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Lilly Caine Lilly Caine knocks, then pokes her head the back door, generally staying out of the back of the saloon because once back here, you generally got put to doing some work or another, and as she's not getting paid, if it's not fixing something, her love and joy, then she's not gonna be roped into hauling boxes or wiping up puke. She gazes about for Kitty.. and, at the same time, Listening for the sounds of "currently busy", with one thing or another. She doesn't want to interrupt.
Katherine Caine Katherine had been out most of the day and when Lilly knocks on the door, she just tells her to come in despite her state of undress and not knowing who it might be! It's not like many people had access to the back area anyways.

When Lilly enters her room, her mom is just stripping out of her travelling clothes, a smile at the ready, "Hey Sweetie, everything okay? I don't think you ever come to visit me back here."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles sheepishly. "Never sure if there's entertaining going on or, worse, chores", tongue in cheek. She moves over to lend a hand, folding up what is removed, helping with zippers and generally being handy.

"Okey.. see, I wanted to ask you for advice. I figger, Wisdom is generally having made a mistake and learned from it.. I figure you've ridden life harder'n most, and probably the wisest person I know of, sides from Aunt Roxie, but she's got a sorta murky view of the world, bless her heart", said with real love behind it.

"See...", Lilly starts, "...there's this guy I sorta like..."
Katherine Caine Katherine was grateful for the hand, sitting down on the bed pretty much naked at the end of it. Crossing her legs and leaning over towards her night-stand she picked up a cigarette and lit it up, "That's kind of you sweetie." She clearly didn't agree with the assessment of herself but it was nice her daughter thought of her that way, "Have you told him you liked him? I'm guessing he's that Ranger boy Sammy you got all shy around. He's cute to."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles and blushes, revealing everying in her face. "yea.. He seems really nice.. but Dad's back.. and.. he's prolly gonna try to shoot him.", pausimg for a second. "I'm glad you like him". It occured to Lilly to ask Clara, but, well, she has a Mom now and this is something you ask a Mom. "Do think think Dad is gonna shoot him on sight, or just cuss at him and be rude and such?"
Katherine Caine "What he thinks doesn't matter and he doesn't have the power to do anything. He hasn't had any influence on your life before, don't let him have any now. He's not a good person." Katherine told Lilly before putting the cigarette out in an ashtray and standing up to slip into her nightgown that was hanging in the closet with care beside dozens of other outfits. Way more clothes than most people had. Leaning over she kissed Lilly on the forehead and gave her a big hug, "You live your life sweetie, you're a grown woman."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles at the kiss, hugging back warmly, squeezing. "Okey. I still got more questions, but, will save those for later." She hugs again and slips out, letting her mom get some sleep. Lilly is a night-owl, so is off to take something apart.