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Ashur "Get down!"

There's a little thud as something red and heavy strikes the ground, smoke and fire dancing in slender spark-sizzle at one end -- moments later, there's a thunderous explosion, as the TNT blows out a small crater in the pock-marked street. Rubble is strewn every which way as a great plume of dust chokes the air, obscuring the laughing faces of the Powder Gangers who have situated themselves upon the long-abandoned roller coaster track that runs along Primm. The explosive chain gang has mustered force once more to try and take Primm and spread south, swelling their ranks with all manner of ill and sundry that came in the wake of the battles for the Hoover Dam and the Mutant Horde.

Ashur, golden and overbearing, looms in his power armor before Tibbie, shielding her from concrete shrapnel that harmlessly bounces against the duraframe plating. The report of gunfire issues, as a handful of town defenders pile behind barriers and car frames or the corners of buildings, taking pot shots at the dynamite-chucking crooks.

A bullet whizzes past the Legionnaire and shatters on the ground by Tibbie. O'erhead, the afternoon sun burns on this dry and windless day.
Tibbie     "Shit" Tibbie musters to say in the explosive moment as she's grateful Ashur is there to effortlessly shield her. The stray bullet spooks her to flinch and cover her ears, it's been a while since she's been in this kind of action and although she felt prepared earlier, her face shows otherwise with worry. Her skin glistens in sweat from the heat and sun and her hair's a bit lackluster now as dust kicks up and into her follicles. The short girl coughs and looks up to Ashur, unsure if he could hear her or if what she's going to ask would be rebutted,

"Jefecito! They're in a good spot, what're we gonna do?" she asks and readies her assault rifle that's been strapped to her back, it's a relief to get the warming metal off her back.
Ashur There's maybe half a dozen locals gathered, at best; Primm's never been popular, even at the best of times, being the pit-stop near New Vegas for the impatient or the destitute. It's a den of desperate travelers and the occasional NCR man. That lack of manpower is why the Powder Gangers can maintain an offensive for so long, even if they are often repelled -- all it takes is one 'boss' type gangster or another to get a little ambitious, rally up some men, and march like a would-be conqueror-king.

"I recognize the style," the armored Ashur responds, reaching down to grab the girl by the crook of her arm and lead her out of the road toward the wreck of an old car serving as barrier. The broken asphalt beneath them is proof of the many conflicts over the years; the looming hotel opposite them, decorated with the abandoned roller coaster rail, is just as shattered. "The Powder Gangers. A wild gang of NCR convicts who escaped a labor camp; they had a store of explosives, and used them to harass all locals. They even made trouble for a few Legion patrols."

Opposite, a stringy-haired Powder Ganger, with a patchy beard and some scavenged NCR armor, fires a few bullets into the air from a stolen rifle. "This time, Primm, you're going down! Ol' Black Joe's got your number! Woo!"

Ashur pauses, and looks around.

"It isn't our fight, but I loathe them. So be it. Tibbie, use the car as cover, and if any of their dynamite gets close, back away somewhere else."
Tibbie     Listening to the giant golden man, Tibbie nods,
"Alright Jefecito, let's show em how it's done!" She says, getting some of her fighting spirit back up although that's pretty easy in safe cover. Before following out his orders, Tibbie embraces Ashur in a hug, the sight itself is endearing as their sizes differ tremendously as she can barely wrap her arms around the gold power armor, and hugging armor might not make sense to those with common sense but this is Tibbie.

"Y'all aint gonna last long now chumps!" Tibbie cries out as she props her rifle on the wreckage and takes aim, with the bad luck she's had shooting geckos days before she can only try to follow Davidson's and Lowry's shooting advice and hope for the best. She's not alone behind the car as a few folks are shooting along side her, she catches them in her peripheral and watches their shots hit and miss along with her own terrible misses. Some shots shoot into the hotel, and some into the support beams of the coaster so far.
Ashur The few settlers and the one NCR Private that was visiting a local girl he's sweet on are spread out and fighting; it's a rough encounter, filling the air with lead and shrapnel and intermittent kabooms! It provides enough cover of smoke and debris to make movement easy, if risky, and leaves the ears ringing.

Ashur returns the hug with one arm, gently patting Tibbie's head, before he turns and moves away from the car, flanking the shooters in their hotel nest and roller-rail perches with some stealth -- but it's a stealth dependent on everyone else being a distraction, because Ashur, his steps quaking the ground and the musculature of his armor hissing as it pumps and the joints swivel, is not quiet. Nor is he hard to see, shiny as he is. Indeed, small arms fire hits him on occassion.

"Stand down, Profligates," he calls out, voice projected through his golden-horned helmet and mask with a metallic tinge. "And your deaths will be swift."

