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Owner Pose
Aris Thunder rumbles through the Brigham property, properly shaking the old barn over Aris's head. She tilts her face to gaze up, nose wrinkling at the dust that falls from overhead. "Sweep that later," she murmurs to herself, shifting her weight on the upside down bucket she's sitting on to continue the task at hand: cow milking. True to her word, she'd never milked a cow in her whole life, but it seems to be going well enough now-- now the ornery cow had gotten the kicking out of the way. Aris rubs her bruised shin absentmindedly while another roll of thunder echoes through the barn.
Conway Conway approaches the front of the heavy barn doors, swinging them outwards just enough so that he can slip inside. He's wearing a worn brown leather jacket from the cold breeze passing through with the wake of a storm.

Conway woke up in the very early morning to ride out with a trailer and deliver some wheat grain to a farm across the way and some local establishments. He comes in to see the cow being milked into the bucket and a wry smile forms across his face.

"Looks like you caught onto milking. Bet you've got some sore hands, those back teats don't fit your grip so you've got to do it with two fingers." He chuckles lightly to himself, taking off his classic fur felt hat, tossing it aside on a hay bale. "What'ya been doing today?"
Aris The dark haired woman notes Conway's entrance, but doesn't turn to glance at him until he speaks. She nods. "Sore as shit," Aris agrees somewhat less eloquently. Finishing up, she stands off her bucket and pulls the milk bucket out from under the animal. Once it's safely to the side, she unties the beast and nudges it towards the barn doors and past Conway. Rubbing her fingers a bit, her gaze finally comes to rest on the farmer again. "Learning, mostly. Took a look around the property, fed the cats. Took a stab at milking, got a bruise for my trouble." She raises her pant leg a bit, showing the blossoming bruise underneath. She chuckles wryly. "E-I-E-I-O," she muses.
Conway Conway bends down to one side, looking at her bruise from an angle. "Yowch." He smirks slyly, standing back up straight. He folds his arms over his chest, still standing infront of the barn door. He watches the cow walk past, patting it on the rump. "Good girl, Betsy."

Conway turns back towards Aris, looking her up and down. "It'll get easier, I promise. Try giving the cow some hay and treats to eat while you work next time, she'll be less antsy." ... "It takes some trust on both ends with these animals. My Pa got kicked in the head by a horse, and that made him an invalid."

"You got anything else on your agenda today to get done?"
Aris "'Good girl, Betsy'? She kicked me, -here-!" the woman muses, pointing to her leg again. That rare half-smile is back, even as she rubs her sore fingers. She nods at Conway's advice, seeming to take it to heart. At mention of his father, though, her brows furrow a bit. "Sorry to hear that." Plucking a bit of hay out of her dark hair, she answers his query, "Planned on going and taking a closer look at those root vegetables, but..." She leans out of the barn doors, glancing at the ominous-looking sky. "Rain might put a damper on that."
Conway Conway smirks, "You got the milk, didn't you? She did her part, just her nature to be a squirmer." He takes off his leather jacket, tossing it off to the side on the same haybale he threw his hat on. Underneath is a faded flannel. "I've actually got something for you that'll make your job easier around here, maybe even get you a little bit more work to do."

A corner of his mouth perks up in a sly grin, "You might be happy or you might not be. Depends if you like suprises."
Aris At mention of surprises, Aris leans back into the barn, gray eyes settling on Conway. "Surprises like, a farmer bursting out his front door with a shotgun? Don't like those types of surprises," she muses evenly, but her eyes betray that sense of humor she has. She glances to that hat and jacket he's shed, and then to his hands, looking for clues.
Conway Conway laughs, placing his hands on his hips. "No firearms, promise." He holds up a single finger, as a sign of 'just a moment'. He slowly walks backwards out of the barn door, leaving it slightly open. He walks to the side of the barn out of view, there's more than one set of footsteps now. Conway steps back into the barn, but he's holding a long skinny leather strap. He gives it a gentle tug and in steps in a large mare, about fifteen hands high.

