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Tibbie      The Mojave is something gorgeous in the morning and the light trickling of rain only adds on to it's silent beauty. It's been a few days since that late night poker with Lowry and friends and Tibbie's itching for a bit more than the rush of gambling as she's out here, rifle at the ready and she's brought along some extra experience with her, Lowry! Nobody likes dying alone after all!

In the distance New Vegas can be seen, and other settlements like Prim are only specks on the harsh desert landscape, the sand beneath their feet is soft and yielding unlike it's usual grainy and concealing nature. Hopefully something worth of value has been uncovered by the spring showers as Tibbie and Lowry begin to scavenge the Mojave together.
Lowry      Lowry has his horse but he has dismounted it to turn over rubble and kick rocks around. His hat is pulled down tight and his neckerchief up. His dark coat and boots even darker from the rain. "Slim pickins'!" He shouts over his shoulder to the girl. "Whose damn idea was this anyways?" He mutters to himself while looking up at the rain. He straightens up and pulls his flask from his coat, a drink had before offering it over to the girl.
Tibbie      "Aww c'mon now chum, I'm sure there's gotta be something out here! The birds eat the meat but they aint getting the gear left behind!" Tibbie tries to sell it to Lowry as she skips over to him and takes a double swig from the flask, handing it back to him once she's done hogging it. Tibbie's not one to be prepared, as her skimpy shirt is damp clinging to her skin, and her hair is a glorified mud mop. Even her boots have an unappealing squish to them. But at least she didn't forget her assault rifle, the gun has kept her marginally safe, but the company she keeps has truly kept her alive these past few years. With squinting eyes and a hand to shelter her sight from the rain, the tomgirl Tibbie is trying her best to peer miles ahead, but it's too early to tell what lies ahead.

"Shit, maaaybe there's something up ahead, I, I dunno yet." She mulls it over and swings a high kick, shooting water from her boot.
Lowry The cowboy shrugs. "Maybe. Just keep on lookin' I reckon." He takes the bottle back and returns it inside his coat. Walking over to the horse he pats it. "Well, we coyld always ride out a few more miles. Only gets more dangerous. But, that only means its been picked over less." He removes his hat now and slaps it on his thigh, water flying off. After placing it back on his head he tries peering out himself. "Aww, can't see a damn thing." Behind him the horse is just wandering about.
Tibbie     "Sounds good to me boss!" Tibbie chirps and stands by the horse with an expectant leg up for a boost, as she waits she pets Lowry's horse on the rump and slicks some water off of the wet equine.

"I'm feelin a lil' bad for yer horse, do they get sick from the rain like people can?" Her face twists in that thought for a while.
Lowry      Lowry cups his hands and shoves the girl up, swinging atop shortly after. "He's pretty resilent." He says about the horse. Spurring him into action they will set off at a steady pace. After about twenty minutes they come across an old gas station. He will get off, and helpf her down. "Thers always good stuff round these ole' filler station." Plus theres a roof and it's a great place to get out of the rain for someone who had been riding!
Davidson     "C'mon, c'mon..." Bang! Bang! Bang! There's someone already there, it seems, one Davidson Harris; currently crouched beside one of the old pump stations hammering on a makeshift pump mechanism he's attached the hose to, trying to eke out a few CC's of gasoline into a container. He's failing, of course, because the tanks are very, very dry. But hey, it never hurts to try, right?
    The sound of a horse, and voices, has his head lifting - scanning the terrain of the Mojave before spotting the pair approaching, tensing up a bit. He can't tell who they are yet, and there're always raiders out and about the wastes.

    There's also a fusion-powered Harley-Davidson parked at the filler station.
Tibbie      Taking advantage of the shelter, Tibbie shakes the rain off and wrings out her brown locks, she gives Lowry's horse an appreciative pat and starts to wander about the place. She notices the radically-rigged Harley and perks up,

"Howdy! We're cool, just gittin' out the rain for a tick!" She says causally to the distant man at the pumps, "Sick ride y'got! Shit, well who woulda thought!" She recognizes Davidson as she gets closer and beams.

"Y'git anythin good out that pump?" Tibbie asks and waves Lowry over, "Look, it's Davey! Maybe he found something and that's why we aint found nothin' so far!" She tries to spin the lost cause so far to Lowry.
Lowry      Looking around Lowry sees the bike. "Hymm." Then he looks around for the owner. When she locates him the man gets a nod. "Hey ther'." He says to Davidson. Looking around he rests a hand on his pistol. "Seen anything?" Lowry remains a little vigilante, not sure how much Davidson scouted around. He chuckles a bit at Tibby and adds, "Yep. That sounds 'bout like it
Davidson     "Oh, hey," Davidson relaxes, "Jus' you, beautiful. Hey, Low."

