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Lowry      It's late in the night, the witching hour as some would call it. The moon is high and has a soft greenish glow in the sky, distorted by the planets near destruction so many years ago. The lights of El Dorado can be seen off in the distance, a faint glaze above the growing town that offers the idea of warmth and security. But not out here. Oh no. This is a good few miles off and a large fire is lit to ward off critters and welcome raiders. Alas, this is the place that has been chosen. The caravan is idle but the folks around it not so much. About eight or nine in total. A hired hand or two, a weary traveler, Lowry and so on. Most are standing around with a drink in their hand but some seem antsy and there is surely always one or two scanning the horizon.

     Lowry approaches one of the nobodies now, his poncho flapping effortlessley in the slight breeze. "See anything." Mister stupid never to be heard from again says, "Nah." The cowboy just shakes his head and takes a sip from his flask. Returning it beneath his clothing he reaches a hand up to his ear. *Ksstt* " "Uhhh...Seein' anything', darlin? He's already late an' I'm uh ready to start tyin' one on." He himself looks about now, but, the fire while it helps the stranger no doubt impedes ones night vision. So, seeing nothing he heads over towards the wagon and gives his horse a few pats on the mane.
Elsie "Stop it, Lo," comes the voice on the radio that has likely become familiar to this crowd of people who haven't heard her on the radio before so she sounds nothing like Surelda Solomon. "No drinkin' on the job, shug. We talked about this. Now you know I don't have access to all the old reports I had afore ... so you're just gonna have to keep goin' and tell me what you pass as far as sights to see what I might....ugh, scuze me." There's a sound of a rattling pill bottle. "See what I might see."
Alasa Alasa wanders around, her Blue Beauty in her arms as she moves. "Ah, Father moon is bright and cheery tonight...he must be having a good day. Nice to see him enjoying himself..." As she smiles to herself, "Quiet...too quiet...anyone got any Soul Finger? Great band from a long time ago."
Bart Bart is coming, he just has to be dragging his medkit, his rail rifle, and the goods in question in an old luggage rolling bag behind him. It skips and skitters across the pavement as he walks in his lightweight riot gear. A scientist can never be too careful! Seeing the horses and Lowry, he scuffles on up without so much as trying to keep a low profile. Like this man knows the first thing about doing secretive drug deals! "Ah, Mr. Lowry I presume?" he asks. Glancing at Alasa, he doesn't much give the Tribal woman any regard other than a polite smile.
Conway Conway sits on the back of his trusty horse, looking at the horizon from afar. "Git, git." He lightly prods the heels of his boots into the rump of his horse, getting it to trot a bit faster down the dusty unmarked ground. He spots the wagon, hearing through the grapevine that some nice people might be walking into trouble. He got on his horse with nothing better to do and rode out to meet the group on the trail.

Conway manages to spot the wagon he was looking for underneath the moonlight, taking off his rancher-style hat to wave it in the air, placing his fingers in his mouth to wolf whistle. He's about a football field away. After he signals to the group to make his presence known he starts to close the gap with his horse.
Lowry      When his radio cackles Lowry grins. "*ksst* "Nah, nah. I'm uh waitin!" He lets go of the button and chuckles while he pulls his bottle for another quick drink before cuing back up. "Ummm...Really, just the lights o' tha' city. And the Moon. Looks fuckin' cool." His eyes cast up in a knowing glance. "Awful bright like. Keep in touch. Over."

     Alasa being close enough by he says, "Yea, he's a kickin'. But I always thought of her as mother. And tha' sun, he's pops." He gives a wink in that is ever so faint in the firelight and adds, "Yea. Too quiet though." He looks back at his horse and begins circling the fire again, ever vigilant.

     Now he sees the man in Question. "Bart! You fuckin' walked?!" His tone is jovial. "Shit, ya' must be tired. Have a seat." He pulls the flask again. "And a drink." Offering it over he will point to a spot near the wagon with some crates for sitting if one likes. Now to the others a few nods and head shakes will tell them to be on their toes. The first time they have done such a thing. He himself reaches below his poncho and does god knows what. All seems nice and calm until the whistle. This is a drug deal! Lowry turns quickly. "Who goes there!" He yells with authority. In the flash of an instant his pistol is drawn from beneath his clothing and pointing at Bart. "You pullin' something funny?!?! Someone follow you! You got friends that were draggin' ass?!?" His eyes flash about now quite quickly but with the fire he can't see much beyond the flames.
Alasa Alasa shakes her head, "Na, soo many people get it wrong...someday I shall have to tell you the story of the ugly will makes things much clearer." She smiles again. "You prolly don't even know who there child is..." She nods her head a couple times. She watches a moment more, as people just wander in "Well, what do we have here...people just wandering in. Interesting, very very interesting..."
Bart Bart goes from an innocent humming as he comes up to the cart to going wide eyed and quite confused. The bag is dropped so that he can snatch that rather sizeable rifle up and in between them as the batteris start whirring and charging. Seriously that thing looks like it could take on a tank. "I beg your pardon, sir. I wouldn't even know what funny was," seriously have you hung out with Bart before? "Kindly flash that about at someone else if you want the rest of the goods." He demands before getting huffy.
Conway Conway watches the silhouette of a pistol appear and be aimed at another man in the wagon party. Conway draws his own six-shooter from a holster fastened around his waist, keeping it off to his side. He's unsure what's going down, all he knows is that someone has a gun and is aiming it.

