If you ever throw up on my floors, Lo, I'mma leave you to sleep it off in your own sick." But Lowry's words seem to bring her attention to something that Stockton has said. She blinks those big, hazel eyes owlishly. "Wait, yer goin' to see Mr. House, sugar?"
Stockton Stockton chuffs softly at Lowry, "Robots're fine and dandy, s'long as yer technician's better'n the other guy," he grins, "Course these're Mr. House's Securitrons, 'magine they're pretty hard to crack," maybe he's just enjoying the other man's suffering over robots just a little. Angling his ear towards Elsie again he nods, "Soup sounds wonderful, and extra napkins," Because that majestic beard! He's moving to sit himself down on a stool, the thing creaking some at his weight as he settles in. "That's the theory, we'll see if it comes to pass," he says to Elle with a crooked smile.
Lowry      "I'll take some soup, darlin'." Lowry says with a smile. Happily. Even he eats sometimes. "And don't you worry yer' lil' heart. I aint one fer' pukin'." A nod given to show he's holding his own! HE sips the beer again and turns his attention back to the marshall. "Eh. I don't trust 'em. Not ta' mention...Damn killers. I don't even like 'em in ma' general vicinity." His bottom lip raises and he stands up straight. Driving home the point.
Elsie Elsie will disappear, and come back with a tray with two bowls of clear broth with fresh green onions and some meat floating in it. Tatos too. One gets set out for Stockton, with a clean rag, and the same for Lowry. The redhead steps back, holding the tray and smiling broadly between her two men, drinking her beer and eating her soup. It makes her exceedingly happy, if her look says anything. "Least Mr. House's you can see. I still ain't sure, but ... well one of the things I saw, you remember Lo, was robots you couldn't see. Or looked like somethin' else than robots ... s'hard to remember. But it felt like a vision." Her voice has dropped for just the two of them. "Remember that night, Lo? When you found me in Jack's Town?"
Lowry      Lowry nods ominously to Elsie. "Never forget it....Was a....uhhhh." he takes his hat off and scratches his head before the moment of realisation comes. "A barrel! Shot tha' shit out that thing." He nods approvingly of himself. "I heard o' stranger things though. Damn things." Now he's shaking his head and finishing his bottle of beer. "Jacks town was awright though. Fond memories." His eyes dart back over to the pair of girls he had no luck with but he just starts trying the soup. "Excellent." He mentions to Elsie with a smile. "What would I do without ya?"
Elsie "Pay more for your beer, and die of starvation." Elsie says it without hesitation, but she grins all the same. "Tell ya, though, seein' you flirt when you didn't know who I was ... ya ain't bad, sugar. I'd say you'll do well by the end of the night. Lights on the ceilin'll be shakin' for ya." She winks playfully in the man's direction and turns away to a few customers, selling a little packet of pills and a couple of beers. The group buys the proprietress a shot for herself, which she happily pours and drinks. Then another, which she sips as she wanders back to the men. "Maybe your girl will sober up," she continues the conversation. "The redhead. What was she called, Tess?"
Lowry      "With any luck we'll be replacin' them things every few months!" He motions up at the ceiling. Finishing off the soup he pushes it over and pulls out some caps and sets them down. "Uhhh." He looks confused then says, "Oh, Terry. I don't need her sober." The playful wink is returned before he looks around again. Unhappy with what he sees he twirls a finger for another beer. And a shot. The run. The usual. She knows what his deal is.
Elsie Elsie smirks at Lowry and just shakes her head. Another round comes out. Beer and a shot, and then she scoops up his bowl and sets it on the tray to buss it to the back. She'll return a few moments later to pluck up the caps and tuck them into her pocket. "Such a charmer," she teases him again, wiping the bar in front of him to make sure everything is kept clean. Lowry will know, by now, that clean is her thing. "Well before you get too far in yer cups, shug, the Kings. I meant ta tell you earlier. They came knockin' round for protection money. T'was late, or early. I was in my own cups, after a fashion." She was high as a kite. "They started threatenin' and shakin' me and the like, but someone stepped between us. Lady, maybe blonde? Can't rightly remember, but since they just let us be."
Lowry      Lowry's forehead creases with dissapointment. "Kiddin'? Fuckers." He takes the shot and chases it with his beer. "Who was tha' lady? What..I mean. Gonna have ta' look inta this. Knew those cock suckers would come knocking." He's nodding his head up and down now to himself. "Gonna be trouble. I can smell it. Same ole' story. Clouds see me comin', they know it's time ta' rain." He breaks into a half smile for the redhead as he sips at his beer again.
