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Vault Girl Chaos and destruction reigned supreme the past few hours of battle.

The first wave of the Enclave assault had hit suddenly and without any warning at all, the skies darkening at dawn as a massed fleet of Vertibirds flew overhead.

Their payloads while not explosive were sure to make the battlefield a nightmare for anyone but the most prepared.

Canisters of gas from the pre-war period reigned down on the battlefield. Smoke gas and tear gas along with minor banned poisons that had been in the Enclave's arsenal.

Casualties had been low from the bombardment, and damage minimal given the relative lack of explosives but the conditions of the battlefield were all put unbearable for many of the defenders.

Even as the defenders reeled from the bombardment, the second wave of the Enclave assault began to hit the dam. Commandos airdropped in the chaos wearing rebreathers and thermal vision in their helmets, striking directly at the heart of the battlefield as the rest of the Enclave forces began their approach.

Looming through the smoke and approaching the dam was a sixty foot tall robotic monstrosity known as 'Freedom Prime'. The armor plating of the titanic robot was painted in the colors of the American flag and bristling with weapon systems that looked like they could level the entire dam but they weren't firing.

Through the chaos the robot could be heard yelling patriotically, "Chairman Cheng will fail; China will fail!" It was possible that the robot had no clue who or what it was even fighting, still operating on hundreds of years old programming that had been subverted by The Enclave...
Alasa Alasa of course had been ready...yes, she was of course wearing her nifty goggles that make one look really smart. Plus it keeps things out of your eyes...and of course, with her offical Bat Gas Mask..none of that stuff was getting in her body. Now if only the troops underneath her had been that prepared..oh wait, they didn't breath or have eyes either....snap. So her little group wasn't at all bothered by the Enclaves silly gas plan. Go Team Securitron!
Kaelyn She comes complete with night vision, a body that's immune to the toxins in the gas and whatnot and a killer, nigh impossible figure... The latter probably doesn't matter too much here as she's dressedin her form-fitting stealth armor. Kae flits in and out of the smoke, hunting down commandos when she can. What is Kae carrying? Well it's a giant black beast of a firearm, with a drum mag. On the side is an Umbrella corp logo. When she fires it? Well the sound is massive as the thing puts .50 cal rounds downrange with a massive recoil and a dull *thump thump thump* noise that can be made out above the din of battle...

Mostly though, Kae uses it kind of like one might use a battering ram, choosing to try and be as quiet as possible when she encounters a Commando, and well thumping them over the head with the giant barrel or bashing them with the stock, then trying to take their rebreathers and distribute them to defenders... That being said, every time she engages one, Kae's up close and personal, face to face, one might say considering the amount of smoke swirling around the battle field.

"CORA, give me your best scan and try to show a layout of the battlefield inside my helmete... Lets try to affect things as best we can here..." She says to her A.I. When she gets a little break. She then speaks up over the coms... "Need statuses of folks, tell me where I'm needed!"
Ashur A hundred toxic stars fall on the battlefield to grant a hundred toxic wishes. The smoke pours over the crags of the earth and rises in cloudy plumes, mixed with a handful of other gasses; of different densities, the end result is a poisonous miasma thick enough with toxin to be seen by the naked eye, each individual one threading the breeze as it spreads. You could practically touch it, if you dared to reach out and try.

The environmental protections in Ashur's power armor protect him. His oxygen is recycled and purified, his eyes glowing as he swaps to thermal vision to catch the shimmering, glittering silhouettes of the commandos and his own allies through the fog.

"Fall back, move upwind!" Ashur bellows to the gathered forces of Rome and the broken Legion, repositioning them as well as he can. The important thing is to minimize how much of the poison the unprepared breathe in -- chemical warfare isn't a common thing these days, and the hounds especially are vulnerable to it. "Take the masks from your kills!" Repurposing the rebreathers will be the best they can hope for, really.. but with all the Enclave's dropped, casualties are unavoidable.

And over all the din and clamor, there's that metal monstrosity, whose steps shake the earth like dropping anchors. Who is Chairman Cheng? What is China? The bull hasn't the faintest idea -- but there has to be some way to destroy it before it threatens the Hoover Dam.
Ragnar Thats some solid advice. After hearing it bellowed by some gold-wearing powersuited herculean piece of manmeat, Ragnar scoops a rebreather from a fallen enclave commando and adjusts it onto his head. His pip-boy lights up and he glances down to his pipboy in an attempt to sync back into someone's radio chatter but it doesn't work. He stays back a ways from the main points of fighting, turning and rendering aid occasionally to fallen New Rome soldiers, or other fighters.
Ironface Jones Sealed up in power armor, Ironface strides along in the face of the smoke and poison, ignoring it as best he can while awaiting the attack from the enemy commandos. His helmet's infrared vision kicks in so that he can see the approaching Enclave troops and vehicles despite things obscuring his vision.

