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Tibbie     It's a late night at the Second Chance Saloon and there's as many lights as there are people up! As the rain patters outside, the bar is dry and warm from solid bricks and body heat the patrons emit. Some people are drinking casually, shooting up chems, and some strays from Gomorrah seem to find this bar a good spot for soliciting as well. It's here that our Shantytown tomgirl Tibbie has found a spot out of the rain and her eyes are wide and filled with excitement!

"I'm so far from home who know's what'll happen tonight!" She announces to nobody in particular as she shakes off the rain from her skin and strolls over to the expansive bar. New faces, new sights, and new games is just what this hard-working gal needed!
Yusco Yusco walks into the bar soaking wet looking quite gloomy. He walks straight to the counters takes a seat and then burries his face on the counter.
Yusco Yusco walks into the bar soaking wet looking quite gloomy. He walks straight to the counters takes a seat and then burries his face on the counter.
Yusco Yusco walks into the bar soaking wet looking quite gloomy. He walks straight to the counters takes a seat and then burries his face on the counter.
Davidson     It seems that this is /the/ bar for the Samaritans of El Dorado to be entertaining themselves at this evening, as yet another semi-familiar face might be spotted at the bar. Davidson Harris, intrepid explorer and cartographer, is settled in on a stool leaning an arm against the bar and nursing a drink. The new armor he'd salvaged from a bunker sheathes him in black, a strange red-and-yellow 'Umbrella' insignia emblazoned on the shoulder of it - at least until he figures a good way to scour it off.

    At the boisterous call from Tibbie, he glances up, a smile tugging up at the corner of his lips as he calls easily back over, "This is New Vegas. /Anything/ can happen here, or so I'm told, darlin'."
Kaelyn Not a bull, or some big person in power armor, nor really a regular person, it's Kae who wanders in now, the red-eyed dark-'elf' woman wanders her way inside, the woman pausing just within the doorstep to look arond before she makes her way on toward the bar.. Blinking as she sees the person who is soaked? She looks at her form fitting armor she's wearing and taps it briefly, blinking and tilting her head, nope she missed the fact it was raining, not that she would notice, but she was too busy arguing with CORA and well shaking her arm and tapping the A.I Pip computer too much to pay attention. At least her armor kept her dry...

She blinks as she notices Tibbie and offers a cheerful wave. "Yah, they say that anything that happense in Vegas stays in Vegas!"
Yusco the bartender walks on to yusco gives him a tap and asks what he might want to have he raises his head slowly then rubs his eyes slugishly he replies he wants nothing.... He removes his wet attire and hangs it on the chair.
Ashur There's lightning o'erhead but the thunder's in his steps -- enter Ashur, Centurion of Rome, wrapped in a toga of chalk white wool threaded with resplendent gold, and shimmering in a physique-exposing toga of the same colors; he's a looming ardent figure, bright-burning despite the wet, catching all faint light and stronger cousins and absorbing it.

It's downright ostentatious, honestly, but at least he's not in that hulking suit of gold-plated power armor right now.

His booted feet stomp wetly like cloven hooves upon the wood floors, dragging mud across year-old stains; at his side pants a beastly dog, black and gold fur matted and slick, with the aspect of a german shepherd, albeit likely fused with some wasteland mongrel blood -- still, it's a healthy critter, sharp-toothed, and its spiked collar is a bright gold.

Other than the repaired, bull-horned mask of Mars upon his head, and the gauss ballistic fist on his right hand, Ashur is all done up for civilian life.

All done up and here to meet Tibbie, who is the only reason he's even bothering with a festering dive bar like this, shoving his way past tables and patrons with a thud-thud storm of stomps, grunting as he comes up behind her and swats at her ass.

"All the poison jewels of Vegas, and you want to meet in the least shiny of them all?"

Dogmeat shakes the rain off.
Tibbie     The brown-haired gal catches her familiar friends with a grin as they added onto the charms of Vegas.
"Well shit, I surely wasn't expectin y'alls to be here! Looks like Vegas is keeping up to her unexpectin' promises!" she says with her usual loud southerner drawl. Tibbie waves the tender over and flags her friends an offering-to-buy-the-first-round twirling finger to them, but right after that is when she's caught off guard by the thunderous Ashur and his rear-smacking cheekiness. She squeaks and jumps in response but as she turns and looks up she beams her cheeks in a smile of course.