Elsie "Whether or not I was with you, dalrin', the Kings woulda come knockin'. I dunno how long they'll stay away. The woman ... I dunno. I know I've seen her before, but I can't remember where from. You know how it is, sugar." Elsie gives Lowry an apologetic look. "End of the night, fulla drinks and whatever else folks have been offerin' ya. Pills and a needle or two. I weren't worth nothin' by the time we closed, then." She chews lightly on her lower lip. "Ya really think they'll be a problem later on?"
Stockton Stockton grunts, "They might be, might see about givin' them a visit m'self," he grumbles, a blink comes at the mention of a blonde, "She got a scarred face, an' a cowboy hat?" he asks of the redhead. Course Lowry's distracted or taking a nap at this point. Finishing up his beer with a few more gulps he sets more caps on the counter, "Two more, fer me, sugar?" he asks with that suggestive tone that says something more might be going on.
Elsie Lowry is still talking about how he's going to defend the saloon, even as he follows his eyes (and likely his dick) in the direction of a few young girls off work from one of the local establishments. It leaves Elsie time to turn back to Stockton. Easily and smoothly, she pulls out two more beers and sets them down, sweeping the caps off the counter to tuck them in her pocket. Then she folds her arms and leans forward on them, allowing their faces to be close enough to talk quietly. "I don't remember, sugar, honest I don't. What's on your mind, doll?" She gives him a small smile. "I can read you well 'nuff to know that it's somethin."
Stockton Stockton waggles his eyebrows at her even more so when she kind of calls him out on it. Rather than giving her any kind of satisfaction, he just starts drinking down the first beer like it might be his last. Even though he clearly has a second. That done, he's working on the second slowly, setting the empty to the side. "Me? Oh I ain't plannin' on draggin' you upstairs an' doin' terrible things to yah, why do you ask?" he counters rather cheekily before shrugging.
Elsie Elsie smirks almost immediately at the words that Stockton offers. She plucks up the empty bottle and sets it in a crate under the bar. Saved for later, when it'll be refilled. "Oh, is that all? For a moment I thought ya might be fussed over something. Aside from not havin' dragged me upstairs yet today." The grin that the redhead offers over is girlishly happy at the little flirtation.

"Well while you're starin' at my bosom, tell me somethin: What do you think about the Kings? If you're thinkin' about payin' 'em a visit, I'd like ta know what ya might be thinkin'."
Stockton Stockton chuckles a little bit and then shakes his head, "Naw, ain't all, but I can't go tellin' you all mah secrets can I?" he asks her with a tease. His features shifting back to the door as Lowry wanders out to 'hunt tail' as he calls it. Taking that bowl of soup he starts working on it with several spoon fulls going down his mouth without incident. Course that can't stand because when you have a beard you get soup in it, it's a fact of life. He grumbles a little at the first spill and he's starting to work at it with one of those extra napkins before going back to looking at Elsie's chest rather pointedly and grinning crookedly. "I think they might turn into a problem, if they do, we can deal wit 'em. Negotiate or threaten."
Alasa Alasa makes her way into the bar, followed by her pal Sally. She makes her way over to one of the empty tables..and dusts off a chair a bit. "Chusions..those would be nice.." as she plops down into the chair...Sally moves to stand behind her.
Elsie "Secrets still from me? We can't have that, now can we. Sounds like a challenge t'get 'em out of ya." The redhead grins toothily to the handsome Marshal Stockton, bringing up another beer and setting it next to the one he's working on. "Until then, or until the Kings come a'knockin', might as well not stir up trouble we don't have, yet." She sees Alasa come in, and gives Stockton's hand a pat. "Scuze me doll, customer." And with that, the redhead wearing a green park stroller dress with flat shoes and an apron tied around the waist, comes around the bar and heads to Alasa's table. "G'devenin' sugar," she says cheerfully. "Can I interest ya in some beer, some soup? A hit a ya preferred party drug, if you're in the mood? We got a wide selection' goin' right now."
Stockton Blinking over towards the door, the Marshal gives Alasa a brief nod hello, his wild mane is out and he's currently wiping tater-leek soup out of his beard. Grinning some towards the redhead bartender he sips at his beer again and shakes his head. "If tha's how yer gonna take it, tha' sounds fun," he quips back to her sass. Working on the third one already he's at least getting fuzzy at this point. Big guy like that has a big liver you see. And of course he just nods at the last. "No stirrin' up trouble, but they come knockin' they came lookin' fer trouble far as I'm concerned," he informs her before grinning at Alasa, "Best homemade beer 'round."
Alasa Alasa smiles, "How about a pot of hot water, and stew?..thats what I'm thinking...some bread too, if ya got it.." She looks to Sally, "Want anything?" Sally responds by shaking her head. Alasa turns back, "Ok, nothing for her then..." She laughs a she gives a wave to Stockton, "Why hi there stranger!"