Cycling through various vision modes Ironface Jones studies his opponents, letting his gaze fall upon the forces arrayed against them. And then the commandos hit. Ironface moves through them in his heavy armor, his slugger swinging from side to side as he attempts to lay waste to the attackers. Behind him the men he's been placed in charge of keep up, firing their weapons at anyone Ironface hasn't gotten around to crushing yet. At least one of them is smart enough to grab a protective mask and others follow his lead.
Conway Conway brought the task upon himself of carrying large amounts of food for the skirmish, keeping everyone's hunger satiated. What food he brought was all home-grown at the Conway Farm and was loaded onto the back of his horse in bulk. Unfortunately, the equine died of an aortic rupture and dropped dead. Why? Dunno.

Conway now carries a large rucksack on his back with all the food his non-existent horse used to carry along with a heavy assault rifle in both hands. The red dusty handkerchief tied around his mouth and nose is the only seal from the airborne toxins until he finds a rebreather that hasn't been picked off.

He's managed to keep his head low and stay together amidst the growing assault. He hasn't hit much of anything he's aimed at, maybe because of missed opportunity or other factors, but nothing has managed to hit him. That's the good thing.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell was here with various Guardian troops, their power armored suits marching across the dam to engage Commandos. some of them were new recruits and some of them were veterans. All were giving their all, including Caldwell who was directing them as best as he could. "Give out fallen Enclave rebreathers to allied troops, do not falter!" he yells over the gunfire and hell that was breaking loose. Oh god..what is that Optimus Prime lookin mother fucker. Suddenly a new recruit yells out "Sir! What the HELL is that?" to which Caldwell responds with "THAT Soldier, is a threat! And we're gonna take it down!" Caldwell was debating how best to deal with the dude who looked straight out of a Tron movie while battling through Commandos, to which no known plan comes to mind. He was just gonna focus on the commandos and let the thinky people do the thinkin!
Franky     Franky was only allowed a small string of automatic fire from his lmg at the aerial Valkyrie's coming to collect his soul. He imagined some wayward child marveling at the stream of tracers that Franky let loose, how they crested the horizon for a brief moment. The CS, smoke and poison; Bring Frank back to reality it's all rather quick and he ends up with a coughing fit before he vomits...Mom's Spaghetti?

    "Shit!" Another coughing fit as his eyes start to weep. He crawls out of his fighting position, lugging his MG with him. "Fuck!" He pulls his wool cover over his mouth as he makes for higher ground clear and smoke and setup to return fire onto the Vertibirds.
Vault Girl In the initial chaos it was Alasa and the Securitrons she was leading that proved to be the greatest asset on the battlefield, as they fought tirelessly regardless of smoke or toxic gas; dispatching the Enclave troops that were arriving with ruthless efficiency.

Kaelyn is as a ghost across the battlefield, the Enclave she engages rarely seeing her before they fall to the ground dead and by then there is nothing they can do about it.

The 'barbarian' Ragnar finds himself in a battle against a squad of Enclave soldiers that are pushing towards the interior of the dam when he tries to aid some soldiers; nobody else close enough to help stop them except Conway.

Caldwell, and Franky along with their men find themselves holding an entire flank of the battlefield on their own; the looming sight of Freedom Prime casting shadows over them as Ashur's contingent continues to hold the flank opposite them from what appear to be a conscript force of Raiders the Enclave pressed into service.

When the Enclave come around for their second pass, they are not expecting the now operational anti-air cannons that Ashur's men have setup which begin to shred the unprepared birds in a cunning but dangerous tactical maneuver. One that paid off.

