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Lowry      The neons don't draw the eye as much as usual. The mist from the rain and swirling dust mixed to flying mud obscures one's sight. The many lights and buildings are apparent though, obvious that one is about the strip. Countless rangers off-duty, ladies of the night and wayward farmers stumble about. Their caps squanderd here and there. Lowry is about the mess, but he's leaning against the wall near the north gate, a wary eye given to a securitron as he puffs on a cigar. The smoke billowing in the soft rain he shakes his head. Then he pushes off and continues to look about, "Darn' pool o' mud. Only gettin' bigger." His comment is for no one in particuliar but he does hang about, his eyes frequently looking back to the Tops.
Alasa Alasa is out and about, doing what she does best...nothing. She moves along, Sally rolling behind her as she walks. "Remind me, we still need to find something to take back to Bob. If you can think of anything he might like, let me know, ok?" As she herself munchs on a fresh stick of celery and peanut butter...
Dante      Given his state, you'd think that Dante would be at home in the gloom and the mire but for some reason the ghoul doesn't have the same beaten-down look in his gait that is common to others . He walks with his head held high even as he shoulders past the securitron with a throat grunt coming from his radiation ravage voicebox. His eyes almost gleam with malice, not directed at anyone in particular, cutting swathes of light through the gloom like hellish lanterns. The various hookers don't look for long and even rangers and farmers give him a disgustedly wide berth. He narrows his eyes a bit at Lowry's comment and rubs a gloved hand against his face, clearly already in a chem-haze. Whatever he's taken though... doesn't appear to have taken the edge off.
Ironface Jones There's a massive figure in a suit of power armor strolling down the street, possibly attracting some of the attention that the lights normally would have. It's wearer is, of course, enjoying a stroll in the crappy weather. Lowry somehow catches the eye of the hulking suit and it changes direction to approach the man, calling out in a firm voice through it's speakers, "Greetings. It is I, Ironface Jones of El Dorado." And there's a wave of one of the armored mits. "It is good to see you. How are you today?" Looking around he addss, "It is not a pleasant day to be outside. I thought you would be at the bar."

Ironface spots Alasa as well and gives her his greeting, "Good day! It is Ironface Jones, warrior of El Dorado and protector of dams. How does the day find you?"

Dante, a figure that Ironface does not recognize, gets a polite nod. "I am Ironface Jones of the El Dorado Tribe. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard Clan."
Lowry      Lowry spots Alasa and smiles, then he promptly frowns as he sees 'Sally'. But he straight lines the lips on his mouth and calls over to her, sarcasam but friendliness both apparent. "Ya' know that thar' thing, is followin' ya' ma'am?" Now he's just grinning and pulling aside his coat. "I'd take care of it. If'n ya' like." His pistol shows at his hip but the look on his face indicates he's merley joking. Though his eyes don't go back to the floating ball.

     Seeing Dante he gets a look of recognition, not for his likeness but for the chem use. "Hey there, partner." He says politely. Pulling a small bottle he would offer it over. "Got some other goods and such as well." His drawl pulls out and a wink is given indicating alchohol might not be all he carries this night.

     Ironface's arrival gains a grin from the cowboy. Nodding to Dante he says, "Give him that." The flask if he so accepted it, indicated. If not Lowry would hand it to IF. "My friend. I tire o' tha' saloon at times and ma' always said, 'Brave tha' storm. 'Fer it holds all ya' dun' let go." A wink is added before a look up to the hazy sky and then to the securitrons about, sally no exception.
Alasa Alasa hmms to Lowry, "Well I would hope so...that is kind of her purpose....its not like I still have the other hundred still following me. Now that would be really odd...the line would stretch back a long ways." She laughs a bit to herself, "And I wouldn't try anything...she is a nasty shot. Specially since I gave her a really nasty gun to use." She grins again, "There good people..they kill enclave nice..." She eyes Dante as well, "Oh, well hello there old timer....." The to Iffy, "Well it's just a great dam day I think...interesting weather and all, but still."
Ironface Jones "No thank you. I cannot drink with my helmet on and I do not want to remove it because of the rain," Ironface holds up a hand to politely decline the offer of hooch. "Your mother sounds like a wise woman. It is good that you heed her words." The armor attired tribal tells Lowry with a deep nod.

