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Owner Pose
Lowry      Lowry Spots Vic and the raccoon. His gun pullled quick like. Leveled at the varmit his eyes go to Vic. "Caught tha' fucker?!?" Then his eyes go to the hand holding. "On two legs!" He lauaghs and holsters his weapon. "We don't serve, animals. But we'z make an exception." Grinning he holds the door and they are inside. "How ya' teach him that?"
Victoria Victoria curves a half-smile, nodding her head as she crouches down to offer an arm to Fox who will hop up like a toddler, snuggling in against the woman with a baleful glare for Lowry, "I told you, this little dudes saved me before, he's just also an asshole who likes to steal shit. But ..we've come to an arrangement." A roll of her shoulder against Fox as she strolls into the bar, "You a freaking door man, now?"