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Kaelyn Kae's in town! She even has a small two-wheeled wagon cart thing, much like a rick-shaw she's pulling along behind her! Thre's even a few bought items in it all paper wrapped and stuff! Kae pauses near a shop and tilts her head, looking thing sover, and begins chatting with the shop owner. The woman not really seemingly bothered by Kae's rather unique countenance....
Victoria Victoria says, "is in town as well, walking beside a racoon who trails beside her upright on it's hind legs, the furry creature munching on some snacks out of a small sack held in it's right paw, the left drawing the food out into his mangy little maw. Vic is also out shopping, moving to stop at a stand near where Kae is, her own stand holding spices, the old man immediately beaming as he raises his hands, "All sorts of spices to delight the mind and tongue, come and smell, come and smell my dear." Victoria will pause, walking up to stand in front of those spices, "Okay, I'm looking for something cinnamony, you know, nice and spicy, rooty, sweet, earthy." The old man nods and listens, lifting up a small box to present to Victoria, "Smell this, just carved from a tree two days ago, dried in a smoke house." A glance is given to Kae, Vic raising a brow at the creature-woman, though her attention is soon brought back to the spice box. Leaning in she'll delicately sniff, nodding a little, "Oh, that's good.""
Kaelyn Kae peers curiously at the person selling the spices, then ooohs "Yaah, I know the garden some of those are coming from! I helped design the aquaponics systems for it!" She says cherfully... She then ooohs "You should also try the peppermint oil! It's amaaaasing!" She says and now looks back to the person she was just talking to and hands over a few caps and the shopkeep begins boxing something up for the pointy-eared beauty.
Victoria Victoria's eyebrows raise as she hears Kae speak, a glance given to the spice man who will cheerily wave his box at the elf-eared chick, acknowledging her work with his wiggle. Vic, for her part, blinks, head shaking a little, "No I'd be looking for peppermint leaf, not an oil, for what I'm - wait, I'm sorry, who are you?" Her eyes narrow a little in confusion, "Does she work for you?" Asked of the spice man who shakes his head as he begins to pack up the spice for Vic, "Can you also give me the same as last week, please? I've run through what I got from you last time." Kae is once again eyed as Vic waits for a responsre/
Kaelyn Kae blinks and peers back at Victoria curiously, she then shrugs "I'm Kaelyn..." She says matter of factly... She's interrupted by CORA of course "You know, one of the heroes of Eldorado, One of the heros at the dam and well the Alamo too!!! " Kae then blinks and taps her pip boy, well CORA, which has a holographic avatar floating above it, who goes swirly eyed at Kae's actions. "Quit bragging!" Kae says and CORA whines "But it's true! You were there you helped! This is not something one should keep secret!" Kae then sighs and taps CORA several more times eliciting a whine from the A.I.

Kae now looks back at Victoria and smiles "Don't mind CORA she's a little batty, been cooped up in my modified pip too long."
Victoria "Oh wow, that thing is annoying as all else." Vic says bluntly, a grimace on her lips as she steps back inadvertently, reaching out distractedly for the brown paper wrapped package the man at the spice stand holds out for her, "Sorry, how much again?" Vic asks, the old man repeating himself, "Sorry, okay, wow, price drop on something, cheaper than it was last week." An explanation that some of the goods had been broken into by a group of radroaches has Vic ahhhing softly in apolgy, "I'm sorry, I'm gonna give you full price still, not fair to you." The caps are fished out of her pocket with her right hand as her left hands the packet down to the trash panda who lets out a snarling little hiss, taking the packet in his free paw and holding it against his chest. Then he begins to kick at the dirt, gibbering on unintelligibly, "Yeah, yeah, we'll go soon - and nice to meet you, Kaelyn. I'm Vic. And this is Fox." The racoon stares up at Kaelyn with brownish red eyes, lips curling into a snarl, "And he says hi." That snarl says otherwise.
Kaelyn Kae peers at the racoon curiously and waves cheerfully. She's all smiles, even with those crimson red eyes of hers.. Kae then gets notified that the person has finished wrapping her package up, it appears rather large. Kae then nods and raises a hand as if she were about to reach it, cept wel she's well outside of arm's reach? The package lifts its self up off the counter and floats over to Kae's cart before being deposited in. Kae stops with the gripping motion and turns to look at Vic now...

"Well CORA can be annoying, but she's extremely helpful too..." She says and shrugs... "Kind of like having a second set of eyes... What with her scanners and whatnot built in and all the knowledge packed into her... She's probably got much more than any pipboy.." CORA then calls out smiling cheerfully "That's for sure!"
Ashur A sickly-sweet smell overtakes the shopfront; 'tis a cloying mixture, wet like grass after the rain, with hints of mildew and rot; the scent of crushed plants and awful buds and roots, all emanating from a pregnant leather pouch clutched in the massive, black-gold armored hand of Ashur.

He has come from the western roads, head high and shoulders sloping forward in a prison yard charge; he stomps forward with single-minded focus, forcing all in his path to move aside of him lest they be run down by the gold-covered bull or be tangled in his endless cape.

The pouch is dropped before the spice-man, who flashes the behemoth a cautious smile and exchanges a few caps. "Ah, ah, ah, tell your wife thank you, again; after Emilio quit, I've not had a good supply for the jaz root, and the cactus flowers are--"

Ashur silences with a baleful glare quite unsuited for a delivery boy, then turns to look at Kaelyn and Victoria. "Ave, Kaelyn," he greets, raising a hand in idle salute. "Shopping with a friend?"