    "Nah," he raps his knuckles on the side of the can, "Empty, dry as a bone. Haven't gone inside yet, though, might be somethin' worth picking through." He detaches the pump from the nozzle, hooking it on his belt as he pushes himself ot his feet.
Tibbie      Tibbie's face blushes from Davidson's compliment, though it might be hard to tell for some as her face is a few colors from the rain.
"Well that's some good news at least! Now where's the door at!" Tibbie says with new determination and starts to circle the building, trying to peer through the dark gas station. This shantytown tomgirl seems hell-bent on treasure hunting today!
Lowry      "That's a shame." Lowry says sincerley to Davidson. "Must be hard ta' come across gasoline." He keeps looking around as Tibbie nears the gas station itself. "Hold yer' horses, Lil' Miss." He draws a pistol and checks the clip, quickly returning it and racking the slide. He'll move around till he finds the door. "This a way!" He shouts over to both of them. "Comin'?" He asks Davidson before entering.
Davidson     "Don't see why not," Davidson replies cheerfully, unshouldering the carbine he has slung and flicking off the safety; keeping it low and close to his body as he moves to follow, "Never know what's in one of these old places, though..."
Tibbie      The gas station is damp and dark from it's lack of welcoming windows, and it's walls still hold onto some of the sun's heat making this place a bit spooky to the short Tibbie as she walks in with her much taller friends Davidson and Lowry.

"Oh look, some sugarbombs!" she announces and reaches for the tattered box of sugary delights on the shelf when she hears a disembodied hiss very close to her!

"AWW SHIT!"Tibbie jumps back, "GECKOS!" she's heard this hiss before and takes no time at all to tell the others as she's now returned to them and readying her rifle. Looks like she found a little more than what she expected!
Lowry      Lowry nods to the pair of them and turns. He levels that pistol and THWACK! His boot hits the door and it flies open. He slowly sticks his head in and waves the pistol around. Something catches his eye, scurrying across the floor. "Anyone, got a light?" He shouts over his shoulder. Tibbies' reaction gets a grin and he adds, "Just stay back, darlin. An' get that rifle o' yours out."
Davidson     "Geckos, eh? Those skins sell well," Davidson observes, flicking the selector switch on the side of his rifle; the emblem of the 82nd catching the light briefly as he levels the gun forward, stepping carefully in, "Anyone see how many?"
Tibbie      Even with the help of Davidson's light, and a moment to take aim at a large Geko near the register, the bullet itself flies past it's intended target and through a pre-war poster on the wall.
"Dammit! We're gonna git you, you fuckin' slimy bitches!" She warns her enemies as they hiss louder now from the gunfire.
Lowry      The Geckos get riled up at the sound of gunfire and start jumping around. One comes flying at Lowry but he side steps and it crashes into some shelving making an awful racket and sending old goods to the ground. Another one comes running up and is served a healthy kick before Lowry takes aim. BOOM! The Colt rings loud, echoing through the store. The bullet purchases flesh and sends the little critter rolling across the ground, slimy green blood leaving a trail on the floor
Davidson     "Easy there, girl," Davidson offers casually, "Watch the recoil, take your time-- " The striped gecko peeks its head out, and he snaps off a shot - but it ducks back out of the way. Then he's bringing the barrel of his carbine back over towards one of the other geckos, eyes narrowing, "-- breathe, and --"

    A shot rings out, and the gecko jerks, its brain splattering over the wall as it slumps to the ground.
Tibbie      Taking Davidson's advice and seeing Lowry's skills have lit a spark under Tibbie as she take's aim yet again. She takes a breath, pulls the trigger with the striped gecko's guts splattering already visualized, but it was wishful thinking on Tibbie's part as the bullet zips through some canned goods and out one of the few remaining glass windows. "AUGH!" Tibbie groans in defeat and kicks one of the end-caps over,

"I swear I'm gonna be cookin' y'asses today somehow!" she says, still trying to be intimidating at least.
Lowry      The geckos regroup and come hard at Lowry, one biting his ankles the other flying at his chest. Ripping the one on him off he throws it. Squaring up his Colt he takes aim and blasts it out of the air. A smile comes across his face before he looks down. The little bastard still gnawing at his leg. "Off o' me!" HE shouts swing his leg about, blood beginning to leak from his ankle
Davidson     "It takes time, don't--" Then there's that shout from Lowry, and Davidson whirls 'round towards the sound, the barrel dropping low to aim for the sharp-toothed little horror latched onto the man's leg. "Hold still!"

    Yeah, because it's that easy!

