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Lowry Screams and yells and loud music. They fill the bar and can be heard on the street
Lowry Screams and yells and loud music. They fill the bar and can be heard on the street outside the second chance saloon. Inside one would find all manner of yahoos, drunks and druggies. So, of course there is Lowry. Right in the thidck of things. In the center of the room seated at a table the cowboy is loudly conversing with another man. His hat, gun and a line of powder fill the tables space. Bending over he has a healthy snort and pops out of his seat after. "Fuck!" He shouts before marching to the jukebox. A few fonzy like smacks are given and bam. Now you get to listen to the Allman brothers. Some way forgotten band from the prewar era. But apparently Lowry has discovered it and certainly enjoys as he bounces back to the bar, a bottle handed over to him with no caps paid. It's nice living above a bar.
Victoria Victoria comes in wearing some fancy smanshy leather bodysuit, a gun slung to her hips via a belt, and a labcoat worn atop which is a bit dusty. She has a pair of science goggles around her neck and walks into the bar, glancing around and spotting the man she was looking for, "Surprise surprise he'd be here .." She murmurs to herself with a half-grin, an eyeroll given to no one in particular as she weaves her way through the crowd, her voice lilting as she calls out, "Lowry!" From a few feet away, hands in the pocket of her labcoat, an expectant look given as she waits for him to acknowledge her, invite her over, or come to her. She's patient.
Lowry      Lowry is having himself a nice big drink straight from the bottle when he hears his name. He keeps sipping, his eyes closing in aggrevation. Then he sets the bottle down and turns to see who is shouting for him, a womans voice. Usually never a good thing. But he sees Vic and his eyes go wide. Takes a second to recognize her with the sciency giddup but he's surely smiling soon enough. Bringing the bottle he approaches her. "You lose a bet or somethin'?" He says with a shit eating grin and funny look to the coat and goggles. But he surely would offer her the one armed hug and the bottle at the same time. "Been a bit, darlin'. Where ya been hidin'? Been waitin' ta see ma' supplier." Meanwhile the rest of the bar is moving right along around them as the musicbox thingy continues with it's 1970's Fucking Cool Ass Allman Brothers which is also simultaneously blaring in my GODDAMN KITCHEN AND AWESOME RIGHT NOW!
Victoria Victoria's smile curves wider and she gives a loose salute to the drunken man, "Hey, Low." Vic will murmur, giving him a one-armed hug back and shrugging as she refuses the bottle of booze, "Hey, and no. I've been working hard on creating chems and the like, and so gotta be in my gear." A hand runs through her hair after she releases him from the hug, the hand falling back to her pocket as she looks around at all the drunkies and druggies doing their thing to the music, "I have a shipment for you." She manages over the din of the bar, eyebrows raising as she gestures to a table for him to join her as she meanders over.
Lowry      He follows her and being the cowboy has to pull her chair. Just in case momma never took to the grave and was standing by to clout him in the ear. After sitting he takes another drink and sets the bottle down. A look given over to his hat and gun at another table but a nod given by the random man to confirm things are well. "So," He says casually. "What's the haps? I'll take whatever ya' got on hand. But uhh...Can ya' diversify it up, thar? If'n I had a different type o' order?"
Victoria Victoria sits in the chair Lowry pulls out, still wearing that smile as she eyes him, "I can, yeah. This time weed and daddy-o, just let me know what else it is you're looking for." In from the pocket of her labcoat she draws a wrapped packet, tossing it to lowry from across the table, "Some things might take me more time than others, but I can work with what you're looking for."
Lowry      "Nice." He grins and accepts the packet with grace, a hand slyly moving inside his shirt pocket. The goods installed he removes caps at the same time and slides them over to her. Then he offers a wink and ays, "So ya' gettin' right back to work? Lose the goggles. Have a drink. Yer' a welcome sight in this shit hole." A nod is offered and he stands. She gets a nod though as he only steps a few feet away to obtain his hat and secure his gun back beneath his coat. And he is right back. "Well, lets sample 'em. Won't buy nothing without trying it." He's grinning and serious!