A group of armored vehicles that had been scraped together for the defense prove a quick obstacle for Freedom Prime to deal with it as it announces, "Obstructions detected. Composition: titanium alloy. Probability of mission hindrance.. Zero Percent." The armored vehicles are /kicked/ sailing over the dam one by one as the robot continues to advance at an extremely slow pace.
Stockton While the haze and clouds of the fog of war washes over the masses there is a figure that manages to rise up and through. The silhouette Stockton maakes across the smoke looking very like a bat. That armor and duster make the Marshal look more like the Batman of legend as he swings through the heavy fighting; giving pockets of the defenders room to breathe. Gunfire rings out in his wake, Kindness and Generosity barking loud to signal his presence before he zips away on a grapple line to the next place he's needed, laying down cover, and providing a much needed sight to those losing hope or dragging the injured out of the worst of the gasses. Thankfully between his own natural defenses and the Bat-gas Mask of his own, he's doing just fine.
Kaelyn Kae soon finds her self standing in an open area, now squinting at the giant robot that's approaching the dam... "CORA pull up whatever you can on old world command codes, maybe we can try to subvert that thing..." She gets a "Yes!" From CORA then over the coms... "Anyone who is good at hacking or whatever, start coming up with ideas to deal with the giant robot.. We might be able to do it via radio signal or some such or maybe piggy back whatever it is the Enclave is using on it to control the massive thing..." She adds and frowns, now glancing toward the Enclave side of the army and trying to quickly get a good vantage point to see how they have their command and control layed out.

At this she encounters another group of Enclave, the woman then frowning and focussing on them, her eyes glowing red. This is of course visible as the visor glows and Kae raises her rifle again. A few more blasts from her Beo and she rips into them before slipping away into the smoke and trying to work her way across the battle field where she might do more good.
Alasa Alasa says, "Yes, yes my minions! Send them to the other side. There shall be no return for our enemy. For every 100 Enclave you kill, you earn a gold up enough gold stars and you'll earn a prize package valued at up to 1000 caps." She starts to chant a classic battle chant to pump up the troops.."chop chop mutlilate, cruch cruch kill!" The troops with her of course, being robots don't seem all that interested in the prize...but they do kill really good."
Ashur Ashur is a blood-drinker; well-armed commandos become no-armed commandos as the behemoth man hurls himself into the fray, a whirlwind of motion that sees limbs severed with crescent arterial sprays. Crush a skull and pop out the eyes; drive a fist hard enough to split a ribcage, and drive shards of bone through lungs; kick a kneecap in and bend the leg wrong, then pull it free at the hip and hurl the corpse rag-doll quick through the air.

He cleaves men as easily as the robot cleaves vehicles, machine and mortal alike sending their foes sailing.

Eventually, the gold-plated champion is more red than anything else, a drowning mess tossing salvaged rebreathers to those men brave enough to risk the gasses in the combat. Sadly, Dogmeat is unfit for such a thing, and so lingers further back, a loyal sentinel as engineers and White Cloaks pew, pew, pew the skies.

"Command the gunners to focus on the robot!" He tells one unknown man, a Frumentarii in gas mask and dog's head, grabbing him by the scruff and yelling into his face before throwing him back out of the noxious clouds. "Bring it down!"

Approaching that monster on foot seems dangerous, but.. hmm. If it's moving toward the Dam, maybe he can make his way toward the top of it, and climb it when it gets aggressive!

As he turns on a heel, away from the minaret of flesh in his wake, he watches another armored transport soar o'erhead. That is some impressive pure power. Whatever this China creature was, it must have been ferocious.
Conway Conway hoists up the rucksack further onto his shoulders, having to lay his rifle on the ground for a few moments to get everything properly adjusted. The cowboy picks up his rifle again in both hands, removing the magazine. He pulls down his handkerchief to blow the dirt and debris out of his magazine before slapping it back in. "Come on..." He taps his fingernails along the trigger guard, anxious of what might lie ahead.

"Oh, shit!" He sees Ragnar up infront of him, watching Enclave soldiers pushing closer near the dam. This causes him to jog as quick as his burdened legs can carry him towards cover. "Contact, contact!" He yells out before letting some 5.56 whiz downrange at the Enclave that's advancing, aiming for center mass through his red-dot optic. He keeps his rifle aimed steady, letting the recoil of the weapon absorb into his shoulder.
Ragnar A yell out was plenty enough to cause Ragnar to pop his head down beneath battlements as friendly bullets rain down over his head towards the enemy. One charging commando out of sight of Conway gets a supercharged laserbolt deadcenter in his chest from an overspecced laser pistol Ragnar has in hand. He pulls the NCR rifleman he was working on further back behind cover to stabilize him.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell is directing resources and men around the battlefield as best as he could, their power armor only absorbing so much as Guardian brothers and sisters (We don't discriminate here) fall around him. He takes out his Gauss Revolver like a true officer and starts firing shots into various enclave commandos, he has a squad giving out rebreathers to various allied troops as best as they can, blood spraying on the battlefield. Caldwell approaches one Commando from behind and snaps his neck Metal Gear style. Solid Snaking off into the darkness of gas and dust. "They will never see us coming..." he mutters to himself.
Franky     Franky stumbles about the smoke coughing, unfortunately it seems like the volume of fire has increased all around him. "Fuuug." He moans, and drops to his knees his eyes red and his lungs ache. A large exchange of fire happens almost on top of him, and a black clad Commando go limp and falls almost in his lap. A soldier Franky assumed must be from the cool looking dudes with Winged Gear patches gave him a thumb's up...Or maybe it was a middle finger his eyes weren't 100 percent. He coughs a bit, crawling over and begins to fumble with the straps on the dead Commandos dome piece. Kicking off the helmet and unthreading the rebreather from the corpse.