Conway kicks his horse in the side. Hard. The horse goes into full gallop, and he charges up towards the group. Conway dismounts off the side of his horse, still holding his pistol at his side. "Ya'll having a problem?"
Lowry Conway was quick enough and apparently non-threatning enough to make it this close and Lowry breathes a sigh of relief. He shakes his head and grins, then lowers his gun. "This guy. Jeez man." He looks back over to Bart. "Alright. Enough o' tha' Brahmin shit. Sorry. Little jumpy thats all. so what ya' got?" He looks back to Conway and says. "Grab a drink. Jamo will grab ya one from the wagon." He motions to the man nearest and he goes to fetch it. "And make sure ya' pour one fer' our cute lil' Indian friend. Need her nice and drunk when she tells me all about how we is a walkin all over the skies children." Now he sits down. Pulling out a small bag with the sound of caps and looking back to Bart.
Bart Bart just breaths in through his nose and stares at the man on the wagon for a long time before finally nodding. "Apology accepted," because it is proper to inform someone when their apology has been taken seriously. At the offer of a drink, the man simply waves it off before glancing at Alasa, "Well, you should make sure she wishes to get drunk with you first, yes?" He asks before finally hefting the rolly bag up beside Lowry. "Do ask what next month's shipments are to be again? I only vaguely recall." He sighs and then looks at the sky before glancing over his shoulder. "Now do you need to be walking all over the Sky's Children? Couldn't you leave them alone anyways?"
Alasa Alasa says, "Oh, I don't think I'll be doing any drinking...I'll just let you all do the drinking, then when you pass out..I'll scalp you all, and sell your bodies to the sky gods. They always are looking for test subjects." She laughs a bit to herself, as she glances around..."I wonder if there is anything out there tonight...""
Conway Conway pries at his collar when he hears mention of being scalped while sleeping. "I uh-.. I'll pass on drinks, too." He waves the idea off, laughing nervously. "Ya'll trading up 'ere or something, eh?" He checks out the wagon, leaning side to side to see the front and the back.
Lowry      Lowry dismisses Bart's comments as he looks the stuff over. "This it?!" He sounds frusterated but quickly regains his friendly demeanor. "Well, I'll tell ya' what. Need me some wasteland weed. Can't find it anywhere." He's nodding and looking to the scientist eyes. Sincerley, wheres the weed? "Or Jet." He adds before handing over the caps. "Thanks, partner." He sounds sincere though. Hearing Alasa he just rolls his eys and grins. When Conway starts eyeing things up he asks, "Why? Whaddya got?" Seems he had more to say but the sound of motorcycles can now be heard, though no lights seen. Turning to Bart, Lowry says quite seriously as he reaches for his gun. "Guessing this aint nothin, 'funny' then?" Doesn't seem he is accusing the man. The cowboy is just rushing forward. To some of the others he shouts, "Jake, Eddy, Watch city side!" He turns now to Alasa, "Eyes on the west, darlin'!" To the other two men, "What's goin on to the east?!!?" He is taking his own posistion now next to the wagon as he checks the clip in his pistol. The roar of motorbikes is getting louder, the dust in their wake closduing that pleasing sight of the moon and the city proper.
Alasa Alasa hears the sounds of the bikes, before she sees them and just points and shoots at the direction of the sound..its dark, and the bullets just fill the darkness
Lowry      Lowry is crouched aside the wagon. "Sonofabitch." He mutters. He replaces the pistol underneath his poncho and hunches up reaching into his wagon. "Been waitin' ta' get some marks in this." He says with a grin before flinching. "Ahh." He grunts in pain as he clutches his side. Looking over he shouts to Bart. "Hey! Ya got that healin' gizmo?!" Not waiting for an naswer he pops up now and fires a shot after Alasa does, to much the same effect.

     MEanwhile the sounds of the motorcycles are getting louder and shots can be heard whizzing in their direction while dirts pings up from the earth.
Conway Conway fires off his six-shooter in the direction of the incoming motorcycle mounted bandits. He doesn't manage to hit one, his bullets fly overhead of one of them instead of landing on target. "Shit." He grumbles.
Bart Bart mumbles and grumbles while muttering to himself as he starts shuffling around the back of the wagon. He's not stupid, just insane. Seeing as he has the caps for his drugs, he just needs to live through this to get back home. Squatting down where he finds enough of a ledge, the large blaster he keeps on him is settled down and he peers down the computerized scope. When the target is locked on, there's a cheery digital chirping that comes from the rifle before the coils all warm up and then a 2mm round rockets down the road and straight through poor Brett's face shield and then his face, and then his brain, and then out his skull in a visceral splatter. Bart meanwhile continues to mutter as he tracks his next target.
Lowry Bullets are flying everywhere and the sounds of gunshots echo from the desert now, no doubt reaching the town. When Brett's head explodes and his bike goes down the others hit the throttle, their bikes racing towards the wagon and its patrons now. Bart's rail gun has attracted the attention of at least one of them as wayward bullets fly his way and richochet off the wagon. Lowry in the line of fire just peers into the darkness looking for the flash of muzzles. "Get down!" He shouts to Conway as he sees the man getting lit up but the pre-war revolvers in the marauders hands.
Alasa Alasa can now see whats what..."Oh, biker mice from I get the noise..." As she tracks one of the bikes a moment, sending out a hail of bullets at Lenny. "Get a hair cut!!" She then quickly turn her attention to another one of the bikers, and lets loose another flurry of hot lead. Peppering the rider in his chest...."This is getting fun!"
Lowry      When Alasa lets loose Lowry pops his head back into view just in time to see them accepting her ammo with grace, "That'a girl!" He shouts before levelding his rifle. Slowly following the rider his rifle cracks and, BOOM! A brilliant flash of fire is sent up to the heavens and a great yell is let up from the caravaners as the last one burns in the desert yards away from his once beautiful motorcyle, now a healing pile of flaming rubble.