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Vault Girl It had seemed miraculous when word began to filter in that a team of Rangers, El Dorado Militia, Marshals, and 18th Battalion had captured Jared Solomon after ambushing a landed pair of Vertibirds near the Mojave border.

Even more miraculous was the fact that nobody of renown or note had been involved in the capture of the man, which had also granted the Militia the unexpected boon of a pair of Vertibirds which would no doubt be of use in the days to come.

Solomon had been taken to a bunker formerly occupied by the Brotherhood of Steel known as the Hidden Valley Bunker. The Brotherhood had long been pushed out of the location following the events surrounding the second battle of the Hoover Dam and the rangers had been using it ever since.

No information had been gained from Solomon yet who had requested a very specific list of people that included Matt, Fern, Ashur, Stockton, Elsie, and Kaelyn to be present or he would not give any information.

Several other well-known El Dorado inhabitants had been brought along as well to provide security with Marshal Stockton to take the lead in questioning Solomon before taking him back to El Dorado..

Presently, Solomon was isolated on his own in a room with his hands tied to a chair and a pair of Marshals who Stockton had trained personally; Bob and Jim Caruthers, farmhands who had once worked on the Drake farm standing on guard waiting to let him and anyone else who had business in.
Matt Matt is at a bit of a loss as to why Mister Solomon man would be so intent on having *him* present for his great big revival of how much of a shitty person he is. But he shows up, New Vegas was getting boring. You can always lose so many caps before losing gets boring. He'll arrive by motorcycle and await more people to show before getting shown anywhere or meeting anyone.
Ashur "What reason would he have to summon a teenage girl?" Ashur's voice is a level closer to beast than human, brought near a rage by the wicked possibilities of Solomon's intent; his hands are curled into fists, and for all the solemnness of his expressionless mask of Mars, he boils with a no doubt tooth-grinding fury. "I'll crucify him myself if he's inappropriate."

Of all the terrible things Ashur does and supports, even he has lines; he bristles, chuffs. "Dogmeat, stay by Fern and Eden."

The dog pants happily and barks, walking alongside the girls as they're brought to the Hidden Valley Bunker, with Ashur striding at the head, as golden as the sun at their backs.
Alasa Alasa is of course one of those other El Doradorians, not requested by name..but then again, how can you pass up an opportunity like this. The chance to see two Vertibirds up close, that aren't trying to kill you....oh, and the capture of the guy..yeah, thats important too. Course such an easy capture, and the list of smells like a trap..yep, a trap..but then one is trying to trap her. Still she keeps her Blue Beauty ready just in case.
Kaelyn Why she was requested by name is completely and totally beyond her... Kae wanders into the Bunker with others summoned, the odd, elf-like woman glancing around curiously while rubbing at the back of her neck... On her hip is strapped an FN-FAL in its collapsed state, this weapon strapped to her thigh and thighpad as she's again wearing form-fitting armor of Chinese Make...

Across her back sitting diagonally? That's a differnt matter. It's a futuristic looking rifle of sorts, a compact electromagnetic pulse rifle, otherwise known as a rail or a coil gun... The ammo counter on it reads '40' in bright red letters as she has the weapon ready to rock in roll in case things turn south...

Kae glances around again and looks over to where Fern is... then to Eden then back at the others and finally to Ashur "Ya got called in too? Wonder whyfore I was called and why Fern was called...."
Davidson "Ironic. We came all this way and someone else nabbed the sonuvabitch," Davidson comments as he steps off the Terminator, keys spun 'round on a finger in a clattering display of reflected light before he stuffs them into a pouch for safety, the matte black of his armour broken only by the red-and-white insignia of some long-dead corporation at his shoulder. "Think it's a trap?"

The question's rather rhetorical as he walks along with the others, unslinging his carbine but keeping the safety on and keeping the barrel low.
Fern     "Cause he's a big ol' perv, that's why. Or maybe he don't like how I been gamblin' and winning money he thinks he should have? I dunno. He's a dick anyway," says Fern as she walks along side Ashur, her spurs jingling against the ground with every step she takes.