"Jefecito!" She greets him with a hug, though her reach cannot fully hug his waist she boops her nose against his chest,

"Gotta start off somewhere's right?" she answers Ashur and greets his damp dog with smoochie noises.

"Oh right! Drinks!" her lack of attention to the waiting bartender has him mildy annoyed but smiling once he's brought back into the picture.

"Whatever my chums want, and a whiskey fer me!" the tender gets to work and Tibbie takes in the moping stranger at the bar, the inclusive gal she is takes a chance with the guy and introduces herself whether he wants it or not.

"Name's Tibbie Gaines chum! Looks like the town aint been too kind from the looks of you, maybe this'll cheer you up!" The energetic gal fishes in her bag and pulls a thin paper wrapped parcel, what's inside any simpleton could guess, as it's a hand sized loaf of bread. People that know Tibbie have seen her do this a dozen times before, it seems she's always bready for any faces she meets. Tibbie settles onto Ashur's lap now and has her whiskey in hand, ready to get the party started!
Kaelyn Kae peers as she notices Ashur, then the woman offers a friendly wave, blinking as he gropes Tibbie... "Hallo! Ya enjoying yer stay in New Vegas? Found anything interesting to do?" She asks curiously, then glance sto Tibbie "Also how are you liking it here?" She asks curiously.. She blinks at the energetic Tibbie and glances to CORA who comments "Wooow now if only you had that kind of energy Kae..." Kae peers now at CORA and sticks out her tonge "I dooo! It's just directed differently!"
Alasa Alasa finds her way back to the SCS...its prolly the food, yeah thats it. The place could use some slot machines...its Vegas, there are slot machines everyone...right, come on. Alasa glances around a couple times, "Come on Sally, lets find us a good table tonight." As she moves farther into the place, followed by the securitron. "I do hope its not too busy." She finds an empty table and sits down, as Sally takes up a position behind her.
Ashur Ashur's bare hand slips away from Tibbie's rear after her hug, giving the top of her head a little pat same as he might the dog at his side. His expression is unreadable behind that stoic mask -- it almost looks like stone, that visage of Mars, bearded and severe of gaze, with the curling horns coming 'round his head.

"I have been traveling the Mojave," he responds, "and dealing with Mr. House some. The city proper has little room for me." He looks to Kaelyn as he speaks, sending Tibbie off with the dog for drinks. It leaves wet, muddy pawprints on the ground.

"I return now and then to make sure Fern has not gotten herself into trouble, or to meet with people. What of you, Kaelyn?"

