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Kaelyn Kae's found her way down into the Vault, the odd Elf-like woman rather curious about the place. Once inside she glances around now and tilts her head, a long tapered here flickering briefly, before she makes her way to one of the bars, the woman's red eyes taking in the place, while she draws well, maaaany stares... She does kind of stand out, what with wearing that nigh form fitting armor of hers... A fact that CORA is happy to point out "Ooh look! I'm so proud, my lil girls' a head-turner!"
Davidson "She does," Davidson quips as he slips from the crowds to step along over to the same bar, a wry smile curled up at the corner of his lips; dressed in the form-fitting black of the unusual 'Umbrella' armor that they'd found in the bunker, though the helmet and mask aren't on right now, "Rather stand out, you know. Even when she isn't wearing what she's wearing right now."

Knuckles rap on the bar, drawing the bartender over for orders.
Kaelyn Kae taps repeatedly on CORA, drawing a silly "oro oro oro" out o her as the little sprite hologram hovering over her wrist goes swirly eyed. She then glances to David and with her tongue sticking ot of the corner of her mouth tries to tap on his noggin too "I somehow don't think this'll work, but best not to encourage CORA... She's crazy enough as is..." CORA then pipes in "I resemble that remark!" And yes she sounds insulted, kinda...

Kae then glances to the bartender "Root Beer please." she says cheerfully, she's fond a good rootbeer around here and is rather fond of it.
Davidson As that finger raps upon the top of Davidson's head, he flashes her a shameless grin. "Hey, she's just complimenting you. And you /do/ look good, Kaelyn..." A turn of his head to the bartender, ordering easily, "Just a beer or something alcoholic that won't kill me, if you could? Thanks, 'preciate it." Back to her, he points out, "Probably best not to antagonize your-- arm-- computer, anyway?"
Kaelyn CORA then calls out "See!?!? Someone who shows me my proper reverence and re.." CORA doesn't geto finish, Kae's now shaking said arm with CORA on it... She glances to Davidson and shrugs slowly with her other shoulder while making sure CORA ends up with swirly eyes... "Uhhuh, if you say so." She says with a smile.
Davidson As the screen's shaken and those eyes go all swirly, Davidson can't help but laugh--shaking his head as he does so, one hand coming up to scratch at the curve of his jaw lightly. "So how're you finding New Vegas, eh...?" A glance around the place, then back to her, brows lifting, "It's a-- different sort've place than Dorado."
Kaelyn Kae shrugs "More well established, very independant, full of gansters and ways to spend and waste caps... But lots of happy folks too." She says and shrugs slowly. "Still quite interesting I think... I tried a slot machine... They're ummmm well a good way to waste time...
Davidson Davidson breathes out a low chuckle at the mention of the slot machines. "They're not worth much more, unless you get really - really lucky, and even then I think they're rigged," he admits, looking back, "Nobody give you too much trouble or anything, I hope?"
Kaelyn Kae laughs "Newp no troubles I dun think... I did good at the craps table... Then some folks asked me to try something else, they looked quite officios, something about winning over a thousand caps in nder an hour..." She adds and rubs at the back of her neck.
Davidson     "...oh?" Davidson's brows both go up at that, "A thousand caps...? Wait, they weren't talking about gambling, were they?"
Kaelyn Kae smiles cheerflly "Whatcha mean?" She asks curiously, CORA whistles, as Kae gets her rootbeer and begins do drink idly.
Davidson "Ah..." Davidson brings one hand up to rake back through his hair, looking around, and then back to her, "So they didn't.. uh.. say what you'd be doing for over a thousand caps in an hour?"
Kaelyn Kae blinks "Nope, I was playing craps... ya know dice?" she says and blinks curiously "What else do ya think I was doing? They then took me elseware and tried to get me to play slots or cards or some such as I was doing too good... I made another 500 on roulette.." she adds and beams happily.
Davidson "Oh--" Davidson breathes out a low chuckle, his head shaking, "Sounds like you've been doing pretty good for yourself. I haven't been doing a lot of gambling myself, can't risk losing the caps... just finally got flush from the mines."
Kaelyn Kae grins and whispers "Who said I was gambling?" she says cheerfully... "NOticed a couple casinos with a bit of a rig, so put my own rig on em." she adds and winks.. "But I did follow their rules, i didn't bring in any computer to help with the games and such... CORA was also put on Mute too.." she adds cheerfully.
Davidson Davidson's brows raise again at that, leaning in closer. "Oh...? Well, now I'm curious--" He grins, "--how'd you pull it off, without a computer or anything...?"
Kaelyn Kae glances around, and CORA adds "No electronci surveilance pointed this way..." she simply holds her hand above her drink and it just glides into her hand. She grins cheerfully and takes a sip...
Davidson The glass is watched as it glides through the air to her hand, and Davidson draws back a touch in surprise--his brows raising--and then he whistles under his breath. "...damn," he murmurs, "That's an interesting trick you've got there, beautiful."
Kaelyn Kae grins and whispers "I'm a telekinetic..." she says and shrugs slowly. CORA then beams "I did thaaaat!" Kae then sighs "Yaaah CORA was the AI that maintained my stasis slash modification chamber..." She says and shrugs slowly...
Davidson "You mentioned that, I think, when I met your sisters..." Davidson offers her a crooked grin, "That's pretty fucking awesome, actually, Kae."
Kaelyn Kae shrugs slowly "If'n ya say so." She says "Anyhow it's a thing, I figure if I practice and get good at it it can be a good thing..."
Davidson "I can think of a lot of uses for something like that," admits Davidson, giving his head a shake and reaching over for his drink--taking a swig of it, he admits, "Sometimes I feel pretty fucking boring compared to some of the rest've the Samaritans. I'm no telekinetic beauty or giant ogre or two-gun ninja or anything..."
Kaelyn Kae laughs "Everyone has a specialty, I wouldn't worry about it... And Ashur reminds me more of an Orc than an ogre..." she says how she recognized the oger comment is anyone's guess... "Two gn ninja? isn't ninja-ing and guns things that don't go well together?"
Davidson "Hey, you don't get to decide what weapons ninjas can use," Davidson replies wryly, slanting an amused look over, "The ninjas get to decide that. If they want to use a bunch of guns, well, that's entirely up to them."
Kaelyn Kae shrugs "I would think a ninja would want to use something quiet, not loud like a gun." she suggests.. "A bow, or a knife or sword or somesuch..." She adds. She then tilts her head "That's the only reason I'm making that comment."
Davidson "Nevermind," is Davidson's wry observation, shaking his head a little, "Just a joke, really-- anyway. Yeah, I suppose we all have our specializations." He brings a hand up, flexing the fingers of his new gauntlet, "Suppose this new armor will help out a lot."
Kaelyn Kae grins "I'm sure you'll like the armor... I got a gun who's recoil is pretty rediculous... I'm gona have to figure out a better way of hanging onto it, but the hitting power of the thing is quite amazing." she adds and smirks just a bit....
Davidson Davidson chuckles lowly, "I saw that thing, yeah. You might be pretty bad-ass but the barrel on that looks like you could fit your hand in it almost -- recoil must be crazy. I'm sure you can figure something out, something to suppress it..."
Kaelyn Kae shrugs "Mebbe, or just work out lots!" she adds with a cheerful smile... Still though, amma thinking I'm gonna go find my hotel room and get some shuteye... "She says and stands "It's good chatting with you Davidson.." She offers and winks playfully.... "Good night!"