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Franky     The faces of the tourists of New Vegas are a case study in themselves. None more so than the guests of The Tops, so money, A diverse group has taken advantage of the many vendors and shops inside The Tops casino. Buying, boozing, looking, and laughing...general getaway shenanigans.

    Franky is gazing into a slightly off colored mirror, a funny set of sunshades over his peepers. He frowns and puts them down, selecting another and putting them on. He looks at the mirror again, and flexes an arm. "..Too dark.." He mumbles, setting those down and strolling down to the next vendor.
Alasa Alasa is strolling along past the various vendors..."What is with this place...they don't stock shirts in bobcat sizes...thats just weird I tell you." She stops to check something out, "Dog tags?..come on, this is ridiculous..where are the cat tags..."
Conway Conway came to New Vegas to promote his construction business and in hopes to snatch a few clients that need an experienced farrier - rich clients preferably. After riding down on 'ol Dixie from El Dorado to Vegas with intermittent breaks, he's arrived. He usually doesn't gamble, but this casino had a pretty sign. Conway walks into the casino, slipping past sweaty gamblers betting it all. He removes his dusty black felt hat, looking around at the many store desks. He checks for competition, "Any horseshoe vendors, eh?" He grumbles.
Franky Franky ganders at a stall full of quality sport coat's, "You know anyone selling wool blankets?" He offers toward a well dressed vendor, who gives Franky an eye before returning to his sport coat happenings. Franky shrugs and strolls along, face crushed in though before he catches a gaze of a familiar woman. He adjusts his direction for an intercept course. Slowing before he enters personal space, and stopping. "Hey, how much you end up losing in the card game the other day?" He directs at Alasa, stuffing both his hands into his trouser pockets. He offers a look up to other people entering to The Tops to conduct business.
Alasa Alasa hmms, as she is spoken too.."Loose? Well, I started out good..won a pile of chips..then I won a jar of salsa, and made lunch. Funny how that worked out..." as she digs around in a pocket and pulls out some fresh celery and bites into it. "Then I won some more, loss some more....some guy ended up betting his horseshoes, if you can believe that...odd fellow."
Conway Conway looks over both of his shoulders a few times, checking if the manager of the unoccupied vendors are around. He reaches into the pocket of his dirty work pants, taking out a stack of cheap business cards. He places a few stacks on each table. Free Advertising! After going around to strangers and talking about his 'premium poultry, fruits, and vegetables' he spots Alasa, though he doesn't know her name, he knows her face from the doorway at the Solomon shabam. He ran into her while he was getting out when the manure hit the fan.

"A long way from the Hidden Valley Bunker, 'innit?" he says to Alasa. He removes his hat, looking between Alasa and Franky with a wry smile. "Enjoying your day, eh?"
Franky Franky nods his head at Alasa's response, "Ahhh, I'll admit I thought you were in the game at the second chance with that Lowry guy, the girl from El Dee, and the chick with the pointed ears." He pauses, a hand emerging from a pocket to press a cigarette between his lips. He doesn't light it just yet, letting it hang there between his lips. He turns his head to Conway then over his other shoulder for a second, giving it a shrug. He turns back to give them both a glance, and a smile. "Making the most of it. Names, Franky." He gives to them both really, a ratty looking matchbook appears from a pocket, and strikes up his cigarette.
Alasa Alasa hmms, and looks to Conway when he arrives. "Hidden Vally?..thats the place that makes the salad dressing right? I prefer the fresh taste of veggies myself, no need for dressing..." She smiles a bit, turning back to Franky.."Oh, that game...sorry, you need to be more specific around here...I've been in four games today alone. A good way to have some fun, and earn some stuff." She continues to eat, "I enjoy every day...always something good to enjoy."
Conway Conway chuckles lightly to himself, fanning himself with his hat. "That's the spirit." .. "And the bunker, where those shots rang out. I'm sure y'know." He holds his hand out towards Frank for a shake, "Conway Brigham. But, that's 'Con' or 'Conway'." He looks back between the two.