A bullet strikes his chest and deflects off impotently. A Powder Ganger screams out, "It's the Legion! Look at his mask! The Legion's got power armor!"
Tibbie     One of Tibbie's shots grazes the foot of one of vantage pointed powder gangers and she smiles from this small victory as the man wails, though relishing in that sound would be impossible from her spot with all the gunfire and explosions around her. She watches Ashur approach and does her best to stir up some sand around the baddies as a distraction but this backfires on her part as a boomstick is thrown her way by the vengeful footsore man a top the rails! Tibbie's good eyes didn't fail her this time as she tugged on an ally nearby and booked it to the next mangled car for cover. A bullet zips by her and singes a hole through the back of her boot as she ran for cover! The car she started from had flew back, flipping in the air a few times before landing twenty-five feet further back from the enemies and leaving a sizable crater in it's place.

She's now back to shooting again, fumbling to reload as her ears ring incessantly and her concentration's been shook from the near miss of her own foot.

"Git em Jefecito!" Tibbie cheers loudly as she can't hear herself to know what decibel she's on.
Ashur Crunching gravel beneath his boots, Ashur advances; he is the storm, an unstoppable maelstrom of metal that the Powder Ganger's scavenged armaments are incapable of impeding. As he mounts the railway, and begins to walk along it, the gangers focus more of their fire on him instead of the locals.

"This damn pea-shooter can't do a thing!"

"Git 'em!"

"Blow that cocksucker up! Give him some Legion love!"

There's a spark, a stick of dynamite lit, and it goes sailing through the air toward Ashur, a mere few dozen yards away from the collection of men, who have holed up near an open hotel window on the second floor that the path passes by.

The stick hits a wooden plank, rattles, bounces down, and almost falls through the cracks -- then it explodes, and a fireball rises up, and a great thunder and tearing of wood and metal that sends bullets of hail outward in an ever-expanding cloud --

And the Hellfire armor, heat-resistant as it is, plods forward, though Ashur's weight drags the metal and wood down with a great screech as he begins to plummet some fifteen feet, the roller coaster broken and flopping down like a rope bridge!

"Yeah! He can't get up here now! Fuck off, bitch! Caesar's dead!"
Tibbie     "Jefecito!" Tibbie yells as she ducks, some of the debris bounces from the car and lands next to her and in her hair. She take's advantage of the lack of bullets heading her way to stand and open fire from behind the car now, she does graze a few more limbs of but she mainly hits the support beams, trying to 'chop their legs off' so to speak, but from this distance and her caliber rifle alone would take her too long.

"Fuck! Let's chop em down!" Tibbie shoulders the man beside her and points out the support she's been aiming at, although his caliber is nearly the same as her, maybe together they can help Ashur take down these smug fucks!
Ashur Ashur swings down on the falling iron-wood bridge, crashing through a support beam in Tarzanian fashion and blasting the wood around him. Another screech, the structure shudders, and the coaster threatens to break apart; a few moments later, its seesaw wiggling ends, and it stabilizes, albeit with the track blown apart and no longer connected in a complete loop.

"You dumbass, Jim, you broke the track!"

"Yeah, but now he can't get up here, and we can."

Tibbie manages to organize fire with a few others, and one of the damaged beams is shot down; the track, which looked safe, shudders once more, pitches, and one of the gangers topples overboard, flailing until he lands on his head with a sickening splat.

Another hail of bullets strikes Ashur as he withdraws, stern and quiet but unharmed, and the locals gather their wits and open fire. The Powder Gangers withdraw into the hotel, climbing from the track through an open window, and bunker down. It isn't safe to be on the track anymore.

"They've sealed themselves within," Ashur intones to the NCR Private. "Keep an eye on the exits, and let none escape."

He turns, waves Tibbie over. "It's time for their punishment, little Tibbie. Come; maybe you'll get to shoot someone."

He advances toward the front door as the locals open suppressive fire on the windows.
Tibbie     Watching all of this happen so quickly Tibbie's still cheering her teammates on the support beam when Ashur calls her. She finally sprints up to him and now uses Ashur for cover as she reloads, following him into the creepy hotel

"I hope I get a good shot!" she says a bit quietly, not wanting to get attention too soon. The old wood creaks and cracks under their feet, but mostly Ashur's as they're closing in on the room where most of the gangers are thought to be hiding! The tense excitement is exactly what Tibbie needed for her New Vegas Vacation!
Ashur The hotel's door is crudely barred; when Ashur turns the handle and pushes it open, it grunts and catches and does not swing, merely casting a wide net of dust down on their heads. "Stand back," he instructs, before driving himself and all the weight of the Hellfire into the door. It surrenders with thunder and applause, and they've gained entry, while the locals continue to exchange fire with the Powder Gangers in the hotel room to distract them.

