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Owner Pose
Lowry      The second chance saloon is the epitamy of slow right now. Only Lowry is there, sitting at the bar with his hat next to him. And a glass of whiskey of course. The shades are drawn and inside the place is as dark as it is empty. He swallows the rest of his cup and stands, his boots clunk on the floor as he rounds it to pour himself another. Nice perk when you /work/ there?
Kaelyn In wanders well Kae, the tall and yah, buxome elf-lass yawning as she wanders inside... She rubs at her shoulder idly and looks arond her self curiously, before she notices Lowry... "Hallo." she greets, smiling cheerfully as she does.
Lowry      Lowry half grins to her. "Well. If it ain't ma favorite lil' blue....Who am I kiddin' the /only/ blue Lady, I know." He gives a wink and pulls a glass to pour for her. "I know, I know. You'd need ten gallons or so just to feel somethin'. But ya' can have one for the taste right?" Without waiting he pours. Pushing the glass over then he continues. "Still got them thar' fuckin, cannons?!" He raises his glass now and grins, then drinks. No toast, more a salute to her taste in firepower.
Kaelyn Kae smiles slightly "Yus, one or two.." she peers at the glass and shrugs "I can enjoy the taste just fine, just well I dunno if I can drink enough spirit to get much of a use out of it." she adds with a slight smile... "But yus I still have plenty of cannons and such... Need to see about getting my primary rifle fixed up, and my Beowulf... Then I guess I can get ya to work on my gause rifle..." she adds.. "But I think that'll be after I go and buy me some land..."
Lowry      Lowry looks her up and down as she speaks. Then he peers, "Shit it's dark in here." He shakes his head to clear his toughts and says. "Well, LEt's start with one ya' got on ya if ya' want." He then looks her over to see if he can determine what she is carrying. "Unless ya' want ta' wait on that land. I'd get that." IT doesn't sound like he does but, hey.
Kaelyn Kae oooh's and looks around curiously "Havn't noticed, but I see very well in the dark, don't really even need nightvision goggles." She says cheerflly... She then sets her carbine up on the counter "How long ya think it'll take to do the mods on this one?
Lowry      He looks it over carefully now. His glass set down. Guns. One thing he will pay /rea/ attention too. "Hymm. Well, depending on the mods ya want I got enough stuff to do two." his eyes look up now, "But I'll hundred and ten caps." He shrugs. "Somethin' like that. Time is what's limited." Then he picks his glass back up and drinks, yea he's really pressed for time.
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head and holds up a couple rolls of tools for working on a gun.. "I have enough to get 2 more done.." She says curiously.... "Just gimme a total?"