The presence of the others isn't ignored, per se -- he notes Yusco's melancholic rest and Alasa's significantly more bubbly presence, vaguely.
Lowry      From the curtain emerges Lowry. A tall glass in his hand. But alas, mostly empty. He stops behind the bar and helps himself to the secret bottle stashed behind the others. That quickly remedied he returns it and then swings his attention around the bar. Alasa gets a nod and a smile. Tibbie a large shit eating grin and a wink. Looking over to Yusco he smacks the counter. "Hey! No sleepin' at tha' bar!" His tone is jovial but loud. "Got some jet if that will wake ya'." He'll help clear some empties from the bar while he sips away and cracks a beer or two for patrons. Eventually the tender will seem caught up and he'll just lean over the bar looking out, a glaze to his eyes.
Alasa Alasa says, "Wow..look at this Sally. Theres someone I know..and theres someone I know..and over there....well them I don't know yet...but if they got money, we'll get to know them." She laughs a bit, "So whats shaking everyone having the time of there lives?""
Kaelyn Kae shrugs slowly, "Been out wandering, helped clean up that farm over in the Mojave and stuff... Mostly been people watching, tried my hand at Craps at a few casinos... Won too much they won't lemme play those games any more." she adds and rubs at the back of her neck before she suddenly smiles "It's all good though, I'll wait till they forget about me and go back again!"
Ashur With a nod of his head, Ashur finally removes his identity-concealing helmet (not that many people don't know who he is, anyway -- how many giant, muscular brutes in golden Roman garb are there?) and tucks it under an arm, moving toward Tibbie's location down the bar. "Be careful with your gambling," he warns Kaelyn. "This city has always been a trap, in every way."
Alasa Alasa says, "Whats reward, without a little risk..dull. So what if they break your legs when you don't pay up..just don't loose I say."
Kaelyn CORA giggles and adds "Kae isn't gambling with crap sand the game with the spinny wheel and the marble..." Kae blinks and shushes CORA before looking to Ashur "I only go in with about 100 caps or so, If that goes away, I don't gamble no more..." She says cheerfully... "I'm mostly there to watch people.
Alasa Alasa says, "But you should go for the big score...just think, bet something they've never seen before and you could win a fortune. Like your smart alecky pip...I bet they'd give you 10 to 1 odds at least"
Kaelyn CORA calls out "Eeeeep noooo!" While Kae shakes her head "I have lotsa stuff I'd bet loooong before CORA." she says and shrugs "Would be like betting yer own best friend into slavery and such over a roll of the dice... NOt happening."
Alasa Alasa raises an eyebrow, "Really?...thats how I got her." As she thumbs at Sally behind her. "Well, maybe it wasn't his best friend..but he was crying when those other fellas drug him off after the game. I'm sure they found a way to cheer him up."
Kaelyn Kae blinks a few times and nods "Welll umm, yah, that would never be me. I go into a place with a hard fixed cap on how many caps I'm willing to spend, and I don't go into a casino looking to get rich. I go in looking to have a little fun and people watch." she says cheerfully... "Though I seem to gather a crowd sometimes, specially by folks that want to be my... " Kae taps her chin and cora pipes in "Agent? You have lotsa folks that wanna see you dance!"
Alasa Alasa says, "Dance?..why would people want to see you dance?..Are they that hard up for entertaiment in Vegas? I thought this place was suppose to have these great shows to see.""
Kaelyn Kae blinks and shrugs... CORA projects her holo-image above Kae's wrist, doing her best spritely imitation of n exotic type dance... Kae then sighs at CORA "yah that... Evidently they want me to dance while slowly removing clothes." She says and shrugs..
Alasa Alasa shakes her head, "No, playing the video backwards....they want you to dance slowly as you put clothing on. This is the desert, so its always warm..and women underdress. They want to see a woman dressed nice and toasty."
Kaelyn Kae stares at Alasa now... "Ummm... yaaah whatever you think... Either way I'm not gonna dance with no clothes or whatever sexily in front of a bunch of guys, not happening, and not for money." She says and shrugs slowly.
Alasa Alasa smiles, "ooo, not for money you say...that makes me wonder..if not for money, then for what? You didn't say, not for anything..just not for money."
Kaelyn Kae sighs and rubs at the back of her neck "Not for any form of monetary, or other such reimbursement..." She says and shrugs "Not my thing dancing nakid in front of guys... Don't wanna do that..." She says and shrugs... "And not for fun either...."
Alasa Alasa nods, "Right right...I think I see your problem then, you don't want to dance naked in front of guys for any price. Yeah I could see that..." She thinks about it a moment, "So how about women? Any problems dancing naked in front of women?"
Kaelyn Kae stares at Alasa and sighs.. "How bout this? No nakid dancing in public or private at this point, allright?" She says and shrugs again.. CORA snickers... Kae taps CORA's screen getting an "Ayeeee!" out of the goofy A.I. Before she looks to Alasa curiously.
Alasa Alasa nods and holds up her hands, "Ok, ok... Nothing at this point, but at a future point its another story...I'll keep that in mind for my next party." She smiles a bit, as she reaches into a pocket and pulls out some corn chips and starts eating them.
Kaelyn Kae stares at Alasa and sighs "Can't say never, but definately can say don't hold yer breath." she suggests and orders her self a drink.. "Sooo whyfore you here today? Just passing the time?'
Alasa Alasa shakes her head, "Na, just got done shopping...we decided we needed a break. SO here is where we came..they got good soup here."
Kaelyn Kae oooh's and nods, the girl's long tapered ears twitching some as she studies Alasa with those crimson eyes of hers for a moment. Her drink is then set near her and Kae opens a hand as the drink slides the couple feet across the counter and settles gently into the 'elf' woman's hand before she happily begins drinking.
Alasa Alasa continues to eat her Frito's..corn chips, yes..non brand name corn chips. *Crunch crunch crunch* "Yep, shopping and fun..only reasons to come to vegas..."
Lowry      Lowry had been bouncing around. From this girl to that while he drinks the night away. And now it is Kae and Alasas turn to be affronted! The Ai gets a curious look before his attention turns on the girls. A smile given to both. "How goes, ladies? Enjotin' tha' place? Elsie makes some pretty mean dishes. Got chems too." His smile broadens. "First times free." His eyes do eventually linger on Kae. "I think I dun' seen you around. El Dorado?" He asks, "And you too." He adds to Alasa.
Kaelyn Kae glances back to Lowry and she smiles cheerfully "Yup I hang around Eldorado lots, been here of late... How're you?" she asks curiously then umms "Best I lay off chems I'm thinking... one big screwup and lotsa folk get hurt I think..." She says and shrugs "Best I stay clear of such things..."
Alasa Alasa says, "Drugs?..are you kidding me? Only the weak willed used things like get hooked, next think you know...your acting all sleazy, trying to get others hooked on them..." *Crunch crunch* "I'll pass on things like those....all the time. "Oh, no one sees me..I am the shadow the flaps in the night...""
Lowry      "Thought so." Lowry says with a nod to the elf girl. Kinda hard to forget that face. "I'm awright." He drawls out then. When she declines he adds, "Got ya. No big deal." He does flash another quick apprehensive glance to the bot before turning back to Alasa. Shrugging he says, "Okay, okay. Just sayin'," He looks around and holds his arms up, "Your kinda in the Second chance. It's a bar! We's alike ta' get down, 'round here. Thought I'd offer." He offers a smile and downs his glass.
Kaelyn Kae blinks at Alasa and umms "Well I'm a telekinetic, evidently a fairly strong one, I doubt you want me freeking out and trying to use telekinesis to rip people apart..." She suggests cheerfully.. "That and most drugs don't really work too well, like a lot of poisons don't, I can't really get sick that I know of..." she adds and then shrugs again... "Amma thinking it's CORA's fault..." To which CORA calls out "Yup!!!" Kae then sighs at CORA and motions "See?"