Elsie "Can do that for ya," Elsie says, quoting a price for the water and the soup. Then she nods and turns back toward the bar, leaning in to give Stockton a kiss on the cheek as she walks by, no doubt knocking a few dropletts of soup from that beard of his. Then she's ducking through the curtain into the back room. She'll be a minute or two before she comes out with a tray bearing a mug of hot water and a bowl of soup with fresh green onions, taters, and meat. She sets the tray down on the table and unloads things neatly in front of Alasa, before plucking up the tray again. "You're all the way from El Dorado, aincha sugar? How long you stayin' in New Vegas?"
Stockton Stockton hmms a bit towards Alasa as she waves, he waves back and smiles some, "Been a while..." he fumbles at the name because he's not a good person apparently. At least he can maybe blame the brief cerebral flatulation over the sweet kiss from Elsie as she passes him by. Course that jsut earns her a goose on her rump as she passes him by to fetch Alasa's meal.
Alasa Alasa hmmms, "Yeah, but I'm not on a not sure when. I mean, if I break one of the casino's of course...then I could retire..but of course...I don't really work." As she pulls a tea bag out of her utility belt, and drops it into the water. "So, when things get less interesting, I guess you could say." As she stirs the water, and looks at Stockton..."Well, yea..awhile..if you've been here the whole time, that could explain things." She smiles.
Elsie "Doncha work at all? Must have yourself quite a well-off man," the redhead muses playfully, ducking back behind the bar just as another customer comes up. A beer is given over, and two caps collected and tucked away into her apron pocket. Alasa gets a playful wink for Elsie's good-natured teasing. "We got liquor too, if that's more your poison. Everybody needs a little poison round New Vegas, at least in my experience." As if to prove her point, she looks over at Lowry who seems to have done well with his flirtations, as he's now face-deep in the mouth of some young local woman in a dark corner. Elsie just smirks and shakes her head.
Stockton Stockton blinks and shrugs some, "Shoot, I been all over Arizona, New Mexcio and now Nevada. Ain't a place my boots stay fer very long these days. Too much to do. Too many people tah talk to, Too many marshal outposts to set up." he smiles at Elsie, "And gettin' distracted here'n there," he confesses without much of a hint of tact or remorse. Course his eyes are following the youthful redhead as she dances about and takes care of her business like she do. "Mm, should bring me a good couple fingers'a whiskey too," he notes. Is he AIMing to get drunk?
Alasa Alasa laughs, "no, no..the white man has been trying to get my people drunk on firewater and steal our land long enough...I'm not gonna fall for that old trick." She picks up her glass and takes a sip, "I'll just stick with various teas..." She looks at Stockton, "Whats a Marshal outpost? I've come across Militia outposts here and there.."
Elsie "Well, I ain't tryin' to trick anyone, sugar," Elsie assures Alasa, with perhaps just a touch of offense. It's a statement not meant to press the issue or try and change Alasa's mind. More a statement for the record. Elsie's eyes instead move to Stockton and his request. She considers him for a moment with a slightly quirked brow, but then she turns to collect the bottle. "And you can buy me one too," she informs the wild man with a smirk, pouring a few fingers for the man and a smaller one for herself. She corks the bottle again.
Stockton Stockton smirks just a little bit, the humor of the Tribal is not lost on him being a half breed. Hell, some of the racial slurs he's heard of late would make a whore blush. He sips at his last beer to total it out and let it join the other empty bottle, moving onto whiskey as he just chuckles at Elsie, "Yeah yeah, alright, I'm buyin' you a round too, that mean yer offa work?" he asks her before glancing at Alasa, "It's similar, basically a cell, a couple cots, a small armory, a place to bug out, set up shop whatever's needed fer the Marshals."
Alasa Alasa laughs at Elsie, "Oh, I'm not saying you many kinds of tea, its just better if you ask me. Out in the waste you can always boil water, so no matter what you can always have tea. Just what I'm use to..." As she takes another drink. As she listens to Stocktons description..."Ah, so a bunch of club houses for you to hang out it, and take the pretty girls back and strip searchs..."
Elsie Elsie chuckles at Alasa's words, folding her arms on the bar and leaning on them as she sips her own whiskey. "/Is/ that what you do there, shug? Sure didn't look like that much fun when I was workin' for ya," she points out, teasing the man. She takes another sip of her whiskey, thoughtfully. "I'll admit," she continues, this time speaking to Alasa. "I've never spent much time in the wastes, and what little I did weren't pleasant, tea or no." She shrugs, shaking away old memories and instead looking back to Stock. "And I'm off, sugar, as soon as ya can pry my employee there off them lips." She gestures with her head to Lowry getting frisky in the corner with that local girl. "Or unless some girl wanders in lookin' for a job slingin' drinks that I can hire on the spot." Sorry, Stockton: business trumps all things.
