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Vault Girl Skirmishes in the Hoover Dam area had intensified in the last 24 hours, but the Enclave had not launched their final attack.

The Legion forces assembled by Ashur had been operating away from the main group with great success, taking down multiple sabotage teams sent in by the Enclave; while supported by Alasa and her platoon of Securitrons.

Ironface Jones and his men had continued to hold down one of the areas most expected to see the heaviest combat within the dam itself, the group having acquired more heavy weapons along with a few members of the Brotherhood providing support in Power Armor.

It had been Frank and the team of rangers he had been working with that had spotted something that had left them near speechless and forced a retreat at a rapid pace. (Page incoming to Frank)
Ironface Jones Striding along in his power armor, the ground near him rumbling as he walks, Ironface Jones makes his way towards the other people of El Dorado. As he nears them he calls out, "It is Ironface Jones, of El Dorado." He feels a need to identify himself since he's wearing his armor. "My men and I have been defending the dam with great success. Has everyone else found success?" Stomping around he looks from right to left, surveying everything in the area, "We are still awaiting the main assault to begin, though. Are there any more preparations we can make?"
Stockton Stockton arrives late, but better late than never. He's not about to see the fight done without him. He finds Ironface, the known Tribal man getting a grunt from the Marshal in his armor and duster, caked in road dirt. His horse pants and whickers as she paces side to side some. Finally he dismounts and sends her to get water and be safe out of range. "From what I've 'eard, it ain't so cut an' dry as that," but he looks around, hoping someone else has had solid, storied success. For his part, he's checking his guns before holstering them again, ready should the fighting arrive early.
Alasa Alasa has been out with the rolling wave of death. I mean, they actually roll around on wheels, how cool is that. Knobby tires for off roading, and no senseless chatter to give them away. Yes, Strike Team Securitrons has been very successful in sneaking about, and finding those other people sneaking about as well. Best to use robots, as there not afriad to go places most people wouldn't..and thus can get in to find those baddes....and Alasa, well she is just Alasa.
Kaelyn Kae is out there, some where, she's quite possibly causing all kinds of mischief. The woman sniping from covered locations, then moving on, she might even be slipping amongst Enclave folks, jusing her knowledge of the Enclave to the best of her abilities. However, where it is she is, she's probably raising a little hell...

Presently? Kae is layed down in some bushes, looking through the sights of a sniper rifle at a rather extreme distance... She idly chews on a small candy cane, the girl taking aim at what looks to be an officer in her eyes, settling the sights on them... The trigger's pulled and shedoesn't wait to see what happense, she moves on, now slipping away and relocating using the stealth features of her armor to her benefit...
Franky     His breath was labored and his sides hurt he wiped sweaty dust from his face with his sleeve as he rolled onto his stomach. At least he made it out of that stupid plan alive. He pushed himself up, and continued on toward the command area. The other Rangers filed in, looking like they just ran a marathon, caked in dust and sweat. He looked around and plopped the MG at his feet, "Hate to break it to you folks. There's a fucking giant Robot about to step all over us."

    Franky dropped down to his ass, and motioned toward a Senior Ranger whose nameplate identified him as 'Bat Guano'. "He's got the description." Franky laid back a little shaken, as he attempted to fill his legs with air...and hope the lactic acid in his legs would subside.

    Bat Guano presented the info, written down on a DOPE card. The specifics were that of a giant humanoid robot, at least 60 feet in height and most likely armed with god knows what.
Ashur A few hounds chew on a corpse's leg, snapping the femur off in a maelstrom of growls. Spread throughout the area are a mix of cloaks white and red, the New Rome soldiers and the scattered Legion loyalists who remained in the Mojave. They've been brought together under the gold fist of Ashur, who declared his authority with a bloodied mask.

All around, the dead lie, a feast for the dogs; in the shadow of the dam, away from the main groups, they've been skirmishing with Enclave flankers and saboteurs trying to bomb fortifications or assault safer anti-air platforms.

Ashur himself is kneeling next to his dog, the both of them gilded red. Sweet little Dogmeat is hungrily eating a stripped-down corpse, left all to him while the lesser mongrels share. The man's roughly scratching the beast behind the ears, eliciting an annoyed feeding-growl. "Atta boy," he praises, standing and looking off to the distance. "Eat up."
Ironface Jones As people arrive and some of them tell him stuff Ironface's armored form nods at them a few times. His pacing continues as he says to Stockton, "So far they are poking at us, not sending any sort of major offensive. We need to make sure we are ready for when they do." Franky is watched closely, the helmeted head tracking him as he runs in. When the giant robot is announced the big tribal's armored form turns to look in the direction the Rangers appeared from before he moves to look at the description on the card. "Sixty feet tall and well armed? That may be the Steel Titan of the Wastelands. According to the tales of my old people it looked after my people after the Great Cataclysm." The man in the armor grows silent, contemplative. "I can only hope it remembers the Sand Lizard Clan as allies and I can convince it to join us in our fight. If not, I think we will destroy it."
Alasa Alasa ponders things when she hears about this giant robot. "Yes, I've heard of things like this as well...Liberty something...big robot, bad robot..flings death and destruction...also steps on people..big on stepping on people." She shakes her head a bit. "Um, heres a bad thought...crazy computer that wants to kill everyone in El Dorado, in a giant killer robot body....anyone else see this as a possible bad combo?"
Stockton Stockton blinks when the news comes up and he's looking over at the messenger and then Ironface. "Damn. I mean I 'eard the thing was nigh invincible, but they fuckin' destroyed it eventually right? We jus' need tah figure out how. Where's our fuckin' Science people at?" he looks around at the group and then grumbles something before shaking his head, "Gettin' the feelin' bullets ain't gonna do much, but maybe we get the word out, we can start workin' on somethin' afore it comes crashin' down on us and we can't do shit about it." A nod to Alasa, "Yes, that's a very bad damn combo."
Kaelyn Kae glances at the thing in the distance and mutters "That's a big robot..." CORA then mutters "Ooh I want it, that'd make a good body!" Kae glances at CORA "Umm, two words.. No F-ing way.." CORA then corrects "That's three!" Kae shrugs slowly "Same stands though..." CORA then whines, all this in Kae's com system straight to her ears of course... "No fun, no fun!!" Kae then smirks "Yup, no fun!" She frowns and looks around curiously, wondering if she can maybe spot anything that might be giving the giant machine instruction... or maybe a means on the other side to take it down.
Ashur The colossus' presence is announced to Ashur by one of the scouting Frumentarii before he makes it to where the others from El Dorado have congregated. The details are sparse; estimates of size, of make, speed and direction. Dismissing his men for now, the former Legionnaire and his dog arrive with a flourish of animal pants and duraframe stomps.