Victoria Victoria takes those caps and stuffs them into a pocket, her legs crossing left over the right under the table, Vic leaning back a little and getting comfortable, "I have a meeting with another client later, but it's close." So she can hang out for a bit. Flagging down a barmaid/man she'll request a large mug of hot water, already prepping her own drink via a teabag she takes out from a small container she keeps in a thigh pocket in her bodysuit, "Am I a welcome sight? I suppose ..." Smirking a little she will sigh, nodding and digging around in her pockets, drawing out a small old brown envelope, "All right, well ..what would you like to try first?"
Lowry      "You are. But. It's a bit distractin'." He grunts amusement and adds, "Take tha' damn goggles off?!?" He has another drink before continuing. "Hard ta' see them pretty eyes." A brow raises and the grin gets bigger, but he dials it back. A nod is given to the old npc that was watching his hat. "Let Dearn try some grass. He loves that shit. Just makes me worry though. Not ma' thing."
Victoria Victoria's eyes cross, the left one a little moreso than the right, her face contorting into a goofy smile as she slips off the goggles, "Better?" Asked as she keeps the face going, finally letting it go with a laugh and a shake of her head, "All right, Dearn?" She asks, glancing over to the man as she leans forwards, legs kept crossed as she fishes out a doobie from within that envelope which has 'tastings' written on it. She'll lean over then to the dude, holding out the weed ciggie to him, "Here - this one is a specific strain we've been developing, more of a body high."
Lowry      "It is." He says with a sly smile attached. "Go on, ole' buddy." He motions to Dearn and the man happily oblidges. Lowry pulls a pack of matches. LIghting the doob for his friend and then pulling a cigar and utilizing the match. His friend gives a healthuy nod at the taste. But Lowry seems not to care so much. His attention back to Vic. "Well, how much ya' got? And when ya' gonna loose up, thar'?" He pushes the bottle back over.
Victoria Victoria will watch Dearn with interest, her head canting to the side a little as she watches his reaction, "Let me know if you lose feeling in your extremities. We had some issues with that early on with this strain but tweaked it." She's all business as she talks to Dearn, her attention soon shifting to Lowry just as her mug of hot water arrives, her tea put in the water, "How much are you looking to get?" As for loosening up she dips that tea bag in and out of the water with her right hand, one brow raising as she chuckles, "What, am I too uptight for you right now, Low?"
Lowry      Lowry laughs incredibly loud and sincerley as she asks for reports on extremities. "Don't threaten him with a good time!" He smacks his knee and regains himself. "Nah. You aint'. It's just a bit more fun when its not all biz." He's grinning again. "But, hey. Lets get 'er down ta brass tax. How much ya' got?" He fishes out a little satch of caps from inside his coat and sets them down. "Keep some fer' yer' self but give me what yer willin' ta part with. I'd give ya' three caps a hit this time but would hope ta' pay two next time around." Another wink is given and he adds, "Of course, assumin' ma' buddy don't have no seisures." He looks back to Dearn now who seems just fine.
Victoria "Ah, I have to be honest, I'm not big into drinking booze. Like to keep my faculties in check." She lifts a brow and smirks as she leans forwards, "Bet my pretty eyes just got a whole lot more unattractive, huh?" But as they're going back into business she will take a drink of her tea with the mug in her left hand, the right thrumming fingertips on the table. She will consider, while listening to the music and the ambiance of the bar, how much she has, and what she's willing to sell, "All right, well. I'm willing to give you twenty joints today. And if he has seizures, the price goes up to four caps a piece. That would be some intense neurological activity that gets thrown in for nothing otherwise." Wink wink.
Lowry      "Nah. They's still cute." He wouldn't back down. "They still brown and pretty like." He has himself another drink. Then he laughs. "If ya got grass that gives seizin' up They'll pay ten! DEAL" He appropriately fishes out forty caps and hands them over. Then he asks." Where ya' doin' stuff? I had ta run back ta el Dee the other day. Took about a week. We could pry simplify things."
