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Bart Bart comes with tea and biscuits this morning. There's been construction, apparently he intends to reinforce their fences and make it so that a particularly crazy Cowboy will not come burn down their crops and home. There's one thing he doesn't take lightly and that is threats to family and home. The mad engineer is coming from another fresh round of investigation into metallurgy. For now though he checks on his dear brother, wrapping knuckles lightly on the door before simply barging in. It's a good thing Milton loves him so dearly and well, frankly has nothing left to hide. "Brunch, dear brother, put your pants on if you've lost them," he informs him with a pleasant smile as he moves to place tray of tea and crackers and cookie on the desk's edge.
Milton Milton is on the bed but he loks like he passed out there. He did a rough patch job on himself but his brother had been in the wasteland exploring for four days now. He's laying back on his bed, eyes half closed and slightly feverish. On his nightstand a very unusual weapon rests and along with red splatters there appears to be a whole portion of him covered in explosive soot and something..gross and green.
Bart Bart lets the tray settle onto the desk and is moving over to Milton's side when he realizes the man is injured as all holy hell and that there isn't much left of him. "God be damned, Milton Knox," he breathes under his breath and turns right about to head upstairs and grab his medkit. He returns with his coat on and medkit coming out quickly. There's a wrinkled face at the mess, "Dear brother where /have/ you been?" he asks no one before glancing at that gun and eyeboggling some, "Oh and what have you found?" Sighing he rolls his sleeves up and calls for clean clothes and water. He begins by removing the green stuff. After the green stuff, he begins examining the man carefully. "What did you /do/?"
Milton Milton just sort of mumbles something feverishly. His beloved sheets are going to be stained beyond saving. Fourtunately they can afford new ones. He just lays there sweating and alternating between shivering and limpness. Poor MIlton.. where -has- he been?
Bart Bart stares long and hard at the unconscious man. Eventually he gets everything cleaned up so that he can begin to peel Milton out of his shirt and leave him half naked. "Burns, contusions, bruises, did you catch a rocket?" he asks seeing as his brother can't reply. He starts pulling out his healing kit, the lasers that he uses that run off energy cells now. The lasers might wake Milton up, maybe, it feels like a hundred bees stinging the burned areas as Bart regrows the cells, and heals his brother.
Milton it'll take a bit, at least until the nerves are better repaired and his brain decides it wouldn't be so bad to be semi-conscious beore he whimpers and winces. It's not the first time Milton's been the butt of his brothers experiments though so he grits his teeth and tries to ebar it, peering out through swollen eyes at his big brother trying to give him a pained broken lipped smile.
Bart Bart tuts the moment Milton starts moving and rising up, "I knew I should have anesthetized," he chides himself before carrying on. It will hurt, but the end result is repaired cells, nerve endings firing up like it's the first time - because it is for these ones. Swelling will reduce over the course of minutes and hours rather than days. The Eldest Knox lifts his hand up to cover Milton's eyes so the laser doesn't blind him when he lifts the hand held healing phaser up to his mouth to work on that damage too. Miracles happen in the wastes, just usually in the Knox house. "Easy, brother, you were gravely injured and should have alerted someone when you got home," he is upset and yet gentle.
Milton Milton says, "I just needed a nap." He groans in a raw rasp with a cough. "Just a nap, I couldn't really feel much and I got home very late. It would have been terrible rude of me to wake everyone in the house." His fingers flex and he pushes Bart's hand away slowly sitting up as he looks around with a wince hand going to his chest. "I appear to be filthy"
Bart Bart wrinkles his nose some as Milton starts to speak and push himself up. "Milton, please, stop. You are going to ruin all of this healing I just did, the cells are still stabilizing. And next time, you shall wake me up so that we can clean you up and get you under the laser sooner," he insists. "Yes, you are quite filthy, I cleaned you best I could," he explains before checking a few things over. "You will be fine though. Shall I have Alberta start the bath for you?"
Milton Milton nods to Bart and waves him off. "come come, brother, I'm fit as a fiddle thanks to you. But a Bath would be quite nice." He bobs his head, "Quite nice. I'd love to tell you the story though.. of what happened and you should look at this gun. I got it from a dying little green man. It's what almost did me in."
Bart Bart blinks and then simply nods, "Alberta," he calls, "Start the bath for Milton please?" he requests. Turning back to Milton he nods and looks back at the gun, "I noticed it, I was...going to ask if I could hold it?" because now that Milton is fine, he can focus on other things!