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Kaelyn Sooo, she's been out watching people and all, and Kae's currently sitting at one of the tables, the irl leaning on the table top, dressed in her skin suit a vest and a pair of shorts. Why she never does away with the skinsuit is anyone's guess... Kae glances from person to person curiously, watching folks gamble and play.
Bart Bart is in his finery of course, hand sewn by a master tailor no doubt. And foppish to boot. But hey, he rocks that brocade vest and silken slacks. Even if he keeps his device with him at all times, that large box slung over his shoulder getting all kinds of looks as he strolls through the casino floor with his dear younger sibling, Milton. Clearly they are young men on the town, enjoying the lights before they might go out at the imminent Dam attack. Thankfully that was miles from here. He seems blissfully unaware as he walks practically arm in arm with the younger Knox, eyeing the tables. "Doing any gambling today, brother? Oh look," he wags fingers at Kaelyn, recognizing the biological construct from afar rather easily.
Milton Milton is as fashionable as always; tailored to a T. He lifts his pocketwatch to peer at the golden surface popping it open. "Of course, Bartholamew, what would a day in this glamourous city be without a little game of chance." His accent is affluent and old fashioned, the uppercrust Eastern. Side by side with Bart he tucks his pocketwatch away an adjusts his thin rimmed spectacles, uncracked and unbroken. A real rarity.
Kaelyn Kae yawns and stretches her back, drawing more than a few stares as she manages to stretch that vest of hers to the point it looks ready to break, yet it holds up just fine. Kae rests her chin on her hands, her elbows on the table as she kicks her feet idly, then fiddles with her glass of sasparilla... She then taps a button on her pip-CORA and the holo-sprite suddenly makes an appearance floating above her forearm and well pirrouetting happily. "Hellooo! BOred are we?" She asks Kae, and Kae peers back at CORA.. "You said activate your holo state after I got settled down in here..." She states and smirks before CORA responds "Ooh yah I did dind't I!"
Bart Bart chuckles some for Milton as he decides to pop open that fancy pocket watch, perhaps one of the envies of the eldest Knox, along with those unbroken spectacles. His own showing a few cracks and scratches of time. "Well do what you must, you know most of these games are simply statistical probability," he tries to explain dryly to Milty. He can still see enough to notice Kaelyn doing her attention grabbing routine though, and notices a few anomolies with the engineered body suit wearing dark elf and hms with a wrinkle of his nose. Meandering closer, with or without his dear brother, he is already popping open his box of tools. "Miss Kaelyn, you seem to be injured, what exactly happened?"
Milton Milton also notices the stretch, though he's less clinical than Bart in his own examination. "She's..oh..hmm." Milton blinks and adjusts his glasses and it's his turn to trail after Bart though he's easily distracted by the decor of the Top. Once they arrive nearer to the genetically engineere Vaultie and her hologram his expression grows surprised. "Ma'am." He echoes after Bart's observation.
Kaelyn Kae peers to the two guys now addressing her, she then oooh's... "Yah some crazy exploder dudes with a carbomb..." She says and rubs the back of her neck "I was kinda launched some distance and all when it went caboom, but I got the rest of em!!!" She says cheerfully. CORA then pipes in "Kae was flung some 100+ yards, she's mostly recovered and rather quickly at that..." points out the Hologram...
Bart Bart doesn't notice what Milton is busy noticing, that valley of cleavage on display as it is. What he does notice is Milty noticing something and getting all flustered, to which he smirks just a little bit. Turning back to Kaely and Cora, he nods once, "Injuries healing well, but there's some damage that could use some assistance," he notes before the newly portable healing laser machine is pulled from his box and it starts charging. "This won't take but a moment I believe," he explains while readying his skills and taking a few last diagnostics of the elf girl. Then the THWUMP and the air pressure changes around a few tables making the security nervous and Bart laugh just a little bit. Then glowy lights and Kaelyn is irradiated for a few moments, burning searing heat, and then nothing!
Milton Milton is in fact staring and stammering a little. "Yes, Bartholamew will get you right as rain in just a few moments, Madame." He agrees while lifting a pocket square to dab at his forehead. "Infernal heat of the desert." He mentions idly as he dabs a few more times and steps around hi Older brother. He is accustomed to the unusual manner in which Bart's epeirments work and he just gives the security a 'what can you do' expression.
Kaelyn There's the fwoomp and the rads and whatnot and Kae blinks as she looks around... "That's different." she says curiously... "HOpe that's kind of in a rad-level My body will allow through and all otherwise it might not work." She says and rubs at the back of her neck "Alpha, Beta, and definately Gamma have a hard time with my biological systems..."

