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Aris It's just after sunrise, and the sun struggles to peek through slate gray clouds that dot the desert sky. Where it manages to break through, the sky is brilliant pink and orange. The air is warm but still, last night's heavy winds apparently having blown themselves out. The damage is done though, a few buildings incurring wind damage. For the most part, Brigham's farm sat sturdy under the torrent, but along the pasture fence line it appears a tree has knocked over two fence posts.

It's here that the dark haired woman is this morning, already sweating as she works on righting the first post back into its hole. Judging by a streak of blood along her arm, it's going -fantastically-!
Bart Far be it from Bartholomew to notice some inclement weather when there are things to be done! He is kitted out in his lightweight armor over the labcoat, his rifle and his medkit hanging off his shoulders and pack like a true combat medic. The waddle-shuffle is hardly becoming, but it's hard to argue with the scientist's results of survival.

He'd figured out which farm was Conway's by asking around and when he finally trots up to the place, what to his wondering eyes should appear, but the very lovely creature he was stalking down. There's another pack on his shoulder - how does he juggle all that crap - that one is unslung when he reaches the broken fence post, and Aris. "Good morning!" he says cheerily before unzipping the cooler and pulling out /cold/ water and offering it over. "You," he pauses noticing blood, "Look like you could use a visit from me. Heavens," he says in that Mid-Atlantic accent.
Aris Busy and frustrated as she is, Aris doesn't notice Bart's approach until he's declaring a 'good morning'. Gray eyes slide up from the manual labor she's doing to meet his gaze, wiping a bit of sweat off her brow with the back of a glove. "Maybe for you, doc," she muses, "Mine's been shit so far!" Half-grinning, she takes the proffered water with a grateful nod and downs nearly half of it. She watches him over the container, which is now smeared with her blood. The nerve! "Where ya headed?"
Bart It's not like he is cognizant of things like someone having a bad time. Bart offered the container of water and pretty much figured it was given up at this point. If you hand something to someone, you certainly shouldn't expect that person to return it, right? But since his hands are empty, he is picking up his medkit and pulling out a small handheld gun-looking device. More than likely more of his lasers! "I am sorry to hear your morning has been full of fecal matter," he says with just a hint of dismay and disgust. "Let me see your arm, you are injured," he states while reaching with one hand.
Aris 'Fecal matter' earns Bart a lilting laugh. She passes him back his near-empty water, and her eyes shift to gaze at that gun-esque device he's wielding. "Ya come here to shoot me, put me outta my misery?" Aristide teases, rolling the sleeve up on her gray shirt anyways. There's a ragged gash from her elbow down halfway to her wrist, looks like it could've come from messing with the barbed wire-tipped fence.
Bart Bart 's lips twitch upwards at that lilting laugh, he's rather enjoying the melodic sound that doesn't make him want to apply a too-high energy burst to her mouth parts. Instead he's a little taken with it and smiles instead. "Um. Well, I suppose I could manage that if you need?" he offers, clearly having zero qualms about medically assisted suicide. But the shirt sleeve comes up and he is looking at the wound carefully for a few moments. Finally he wipes the blood away with a rag he soaks in alcohol. It stings a lot. But then comes the burning of that little laser pistol in his hand. Cauterizing everything shut and then accelerating cell growth until she's got the gnarly scar that was going to happen anyways.
Aris "Puta madre!" Aris curses at him once that alcohol's applied, but she doesn't pull away or even flinch really. Just that pretty frown as she watches the laser that feels like beestings seal up what was still bleeding a moment ago. When it's done, she withdraws her arm from Bart, examining the scar tissue closely. "'Preciate it, doc," she murmurs, eyes shifting to him once again. Her gaze is bright and unsettling. "How much I owe ya?"
Bart Bart blinks at the cursing, his eyes widening at the use of the language before it's all over and she's inspecting her arm. A grin forms as she thanks him, then that twitch at the word 'doc'. He huffs, "I am not a doctor, madame!" he sighs before finally looking at his gun that he's putting away back into the medkit. "Fifteen caps," he says, even if that's not the price he lists on his door when she came to his lab the one time...and then ran around without her pants on for most of her stay. "Do you need assistance in dropping the post?" he asks while pointing at it.
Aris "Oh I know it," Aris answers about his not being a doctor, grinning. "Just like the way your face screws up a touch when I say it." Digging into the front pocket of her canvas overalls, she pulls out a handful of caps. Dropping them from one hand to her other, she counts ten altogther and hands them over to Bart. Then she kisses him, square on the mouth! She tastes like peppermint. "Oughta cover the difference," Aris laughs, watching his expression for a moment before her gaze shifts to the last fence post still lying on the ground. It's literally four-fifths her height, probably why she's struggled so much. "Little help wouldn't go amiss."