Stockton Stockton chuffs at Alasa, "Sound like my Ma'," he tells her in a not so flattering way before shaking his head and then blinking owlishly at the woman, "Madame, I do believe you've mistaken me fer one of those militia boys. If'n I'm gonna put a leash on mah girl an' prance 'er 'round town, I'ma do it literally," he grins toothsome because there's more than a hint of truth in that. "Don' need to be sneakin' off to some hole in the desert tah get my dick wet," he snorts and then knocks back his whiskey with a huff at Elsie. Finally turning back to Alasa, "You wanna job 'ere? Could pay yah somethin' s'long as you don' mind loud noises from the upstairs room."
Alasa Alasa picks up her spoon, and starts to eat the soup..."A job?, no...Mother Sun would be quite upset if I spent time at a job, rather then playing in the wastes..." She smiles, and looks to Elsie, "The wastes aren't really bad, they just got a rep..sure monsters are out there, and people can just disappear for no reason, and the sky gods of course...but really other then that, peaceful."
Elsie "It's hot, there's no shelter, no water, no food if ya ain' got any with ya. That sounds like nothin' but torture to me, thank ya kindly." Of course, all of Elsie's time in the wastes were spent running from raiders or ... ya know. Worse. So she just turns her attention back to Stockton and grins at him, going far enough to give him a playful slap on the shoulder. "Yer a raunchy bastard," she tells the man, fondly and matter-of-factly. "If we get quiet I'll close up, but until then I need all the money I can get, sugar. I didn' realize the most expensive part of this job was gonna be importin' water of all damned things." But it makes sense. Clean water is rather hard to come by, after all. And brewing takes up quite a bit for it. "Yer a tribal I take it but ... which tribe, if I might ask?" Elsie asks for Alasa.
Stockton Stockton looks at Alasa curiously and squints, "You damn sure? I mean all yah gotta do is relieve the lil lady 'ere fer a few hours a day so business still runs and I can drag 'er off and what not. Maybe to a marshal outpost." He laughs and then grins cheekily at the redhead, she likes this huh? She might yet grow tired of it. Til then though, he's buying them more firewater and continuing to try and bribe the full blooded Tribal into adopting a part time gig in a bar.
Alasa Alasa hmmms, "Well I grew up in the wastes..and my people have been part of the land since before my grandfathers grandfathers time. All those things are out, shelter, just need to know where to look for them. Mother sun and Father moon watch over there children, sometimes you'll even come across there daughter." She shrugs a bit, "Its not for everyone..but its also not as bad as everyone makes it out to be." She takes another sip of her tea...and looks to Stockton, "Or you could just give her a couple hundred to cover her closing for a few hours and have your mad way with her. You dressed as Sherif Woody and her as Jessie the yoding cowgirl." She turns back to Elsie again, "This is very good today, by the way...and my people are the Cherokee."
Elsie "Who's Woody and Jessie?" Yeah, not a lot of pop culture in Elsie's life. Still, she flushes rather heavily at the idea posed by Alasa, and she's already shaking her head. "That feels a little too much like whorin' for my tastes. Glad you like the soup, though. I'd best go start another batch; we're startin' to run low. You'll hollar if we get anymore customers at the bar, woncha sugar?" Elsie directs this question to Stockton and with a look of love and admiration to the man and a polite nod to the woman, the redhead disappears into the back.
Stockton Stockton gives Alasa a quiet look, he knows his Ma did the same, she communes frequently, and sometimes he can swear he hears the wind. But then he smells gunpowder and lead and remembers that it's all war, and war never chagnes. He gives a polite smile to the Tribal and then moves to pour himself another deep drink, knocking it back as well before giving Elsie a smile, "Sure thing, sugar, go do yer magic wit the bakin...fermentin' whatever." he waves it all off and her as well before turning back to Alasa and drink.
Alasa Alasa continues working on her soup, "mmm mmm good...mmm mmm good...." As she watches Stockton drink profits.
Stockton Stockton ain't drinking profits, he's continually piling caps on the bar, some for the drink some for the tip. He's not that kind of schmuck. Dammit. Giving Alasa a look he harumphs, "You sure you can't work 'ere once in a while?"
Alasa Alasa finishes off her soup, and picks up her cup. "Well I could..." as she drinks down the tea, "But then, not much motavation in it for is there?" As she stands up and stretches. "Well, come on Sally..time for us to hit the tables." As she starts to move, the Securitron follows after her. "If you come up with a good reason, let me know..." and the two of them move out of the bar.