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Vault Girl Skirmishes had already begun with Enclave forces that were approaching by land, with the Enclave holding aerial superiority in the coming battle thanks to their ability to manufacture Vertibirds in greater capacity then most wastelanders have access to clean water!

Securitron units from New Vegas, the 'standing army' of Mr. House formed the bulk of the battle line with numbers in the thousands of the robots holding the forward battle lines and positions around the dam.

Stalwart Brotherhood Knights stood side by side with Rangers, while El Dorado Militia and others did what they could to fill the battle lines in preparation for what was to come.

Word had come in that the team that had been sent to Arizona to deal with an Enclave chemical weapons facility had been successful, which would mean that the battle ahead would be determined by conventional weaponry.

The people from El Dorado, all heroes by normal standards had been placed in command of various units, and teams with the hope that their experience would help rather than having one or two individuals in overall command.

Those from El Dorado found themselves in command of one of the following: A Militia Platoon, a group of Securitrons, a team of Rangers, an engineering team, or a medical team. They were given free reign to prepare for the battle on their own terms.

Note: This is a preparation scene and any plans, ideas, actions, & contributions you make tonight will come up in the next scene which is the battle. Page me with ANY ideas you have, and any contributions (i.e. karma & resources) you want to dedicate to making your plan/action as effective as possible.
Sparrow Sparrow has set up with the Medics who'd rolled in from El Dorado. Helping them to set up as best possible. The blonde cowgirl's expression as nuetral and stoney as always though few scars and more hours in the sun have deepened her tan and granted her a few new scars. Between working on helping with medical set up she tends to move about the camp ensuring that everyone has what rations or water they need.
Alasa Alasa having been spending time with Sally as of late, has come to understand the usefullness of her people. Thus Alasa, with her aide Sally, have found themself with a group of Securitrons under there command. She starts her preparations by moving among her group and putting a white stripe across them, so she knows which ones are the good worked in BG. "All right Sally, you know your people...they follow orders good, and never give I think we'll be ready for things."
Ironface Jones Finding himself in command of a group of troops, Ironface Jones is prepared for battle. In fact, he's actually wearing, and moving successfully in, a suit of power armor. His already mighty voice booms from the vox box on the power armor, "We will crush our enemies, see them driven before us and hear the lamentation of their women!" Striding back and forth in front of his men he is a truly imposing sight to behold, waving his slugger in one hand for emphasis at times. "It is up to us to make this happen! We shall be the tip of the spear that pierces the heart of the enemy! We shall be victorious!"

Ironface breathes audibly from inside his power armor, staring out over his warriors. "Now go. Prepare yourselves for the battle. We will send our enemies to hell soon!"

Once his little speech has been given and his men pep talked properly the huge tribal stomps towards the meeting area, calling out as he nears it, "It is I, Ironface Jones. Warrior of El Dorado. We must discuss our plans, for soon we shall be slogging through the blood of the Enclave."
Franky Franky squinted at the forces and material that accumulated in preparation for what would no doubt be a good show. He lit a cigarette, inhaled and released a plume. The strap of his LMG dug into his neck and shoulders from the weight. He gave a side long glance to his left at nothing at all, his head bob in understanding. He adjusts the couple of belts of .308 pills he has hanging from his body as he begins his stroll toward the marshalling area. From the sounds of things, he'll need to be assigned to a unit.
Kaelyn Kae's standing out there, dressed head to toe in her form-fitting body armor. In her arms? Its a futuristic piece of tech. This being a gausse rifle,nicknamed the Eraser... She shoulders the weapon and and silently paces for now, the woman listening to the com chatter as she looks out ahead and at the Enclave's forces....

CORA pipes in "How come we keep on finding our selves in massive pitched battles?" Kae then shrugs "Serendipity?" She responds, then CORA mutters "I don't like Serendipity!" Before Kae smirks "Wasn't I originally made to do this kinda thing?" Kae asks then CORA's avatar shrugs "Not quite and I did kinda try to direct you away from it... Least it's your choice..." Kae then grins a bit

"Choice is good...>"
Ashur Forces gather across the Mojave; men adorned in the heads of dogs, the armor of old athletes, the wool-white cloaks of Rome -- men once brothers, driven apart by death and ideology, brought together, temporarily, by the strength of a common enemy. They amass not here, with the others, but in places more useful to the coming battle, erecting defensive fortifications at watch-towers along the dam, or building their own smaller platforms in the neighboring hills. Bases for artillery, mostly, mounted guns and other such things, in tandem with groups of engineers to focus on the vertibirds and protect them above all else.

"Get over here, Dogmeat," indicates Ashur, voice projected through the gilded projector of his helmet and mask. The German Shepherd pads along, tongue lolling, while its master drags an enormous golden cloak across the ground, staring out over distant skirmishes. Soon, Ashur will reunite with the men of Rome, but for now, he is with the others who plot and scheme.

He's not very good at that. His presence is more moral support. So far as his plans go, they rarely go deeper than brute force at the right place in the right moment.