Kae then nods to Lowry and glances around "Sooo nobody round here knows where I can find me a good gunsmith, I have some tools and also a few caps with need to get a weapon upgraded...."
Alasa Alasa says, "not me..I've been look for a gunsmith for years...not like its a fast track career I guess." She shurgs a bit, "Oh, I come here for the soup...thats what this place is known for...I should know, I've been telling everyone to come here for the soup as I go around town.""
Lowry      "Hymm?" Lowry says to Kae. "Oh. I get it. Well you two are in luck, seein' hows I'm a gunsmith of sorts." He then smiles to the pair of them but ignoring CORA. Then to Alasa he adds, "Yep. Soups damn good. Just /one/ of the things she offers though." He chuckles lightly to himself before continuing. "But yea, what ya'll tryin' ta' do? Aint gots a whole lot of time but I could do some mods fer' and such." He turns and motions over to the bar. His glass set down it's quickly refilled. "GBeer too." He says.
Kaelyn Kae ummms... "need my assault rifle beefed up in hitting power, need some customizing and such done to it, maybe a scope added too, that all would be great..." she suggests and smiles cheerfully... "Also got this..." she plunks a .50 cal Beowulf AR up on the counter with a giant drum magazine.... "Need this to be given a semi auto function, as well as some custom fitting, beefed up hitting power and a scope too..." She says and rubs the back of her neck before shrugging "Lotsa works...
Tibbie      Tibbie's been in the bathroom a while, doing..something? Who knows, but now she's back in the bar and finds herself smiling yet again. Back at the bar she picks up her whiskey and takes a sip.

"My Ma makes a soup you'd think you could only dream about. Shit, I'm on vacay and I already miss'er" she intrudes on Alasa's conversation without a clue as to the full context, but that's Tibs alright. Downing the rest of the shot with a sharp exhale she motions the tender for another. Tibbie's hair is finally dry from the rain and she idly twists a lock around her finger, she perks up from hearing this new tidbit about her chum Lowry.