    The girl walks a bit closer to the dog once it has been told to stay near herself and Eden, and she reaches over to steal a quick petting of it down its back. She'll steal the whole dog some day! Just you wait and see. She smiles at the dog and looks up, spotting Kae. She wiggles her eyebrows at the woman and then shrugs, continuing to walk along.
Stockton Stockton doesn't like miracles, especially ones he didn't see with his own eyes. There is a stoic wariness about the Marshal when he finally steps foot into the Hidden Valley Bunker. Murch as he didn't trust the NCR, he knew they weren't dumb enough to pull something - or were they. The infamous pair of high calibur guns strapped to Stockton's gunbelt are loaded and more than likely cocked and ready when the man needed a little 'Kindness' and 'Generosity'.

The first steps into the base are quiet, contemplative. Upon hearing Ashur, the equally graveled rumble of Stockton meets his words, "What reason's Solomon ever had fer doin' anything? An' you'll keep yer nails an' crosses to yerself," is the only bluntly toned warning Ashur gets - the Marshal bears a glazed eye and a scar on the outside, and many more wounds on the inside from the man in question. Family, men, compatriots and brothers in arms. He will personally see justice done.

"If'n it ain't a trap, it's a ruse, keep yer eyes open an' yer ears more so," Stock switches sides that his cigarillo sits in his mouth and chews down on it again before moving up to Bob and Jim to give them a nod.

It's time.
Conway Conway was told by a friend of a friend who's the customer of a friend who's a customer of Conway that some farmhands of the Drake Ranch were helping out Marshal Stockton with keeping hold on some mobster while they swing the light bulb. Since Conway also works on-and-off at the Drake Family Ranch as a farmhand, he took the initative to invite himself to help out. Conway stands in the back of everyone, listening to the low chatter while he fumbles with a cap in the pocket of his dirty work pants.
Eden Eden stays near Fern and the dog, keeping her gun loaded and pointed down, but ready. She is full of the same questions everyone else is surely thinking. All of the whys and what next's puzzleing through her mind as she walks quietly along.
Ashur "Mind your tongue, Stockton," is Ashur's terse reply as the man warns him. "I am no Deputy for you to command."
Elsie The fact that Elsie was summoned, if you can call it that, makes her blood run cold. She's as pale as she's ever been, brought out even moreso by that bright red hair. She's left it down, half-obscuring her face for this little escapade, today. Wearing her skirt, holder, corset armor and blouse, she follows close behind Stockton, having shared the ride in on Brandywine with him. And she'll let him take the lead too, but she stays close. Very close. Just pay no attention to the fact that she has her eyes cast down, keeping her face in shadow. The plastic surgery is enough, surely it's enough. Surely he couldn't know...
Lowry      Hadn't seemed miraculous to Lowry. Probably because he never heard! His past few weeks in New Vegas had been spent appropriately. Though, after a week long bender he has found hdimself in stranger places. So he doesn't even question it! Instead he holds his own with sober looking steps. Though, he waits outside the bunker.
Vault Girl The door was opened on Stockton's command and Jared Solomon; former Mayor of El Dorado, Crime Lord, and Enclave Governor, and War Commander was revealed in all his exuberance; a remarkably cheerful smile on his face for a man who had been caught.

"Ah, good friends from El Dorado, it's been so long." He laughed before even telling his joke awkwardly, "If I wasn't tied up, I would have stroked my moustache for you with the evil twirly villain moves you might have expected."

"Stockton Volkner, tell me. How is your mother?" Solomon fully expected to be hit after such a line, but there was something disarming about his confidence in the face of capture.
Matt Matt takes a decidedly unfirm stance near the door's entrance. Plenty of really really big people are crowding into the room and he'd rather be a-ways back from the man he's heard so much about. "You really asked for a who's who of the big shakers and movers, and the barely anybodies to show up here." He'll speak from hhis position at the doorjamb.
Stockton "No, yer a civilian tryin' tah enact 'is own justice," Stockton says back without an inch of budge. Their terse little stand-off considered over, the Marshal pushes on into the room that Jim and Bob open up. And what he finds is someone who looks exactly, and sounds exactly like Jared Solomon, a personal nemesis for more than a lifetime. That quip has the Marshal crossing the distance between himself and the prisoner in two long strides of heavy boots, that big fist lifted up like he's about to introdcue Solomon to the world of concussions.