    A single shot rings out, leaving a bloody hole in the midst of the gecko, which falls limp. Limp, but still attached to Lowry's leg.
Tibbie     "Shit I sure am glad to have y'both here, I'd be a goner!" Tibbie remarks as she takes in the damage from the guys and the geckos. "Lemme try and pull that off of ya." Tibbie squats and reaches carefully enough to pull the lips of the dead gecko, unhinging it's jaw from poor Lowry's leg. Looking up to Lowry she says,

"You aint lookin too good, but at least they aint looking at all no more." standing now she can get back to her small quest, those sugarbombs.

"I hope there's more of these around, and a whole lot more cool shit around here too for the both of you." She adds as she's now munching on some bombs, she earned it from all that hard work
Lowry "LIttle bastard!" The cowboy shouts, his face red and then biting his cheek. He returns his gun to the holster and pulls a combat knife from his belt. Reaching down he helps Tibbie get the thing off. "Thanks." He says to her "Nice shot, though." He calls over to Davidson. "Keep an eye out. Might be more lurking about." Once it's fully removed he wipes the blade off and returns it. Lowry leans against a counter and gets out the flask, drinking heavily before offering to the others. "There had better be somethin' good in here!"
Davidson     "If nothing else, we can drag their carcasses back maybe," Davidson opins, nudging one with his boot, "No gold skins, but, you never know." He looks back up and around, flicking on the safety and lowering the carbine, "Yeah, let's take a look around. Be careful, though."
Tibbie     Casually following Davidson's light, Tibbie kicks over debris in search of anything worthwhile. "I kin definitely cook em up after fishin the lead out." Tibbie adds to Davidson's comment and squats again, searching the aisles thoroughly. She makes her way behind the counter and takes up Lowry's drink offer, gotta wash those ancient sugarbombs down after all. "Not much so far boss, maybe in the back room?" She asks and thumbs toward the cramped breakroom nearby.
Lowry      Lowry reaches down and picks up the striped one. "Might get somethin' fer the hides. We's could at least get lunch out of it." He gets back up and swings himself on the counter. He starts pulling up his pant leg cussing the whole time. "Lil' bastards." Then he shouts over to them. "You two go ahead. I need a moment." When the bottle is returned he drinks again and pours a healthy dose on his shin.
Davidson     "Good thought. Sometimes the first scavs miss the back rooms, overlook the cleaning supplies, the tools..." The /good stuff/ in other words! The carbine's kept at the ready as Davidson steps into the doorway, sweeping the room with his barrel before stepping in fully, "Looks clear. Check the closets."
Tibbie     "Hal-le-loo!" Tibbie cheers as she opens the web-infested closet. She bats the webs and shakes them off her hands,
"Lookie look!" Tibbie shows off a small bundle of mischievous makeshift fireworks with a grin, as she keeps digging she's setting aside canned goods and some hefty lookin boxes,

"I'll keep diggin' out boxes, how bout you open em up strongarms?" she smirks to Davidson and gets back to looting the closet. Who would've thought this trip was going to be this good!
Lowry      Lowry is nodding. "Yep. I dun' find most the good stuff in spots like this out back or in a mop closet. Depends what yer' into. Different folks find valu' in different sorts o' stuff." He then shrugs and pulls his neckerchief off. It would be wrapped tightly and tied around his shin before he hops down and changes clips on his pistol. Shuffling off behind them then he adds, "Strongarms?"
Davidson     "Well, never let it be say I turned down a request from a lovely lady," Davidson teases with a wink, stepping over to crouch down beside the boxes and start opening them up. "Let's see, we've got... some papers... some bottles, hm, oil maybe? Labels are worn off." He unscrews one, sniffing, "Mm. Oil."
Tibbie     Tibbie pulls out the last box and dusts off her knees as she stands up. She gives Lowry a smile and flexes her biceps, "Davey there's got 'the guns' outta the three of us. Perfect for them sticky boxes." Tapping her lip in thought, she perks up.

"Hey now, do y'all think that autoshop thing attached outside oughta have any loot left? I mean it's wide open so maybe it's been picked through already. I sure wanna toss a few of these crackers down a gas pump though, just to see what happens!" Tibbie wears an impish smile as she lays out her plans.
Tibbie     The group has a fun time out at that Mojave gas station, Tibbie lights her fireworks in that darn pump and no super cool explosions happen but parts fly about none the less. After that they settle and have a nice gecko n canned greens lunch while Lowry bleeds out slower than he was earlier thanks to his bandana tourniquet. And Davidson does search that garage and finds a few rusty tools to add to his collection and clean up when he gets back home. Overall the group had a great time Scavenging in the rain.