Bart Bart gawks a little, mostly because he doesn't understand the concept of giving someone a hard time. There is a bit of mystified glint in his eyes at this creature in front of him who is so very complicated. "Oh," he manages finally, sounding SUPER smart. There's about to be an objection at her count, finding her five caps short of the amount stated, but then she's kissing him right on the mouth. An almost soft sound of protest comes but gets muted the moment he realizes the feeling of her plush lips against his is...nice! Really nice. She looks at him after and finds a slightly spellbound man running numbers behind his eyes. But the post is ignored as he makes a short demand, "Do that again."
Aris The farmhand laughs. "Bastardo mandón," she murmurs but there's no bite to it, and she leans into him to kiss him again. She lingers this time, just the briefest moment, before pulling back. Grey eyes meet blue, looking back and forth between them, searching. "You saying my kisses ain't worth five measly caps?" she asks curiously.
Bart Bart doesn't understand what she's calling him, but he thinks he likes it? The sound of her accent is pleasant on his ears and the way she annunciates those r's. Mm. Then she's kissing him again and he tilts his head some to ease the access. She lingers there a little bit and she can feel him smiling into it, a little unsure of what to do with his mouth perhaps. "Not at all," he says quietly, "merely ensuring that the first time was not simply a fluke. Your kisses are rather nice, and I think I would like more of them in the future, please." Because clearly this is how you arrange such things, Bart!
Aris Aristide's cheeks are going to be sore tomorrow from all this grinning that she ain't used to. "Bet no one ever called you dishonest, did they, Bartholomew?" she chuckles, readjusting her brown Stetson so that it sits right on her head again after those kisses. With a little nod that might just mean 'okay', she gestures back to the fence post on the dusty ground. "Help a girl out?"
Bart Someone could tell him that Aris was a dour woman, a no-non-sense gal who rarely smiled and he would call them a liar by his own evidence. Bart blinks and shakes his head, "No, I have never been called dishonest. What use for lying do I have?" he asks curiously before looking at the post. "Right, mm, time to use physics," he declares and then starts setting his stuff down. The last of it is Velma, set gently atop /everything/ else so that she is nestled safely. Ah yes, the other woman. He approaches the post through science and uses a bit of creative engineering to assist Aris in driving that post deep enough to be serviceable. "Truly," he starts suddenly, "I believe we could recreate the mixtures needed to make cement, would improve the life of our fences by at least thirty percent."
Aris "None, apparently," Aris muses about his use for lying, but then he's setting down that rail gun of his. She gazes at it with what is perhaps a bit of nostalgia (Could we call it a one night stand?) before she's startled out of her reverie by Bart's voice. She nods and sets to helping him, letting him be the strength while she's the direction that manages the post into the hole. "You ever come up with somethin' like that, you lemme know. Old McDonald up at the house'd probably be interested," she muses about concrete, tipping her head in the direction of the farmhouse. She likely means Mr. Brigham.
Bart It could be called a one night stand with Velma, the first woman Aris has ever felt a twitch for apparently. Bart would blush to realize what all that meant. The mention of Conway Brigham and his interest in the project makes the man wrinkle his nose a bit, "He is so...very unscientific," he finally decides aloud before nodding, "But I will inform him or you if I come up with something, one step at a time after all," he is of course referring to his many ideas for S.O.E.D. but Aris could be forgiven for not making the logic leap. Dusting his hands off he gives the post a quick kick to check it. "There. Good as new. Now then, what does the rest of your day entail, miss Aris?"
Aris The girl barks another laugh at Bart's description of her boss as unscientific. "Ain't no science here. Works without it, doc," Aris grins, using a hand to gesture at the fields full of root vegetables and grazing brahmin. It is a successful-looking homestead.l "Rain and sunshine and dirt s'all ya need." As if there weren't complicated scientific principles at work here, and as if Bart didn't know them well. Pursing her lips in thought for a moment, she answers him, "Pulling turnips up in the far field later, most like." She eyes him. "Yourself?"
Bart Bart smiles a little to her laugh, her amusement continues to bring him a small measure of joy. She tries to tell him there's no science here and he gasps sharply. Does she not remember the garden outside of his house? "That is patently untrue, madame! There is science all around you, and in fact it is quite possible to grow all of this without direct sunlight, I should show you my hydroponic experiment." he decides aloud before glancing down towards the turnips. "Um...nothing on the agenda at this moment."