    The unit get pressed to Franky's face and the straps go over his head and cinched on. He breathes out and ensures a clean seal, and coughs some more before he starts to take in deep clean air. A moment later he's fumbling with the acquired thermal vision, "God damn it!" He yells, waving a hand in front of his face as if he was blind. He gives the side of the goggles a rap with his palm, an audible whine happens and the world erupts into white and black..warm and hot. "Heh!" Is all he manages.

    Franky takes a moment but he does rise to his feet taking a loop of his slung lmg with his support hand, and letting it bark. He beings to walk the fire by aid of visible hot tracers into opposing forces. "Hahaha! Holy shit this is cool!" He looks around hoping someone would agree with him, they all seem busy doing cool shit too. He shrugs and moves to get on-line, and lay down a good arch of fire as the commando's appear on the imaging system.
Vault Girl Thanks to Sparrow word had gotten out to the Scientists of El Dorado, and more importantly, the Mad Scientists of Acme who had hatched a plan to subvert the Enclave's programming on Freedom Prime and possibly turn it to the side of the defenders.

If not, it would go crazy. Professor Einstein had been clear on that to Stockton, but Old Greg had insisted that if Freedom Prime just had the right drugs he would be okay. Doctor Van Doberstein was not with the pair.

Instead he had been installed into a salvaged Enclave Scorpion Walker and was wreaking havok on the rear-lines, against mostly defenseless Enclave targets insisting he was the one true hero of El Dorado.

For their plan to work? Stockton would need to perform a one in a million shot at a weak point on Freedom Prime's leg that would put Stockton directly in the path of the robot.. so Einstein insisted was entirely nessecary.

Meanwhile the defenders had begun to falter, the only lines that were currently holding were the ones being lead by Ashur, Alasa, Franky, & Ironface.

The Enclave forces that Conway and Ragnar engage begin to fight back with vicious determination, but they don't stand a chance now that they've been pinned down. They wouldn't surrender though.
Stockton If nothing else, there was a chance, so Stockton would take it. With the right drugs it can still be an immobile defense unit for the Dam in the name of the Defenders. The crack team he'd chosen was cracked and broken in the path behind him already, adding to the long list of lives lost in the war already.

War. War never changes.

Heavy boots carried the surprisingly agile form of the Marhsal through the battlegrounds, his set of Desert Eagles ringing out in a path directly towards the monster. Even as the collosus overshadowed the Dam, stomping ever closer, the deadeye was making his way to a rendevous that would put him in the direct line of the beast. He could only hope that Ashur provided enough distraction to avoid an immediate retaliation.

The zip whirr of the grapple gun goes off and his boots drop down onto a crumbling rooftop. Eagle eyes spot the weak point and he lifts his guns to take that one in a million shot. The concussive force of a pair of .50 caliber slugs at the right point in the joint results in the metal rings straining until they snap apart, a chain reaction working up the rest of the leg as cables and bolts rip from their foundations at the sudden shift. The next step from the giant robot finishes the crippling as it's knee pops out of socket and the locomotion grinds to a slow and destructive halt.

Stockton will eventually unbury himself from the tidal wave of rubble and debris he finds himself in. Probably.
Kaelyn Kae is quick to act at this point, making a break for lines that were faultering and trying to instill as much mayhem on the Enclave force sshe possibly can, aiming for commanders and command forces there, the girl dissapearing and reappearing out of the smoke and using that massive firearm of hers. There's again the tell tale thump-thump of that heavy .50 cal beo going off as she begins to waid again into another grouping of Enclave soldiers, this time helping out where forces were faltering and trying to bolster them up as best she can.