But he doesn't.

Stockton hangs here, a hand nearly reaching Solomon's shirt, the other cocked to unleash punishment. But, he's staring at the man's right arm. Blinking slowly, he goes from the wound back to Jared's gaze, and his chin tips slightly, eyes darkening. "What are yah?" a direct question as he sticks a finger rudely into the bullet hole in the man's right arm.
Alasa Alasa hmmms, as she stands out of the way in the hall as well. "I do hope they searched him top to bottom, as well as inside and out. That kind of guy, you can't take any chances with." She ponders a moment.
Elsie Elsie hangs back, just behind Stockton. She's in the room, but trying to look totally inconspicuous. I mean, why should this man, who she, Elsie Bell, has never met, want to see her? It's preposterous! Must be a mistake! And yet Elsie's hazel eyes settle on the man with a look of confused recognition. She narrows her naturally wide gaze, watching him, stepping to the side to let others in to the room or to otherwise get out of the way. It leaves Stockton on the right of Solomon, and her on the left, albiet hanging far back. And she watches him. And watches. And watches. "Marshal," she says, in a tone of shared understanding. She'll give him a little nod of he looks her way, but it's a nod partnered with a look of confusion. She'll continue to stare, stare at SOlomon, until she's sure she hears a familiar voice in teh back of the crowd. "Low?" she calls, hopeful. It'd be nice to have another presence nearby.
Ashur Ashur strides forth into the room without a care in the world. If it is a trap, let it be sprung -- all traps can be managed with sufficient doses of ultraviolence. He gives the room a quick sweep and then fixates his helmeted gaze on the Governor, lingering on a pale stain upon his arm, and watches as Stockton jams a finger at his arm.

"Spare us the theatrics, dog.""

His arms fold across the black-gold chest of his Hellfire, fingertips rattling along as the feather-helmed Roman glares. He's not one for interrogation. As people take a side on right and left, Ashur bullishly charges right ahead, and to hell with whatever might be in his way. The better to glare down at Solomon.

"Speak your purpose. Is this a trap, a distraction, or a grand reveal? Get it over with and die with dignity."
Conway Conway folds his arms over his chest, watching Stockton dig fingers into open wounds. He bites his inner cheek, turning his head away. "Sheesh". Conway shakes his head and turns back towards the scene, watching over the shoulder of one of the gatherers.
Fern     Things are probably getting crowded enough as-is, so Fern doesn't go inside. Naw, she lingers just outside of where the man is being held, but close enough to where she can hear everything. The teen looks around, inspecting this and that, cause.. You know. Traps! She stays close to Dogmeat while doing so, one hand on the dog's back while petting it gently.
Davidson "There's something wrong-- something weird-- with his eyes," Davidson mutters low under his breath to the nearest other person - who happens to be Elsie - drawing back just a bit, free hand sliding over the top of the All-American, "I don't like this. There's something fuckin' wrong here. Something really fuckin' wrong."
Kaelyn Kae peers and watches the other interract with this other person now. She stays near Fern now, glancing around and probably just within visual range of the Solomon person... She then tilt sher head "Y aknow folks... "She says quietly, simply... "If ya don't work together you guys won't be able to get any useful information out of the man..."
Ashur At Fern and Eden's side, the canny, golden-collared German Shepherd begins to growl and bark and assume an aggressive posture. Teeth bared, hackles raised -- eyes locked on Solomon. But he's the goodest boy, and remains in place.
Lowry      With Matt hanging back Lowry takes notice of him in the door, "Hey ther' bossman." He gets a nod, "Tha' hell is goin' on in there?" The glaze to his eyes and the slight slur to his words it's obvious he is up to the usual. Proof when he pulls a bottle and takes a sip then offering it to his fellow Lone star compadre. When Elsie speaks up he tries to peer in the room but he is obviously barely alert of his own presence let alone anything else. He just shrugs.
Eden Eden start stroking dogmeat's back, tryingvto sooth him. but also trying to follow his gaze. "Has he ever met Solomon before?" she asks Ashur. This fog is super gentle around the babies, so it's unnerving to see him agressive.
Alasa Alasa stretches a bit letting the big guns do what they do. Sides, its a nice hallway..with a wainscotting that is just dreamy. The lighting perfect for a hallway this size. Yep, a really nice hallway...
Vault Girl "I'm Jared Solomon." Solomon suddenly broke the bonds that had been holding him in place and reached out to grab Stockton by the neck, "You were Stockton Volkner."