She's a beautiful white Arabian, absent of any blemishes or dark spots on her body. She has broad shoulders and a fluffy white mane, a dark nose, and an equally fluffy white tail. "Meet your new companion." It's already saddled up, and he leads it by the reins closer to Aris so she can grab onto it.
Aris Aris's frown smoothes at the sight of the white horse, her lips parting in some combination of awe and surprise. She glances back and forth between Conway and the animal before stepping closer. Standing slightly off-center so the mare can see her, she raises her hand slowly to the mare's nose, letting her sniff before moving to gently pet her face. She seems familiar with horses, and looks to be a bit impressed with this one. "-My- companion?" Aris wonders aloud, gray eyes moving back to gaze at Conway. Her confusion about why a complete stranger would give her a decent horse is obvious.
Conway Conway rests one side of his forearm on the grip of his pistol casually, interlacing his fingers infront of his belly button. "Mhm. It's better than having to walk around everywhere, plus, you'll need it if you need to make any runs for me off the farm." He comes up behind the horse, patting it on the butt. "Her name is Faith, but. I'm sure she'll take another name if you so choose."

He steps off to the side, chewing on some old gum in the corner of his mouth while he watches the horse and Aris become accquainted. "What you think, eh?" He smirks.
Aris Aris's nose wrinkles visibly at the mare's given name, but she doesn't comment. Instead, she moves to take the reins from Conway, sidling up to the horse's left side and gently hauling her little bit of weight up into the saddle. "Been a minute since I rode," she offers, settling herself on the leather. "Reckon it's like a bike?" Pressing her boots gently into the horse's sides, Aris clicks and guides the horse out of the barn, grabbing her brown cowboy hat off a hook by the door. It's drizzling a bit, but neither the girl nor the horse seems to mind. "Make runs for you, huh?" she calls back to the farmer, walking the horse in a slow circle. Its smooth, easy gate makes her half-smile. "Reckon I could do that."
Conway Conway follows Aris out of the barn, grabbing his leather jacket and fur felt hat before stepping out. He slips his arms through the jacket and places the hat on his head, pushing it down so the sweatband is underneath his hairline.

"She's top of the line, one of the best horses you can get in these parts. I breed them all myself." Faith enjoys being rode and she's a strong and powerful horse.

"These runs ain't always easy, but I reckon you'll be just fine. You got a weapon of'yer own, ma'am?" He stands under the lip of the barn, not getting overly wet while he questions Aris.
Aris As Conway speaks, Aris has made the circles she's walking wider, switching up her pace every now and then. The horse responds beautifully, coaxing a smile from its rider. At the farmer's question, though, Aris frowns. "Had a Henry rifle, lost it on the trip up from Texas." Doesn't look like she's about to tell that tale, at least not yet. Slowing the mare's gait and riding back towards Conway, Aris offers, "I can fight with my fists, if I have to. Wanna see?" There's that grin again, suggesting she isn't actually offering, just joking.
Conway Conway holds up his hands in a 'don't hurt me' manner, backing off a bit. He laughs, playing along with her fake aggression. "No thanks." He adds, laughing a bit. He steps infront of the mare, running his hand down her snout. "Well, though you might be able to beat me up, a pack of coyotes or some wolves is different. Or even some pesky geckos is different."

"You're welcome to take the double barrel I've got sitting against my chair in the house and tie it up to your horse. You'll start your first run tomorrow." He tips the front of his hat, affirming his words.

"Take your horse for a ride, you're done for the day."
Aris The cowboy hat Aris dons keeps her face dry, but that's about it. The woman's button up and long hair are soaked already, but it doesn't seem to bother her any. She nods at his suggestion. "I'll keep an eye out for 'em. Wouldn't Betsy getting hurt none." Her tone is wry, and she's grinning again, even if just for a moment. Glancing briefly off towards the horizon, she offers Conway her gray-eyed gaze once more. "Thanks," she finally offers, although it looks like the word makes her uncomfortable. Maybe it does. "I'll be back for dinner."

Tipping her hat back at him, Aris spurs the white mare on in the direction that the storm's coming from, further solidifying the fact that there just might be something wrong with this girl.
Conway Conway watches Aris gallop off into the eye of the storm, chuckling to himself. "Crazy girl." He pulls down on his jacket and starts to walk towards the porch away from the barn, looking at Aris fading away in the distance over his shoulder. "Hmph." He steps inside, sitting down to eat some pancakes before dinner.