"Well aint you full of thangs! Caravaner n'a gunsmith n'a horserider-man! Is he outside in the rain or he got a good spot someplace?" She asks, not seeming to care that he's going to be busy in a few moments working on the girls' guns.
Alasa Alasa says, "Wow...someone likes big guns...kinda looks like some of the ones I threw into the big hole in the ground that one day..too big to use, if you ask me..." She shrugs a bit, and turns to Tib. "Well you can say it was good soup, but if you don't have any of that soup here...we can't tell." She grins."
Franky The main entrance creaks as freeside births another patron. Franky squirts as he clears the threshold, and gazes around for a second. He lifts a hand to scratch his stubbled jaw, small flakes of detritus could probably be seen drifting off his face. Franky cocks his head as if to listen to someone talking behind him. He clears his throat and makes for an empty residence along the bar, rapping a set of knuckles along to bar top when he arrives.
Lowry      "Yea. That is quite the order, Miss!" The cowboy says good naturedly. Looking down at the rifle now he's nodding approvingly. He does like him some guns. "One thing at a time, darlin." He then adds with a smile. When Tibbie arrives she gets a smile too. "Oh I never fail ta' surprise. And how you been, Lil' miss?" He doesn't answer on the horse. Franky gets a nod when he enters and the girl behind the bar will quickly get to him.
Kaelyn Kae grins cheerfully "If you can work on the carbine first, that'll help a lot... I can worry about the BEo much later, the Beo is just gonna be fun." She adds and shrugs slowly... "I can get a list of things, I got a couple sets of gunsmithing tools too to help out with the cost, and plenty of caps." She says good naturedly....
Alasa Alasa finishes off her corn chips, and dusts off her hands. "Plenty of caps...hmm, we should get a friendly poker game know..some fun right Sally?" She looks over as someone else comes in..not knowing them, "Hey you play poker?"
Tibbie      "I sure wish I did have some'uh her soup on me, it'd be real fitting for all this rain too." Tibbie answer's the tall brown-eyed Alasa with a tinge of nostalgia in her voice.

"I aint even think we met a'fore! Name's Tibbie, El Dee Shantytown gal" she introduces herself to Alasa and gives her a friendly wave, no need to be formal with handshakes in a bar after all. Turning to Lowry now she'll ramble a bit about this and that,

"I been stuck workin hard for Ma lately and saved up just enough to take this trip on out here, get some time off since I earned it n'all!" she thumbs her chest proudly and sips at her whiskey yet again. Her head swivels back to Alasa again,

"I know poker! Learned it during my lil stint with Lonestar."
Franky The bartender is along to make small talk with Franky, he points something along the back wall on the bottom shelf. A moment later Franky has a drink in hand. Some brown tinted liquid in a vessle that resembles the lower half of a water bottle. He tests the rigidity of the make shift cup, and chuckles lightly. "Tourist treatment." Franky, mumbles to himself. He lifts his head as someone mentions 'hey you' and 'poker', Franks glances behind him, then points a finger at his center of mass. "Suppose you mean me?" Franky offers back toward, Alasa.

