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Aris At a little after sunrise, it ain't exactly high time for drinking in El Dorado, even at the saloon. But Aristide ain't exactly caring.

The dark haired girl is perched on a stool at the bar, finishing a plate of eggs sunny-side up between sips of some sort of dark beer. Her usual brown suede cowboy hat sits on the seat to her left, but her normal cotton and denim getup seems to have been replaced with brown canvas overalls for now.

Judging by her expression, Aris is thoroughly enjoying the people watching she's doing over breakfast-- specifically, watching the touseled-looking married men creeping down the saloon stairs to go sneak back home after a long night of... well, somethin'.
Bart Bart arrives from the other direction, coming into the establishment at this break dawn hour. He shuffles in wearing his wasteland gear which puts him in lightweight riot armor over his labcoat and clothing. It's almost hard to tell who he is save for Velma strapped over his shoulder. There's no mistaking that girl.

Bumping into one of the gents leaving, Bartholomew profuses an apology and manages to wiggle his way up to the bar so that he can settle hands on the edge and lean in some. "Mr. Handy, a plate of scrambled eggs please, two pieces of toast, and that nice cut of brahmin I got last time, thank you." he huffs and unslings Velma to set her gingerly on the ground beside him, the barrel leaning on the bar as he moves to unload his medkit and pack to finally sit himself down a few stools from Aris.

That'd be about the time he finally recognizes her in her coveralls earning the farmhand a broadened smile and an ethusiastic wave.
Aris Oh, it don't matter if Bart recognizes Aris none. Aris'd recognize that gun leaning against the bar damned near anywhere. "'Morning, Velma! All dressed up for a day in town, are ya?" Aristide grins, gray eyes sliding from the gun to its owner. Her smile lingers, even as she takes another drink of beer. "And ta you too, doc. Thought I wouldn't see you again 'til I was good and bloody."
Bart Bart is about to say something when she calls him 'Doc' and there's that internal reaction that is more like a hiccup than anything else. His meal arrives drink first and he's reaching up to pull the helmet off of his head and set it beside him. Thankfully riot armor these days tends to be NCR inspired, so he doesn't look like a marshmallow of armor. A little smile remains though. "Well I do have to eat and sometimes Alberta does not get up in time, which is perfectly fine, the poor dear works herself ragged keeping up with my brother and I," he smiles turning back to his meal to come before blinking from behind broken spectacles back towards the farmhand. "You aren't bleeding are you?"
Aris "Not yet, but the day's still young, doc!" Aris grins over the brim of her mug. Once the mug's drained, she uses one hand to push her plate downt the bar towards Bartholomew, following and settling into the chair next to him with Velma between them. Completely unbidden, of course. "So you two're rich, then?" she asks around another bite of eggs, pushing her dark hair back behind one ear. She sounds genuinely curious. "To have hired help, and all. How'd y'all make your fortune?"
Bart Shrugging a shoulder he turns away from the woman long enough to be slightly surprised when she's suddenly in the stool beside him, Velma tucked neatly between them. Scandalous. Bart's plate arrives and he gives even the robot a gracious smile and thank you before looking at Aris rather directly. "We're well off enough. Our parents were well off, we joined in a few ventures and made enough to set ourselves up here. Milton is a tailor, and I perform what tasks I can that are marketable. It gets us by better than most," he agrees.
Aris Still chewing her breakfast, Aristide offers, "He's got a point, ya know." Another drink of beer, her second half-way gone already. "Your brother, I mean. You could make a killing selling modified weapons." She glances down to the gun between. "But not you, darlin', you're special." She grins back up at Bart before going back to her breakfast, using a bit of bread to sop up the yellow yolk on her white plate.
Bart Bart finally gets fork into eggs and his first bite and the scientist's eyes close and he savors it for a few moments before swallowing. There's a stiffening though, was this woman daring to agree with Milty? How dare she! Harumph even. There's a twist of his face there but she is cooing down to the gun between them and he kind of smiles like a proud father. "Perhaps, I am exploring other avenues of income. Oh. There's also the cap mine...that has been rather lucrative."
Aris But then Aristide's brows furrow over her gray eyes. "Cap mine?" she asks, pushing aside her empty plate. She takes a long drink of beer before swiping a piece of toast from Bart's plate. He's got two! She nibbles on one corner. "The hell is that?"