The Caruthers Brothers, Bob and Jim both drew their shotguns and pointed them inside of the room, but didn't open fire. Maybe because they didn't have a clear shot, "Everyone stand back." Jim said, and Bob reaffirmed with a nod, "They got this inside there."
Ashur There's a moment, when Jared shatters his bonds, that Ashur has to respond -- decades of military experience and life-or-death battle arouse a certain instinctive response to sudden movements and potential threats.

But he suppresses that instinct, arms remaining folded, for now. Stockton can handle himself, surely, and if not -- well, Jared will still be there to interrogate afterwards.
Stockton There's a brief moment where Stockton is surprised. The sudden lunge of Jared Solomon was not unexpected and he just grunts as the man's hands wrap around his thick throat. There's a difference between determination and grit, Stockton has the fomer. Even being choked out by the man, he has the wherewithall to quickly reach back behind him, grabbing his pistol 'Generosity' before putting it against the other man's shoulder even as he's being driven back into the wall. BLAM. The first .50 cal slug rams into the metallic arm of the former Mayor. Then repeated shots as gears and springs fly, hydrolic fluids hiss out and with a final shot there's a heavy thud as one actuated arm finds the floor. That big gun barrel finds Solomon's flapping mouth and the Marshal shoves it forward until Jared is forced to gag on the barrel and back up.
Fern     Fern's eyes widen as she is barely able to see what's going on in there (she's short!!) and she gives a quick, "Holy shit, he's a robot!!" Now if that's accurate or not? Who knows. All Fern has heard is that the man's eyes look odd, and now he's hulking out and strangling Stockton. Maybe. That's what it looks like to a kid with a wild imagination, at least! Fern ain't goin' close to that fucker. She steps back and clucks her tongue, trying to get Dogmeat to shuffle back as well.
Elsie "Marshal!" Elsie cries out in shock and surprise when the man, her father(?) grabs Stockton's throat. There's a moment of cacophanous noise in the room, with flashes of light and man-on-machine violence that leaves Stockton free and shoving the barrel of his weapon down Jared's throat. Elsie looks distraught, sticking to the corner now. She doens't speak, trying not to draw any further attention to herself. The only other sign of distress she gives is to yank a hand through her red locks. What the hell is happening?!
Kaelyn Kae stares quietly "Cyborg maybe too... " she says as Stockton fires his weapon.. She frowns, her eyes actually glowing just a little as she stares ahead.. "Am I needed?" She asks simply, before she then smiles at Fern again. "But yes, if the wierdness factor wasn't high with just us here, its gotten higher I think." She adds.... Kae glances to Fern now and sidles slightly so as to be able to interpose her self between fern and the other. She can really get to Stockton from here, but if need be maybe she can use Tk to help things out at this distance.... Too many people here for her to fire any weapons...
Conway Conway hears the gunshot and spins around, heading for the door. "Fuck that." He hears everyone cry out in the commotion, trying to slip past people towards the exit. He rubs his ear and hums to himself to check if he lost any of his permanent hearing from having the gunshot blare close to his ear.
Matt Yep. Thats enough for Matt to snag Lowry's elbow and ensure that the both of them are OUT of the room with the dangerous whatever and not in the line of fire. "I got asked to be here. And a bunch of very important people that aren't me too. Makes ya nervous, don't it?"
Alasa Alasa hears the gunshot, "Well...that didn't take long" But she doesn't move...small room there, and enough bodies already...she just watches the door to see what might come out.
Davidson     "Wh-- what the fuck?" Davidson recoils from the sudden action, and then from the spray of metal and hydraulic fluid, his jaw dropping, "He was a /robot/?"
Ashur "Robots don't look like that," Ashur remarks, looking down to the dismembered and artificial arm. "It's a cybernetic limb. Like the Reavers." Ashur still remembers those grotesqueries, though in vague snippets, given his state in the final battle -- those bike-riding machine-men, with machine hearts and machine minds.