"Ya'll treated yourself to some of the liquor up 'ere yet?"
Franky Franky smiles when Alasa mentions the number of games she's entered into today. "You have anymore rabbit food, I'm feeling a pick peckish." He asks, staring at Alasa's Celery, a free hand rubbing his stomach before withdrawing the cigarette from his mouth after a drag. "Missle bunkers?" Franky mumbles aloud to Conway's remark, and at the offered hand the cigarette returns to his mouth to be held by his lips. "Conway." He manages, giving out his right hand to be gripped and shaken. "Haven't sampled the Tops rotgut, no."
Alasa Alasa hmms, "Oh, of course...I grow it myself, got a little garden back home..really helps in times of shortage." As she digs around, pulling out some more celery, "Can't beat free food.." She ponders a moment, "Missile bunker?..hmm, no no..just the normal insanity that seems to go where I go..we ran into an old aquantance, but it wasn't him big deal." She looks to Conway, "Right..ok, Ham it is...nice to actually meet you Ham." She smiles again.
Conway Conway blinks a few times, shaking the cartoon noises out of his head. "Right.." He clears his throat. "Say, if ya'll ever need food I've got a whole farm. It's just west of the Pecos River, about three hundred acres."

"Beets, barley, turnip greens, corn, soybeans, squash, tomatoes, pea shoots, potatoes." He names off just a small list of what variety of crops he's growing. "I've got meat, eggs. Hell, you could even come buy a horse and eat it if you wanted."

"Speaking of horses, ya'll looking to buy some quality foals? They're the offspring of some tough and fast suckers."
Franky The last count of drags are worked on Franky's cigarette, giving a plume straight up into the air when he's content. He manages to balance on one leg, and snuffs the cherry out on the bottom of a lifted footware. He clears his throat and examines the celery, clearing looking it in the mouth. "whats it taste like?" He looks around for a rubbish bin, before he mutters to himself and stuff the butt into a pouch under his wool shroud. "Funny how strange things happen like that. Bunkers worth looting around here." He uses his hand to adjust his garb, then cocks a brow at Conway's available grocery list. "Wheres the Pecos? And whats a Horse or Foal go for these days?"
Alasa Alasa says, "Well it tastes like food of course...the best kind of food..well, not the best..thats corn. Thats a golden food...." She eyes Ham, "Ah, so your Farmer Ham then..your really big into growing things. And yet, you left the farm to visit sin city. Who knows what the rabbits are back there eating right could return to the farm and have nothing. Thats the problem with those big farms, so much open can't protect it all." She shakes her head a bit, turning to Franky, "Oh, you can get a good horse for about 500 caps...thats what I paid for Joey.""
Conway Conway smirks, "I've got people watching over it, I ain't concerned." He itches the underside of his jaw where his stubble is, continuing to fan himself with his hat. "Right, the 'eh-.." .. He thinks for a moment of how to explain where the river is. "It's just south of El Dorado, you head about a quarter of a mile and you'll see a big river. You follow it down and you'll see a clearing and a large plot of land."

"And for ya'll, your first bushel of sweet corn is free." ... "My foals are freaks. Imagine if Joey had babies with Wonderwoman, that's what my two foals are." .. "The parents are two 500 cap horses, you'd be paying about 625 for a foal."
Franky Franky puts a suspicous look on his face as the taste of Celery is described. He takes both of his hands, and slips them under his neck shroud. Allowing them to grab ahold of the straps of his chest rig. "People mostly use horses to travel around here I get that." He arches his back a little, "But what about airship, The ballon variety more specificly, hear about people using those?" Franky thinks a moment on the way to get to the Conway Farm dropping his shoulders closer to his toes. "Lots of rural, imagine me not being able to even ride a horse."

    Alasa makes her leave for some reason or another.

    "You mention that liquor earlier? Maybe you can give a man the finer points of life out in the sticks?"
Conway Conway rubs the corners of his mouth, rubbing down the place where a mustache would be. "Airships." .. He hums to himself, "I ain't never heard of anybody in a zeppelin in a long time, but. In theory, it could be done." .. "You know, I ain't just a farmer. I build stuff too. Scratch. If you ever had the caps, I could get you in he air." He smirks, suggesting that he has the means to build a zeppelin.

Conway reaches into his pocket with his free hand, still holding onto the brim of his hat. He pulls out five caps, counting them aloud in his hand. "Drop by the farm sometime, just cross the dirt road and knock on the farmhouse. Remember, Pecos River just past Bitter Lake and after the Drake Family Ranch."

"I've got to get going, I'm here for business. But, treat yourself to some of the spirits." He grabs Franky's wrist in his callous dirty hand, turning it over. He opens his fingers with his pinkie, placing the caps inside.
Franky Franky blinks a bit at the mention of zepplin's, probably a term he hasn't heard of. "I might have to take you up on that, assuming I find someone good enough with the numbers." He makes a mental note of the destination of Conway's Farmhouse. Letting his wrist be gripped by Conway, and a few caps deposited into his palm. "I'll have a drink for you then. Appreciate it, Conway." Putting the caps in his trouser pocket, and tipping and imaginary hat. "Good luck with the business, I'll see you when I see you."