Bart Bart blinks slowly at the woman. "It's where the old culture abandoned many caps for us to find, I imagine. Really I'm unsure on the specifics of the caps getting there, but there is a mountain full of caps of all kinds. From the spending ones to the collector's items. I've found more than my fair share of Star Bottlecaps in there, Quantums too." He smiles and then starts working on his steak only to find that there's a piece of toast missing. Blink. Blink blink. He looks up at the robot, "Diagnostic week for you my good man, you've shorted me on toast," he makes the Mr. Handy get him another piece while he works on brahmin steak and eggs with the one piece of toast he has, almost making a half sandwich out of it all.
Aris If it's possible, Aristide frowns harder. "The hell you mean, 'abandoned them for us to find'? Sounds like a pipe dream, doc. If you wanna keep your secrets to wealth, though, I ain't gonna pry them from ya." But who'd know better-- the well-to-do scientist or the ex-raider-princess farmhand? Naturally skeptical, she snorts softly, but keeps chewing her (his!) toast, half-grinning when Mr. Handy gets chastised for her handiwork. "Anyway... couple more weeks' worth of work, and maybe I'll come see what you're willing to part with. Saw some pretty things when I was there." She grins at him. "Guns, too!"
Bart Bart stares back at her mid bite, chewing with his mouth closed before swallowing to explain, "I mean abandoned in the mountain, or maybe they were put there by the explosion. How else do you explain how a concentration of bottlecaps, the very thing we use as currency, just happened to end up in the mountains and hills by El Dorado, hm?" He asks her a rather pointed question wondering if she had a better hypothesis. The mention of resources for work is noted and he perks up some. The pass at the end though, just confuses him. Brows furrow some and he asks, "What else besides my guns were you eyeing, Miss Aris?"
Aris "Dunno what the hell you're gettin' at, but it sounds fishy to me, doc," Aristide offers in regards to mountains full of caps. Just ain't right, you know? His inquiry distracts her from that rant, though, eliciting a little grin. "Sure I'm not the first girl to say you're cute, Bart, nor the last," she muses, finishing off her beer. She lightly taps the bar to get the attention of Mr. Handy, murmuing a soft request for another. "'Magine all those lasers get ya a lot of attention from the oppposite sex, yeah?" She's grinning again, pretty and slightly less than sober.
Bart Bart manages an amused smile and a nod, he understands, he was dubious at first as well, "I'll take you then," he decides aloud, without much room for protest or decision making on her part. It's the only logical thing to do in this instance, seeing will be believing. By the end of her statement she might realize that she's quite misjudged that situation as the scientist's eyebrows are both arched up and over the rims of his cracked spectacles. There's a flush on his cheeks and he stammers just a few times before managing a hushed reply, "No, Miss Aris, I haven't the talent for such interactions. Milton is the one who is charming," he reaches for his glass of water and hides behind it for a few swallows, though the former-raider-princess will notice the fertive glances made towards her, trying to desperately formulate a plan.
Aris The dark haired woman laughs, light and lilting. "Yes, take me to where the caps flow free like oil from a spring!" Aris chuckles, tapping her beer glass against Bartholomew's water in a sort of 'cheers'. Apparently, she doesn't believe him. But then he's talking about charming, and she's shaking her head. "Never said you were charming," Aris muses, taking the man's last piece of half-eaten toast. The nerve! "-Cute-, is what I said. And fuckin' eccentric. If I were a high-calibur rifle, you'd be all over me, wouldn't ya?" She grins prettily around a bite of his toast. "So. Where's this mountain?"
Bart Bart is distracted by that laugh, the jovial nature making him more at ease because if people are laughing, they aren't waving guns about. Flustered though he tries to recount and backtrack some. "No no, not that you said I was just that he /is/ and thus he tends to attract all of the attentions of the opposite sex," he tries to explain and then just stuffs his mouth with steak so he can chew through it and not say something else dumb. He actually blinks at her curiously and then actually ponders it with a furrow of brows for a moment. "I would likely be far less reserved, and well, more forthcoming with a desire to place my hands on you, perhaps." But for whatever reason that logical sounding doesn't embarrass him in the slightest. Such an odd man.
Aris Aris is grinning to herself over on her barstool, but adverts her eyes for now. "Ah, well. S'damn shame I'm not a rail rifle then, huh?" Finishing up her bread (-his- bread), she adds thoughtfully, "For me, I mean. For you, it's a stroke of good luck! I'm trouble. Don't I look like trouble?" Maybe she means for him to answer the question, but maybe not, because she continues without elaborating. "Anyway. This cap mountain you speak of. You'll take me there one day, yeah?"
Bart Bart swallows rather audibly when she laments not being a rail rifle. He is trying to connect the dots, does she mean she /wants/ him to put his hands on her? How strange! She goes on and he has to snap his attention to her again, studying her in profile for a moment. "Luck is not a tangible measurement, good or bad is all perceptive bias," he starts in on lecture before likely finding glassy eyes and simply straying from that thought thread to fire up another. "I can take you right now, it's just at the other end of Shantytown," he says before latching onto the other part, the question, "Oh um, well. I don't rightly understand what trouble you could possibly present." Famous last words, 'Doc'.