Or that scientist Ashur liked, who disappeared in Roswell. That terrible place.

"Clever dog, though. He could smell the danger. Give him a pet for me, Fern."

Dogmeat is not in much of a petting mood, still growling and grring and tensing. He very much wants to leap into the fray and protect his master and the women!
Vault Girl The struggle between Stockton and Solomon ends quicker then one would expect, but some battles were decided in the blink of an eye.

Stockton's blasts strike Solomon??? True despite the struggle between the pair of them, the .50 caliber rounds blasting through the shoulder and chest of the pale imitation of humanity.

Solomon's grip released on Stockton, and where the bullets had penetrated a white viscous fluid leaked out as Solomon fell backwards onto the ground with a thud, his pupils glowing red as they began to fizzle out.

"The Symposiiiiiiiiiiiiiii---*bzt*." The android's pupils faded and whatever life was imbued in the creature dispersed.

Another mystery had been thrust upon the people of El Dorado...
Conway Conway pops out of the door infront of Alasa, walking with some haste. He nearly collides into her but he places his hands on her shoulders and stops himself from clipping her. "Sorry." He takes his hands off quick, placing his dirty straw hat on his head. "I wouldn't go in there." He shakes his head, looking around outside for his horse while stopped infront of the group.
Fern     Pet the dog? Yeah, yeah. Fern has better things to do! She ruffles the dog's head and rushes forward then, trying to push her way between people so she can get a look at that arm now that the robot is dead... That sweet arm! How cool is that?!

    "Mine!" she calls, as if that's how things worked. Call it and it's yours, right? Well, Fern thinks so, and she's trying to get to the arm to take it and examine it.
Ashur Ashur frowns, unseen, down at the twitching and clearly robotic corpse. "There has never been a machine that can pass for human," he remarks, storming toward it. The bull lifts one heavy, power armored foot and drives his heel down into the android's head, shattering it like porcelain. The grind is loud and clear when he wipes his foot off in the thing's brain-innards. "This thing is an abomination; the Enclave has defiled the essence of man. More than ever, they must die."

A pause, then.

"I heard Solomon was a womanizer. Does he have a cock?"

He'll actually check. Just how far has science gone?
Kaelyn Kae frowns as she sees the android go down.. She tilts her head and tries to get into the room at this point as she looks at the white fluid curioulsy and kneels down next to the downed Synth... "CORA... Any thoughts?" She asks the AI, in her pip.. she then moves to where CORA can scan the android.. "Other than I want?" responds the feisty AI... "Yah yah yah, Don't blame you, get me some info if you can?" she asks... She then glances at fern now and blinks... "Ummm I thinks we need as much of em as we can get to figure ouut just what it is..." She then blinks and stares at Ashur... "Really?"
Davidson     "No..." Davidson's brow furrows as he steps slowly forward, craning his neck to peer past the others at the human-like machine, "He didn't say the Enclave. He said... something else, at the end. The Symp...hony? Symposium? Something like that?"
Ashur Ashur huhs, and covers the corpse back up after his brief examination. "Some degenerate scientist made a robot and decided it needed a cock," he marvels, a sort of hate-wonder in his metallic voice. "This is what happens when brainy eunuchs spend too much time in labs, away from women."

