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Owner Pose
Conway Though it's the early morn, thick and dark grey clouds scatter the heavens. They stand still like rocks in the desert, not moving due to the absence of overhead wind. Even though it's early, this is the start of the workday for those on the Brigham Farm. A long and narrow windy dirt road leads out of a treeline near the Pecos River to form a trail to the Brigham Farm.

At the end of the road is the farm itself, with large rows of root vegetables on both sides, a white farmhouse, a barn, and a greenhouse. There's a diesel tractor parked right infront of the farmhouse that's connected to a utility trailer. The silhouette of a muscular man wearing dirty denim bib overalls can be seen throwing square bales of hay overhead into the trailer.
Cassandra Cassandra comes hiking down the fields, coming down the long and narrow road. The sweat glistening on her brow and collecting in the folds of her skin attests to the physical exercise, even though it's probably not that hot this early in the morning. She gathers her duster around herself, her helmet hanging strapped loosely to her thigh as her rifle is slung over a shoulder, wandering in the direction of the farmhouse and the barn. Once she gets close enough she'll call out to the muscular man working on the hay bales, "Is this the Brigham Farm?"
Conway Conway throws another rectangular bale of hay overhead into the trailer, clapping his hands together in a sweeping motion to dust his rough palms off. He hears the voice over his shoulder, narrowing his eyebrows while his back is still turned on the.. hm, woman it sounds like? Conway slowly turns around to face the stranger, removing his rancher style, black felt hat. "That depends, ma'am. I'm Conway, my last name happens to be Brigham. What's your guess?" He smirks slyly, holding out his hand for a formal greeting. "You're in the right place, what can I do for you?"

Conway wears a pair of bib overalls, a pair of brown leather work boots, and he's missing his sleeves. He's got some mud on his hands and it'd probably wipe off a bit with a shake.
Cassandra Yeah, once he gets a good look at her, it's pretty clear she's all woman. Maybe one who doesn't have any underwear anymore, but that's beside the point. She reaches up to wipe the sweat off her brow, glancing around for a moment before putting a hand on her stomach and holding it there quietly for just a second while she looks around. When she looks back over towards you she offers, "Cassandra, nice to meet you." Her handshake is easy as she explains, "I hear you make some of the best horses in the area."
Conway Conway replaces his hat back on his head after giving Cassandra's hand a few pumps, replacing his hands on his hips after. "Pleasure is all mine, Cas." His right hand leaves his hip to wipe some sweat off of his brow, obviously a fruit of his labor. His hand fishes into the front large pocket of his bib located on his chest, pulling out a wrapped piece of spearmint gum. He unpackages it, placing it in his mouth.

Conway starts to chew on his favorite flavor while he listens to Cassandra state her business for showing up at sunrise. "You've heard right, ma'am. I've got some nice horses bred 'ere."
Cassandra "Well cowboy, it turns out that I..." She puts a hand to her chest, right over the stylized 'A' tattoo, "Am in the market for a new horse. The old one having met something of an untimely demise." She shrugs her shoulders slightly, clearly not overly emotional about the horse. Maybe one of those who sees them more as utilitarian than pets. "I'm just hoping to get a quality one at a decent price, and I thought I'd visit and see what you had available."
Conway Conway chuckles lightly to himself, watching Cassandra assert her reason. "Is that right, eh?" He licks the corner of his mouth, jerking his thumb over his shoulder in the direction of a worn barn. "Let me show you my 'selection', hm?" He lightly pats the back of Cassandra's left arm, "This way." He walks towards the barn, imagining she'll walk in tow behind him if she wants a horse.
Cassandra Cassandra moves to follow along, her body with a little bit more bounce to it than should entirely be comfortable, the slightest bit of a sway to her earthy hips. She follows towards the Old Barn, moving behind you easily and following in silence. She looks over the barn for a moment when they get closer, pointing out, "You've got yourself some holes in the walls."
Conway Conway closes the dilapidated barn door behind them as they enter to prevent any of the barn cats from escaping. They're everywhere. Everywhere! There's atleast fifteen little barn cats running around the inside, hanging off rafters in the loft, and playing in the hay. He bends his back to scoop a cat up in his hand, placing it against Cassandra's chest for her to hold. "Take this to occupy you while you watch."