Aris Oh, glassy eyes for -days-, Bart. 'Perceptive bias' has her nearly catatonic. "Oh, can't go right now," Aristide explains, sounding perfectly secure in her logic. "I'm drunk." Duh. Taking another long draught of dark beer, she reaches down and pats Velma in an appreciative manner. "But once sober, I'd follow this gal just about anywhere." Gray eyes meet blue. "Got a lot of experience, with big guns like this. That's trouble enough, doc."
Bart Bart avoids full catatonic state by diverting the conversation thankfully and she's changing the script on him with because drunk and he goes, "Oh." Duh. He takes another sip off his water and finishes up his breakfast with the extra piece of toast because Aris is sneaky. He smiles some towards Velma and the woman who appreciates her so much, "Well, I am going to be taking her to the mines shortly here, so if you did follow her you would fulfill two of your desires," he concludes, even if he might not realize that there might be others that could be fulfilled in a mine shaft. "Oh I don't see that as a measure of trouble, Miss Aris. I am fully proficient in their use and I'm no more trouble than anyone who likes combining chemicals and lasers with mixed results."
Aris Bart's smile is met with a pretty grin, but Aristide shakes her head slightly. "I'm more trouble than chems and rifles and lasers combined," she muses cryptically. How much trouble could a farmhand be? But she pushes her plate and empty mug away before standing, closer now for the moment. "Good as that sounds, I should get back to the farm. You'll be better off for it." The hell does that mean? The dark haired woman lingers, glancing between Bart and his rifle companion.
Bart Bart is done with breakfast which means he is quick to stand up after wiping his scruffy cheeks and mouth down with a napkin to be presentable once more. Sniffing a bit as he moves to his feet, he gathers his helmet and is snatching Velma up to sling her over his shoulder in a loving motion that is practiced and easy. She settles right in against his back. "I simply cannot believe that, unless you are going to prove as much," he decides, because science! But she's making excuses to leave, were he a more impolite fellow he might challenge, but he's not. "Oh, well if you must to the farm, that is one thing. But I would thank you to not presume so much until we have more data."
Aris Aris's teeth are a pretty white as she grins at him. "Mr. Science wants proof, huh?" she muses, her words lazier than they ought to be at six in the morning. "Spend a little more time with me, and you'll see. Trouble follows, Mr. Knox." What in the actual fuck is she talking about? Leaning closer, she plants a kiss on his cheek much like she had the other day whens he treated him. Physical boundaries are no issues to her, apparently. "Turnips ain't gonna harvest themselves, doc." Fishing in her jeans pocket, she pulls out enough caps to cover both their breakfasts. It's only fair, seeing how she ate three quarters of his toast. "After payday, I might come see you. Buy some things that boom."
Bart Bart is rather noticing of good hygeine, it being rather rare in the Wastelands. Her smile is rather soothing considering the straightness of teeth and the uniform color. What, he focuses on weird shit, it could be worse! "As I said, more data," he nods, she's saying the same thing he is, if in different words. But then she goes and plants another kiss on his cheek and he is right back to being slightly stiff and unsure of what to do in this situation. "I see, well, that is why there are farmhands and farm tools I suppose," he is logicing thigs out aloud. "Please do, I look forward to figuring out how to get the right gun in your hands," he smiles some since he knows upgrades and tech! "Um, goodbye, miss Aris," he manages at least, remembering his manners this time.
Aris "The right 'gun' in my hands, yeah..." Aristide chuckles, her own private little joke. Grinning to herelf, the dark haired murmurs against his stubbly cheek, "Take care of yourself, doc. 'Til next time." Patting Velma's stock as if she were patting a good friend's shoulder in farewell, the dark haired girl slinks away from the bar and out the door. There's a pretty white mare tied up outside, and Aris mounts her from the left, turning her lazily towards rural El Dorado, likely on her way to harvest those damned turnips.
Bart Bart is so out of that joke at this moment, so she gets to have her own little inside joke with her and herself. She's still so close and it'd be right now that he notices that fact and is stiffened up again, breathing in with a stutter. Much as he doesn't /understand/ why, he does know that he is shivering just a little bit. "I will," he says quietly as she gives Velma a proper goodbye and then turns to sort of follow her outside. He gets a full view of that posterior as she mounts up and he can't help but see the outline and of all the things in the world he thinks to himself; 'She should see Milton about that back pocket seam' is what comes along.