Victoria "Gosh, Lowry, you're gonna make me blush one of these days." Said sardonically, though she softens that with a lopsided smile, counting out the doobies from her envelope, her mug of tea having been set down. Once she gets to twenty she passes those to him across the table with a gentle flickering of her fingertips, "I work out of a bunker in the wastes. I'll send you coordinates in the event you wanna stop by. Just be careful, warn me in advance you're coming so you don't get shot." Putting her packages away into pockets in her bodysuit and labcoat she will suddenly OH, sitting up straight, legs uncrossing, an excited look creasing her features, those dark brown eyes of hers dancing, "Shoot, I almost forgot. I have something for you." Reaching behind herself behind her labcoat she'll unhook something from her belt, a beauty of a 2000 pipboy brought out, the woman clicking it on with her thumb, "Here. I got this for you. Thought you could use it." The thing whirs to life softly, software loading up, Vic holding the pipboy over the tabletop, waiting for Lowry to take it.
Lowry It's a sleight of hand thing as he pockets the drugs that are not even an issue. But, no one needs assholes knowing anything. "One o' these days, darlin'." He says as he seemingly stashes drugs. Then he gets serious. "Oh, fer sure. Almost shot old buddy when I met him the other night." He shrugs now and takes a deep breath. " Fuckin' raiders tried ta jump us. I was only gettin tqwenty damn mentats! Three days o' ma life." His shoulders roll and he has another drink. After the bottle is set down his eyes go wide. "You kiddin' me?" He seems excited. "Sure awfull nice o ya'."
Victoria "Oh yeah, that's why we have people patrolling and shooting when needed. Bloody raiders, I swear." Vic will state, head shaking, lips pulling to the side at the thought. But Lowrys' reaction has her pulled out of that dark place, and she'll laugh with delight, nodding her head and slapping the table with her free hand, waving the pipboy, "No I'm not kidding, man. Take it!" Setting it down on the table she'll give it a push with her fingertips, sending it sliding towards the cowboy, Vic sitting back with a satisfied look on her face, tea taken up in both hands now and a deep sip taken, "MmMMmmm, hmmm." She murmurs over the rim of her mug, waggling one brow at him, "You're a big boy now, Low! Go on, try it out. Lemme know if it works for you. I loaded some good stuff in there for you, as well."
Lowry The cowboy smiles and accepts it gladly. He gives it a once over. "Shoot. If it had a persuasion chip I'd pry get ya ta' have a drink and check out ma room." Yet another lustful wink is given but its left alone at that. Maybe the girl in the labcoat is the bad one?!?!? Or perhaps he will just attempt to be polite. Either way, the pipboy is examined and after he gives a thankful nod. "Do, appreciate it, doll." He would leave for the briefest of moments and return with something for her.
Victoria "Oh sweet cheesus, Low. I'll have a drink with you soon, all right? I just got more business to do later tonight, so I need to be as bright eyed as a rad roach sniffing out flesh." Victoria says as she wiggles her mug at him, "The checking out of your room is ..up for debate, but the drink I'll give you." She does not return that lustful wink of his, watching as he leaves. While he's gone she will sip on her tea amidst all the drunkies and druggies, enjoying the atmosphere though she will sneak a look at her pipboy on her wrist to check the time. When Low is back and he brings something for her she'll take it with her right hand, a look of surprise on her face, "You don't have to give me this, Low. I meant the pipboy as a gift, not meaning you had to pay me for it."
Lowry      Lowry nods. "I get it." A purse of the lips and his head goes back. "Ya' don't need explaini' yerself" Dearn has sat down and seems quite good with no seisures! He then continues. "I know! I aint got na' use fer it!" He just stretches his legs out now, seemingly comfortable. "Can't I give ya' a gift. Shit. I donna' know what ta do with it." His grin is bad again. "So let's debate." He is full of mischief now and obviously enjoying himslef.