With his attention, and the suit of armor, turning towards Alasa Ironface speaks again, "It is good that you have a great day. The weather will eventually change, but for now we must deal with it as it is. Which is why I wear my armor right now."
Lowry      The Cowboy's eyes go wide and he juts his leg out, the other one staying put as he lands his hands on his hips and whistles. "Oh, I know ya' dun' be pullin' ma' chain now. Aint na'body gonna march around with a hundred o' them." He shakes his head and seems thoroughly content she is having fun with him. He doesn't comment on it's possible lethality. His regard shows that plain as day briefly when he looks to it. But he swings his attention to the tribal. "Well, I thank ya. I'll have one to her on yer' behalf." He nods and drinks deep.
Alasa Alasa says, "March around?, marching, just killing, lots and lots of killing. Killing so much, that killing doesn't seem bad any more..just like killing is the same as brunch." She smiles, "yes, the weather does tend to change when mother sun, or father moon get bored....I've learned to live with it.""
Victoria "C'mere you little shit for brains." A yell goes out in the rainy night, carrying between buildings. A small tiny person runs out from a building down from the north on the strip, running through the night like the wind towards the trio who are currently hanging in the rain and talking. As it passes by closer, one can see if they care to look, that this tiny person is actually a raccoon which runs on it's hindlegs, carrying a leather case in it's paws against it's chest, a look of determination on it's face, tinged with perhaps a smidgen of fear.

Zoooom zooom zoooom.
    He continues on his way, dashing into a nearby alley way and disappearing into the dark, Victoria appearing, goggles on her forehead and streaks of rain dripping down her face, "I'LL FIND YOU, ARAI." Called out as she skids to a stop near the trio, her chest rising and falling quickly as she suddenly realizes it's raining, her previously well-coiffed hair now damp and getting soaked, her head craning back to take in the sight via the light of the lamp posts and signs, "Oh of course, of bloody bleeding blasting course." A spit onto the ground, Vic kicking at the sand as hands go to her hips, nostrils flaring as she begins to walk in a circle, frustration rife in her form, "Little fucking trash panda, I will peel off the skin from your creepy little people hand-" Her hands have lifted into the air, fingers curling into her palms, the trio noticed then. With a defeated sigh she drops down into a crouch, elbows on her knees, hands going to her face as she speaks, "I don't suppose any of you saw a little shitbag run by?"
Ironface Jones "Yes, that is good," Ironface tells Lowry. "Respecting your elders is a sign of a good person, I think. Not all elders are worthy of respect, though. I have found in my travels that some elders are unwise or evil and must be watched or destroyed." He stomps around a bit, looking for a good place to stand to try to keep some of the rain off of the folks he's speaking to.

The power armor suit Ironface resides in turns towards Victoria, silently watching her antics as she seems to chase a strange little creature. Eventually, he focuses on the woman, "Greetings. It is I, Ironface Jones of El Dorado. I am sorry your trash panda ran off with that thing. If I see it in the future I will ask it for your thing back."
Lowry      "Well, that don' seem sa' bad." Lowry says as he turns back to Alasa, "Still. They's a bit untrustworthy." He shrugs with the look of someone who would not speak on it now, the smallest amount of a polite nof given to the thing-a-ma-jig with a name. Her comments on father moon and such get a smile but yet another conversation soon coming.