The interior is nothing special. It's been looted before, and is an absolute mess; the Mojave takes less pride in its homes than El Dorado, rule of thumb, and looks more run-down in general. All wealth and concern go to Vegas, after all. The desk is broken; the carpets threadbare; missing windows, broken doors, collapsed bits of roof. But they ascend, and make it, indeed, to the room, identified by the sound of yelling men and guns within.

Ashur looks around, and seizes a door of thick wood that's fallen off the hinges. He thrusts his left arm through it, splintering around the gauntlet, and flexes, wielding it like a shield. He enters the room adjacent to the occupied one, and then sets the door down near the bed and dresser, providing a bit of makeshift cover.

A step over, a flourish of hand from girl to said cover, and then Ashur bullrushes the wall, crashing through it into the armed men.
Tibbie     Tibbie's a talker alright but she's also a listener as well, especially in these situations, and more so when it's Ashur who's doing the talking. She takes to the door for cover and aims her rifle as Ashur bursts through the wall, the hole reminds her of a hole she's seen before at Lyn's Lounge and she can't help but smirk as she recalled the grief the hole gave Lyn and Chuck. The wall gives in easily and the men on the other side are taken by a huge fuckin surprise as the gilded Ashur is ready to do some problem solving!
Ashur The golden Ashur comes upon them like a storm; there's nary time enough for shocked gasps when he barrels through the old wall, glittering in the sunlight through the open window as he strikes the man nearest it, wielding a scavenged NCR rifle, and sends him plummeting out to his demise.

He pivots, clenches another man's forearm in the vice of his hand, and with casual brutality snaps the arm and holds the man before him -- his friends finally react, and open fire, riddling their own companion with bullets.

It leaves an awful lot of them with their backs turned to Tibbie..
Tibbie     It doesn't take a scientist to see this kind of opportunity, their backs turned, spines just begging to be snapped. Tibbie unloads her rifle and takes out a good handful of the Powder Gangers; backs, legs, and necks are being pierced and bursting with blood from her rifle's bullets and now she's reloading, giving Ashur some time to get his violent workout with the rest of the living bodies in the room.

"Whooo-we! Git em big guy!" Tibbie cheers as she's shoving bullets into her rifle. Killing things sure is easy-pickins when Ashur's around!
Ashur A hailstorm of Tibbie's bullets take the half-dozen Powder Gangers by surprise. Their adrenaline pumping, the grazing shots are barely felt, but the ones that damaged tendons or organs lead to men slumping and falling.

"They snuck up on us!", one man, clutching his leg and waving his shotgun around screams. "Where was that damn lookout?"

He pumps it, aims at Ashur, and lets loose a point-blank explosion of buckshot.

It harmlessly impacts his armor, the force dissipated and not even denting the black-gold plates. These men never had a chance, truly; convicts with scavenged arms are more than a few tiers beneath the champion of Rome.

Without pause for gloating or wit, Ashur slams a boot heel into the man's face, pulping him with the follow-through stomp. The survivors continue to fill him full of daylight, but to no avail.

Between Ashur and Tibbie, all six of the men are slaughtered in less than a minute. The encounter was brutal and swift. The bloodsoaked floorboards creak and groan, and a few red splatters shine on the roller coaster track outside the window.

And near the back door? The lookout slips away. He'd caught Tibbie and Ashur both.. and recognized the danger. It's not like he liked the Gangers that much, anyway.
Tibbie     "We did it Jefecito! Hell yeah!" Tibbie pumps her arm, still excited from the action. She doesn't go into the bloody room though, the spot behind the door isn't slicked with blood and bodies about it.

"We better go let the chums outside know so they aint wastin bullets!" Tibbie adds once she's cooled down and has her rifle strapped to her back again. Her hair's a mess, her shirt caught a few bloodstains, and her knee's are red and dusty from the floor but her grin to Ashur doesn't seem to show any concerns for that.
Ashur Boots slick with brain fluid, hands crowned in gore, Ashur turns away from the dead and paces to the open window. The feather-helmed Legionnaire tilts his head low and fixes his hand on the sill, leaning outside in full view of the handful of settlers that had been part of the gunfight. The ones that were aiming and reloading lower their guns -- no need to accidentally get shot.

The heavy man turns and pads away from the corpses, crunching the blood beneath him. "They mentioned a lookout," he remarks, opening the door and exiting to the hall. "I did not see one. The other Powder Gangers will know what happened here. If they are wise, the slaughter will scare them off."

With that little matter handled, he heads downstairs and back to the lobby, departing the hotel with a regal, languid walk, hands folded behind his back.