    It takes a moment but he finally fixes his eyes on the group, namely the Thicc Girl with the Pointy ears. "Mother of bent cartilage..." Escapes quietly between his teeth. He clears his throat, places a few caps on the bar top and slowly approches the group. "I could stand to lose some caps."
Lowry      "Yea, no problem doll." He says to Kae with a grin. "I'm low on the tools so that'll help. Pry cost around 250 on tha' cap side." When Alasa finishes he says, "I'm always inta' some gamblin'. Got some cards in back...Or upstairs...Somewhere." He nods along to Tibbie when she explains what shes been up to. "Work is good, darlin'." With Franky's approach Lowry says, "I thinks we got a game here!" He downs his drink and then grabs his beer. "Should I get tha' cards, folks?"
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head curiosly "Sooo 250 a mod pluss tools? It's 4 mods and all..." she says and tilts her head curiously... "I have that and then some... Figure out how many tools and all and I can help there ebbe too..." Kae suggests... "Also a time frame? Amma prolly gonna be needin the carbine pretty quick and all..."
Lowry      "Quite demandin' thar' sugar!" Lowry says to Kae. "Well. Four mods will take four sets o' tools. I can supply some o' tha stuff for a price." He goes back to sipping at his beer all the while his eyes darting around. Eventually he will go in back and get some cards. Returning he plops down at the table, removes his hat and starts shuffling.
Tibbie      The short gal kills her whiskey with a grimace and rubs her hands together whie sitting at a table now, preparing for the poker game.
"Looks like tonight's really picking up now!" she lets a soft yawn escape while waiting for the cards to be dealt.
Franky Franky makes his way toward the group nodding his head at each, an awkward smile spreads across his face as he gets closer and stops at he table. "Names Franky." He grins agains, it looks a little forced. The plastic cup gets swigged on a little, probably to kill the awkwardness. He grips the back of an empty chair, and pulls it out letting the legs skid like an annoying bird. "You guy's from around here?" He offers as he sits his happy ass down, giving everyone a look.
Kaelyn Kae smiles a bit and looks to Lowry curiously... "I have plenty of caps I think.... Also I know somewhere I have two sets of gunsmithing tools too...." She suggests and tilts her head to the left curiously...
Lowry      Lowry finishes shuffling and looks to Tibs. "Sure does. Another one?" He looks to the bar and twirls a finger. The girl comes over and tops off his cup and Tibbie's too if she wants. OVer to Frank he says, "Lowry here." A nod is given and then the cards go out. "Nah. From nowhere really. Pry get stuck hanging around fer' a year or two though." Chuckling he finishes dealing and sets the deck down. "Hold 'em poker if ya'll are familiar." In passing to Kae he says, "Sounds good. You playin'?"
Tibbie      Never the sort to ignore a new friend, Tibbie introduces herself to Franky,"Tibbie! M'out from the El Dee, Shantytown. If y'aint heard of El Dee well I dunno what rock you've been under but at least you're outta it!" she chuckles. As Kae and Lowry seem to get back into biz Tibbie allows her drink to be refilled, she seems to be holding her liquor better than usual, could it be her tolerance is heightened or the whiskey's watered down? Who knows.
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head curiosly and looks to the others then back to Lowry "Nooo, but I'll watch." she says cheerfully.. "I dun mind playing for fun in the future, but methinks you guys will be playin' for moneys, and I need to pay you Lowry, and also save to get the claim settled for my land and stuff..."
Franky "No where is as good as any place I suppose." A smile is given to Tibbie, "I passed through there, this El Dee, recently. Had a falling out on the way to the coast. Seems like a nice place to hang your head at." Franky glaces sideward to Kaelyn as it seems business is being discusses or concluded. A quick inhale through his nose as he looks at his drink, attempting to stay in his lane. He grimaces a litle and shrugs his right shoulder, allowing his head to tilt some so he could hear better out of one ear.
Lowry      Lowry looks to the others. "Five caps a piece? Ta' start?" Over to Kaeleyn he says, "Aww come on'. Nothin' ta' steep. But have it your way." He flashes a grin to the pointy eared women before eyeing her up and down. Yea, thats what he would do. Then an awful mean look to CORA. He don't seem to like the robots and such. His attention is back to the table now though. "It's allright." He shrugs about El Dorado.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and watches the poker stuff curiously... "I really dun get gambling... Just not that lucky at it.." she says as CORA points out "You play craps..." Kae tilts her head curiously and ummms.... "That's technically not gambling with me..."
Lowry      Lowry eyes his cards and the rest that come out. A few raises are had and then he lays down a flush. "If anyones got that beat let me know." He seems pretty confident while he takes a sip and turns to Kae. "Well, thers' a lil' more to it then luck. Unless yer' pullin' slots. Not ma' thing personally."
Franky Franky takes another swig of his drink with a low hiss as the booze burns down his throat. He catches the pair of cards as they're delt out to him, his other hand placing several caps in the middle of the table. His eyes shift from cards to Lowry, then to cards, then at Tibbie. He places a few more caps after the next card in placed in the center. Grinning childishly, "Would it be bad form to ask about work opportunities during cards?" Franky polishes off his drink before laying the final five caps into the pot. The grin goes away as Lowry's flush is revealed, and a reluctant three pair are shown. "Suppose I wasn't kidding when I said I was up for losing caps."
Tibbie      The cards are in hand, the table of chums including Tibbie are mulling over their cards with a temporary silence, and caps clink against one another as they take the table's space. Tibbie's poker face is non-existent as she wears a frown, it seems lady luck is on her cycle tonight. After the river, the turn, the flop and all the bets are matched, the cards are laid out for the results. It's clear Lowry won this hand easily. Turning to Kae's comment,
"You mean a'cause your mind powers?" She asks her curiously. As for Franky's work question, Tibbie can only offer him a shrug, like this shorty shanytown gal can offer much beside a loaf of bread and a yappy mouth.

As the hours burn on the three play cards well into the night, Kae and Cora provide plenty of riveting commentary and banter as the table fills up with drinks, caps, and New Vegas fun!