     The raccoon and it's scurrying by does not escape the Mcormick. But then he sees Vic and it all has happened to quick. "Ya' lookin' fer' that lil' bastard?" He asks quickly and starts swinging his head about. Ironface as always does not fail to grab his attention. He looks to Vic, then back to the armoured man. "I agree." This is sincere. "But," His eyes to Vic uickly, "Seems this little thrash panda is-" He starts laughing, without control to stop this enjoyment of the situation.
Alasa Alasa hmmms, "Interesting..interesting....we can hunt it down if you like...shouldn't be that hard...make it pay for what its done...yes, it shall be."
Victoria Victoria looks crestfallen, hands falling from her face as she hears the big assed booming voice, a brow raising up as she tilts her head back to eye Ironface, "Holy shit, I thought you were a freaking column to a building. What the hell." That crestfallen look is replaced by a look of horrified impressedness, "Or like a big ..freaking ..armored vehicle. Holy pickles. Ironface. Wow." Wait, trash panda, right. "That little shit - this is the /fourth/ time he's managed to take off with my stuff, every damned time, with his little face, his little triangle sandwiches and .." Fists are shook in the air, rain continuing to fall down upon her. Finally, after venting to Ironface, she stares at Lowry, face falling into a deadpan stare before she rolls her eyes, "Yuck it up, Low, see who supplies you when the wrong tools are stolen." Alasa is given a shake of the head, Vic unfurling her fists to push her hair back from her face, winding it up and using the rubber band from the goggles on her forehead to hold it back, "Hunt, like kill? No, he's got some stuff I need, and with him dead I'll never find his little den. Plus I owe him a debt so .." A listless shrug, hands falling to her hips, "Killing him would be in bad taste." As would peeling the skin off his fingers, "What the hell are you guys doing standing in the rain?"
Ironface Jones There is merriment, at least on Lowry's part, and that pleases Ironface. As a result, the huge suit of armor begins to nod up and down several times in succession. "It is good to see humor in the bad things that happen. Trash pandas are humorous people, I think, and should be laughed at. Unless it hurts them. I am not knowledgeable about trash pandas." His gaze moves over to Victoria at this point, "Is that correct?" Then he shakes his head, "I am no column. I am just a man." Then he looks up at the sky, seeing the rain for a moment before his attention returns to the lady the panda robbed, "I am talking to people. Earlier I was going to get a drink, but I stopped for conversation."
Alasa Alasa says, "You owe him?, he loaned you 20 dollars? Well I suppose we could just hunt him down, and break his legs if he doesn't pay back the loan. I hear thats actually a popular thing in these parts." She shrugs a bit, "Just the heavens crying..not really that bad. Not like its gonna kill anyone.""
Victoria "Just a man in a giant can." Victoria will murmur in a half-singsong manner in response to Ironface, her head shaking a little as she tries to get herself back to a place where she's not mesmerized, "No, no - He me out of a pickle a while back, actually saved me life, though I'm not sure he meant to." Vic says to Alasa as she slips those goggles down her face and onto her neck, hair falling down in wet tangles.
    Exhaling out has her blinking at Alasa, "What? The heavens cry- oh wow. No, do you know the /chemicals/ in this rain? The fact our skins aren't peeling off is a minor miracle, and it makes my skin itchy." So says the scientist/chem/tea maker, "And yet I am here, also drawn in to making conversation. In the rain. While a trash panda takes off with my tools." A pause, Vic drawing in her labcoat close to her body, shivering a little, "I'm Vic, by the way."
Lowry      Alasa gets a look from Lowry that is full of grin. Shaking his head he says, "Doubt it did all that much." His look goes back to Vic and he adds, "Take 'er easy darlin'." He can't help but chuckling slightly though. To Iron Face he continues, "Me neither. But humour is good. Everyone hurts when theys a laughed at. Even the trash pandas." To Vic he adds, "Hey, I'd help. Just more inta' talkin' in tha' rain." He smiles and looks up again. "Sounds like ya'll come across this little critter again anyhow. Easier then us slippin' round in the rain."
Ironface Jones "I think now I will go and find my drink," Ironface tells the others, giving them each a nod in turn. "I am quite thirsty and wish to show off my armor at the casinos. I hope people will recognize me and reward me with women and drink since I aided in saving the dam." And then he takes a step back, "Good day to you all. Be well. Stay safe." The large man turns and heads off into the rain, his destination likely the Gomorrah based on the direction he's heading.
Alasa Alasa says, "Oh, that rains that bad?...Really?, I guess we should get out of it as well. Course, its not like I'm walking around uncovered either..." She looks to Vic, "Well hi there, and bye there...we should be going." As she heads off, Sally rolling behind her."
Victoria Victoria nods her head slowly, watching as Ironface and Alasa go off in the rain to their individual destinations, "Wow, he is just so honest. I ..I really like him. Wow." Looking surprised she puckers out her bottom lip, turning to face Lowry, arms hugged to her chest, "I am freezing my ass off man, and I'm gonna have to shower for an hour to get this itchy feeling off me. But ..if you wanna talk out in this ..a'ight. So."
Lowry      Lowry shakes his head. "Nah. Screw this noise. Wanna go in?" He motions to the door to the nearest casino. His eyes cast back to the door and he shrugs. "they got drinks in thar' anyway." He smiles and would wave a hand. "I got caps burnin' holes in ma pocket."
Victoria Victoria will be an ass, head shaking a little as she glances off towards a hotel, "Honestly, I'm ...freezing my ass off, and I'm tired. And I about tomorrow, Low. Breakfast? I'll eat food, you drown down a couple bottles of booze?" Asked as she curves a lopsided smile, hunching over and heading towards the hotel slowly as she waits for Low to respond.