"The fight with the Enclave is why so many of us came to the Mojave," he reminds Kaelyn, wandering up alongside her. "We will mount their corpses upon the Hoover Dam."
Vault Girl Even with more experienced Doctors present, it was Sparrow Drake who was being looked to by many of the volunteers and doctors; her reputation preceding her for her actions in El Dorado, and Mexico; the very stuff of legend.

Alasa and her group of Securitrons are well-prepared for the coming battle, the group of robots moving in formation with their new 'commander' and her securitron companion that she saved in New Vegas.

The warriors with Ironface seem roused by his words, or perhaps by the impressive figure he cuts and their resolve is hardened in the coming battle; the men and women under his command ready to fight and even die if need be.

Frank and Kaelyn are among those who haven't been assigned or taken command of anything on the ground, the pair likely lynchpins in a plan they didn't know existed. Hopefully they had not been forgotten about.

There are many uncomfortable soldiers due to the large group of former Legion soldiers among the forces gathered to defend the area; many not forgetting that only a few years ago many of these men may have been part of the army assaulting this area.

One thing seems to be clear with the defense, and that is the overall lack of organization from the forces being marshaled in defense of the dam. More troubling still was word that many of the recon teams sent to gather intelligence on the Enclave forces had yet to return, and those that had spoke of military might that would crush any opposition in the Wasteland.

Hoover Dam had withstood assault before, and with luck, skill, and dedication; it would hopefully withstand another.
Alasa Alasa and Sally do what they can, sure there troops are ready...but lets make sure ready is ready. Yes, power checks, ammo check, attaching a small nametag to each of them with the name of an animal on it. Theres being ready, and being Cheerokee ready. "Your Wolf...lets see, your, no..we don't need to stinking Badgers. Ok, your butterfly."
Ironface Jones As he waits for the other leaders to assemble Ironface paces back and forth like a tiger in a zoo, watching and waiting for people to arrive. When they do get there mighty Jones points a finger towards the map of the dam that is inevitably there. "We must make sure that the sides of the dam that are touching land are the most heavily defended areas. Most of the Securitrons should be there to take the brunt of ground attacks. My three finest men will wait near the center of the dam to respond in a hurry to any emergencies, bringing to bear a SAW to provide a good deal of firepower."

The large suit of armor with Ironface inside of it starts to stomp back and forth again, "There need to be men stationed along the rest of the dam to repel whirlibird attacks. Snipers in the towers throughout where they have good line of sight. I think maybe the Rangers can provide the best of them, though I am not sure. Shooting is not my specialty."

The sound of breathing can be heard from Ironface's armor again, "Medical people should be mostly centralized in two different locations, about one third of the way along the dam, then another third. Put them inside where they will be safest. Stretcher bearers can bring people to medical things so that we don't risk our trained doctors unnecessarily."
Franky Franky works on his cigarette, moving between the crowd of uniforms and up-armored warriors. "Let's go out west...We'll have some laughs..." He mumbles making a face. Flicking the butt of his finished smag in front of him, and making a show to squash it out as he walks over it. His little stroll ends in front of the area that the Rangers are currently doing their cool guy/gal stuff. He takes a deep breath and looks for the baddest looking one of them, giving them a nod. "Was looking at the western ridge of the dam earlier." Franky mumbles, producing another cigarette and putting it between his lips. "Any chance of a few MG teams mixed in with mortar teams surviving any of the Enclaves air support?" Franky strikes a match, lighting another smoke because he's got one.
Kaelyn Kae glances back at Ashur and shrugs... "Wel ummm, I'll do my best to fight off as many Enclave as I can.. Not that me getting caught by them would be a good thing, I am convinced they want to chop me up and use my bits and DNA to make super soldiers..." She responds and smiles before glancing back at the arrayed men... "Though I think we should probably come up with a means of getting rid of their air forces...
Alasa Alasa gets done assigning the warrior names, and leaves Sally in charge as she goes to check in with the otherss.
Vault Girl The instructions and orders that Ironface gives are well-followed by the soldiers present, even if he is not as famous as some of the El Doradans present; he cuts a respectable figure and has an air of authority that beseeches others to listen to.

Alasa and her team of Securitrons find themselves assigned to an ambush unit thanks to their 'camouflage' paint jobs which would help them blend in with their surroundings in theory.

A group of rangers who Frank approaches agrees to his plan, but sadly informs him of very little in the way of artillery to offer; this was mostly going to be a defensive battle fought at the dam itself which The Enclave would be loathe to destroy or damage or so hoped the defenders.

In theory, it would limit the deployment of any destructive weaponry but in practice nobody knew if The Enclave would be willing to risk total loss or even heavy damage to the dam.

Kaelyn is given several odd looks at her words, but her fighting prowess is known; some even mistaking her for another woman known as Aralyn???

The stage was set.

Word was coming in that The Enclave were on the move and the inevitable hour of battle was approaching.