Victoria Victoria sets down her mug and looks over the scrap while twisting it around in her hands, looking quite pleased, "What do they say, don't look a gift roach in the face?" Her left hand will flick the piece up and she'll give it a wiggle of thanks to Lowry, the scrap getting tucked away in her labcoat right pocket, the pocket now full. FULL. Dearn is given a look, a sidelong glance, Vic openly studying the man. No outward symptoms, which is good. This observation has her distractedly responding to Lowry, "Mmm, okay, what do you want to debate about ..." Dearn. He still is watched. She won't admit he's a test subject, but he is. And so far so good.
Lowry      He nods. No problem. Dearn seems just fine as he vegaates. Lowry gives a knowing nod to the chem cooker now. "You aint seen ma' collection yet. Gots me a whole bunch a' firearms and scrap. Buildin' me a shop downstairs. An' you'd like some o ma' memoro up stairs." He relinquishes a glance but will look back to her, labcoat and weirdo gidduo ignored. "Let's lose the debate, you'll just lose and end up talkin' guns." Yet another seductive smile is given and he chuckles.
Victoria Victoria glances back at Lowry, tuning into what he has to say, the observation of Dearn complete. Suddenly she will let out a heavy laugh, eyebrows raising up as she shakes her head, rising up out of her seat, the backs of her legs pushing the chair back, "Oh, christ in a cracker." His seductive smile is what alerts her to his intentions, "Listen, Low. I love, you, buddy but ..I don't wanna see your 'guns'. I got work to do ..and chems to brew." Glibly denying him a chance to show her his room she will walk around the table, placing her hand on the top of his head (is he wearing his hat again?!) to ruffle either his hat, or his hair, "Listen, I gotta get going for that next appointment. Lots of beauties in here that wanna talk 'guns', I'm sure." A glance around to confirm this, Vic looking back to Low with a brow waggle, "I'll come see your shop, though, when it's done."
Lowry      He takes the pat on the head with grace and reaches an arm around to hug her, though it might slip a little low and a squeeze given to her rump. "You do you." He pulls back though, knowing he might get stabbed if his hand lingers to long! She gets another wink though to drive things home and he adds, "Don't be a stranger."
Victoria Victoria will give him a loose one armed hug as well, though it ends with an ear pinch as she walks away, that rump no doubt lumpy from all the things she keeps in her pockets, "I will. I'll see you soon, Low." And with that, the lab outfitted body suitted lady struts out, ready to science.
Lowry T The cowboy can't help with the look to her backside as she leaves. But he is quickly distracted by the next gitl who walks by. But Vic gets a good long glance and a smile she cannot see as she departs
Lowry      Lowry stands at the bar. Having himself a simple quiet drink as the place seems pretty quiet. Most folks on their way out to the dam or god knows what.
Lowry The cowboy looks to the other with a haze to his eyes. Certainly two or three seconds to register someone settling in and then their words. He smiles then, says nothing but stands and retreats. The sounds of his boots thump but they are lending to the idea he is going down. After awhile he ascends the steps again, a door locked and tested before he passes the curtain once more. Grabbing a small bottle from some hidden location behind some garbage, he passes the back of the bar and returns to the table. He pours a few drinks worth in a cup and motions to the water. He also reaches inside his coat and pulls out a wrapped cloth. One hand is used to unwrap the Desert Eagles, made by bad-ass hebrews! He uses a spare finger to point to the grips. "Those came out nice. But tha' extra fi're power." The drawl ends and he gives a vicious wink. "You'll dig. Had ta' put a few threw' o' course. You'z 'ull 'preciate it." He seems pleased with his work and would still offer the bottle for a pour if the marshall wants to taint his drink of water.
Lowry      "Aye." Lowry says with a sincere tone. His cup raised and drank from. "Still gotta get, Mz. Bell out there. I 'on care," His voice hushes, "Who her supposed daddy was there be folks who would do her harm, pry. Ain't no harm in a gal bein' able ta' shoot." He gives a nod and looks around. Then he pushes the weapons over. "Been Gettin' inta' rifles more ma' self."