CORA then pipes in "So does FEV and just about every thing else!" Kae then sticks her tongue out "Coulda at least let me get tipsy -before- I down a full fifth!!!"
Bart Contrary to popular belief Bart does not work with radiation! "Particles my dear, light waves! I would rather not deal with any more split atoms and the fallout thereof. Your biological systems should be just fine," he explains as the wavy red light shuts off when he believes he is done. Glancing at Milton he notices that extraneous perspiration and asks, "Brother, dear, are you alright? You look faint, do you need treatment?" he asks concernedly, even though he's still checking Kaelyn without a lick of attention paid to heaving cleavage.
Milton Milton waves Bart off. "I'm fine, just fine. Maybe a drink, yes.. some libation might asside my current state. Just a little warm, gambling fever perhaps." He murmurs and attempts to look towards the distance. At something or someone else as he does it leaves his back to Bart and Kaelyn for a long moment.
Kaelyn Kae oooh's and nods rapidly, hopping up a bit. Yes things bounce, her body suit does very little other than support, that with the athletics bra too... The vest doesn't do much to hide that fact... "Ooh so yer using photons or particles to trigger cellular regeneration... I can see that my whole anti-rad-disease modification might not be bothered by that... Kind of up there with my genreation of an A.I.M. Field and stuff..."
Bart Bart gets waved off by Milton and he huffs a little bit, squinting some before waving at a waitress passing by, "Do see to his drinks please," before turning back to Kaelyn and nodding once. The bouncing is simply a ripple effect of gravity, where as it might have an entirely different effect on Milton. He's too busy making sure the elf seems in working condition again. "Indeed, radiation and disease are something entirely different. I'm glad you comprehend that, it's such a pain to explain to others sometimes," he smiles and lifts the broken glasses up his nose again before starting to pack up the machinery.
Milton Milton turns in time to see the bouncing. All the admonishment that he is a man can take care of himself drops out of his mouth as it hangs open. Thne his mouth closes and his nostrils flare and despite his flush he steels himself and nods, "Yes, one Old Fashioned please." He orders to himself with a little swallow before moving to the opposite side of Kaelyn to sit down and try not to watch his brother 'nerd out' with the elven woman.
Kaelyn CORA appears to be playfully dancing above Kae's wrist, the 6 inch tall sprite happily goofing off. "Well duuhh, I do kinda know a bit about technology and such from before the bombs fell andall.. considering where CORA's databanks originally came from and all..." She adds and grins cheerfully again..

Meanwhile there's a "pssst!!!" "PSssst!" sound coming from Milton's Pip... Yes CORA has hacked it, or at least bounced a signal off it... "Lookie here, and blush!" she then shows a 3d image of Kas the last time she was climbing out of her fresh-water pond/swimming hole type setup where Kae's little hidden home lies... Kae's in a string bikini of all things, all tan skin, and yes, she appears to be incredibly bouncy, and well has a figure that looks wholly unreal...

Kae meanwhile is completely unaware of the images CORA is trying to send to Milton's Pip, while she looks at Bart curiously now... "Soo when didja think of using waves and particles for molecular modification and rearrangement?"
Milton Milton was drinking his old fashioned as the psst, psst sound comes from his Pip he looks down at it curiously. The screen flickers to life in Milton's preference of a light bluish glow which reflects off his glasses. The specs hive him a superb view of the covert video and he nearly chokes on an ice-cube. And takes his hat off and stuffs it into his lap with a covert look around. He brings his pip closer to his face for a moment and with a few clicks? Tries to save the video.. Nothing to see here? Though anyone who /knows/ Milton i.e. Bart, will likely know something's up.
Bart Bart latches the box back shut so none of his machinery gets damaged or dirty and is slinging the thing back over his shoulder with a little huff sound. He is busied with Kaelyn, so he doesn't notice when Cora goes and shares nearly pornographic video of Kaelyn for all of his blushing needs. He is ensuring that the waitress is coming back with the Old Fashioned in a highball glass. Looking to Kaelyn with her questions he smiles a bit, "I discovered a few old manuals from a college in our collection and began studying. I came up with the theory that the old minds were simply missing a few key components, namely laser frozen ions to serve as time crystals." Knowing full well his brother will be bored or annoyed at the science talk, he looks over to check on him. A brow arches highly, "Milton, dear brother, are you alright?"
Kaelyn Kae is kind of a science-boy's wet dream, what with being rebuild and gengineered by a mad scientist and all.. Kae umms and nods "Ooh, another thought for you! You should like make one of those tanks that I was stored and modified in! I could mebbe show you the specks and how to assemble it! If you've got enough space or maybe we can find CORA a bigger body, she could prolly help with that too!"
Milton "Yes!" Milton squeaks and then clears his throat. "Yes, yes fine. The drink was ah, stronger than anticipated that's all. All my travels and a good stiff..uh hard.. uh.. A good Old Fashioned still catches my breath." He looks to Kae to listen to her a moment and then smiles at his brother. "Sounds like you might have a new recruit to the S.O.E.D. Hmm?" He downs the rest of his drink without issue and taps the bar for another taking another covert glance down at his pipboy and leaving his bowler in his lap.
Bart Bart doesn't even know what wet dreams are! But he is itchy to touch and possibly dissect. He means poke and prod? Neither sounds good. Nevermind. He's a little lost at the moment when she brings up tanks and Milton's busy stammaring about his drink. Confused and more than disconcerted with the whole affair, the scientist is now studying them both rather pointedly. "Hm? Yes, well, perhaps. There is a body currently on the ice in the bunker right now, but it is the former synthetic clone of one Jared Solomon. So. I doubt Cora would like it much," he decides rather rationally before nodding at Milton, "Indeed," he looks to Kaelyn again, "Would you like to put your knowledge to use with the Scientists of El Dorado, Miss Kaelyn?"
Kaelyn Kae shrugs slowly "I think I can help with that!" she says cheerfully CORA, on Milton's pip-boy is doing her whole sprite 'ebil' mutley type laugh. "Buhbye!" she calls out and vanishes from his pip... Kae is meanwhile completely oblivious... Kae then nods to Bart "Sure, why not, I havn't joined an organization there yet, I may as well join that one."
Milton Milton says, "But wait..I ..uh.." He looks around and his nostrils flare and he looks towards Bart. "Did you just invite this lovely young woman to look at bodies with you?"
Bart Bart shrugs quickly and then smiles his thanks to the elf before finally looking at Milton, and then down at the bowler hat and then back at Kaelyn before he just shakes his head, "Yes, dear brother, she will be joining us to look over bodies with me. Will that be a problem? Should I inform you in advance?" he asks even as he gives a polite nod to Kaelyn, "I will make sure to put the paperwork in immediately, we will get you official in no time." Then to his brother he finally gets flustered enough to just grab his hand and tug him up, drink, hardon in silk trousers, and hat in lap and all. "Come along, you're embarassed apparently."