The psychic powers, and the snarling raccoon, do not yet merit mention.
Victoria Victoria doesn't seem too perturbed by the powers Kae uses, in fact Vic is focusing on the racoon who is now prying open the packaging, his small sack abandoned in one of his pouches, "No, you bloody beast, I told you, we mix at home, not in public. You're going to lose half of what we've got again." Crouching down in front of the racoon, Vic will take that packet from the beastie, carefully wrapping it back up and creasing the corners back again. A shadow falls over her as she speaks to Kae, "I imagine she's good, but I swear, that OS, I'd augment it so she wasn't so verbal and annoying. Keep her to usefulness." Her tone is brusque, and it seems she realizes this after a moment, offering a half-smile to the elf-woman and an apologetic tone as she continues, "Sorry, I'm sure she's wonderful. I'm ..having a day." Fox grunts at Ashur, stepping in closer to Vic who will drop a hand down as she stands up, Fox taking her hand in his as Vic cants a look up and up to Ash, "Holy shit. No, not a friend ..just another shopper ..on her way home."
Kaelyn Kae ummms "NOt about the O.S. CORA is an A.I." She says and shrugs slowly. She then glances to Ashur and shrugs "Ummm I think this is the first or second maybe third time to run into each other?" She says and shrugs "I dun think we've ever really had a conversation..." She adds and grins just a bit...

Kae then tilts her head at the bag Ashur brought in curiously "Ummm... soo delivering supplies?" She asks curiously and then tilts her head to the left again and grins cheerfully.. "Soo I've just about got my little shack built..."
Ashur "Careful," the man remarks to Victoria, looking her over briefly and then gesturing to the raccoon. "Such pests are known to carry disease." He straightens his back and rolls the shoulders, a flex of muscle beneath the shimmering white-gold threads of his toga causing the thick fabric to rustle. "Before Celeste moved to New Rome with the children, she apprenticed to a local witch; she had a boy she'd use to run errands, Emilio, who taught her how to gather. The old woman's since fallen ill, and he is too busy caring for her to go out. She thought it would be a kindness to pick up the slack, temporarily."

The man's tone is a calm sort of gruff -- he is not bothered by the sweet gesture, but he's still an antisocial brute.
Victoria "Tell me about it." Victoria says with a soft snort at the warning from Ashur, "But this one is clean, don't worry. And ..he won't bite. Right, Fox?" The little trash panda closes it's eyes, snarling out something, or perhaps just snarling for the sake of snarling, his paw flexing in Vics, a little tug given, "Oh she's an AI? Eugh, even worse." A wrinkle of Vic's nose as she looks between Ashur and Kae, bottom lip puckering out slightly as she steps away from what she assumes is a pair, "No, no conversation until today, but ..I should be going. I got a lot of work to do .." And being a third wheel is never fun, "I'll see you guy around, probably." A nod, Vic moving to stroll away and off.
Kaelyn Kae smiles and waves to Victoria cheerfully. "You take care, safe travels to you! Take care of your trash panda well and stuff!" She says cheerfully... Kae looks back to Ashur and she tilts her head now and oooh's "Well that's really nice of her then!" she adds and then ooohs... "I've a question... I have a couple things to move into place at my home here and well there's a few heavy steel pipes and stuff I gotta move and I cant stabilize both ends even with the Telekinesis... It's gotta be put into place, then held while it's welded...." She says and rubs at the back of her neck.
Ashur "That animal is called a raccoon," points out Ashur, nostrils flaring as he snorts out a laugh. "I spent time once looking through the Pip-Boy's information stores. Pandas are a sort of bear, and they do not eat trash. They ate trees."

He nods, arms folding over a broad chest, the cool fingers of his gauss fist brushing the nicked skin near the opposite elbow. "Very well. I'll assist in the construction, little Kaelyn. Come, we'll do it all now."

The Legionnaire has never been one to idle!
Kaelyn Kae pauses and blinks curiously "Ummm, Well you know where that clean water spring-fed stream and pond is right? The one you saw me and I guess my sisters at? That's where I'm building everything. I just need to set up a water and filtration system as well as a proper septic system.. " She suggests and rubs at the back of her neck before she glances around.. "Now?" She adds, blinking at Ashur curiously.

Kae thought she was gonna have to do some convincing!!! She smiles and shrugs "Thanks!"
Ashur "Work ought to be done as early as possible," Ashur explains, waving off the spice-man and beginning to walk down the street toward the gates of El Dorado. The western one, specifically, where Dogmeat lingers, not liking the smell of what was in that pouch. He's been standing guard over a patch of straw-strewn dirt he took a leak on, and steadfastly keeping all intruders out. "To minimize the chance of interference or enemy action. Tomorrow there could be a storm, and the streams flood, and it all becomes too muddy to build on."

A shrug, hands clasping behind the small of his back, and he continues. "Besides, I could stand for a distraction. Labor is relaxing. Mercenaries tried to blow up my home a few days ago, and I've been annoyed."
Kaelyn Kae oooh's and nods slowly.. "Allright, if you wish." she says and begins walking out the gate and heading toward where her home is, the woman actually setting a rather brisk pace as she pulls her little tow-cart behind her. "Sooo Mercs attacked your home? That's kinda crazy..."