He's caught enough of the conversations to figure out where everyone's at. "It's like fighting a super mutant," he reckons, "or one of the infernal scorpions they deploy. The joints are weakest, and if you hit it hard enough, it dies."

A faint breeze stirs the feathers of his helmet. He drives a fist into his palm. "Machine men are nothing compared to flesh and blood."

Deep down, the only thing that upsets him is that there's no way in hell he can jump high enough to punch something sixty feet tall in the face.
Franky     The lids of Franky's eyes pull closed like curtains for one second then another. He breathed in deep and exhaled, his eyes fluttered open again as he smiled and sat up. He dug into his chest pouches and pulled out a plastic bag and began to remove the rubber bands binding it. The top foil of a cigarette box appears, and a slightly smooshed cigarette is withdrawn, placed in his lips, and lit.

    His eyes close again as his face looks most content at the moment. He takes the savoring a bit far, but he just spent several hours hiding and spying on Enclave forces...unable to grow the cancer in his lungs for too long. He coughs out some vapors of smoke, and then clears his throat and spits on the ground between his knees. He takes in those gathered around him puts the butt to his lips, and has another drag.

    Franky rises up, and looks around. "Push comes to shove...Best bet might be to knock the thing over the dam if it attempts to cross. I'm no egghead, but I bet it has a depth rating in water?"
Ironface Jones "We shall overcome the Titan if we must. I think we should get our science people to determine what they can about it, as you say," Ironface tells Stockton before a deep breath can be heard through his armor's speaker. His attention swings over to Kaelyn long enough for him to say, "I feel as though you and your CORA may be able to do things to it that others cannot. I am uncertain of this, however." And then there's Ashur, "I just hope this one does not spray plasma when we are in it's face, smashing it to pieces." To Franky, the armored figure says, "That is good thinking. We could see about devising a means to push it over. We may not have the resources to do such a thing, however."
Kaelyn Kae looks up at the 'titan' and frowns.. "Oooh yah, well it's bigger of a thing than you think..." She mutters then looks to CORA "CORA can you do any kind of search in your databanks and see if maybe you can get us some more info on that thing?" She then looks to Ironface... "I -might- can do something, but I may need protection to do it... maybe... I have never tried to use telekinesis on anything that big before..." She suggests and rubs at the back of her neck....
Ashur "Something that size would hurt the Dam in a fall," Ashur remarks, though what depth rating means is beyond his simpler mind. "And if the Dam is lost, the Mojave and New Vegas are worth nothing. A shining corpse in a barren desert."

Admittedly, ruining New Vegas isn't the worst thing in the world. It's a silly place, full of degenerates. But the power the Hoover Dam supplies is too valuable.

"Inform me when your plans are made. If you've come up with nothing satisfying, I will meet the machine on the field of battle."

And with that, Ashur and his dog leave. It woofs authoritatively.
Franky     Franky reached down and grabbed the strap of his MG with his free hand, and with a grunt slung it over his body once more. "You're not the smallest of girls, but I still love you." He mumbled, patting the lmg's receiver with an open hand. "Saw the machine spool up and fire laser Gatling guns, didn't see any flames of plasma." He passed on toward powerarmored Ironface. "Leg movement...Hell movement in general was slow." Franky also adds, looking to the Senior Ranger 'Bat Guano' and motioned with cigarette pinched fingers denoting that he wasn't alone in these observations.

    He takes a moment to stroll around and find someplace to top off his canteen.

    "Telekinesis?!" Franky can be heard exclaiming, mid pour of fresh water on the back of his neck. "Remind me what that means later." Franky gives a shrug to Ashur's comment, "Suppose your right, next suggestion was a giant pit fall. Then we pee onto the juggernaut, and laugh."
Stockton Stockton chuffs once and just shakes his head, "Whatever happens tomorrow, there's gonna be dead, let the back soldiers know tah start diggin," he grunts solemnly, always the one to bring down the room it seems. Marshal Volkner pulls his helmet off enough to put a cigarillo between his teeth and light it up. Puffing a few times he gives nods to those gathered. "When we got plans they'll get dispersed," he informs them before moving off the way he came in, likely to find more of the Marshals and Law Men to help.
Ironface Jones "I will protect you if you think you can fight the Titan," Ironface says to Kaelyn. "I think I can hold off whatever comes, at least for some time." The armored helmet turns to Franky and nods, "Hopefully if I get in close to it it will have difficulty hurting me." The big, armored figure stomps around a little bit more before the voice of Ironface is heard through the speaker again, "For now I feel we must attempt to prepare the men for battle. Make sure that our heaviest weapons can be redirected in the direction the Titan will be coming from."