Conway steps towards the horse stalls which are directly across from the barn doors. All you have to do is walk straight. Inside the stalls are several large mares aswell as a few stallions, and a donkey. "The holes allow me to check on my horses without having to smell their shit." He continues to gnaw on his gum. They're all very strong and bulky horses. There's some horses so tall that you would need a ladder to touch their ears.
Cassandra "Oh that's pretty ingenius." Cassandra is talking to Conway, following along behind him as they talk. Then suddenly Conway is dropping kitties on her.... chest. She blinks and brings a hand up, holding the farm cat across the shelf of her bosom and pets it for a second, making sure it's settled and not going to claw her eyes out before moving to follow and walk straight ahead, lookoing over the horse stalls. "Those all might be a bit tall for me." She grins.
Conway Conway inspects his horses, letting out a satisfying 'ahh' noise as if he was enjoying a cold Nuka Cola. He recloses the stalls of the horses he was showing, looking back at Cassandra to inspect her height. He nods his head a few times, "I agree. Any shorter and you'd be riding dogs." He steps off to the right side of the barn and opens a few more stalls.

In the first stall is a brown Clydesdale with white markings, about 16 hands tall. He's got big brown eyes and a shiny coat. "This 'ere is Pirate." He runs his hand down his snout and the horse leans its head forward in bliss.

He side-steps away from Pirate onto the next stall, which is a strong Flordia Cracker, about 15 hands tall. He's an odd ball with alot of black and brown spots on him. He's got scars all over his body. "This 'ere is Lightning, because the boy fought a wolf one day and now he gots lightning bolts on'em." He points at the scars with two fingers.
Conway He hasn't introduced all the horses in that row of stalls yet but the farmer turns around with his arms crossed to see if anything has caught her eye.
Cassandra Cassandra looks up and down the horses for a moment. She looks down at herself, well, as much as herself as she can see past her ever-swelling and burgeoning curves, and says with a snort and a laugh, "No need to be rude about it." She grins, clearly not upset, before saying, "They're great. You do breed quality here. How much do you normally ask for one of your healthy younger horses?"
Conway Conway scratches the stubble underneath his chin, looking Cassandra up and down to see if he can get a measure of what she might be carrying in her pocketbook. He's trying to make a budget for her mentally. "Well, are you wanting a prized healthy young horse, or are you just looking for the average healthy young horse?" He places his hands in the bib on his chest, letting his thumbs stick out. He looks back at his horses in the stalls, knowing the price for every single one of them in his head.
Cassandra "Well, that depends, on how much they cost." Cassandra fires back, apparently trying to be canny in negotiations by not being the one to say a number first. "I'll get the best horse I can for the caps that I have." She sets the kitten down, wrapping her fingers around the strap of her rifle. She's in what is obviously highly valuable and prized NCR ranger gear, but other than that, doesn't really show any signs of having a lot of money.
Conway Conway chuckles lightly, tilting his head at Cassandra. "Very well." He walks up to Lightning, placing his hand underneath the horse's lower jaw. "For a strong, tough guy like this that's been tried and true it'd be 1,650 caps." He walks over to the Clydesdale on the left, patting Pirate on the head between his ears. "Here's an average young fella. He's got some speed, can haul a bit, but he's a quality horse. But he's 'average' in a sense." He turns back towards Cassandra, replacing his hands back in his bib. "He'd cost around 1,100." He slowly nods his head.
Cassandra Cassandra nods her head slowly, "Sounds like good fair prices to me." She pauses for a moment, biting her lip and then saying, "I /am/ planning on doing a little shopping around too though. I heard about a breeder/farmer named Celeste who lives not too far from El Dorado, heard she's got horses available too so I want to check out her quality and prices before I make a decision, you understand, right?"
Conway Conway waves his hand off after hearing 'Celeste'. He shakes his head while keeping his hands casually stowed away in the bib of his overalls. "That woman can train a horse, but she ain't got nearly a knack of producing horses." He continues to shake his head dismissively. "You can go check it out, I don't think you'll find what you're looking for. Nobody beats these rates or this quality from here to San Anton'."

Conway continues to chew on his piece of gum, offering some advice. "If I were you. If you're considering buying from her, you might aswell pay retail at the El Dorado Stables." ... "These horses might already be sold when you get back."
Cassandra Cassandra thinks this over for a long moment. Clearly she's taking your words seriously, not wanting to waste your time. But in the end she shrugs her shoulders and says, "Well, I gotta take my chances then I guess. But thanks for the advice, I'll ask her about that, keep your name out of it, and see what she says."
Conway Conway nods his head a few times, withdrawing his hands out of his bib overalls. He holds his tattered pack of gum, holding it out to Cassandra. "Take a piece for your travels." He smiles warmly, keeping the pack held out so she can withdraw a piece. "Get a quote from her and then let me know what she said."