Disgusted, he turns and walks away.
Alasa Alasa hmmms, " the man was a trap...I get know, I wouldn't try flying those Birds till someone takes them apart, and puts them back together again. Making sure all the right parts are there, and nothing extra that might bite us in the ass at some point."
Lowry When the commotuon sort of settles down Lowry is pushed aside by some teenage girl. He looks more confused then ever. And with MAtt pulling him away he is shaking his head. "Wait. I thoguht I heard ma' friend. He moves a little closer just in time. "A robot with a cock?! Oh, I gotta see this. I must be way fucked up." He will push up fora closer look. The loud shots most likely snapping him into some form of conciousness.
Fern     Fern scarmbles and gets that arm, and what does she do with it? Gives herself a super cool robot-arm high five! Hell yeah! Fern is grinning like the devil now, and there's an overload of pep in her step as she turns and starts to head after Ashur, hugging the arm to her chest. "How cool is this?! Do you think there are more robots? Who made them!? How do they look so real!? Do you think there are more of that asshat traveling the wastes in robot form?" she asks.
Stockton Stockton blinks slowly as the robotic Jared falls back. "The Symposi..what? Symposium? Fuck." He grumps as the bot just fizzles and slumps down into off position. "We gotta git this crap tah the nerds in the bunker outside'a El Dorado. Maybe they can figure out the what's and why's." As Ashur goes rooting around and finding the robotic cock, Stockton just squints, "Yanno, the last two times we been 'round trouble, yah done went and grabbed fer someone else's dick," he notes casually before reloading his gun by rote and holstering it before looking at Jim and Bob, "You two," he grumps, "Need tah git yer fuckin' eyes checked, see if'n the docs can check 'em when you get dis heap'a scrap dropped off at their bunker. Double time!" he barks at the deputies he can order around. Looking after Fern and her souvenir he makes a bit of a face, and just shakes his head before looking at Kaelyn, "Got a point, someone git word tah the Militia tah get those Birds checked out afore any fool goes'n flies off witout some important part."
Conway Conway hears 'robot cock' while he's trying to find his horse outside. He notices it hitched to a pole, someone must have moved it to get his parking space. "Christ." He takes his hat off of his head, walking towards the side of his trusty steed. He tightens down the flank billet with a few tugs before putting his foot in the stirrups, mounting the back. He grabs the reins and pulls back with one hand, holding onto the swell with the other.

"Let's get going before somebody decides to bring this 'robot penis' outside for show and tell." He trots off down the road while having a conversation with his horse.
Ashur Sliding his arm around Eden's waist, fingers splayed along the small of her back, Ashur escorts her out along with the babbling Fern. "Solomon has been around for a long time, and no one ever thought he was a robot before," Ashur remarks as they travel. "If they can pass that well.. there very well might be more of these mockeries around. We'll hunt them down, Fern, and make you a whole suit out of their bodies. Then you can be Mecha-Fern."

He's probably not serious. Then again, he has given her cursed armor made of hellclaws and helmets made of supermutant skulls, before.

Dogmeat wags his tail and sniffs the limb.
Fern     "...Yeah!! That's awesome!! I could have my own armor made from robot parts! But no dick, alright?!" Fern can be heard saying as she skips beside Ashur, too excited to walk on their way out. She has a death grip on that arm, and doesn't seem to care that it's leaking fluid. It's too cool!
Kaelyn after hearing Fern with the whole mecha armor and body part thingie, she blinks and Kae stares a moment... "Ummm Ashur? I think Fern -is- serious on that one..." She states and rubs the back of her neck befroe glancing at what's left of Solomon "Betcha there's more of em.. if they can make one who's saying that they can't mass produce em...."
Eden Walking along Eden mentions to Fern, "I had a bunch of lessons on robotics this past year. if youd like you could bring that to my workshop corner."
Ashur Ashur raises his free hand and gives a little flick of his knuckles in response to Kaelyn before they've exited the hall and the bunker. "That's a good idea. Bring the arm over to her workshop sometime, and we'll see what can be done with it. Maybe the scientists can do something useful and figure out how to detect these... human-machines."