Now starting to get a good detailed grid on the battlefield built into her helm display Kae smiles starkly, the woman checking her ammo count on her Beowulf before slipping off into the smoke again, this time trying to ambush another larger unit of Enclave, the woman cutting loose with her massive battle rifle once more, aiming to cut off their commanders before trying to work toward the grunts and then attempting to dissapear again.
Ashur The chaos of the battle continues; Ashur and his men hold their line against all comers, those survivors now in salvaged rebreathers, though no small number of old Legionnaires fell to the poison, or will die in the coming days -- old world chemicals are an awful way to go. A spot of mercy-killing afterwards might be in due.

Far in the distance, Ashur sees the rampaging scorpion-mech, and bites back the desire to abandon the line and throw himself at it; he's been told it is on their side, and that fighting it is the wrong move to make. Still, it stirs his blood, and raises an awful aggression in him -- an aggression he channels onto the latest wave of Enclave troopers that come against him.

When the massive robot's knee joint begins to crumble, Ashur watches, idly strangling a trooper with both hands, held high in the air and kicking uselessly.
Conway Conway sheds his heavy pack of food off of his shoulders, abandoning it behind cover. He blind-fires over a concrete barrier, not exposing his head to the enemy forces. He yells out to Ragnar, letting out a loud wolf whistle first. "I'm moving to you, lay down fire!" He hesitates for a moment, but then goes for it.

Conway side-steps out of cover still in a crouched position, firing off a full magazine while bolting to Ragnar's cover. He slides up next to Ragnar, adjusting his bandana over his mouth. "These damn bastards won't give it up!" He drops his empty magazine into the dirt, reloading a new one. He lets out another hail of fire towards any remaining Enclave near the dam.
Ragnar Why would the man come to him? Doesn't he know thats *closer* to the Enclave? Ragnar isn't one to deny a polite request and pops up to let a few blurps of laserfire zoom across the dam towards the assaulting commandos. His face is muffled, in an enclave issued rebreather. "Maybe you should pick one of these nice gasmasks up and put it on?"
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell is busy beating up troopers Saxton Hale style, WITH HIS DAMN BARE HANDS. Using an advanced form of CALDWELL CARATE. Yes that's Karate with a C, it sounds cool don't judge! He delivers a swift jab to a servo there, causing the suit to crush it's wearer, and a power armored roundhouse here, causing an Enclave trooper to go flying into his allies. Suddenly he's surrounded. Is this the end for Teenage Mutant Nija Caldwells?! No, because Kaelyn comes in with her 50 cal and moews them all down, allowing Caldwell some time to reload his gauss revolver and go behind some actual cover "Thanks!" he calls out.
Franky     Hot brass and separated steel belts pile under his machine gun, idle plumes of heat rising off the barrel. "Stay cool baby, stay cool." Franky coaxes out, panning his muzzle and letting another burst rip into the advancing Enclave forces. A moment later the gun falls silent, the familiar back and forth of the recoil stops and he has to inspect. "Dry!" He calls out, already flipping the tray open and running the edge of his hand to clear away any debris from the breech.

    A fresh chain of bullets gets pulled out, he's trying to focus, but the giant in the distance is an impressive sight...."Is it just me or is there a giant robotic spider too?" Franky yells out, aligning the bullets and slapping the tray closed.

    "I'm up!..Fuck me!" He ducks a little as he sees the Giant buckle at one Knee. The sound of it following shortly after. "We're in some shit ain't we, boys!?" He chuckles, going prone a little as he shoulders the weapon. He scans the beaten zone, and pulls down the trigger to send another burst.
Kaelyn Kae glances to Caldwell and salutes with two fingers while smiling. NOt that her face can really be seen that well, her red glowng crimson eyes can be kind of made out. Before she slips off into the smoke. Flashes from that massive fire arm can be seen as the reports are heard. Heck the shadow ofa person being lifted and ripped apart can possibly even be seen as Kae activates her active stealth on her armor and goes to disrupt the Enclave's lines even further.
Vault Girl The foundations of the dam seem to shake when Freedom Prime falls to the ground, immobilized but not entirely inactive thanks to Stockton's one in a million shot.

With Stockton and others covering, the Mad Scientists of Acme make their deadly ploy and hook up their pip-boys to a computer terminal on the back of Freedom Prime's head.

Old Greg falls off the robot mid-way through but Professor Einstein manages to finish whatever mad science trickery they were up to.

"Sleep Mode Initiated. God Bless America." Are the last words of Freedom Prime as the massive robot powers down. (But maybe not forever)

All around the battlefield, the efforts of the defenders are redoubled, and the attackers find themselves demoralized by the loss of their trump card.

The fighting would rage on for hours still, but The Enclave would not win the day and Hoover Dam would remain firmly in the hands of the Devil we all knew.. Mr. House.