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Ashur "Aye, I saw it, I did," says one drunk, a provocatively-dressed saloon girl hanging off his arm and nodding her head in agreement. "A hunnerd feet tall, with eyes like fire, and these great big claws that could squeeze a brahmin in two!"

This is unusual; Bitter Lake, as a rule, doesn't have any terribly dangerous creatures in it, as the militia tends to keep a close eye on the settlement's important fresh water source. But now and then things do migrate down the rivers, hatching from hidden eggs or simply following the waters -- and some other creatures, driven from their home further east, at times come over land and park there. Still, no one's been hurt yet, despite these tall tales..

All the same, Ashur has chosen to come here and 'investigate'. This is serious and official business, despite the presence of a basket of food, a large quilted blanket to lay on the grass, some paperwork from the Desert Rangers he needs to go over, and his lack of power armor. Indeed, the behemoth has come in naught but his golden-threaded toga, stately and regal, with that grand cloak drug behind him; at his side paces the spike-collared Dogmeat. The sun is behind thin white clouds scraped like butter over the sky, cooling its heat just enough to make the afternoon pleasant rather than scorching -- aided by the breezes that kick the water and stir ripples on its clear surface.

Spreading the blanket, Ashur reaches over and undoes the dog's collar, waving toward the water. "Go on, boy, sniff out the danger," he commands.

The dog leaps into the water with a bark, and the Legionnaire sits down.
Eden Eden looks at drunk incredulously. She has seen stranger things, but... here? "so, are we huntng or sunning?" Eden asks of any ome as she stretches out on the blanket... without a naby in her arms for once!
Tibbie     The optimistic and now farmgirl Tibbie is now walking up to Bitterlake as well, with her usual drawstring bag and an extra large pad of drawing paper under one arm, it's nearly her arm's length as it swings with her walk. It's not hard for her to spot Ashur, the big white cloak's become all too familiar and she takes no time at all to join him and Eden at Bitterlake.

"Hey Jefecito! Looks like good brains think the same!" She chuckles and notices the dog enjoying the water,

"And it looks like you brought me somethin fun to draw up too!" Tibbie smiles and claims a corner of the quilt and set's her bag in the grass, pulling out various bits of charcoal. She takes a moment to smile to Eden and Ashur again, noticing their basket of goodies she pulls out her usual fixings to go with it, then she begins to get her fingers dirty with coal and squinting at the lake.
Conway Conway and his freakishly tall Cyldesdale follow the edge of the Pecos River away from the farm and towards the Bitter Lake, his Clydesdale's favorite place to get a refreshing drink of clean water. "Gitter'goin'.." He nudges his horse with the side of his shoulder as a motion to get her to pick up the pace. He ain't got all day.

As Conway nears the crest of the lake, he sees a few people standing about. A large 'feller and hm.. ah, it's his 'lil Tib! What's she doing out here? Conway takes off his hat, holding it in the air by the pinch, waving it above his head to grab their attention. Or atleast Tibbie's.

"Tibbie!" He shouts, jogging with his horse at his side. He keeps a firm grasp of the reins in his left hand while he jogs up to meet her. He notices Ashur, widening his eyes. What a hunk. "What ya'll doing, eh?"
Ashur Dogmeat has never seen so much water before! He tests it, batting it with a paw and jumping in before immediately jumping back out, tail wagging furiously. It takes Ashur laughing and barking a harsh, "Swim, boy!" to him to shock the canine into motion, leaping forward and doggy-paddling away from the shore.

The look on that pup's face is the happiest a dog's ever been.

Back upon the blanket, the bronze Roman lays back, letting the sun soak into the copious amounts of sweat-slick chest hair on display over his right breast, where his golden-threaded toga hangs loose. His arms fold behind the back of his head, fingers interlocked, as he tilts his attention toward Eden. "Creatures of the deep are patient things," he explains, reaching over to brush his thumb across her lips. "Slow, cautious. Bravery is a virtue unknown to them; like the rats of the ground, they live in darkness, and behave in dark ways."

He's a marine biologist, doncha know.

"So we wait. And we watch."

When Tibbie settles in to draw on his other side, Ashur reaches out to perform the same gesture to her, patting her head after. "Yes, I carried it here from Rome," he claims, gesturing to the whole of the lake. "Just for you."

Leisurely-seated as he is, he does not notice Conway run up, horse in tow. But he does hear the words. "There are reports of a fire-eyed beast living in the water, with many claws and size beyond measure," he explains solemnly. "We're hunting it."

The dog splashes.
Eden "so hunt by sunming. I like this plan a lot." Eden grins as shr gently rubs one massive shoulder. She ponders for a moment asking practical questions- but the lazy mood takes over. "well i'll try to stay vigilant" She grins, clising her eyes against the sunshine.
Lowry The Lake is one of Lowrys favorite places! His horse likes it too. A place where no one is usually around. But not this time. No matter. He will stop to water the horse on his way back to Vegas. Trotting right up to familiar faces he dismounts. 'Despair' is left to wander about and drink and graze just as his master is wont to do. Everyone gets a wave as he pulls his coat off and throws it on his horse, careful to pull his flask free first. A healthy sip is taken and he eyes, Tibbie. "Don't puke." He adds before offering it over. Looking to her bag he then says, "Any o' that thar' jerky layin round? Think I'm starvin'." He tempers that with a wink before turning to Ashur. He motions his head over and tips his hat back, the dog swimming and his horse watching curiously. "Come again, partner?" His grin is wry and doesn't need to hear it again, just a joke. "Now," He then says, "I //have// heard o' them fire' claws. Damned if they aint actually real...Hopin' ta' never see one o' them."
Kaelyn Three's a ripple in the water, near the shore, That ripple taking on a v-form shape now as a white head can be seen poking up out of the water... Of course, Kae's vision is kinda blurred and well she sees folk out on the bank? she mutters to her self as her lips come free "Silly drunk is back..." Her red eyes visibly glowin gnow as she acts on the water nearby her. Several long streamers of solid water form out of the water, as the tall Elf-like woman can be seen coing out of the water above her shoulders now? She's wearing her halter type top she keeps under her skin-suit probably her normal bikini bottoms as well...

As more of those streamers of water lift from the lake and form her eyeglow gets a bit brighter... Then she blinks and rubs her eyes, the water kind of swirling around her in ribbons as if she were ready to kind of lash out with them perhapse? She then ummms... and drops the whole TK show and blinks "Uhh, hi Everyone!!!"
Tibbie      Miss petite Tibbie looks up to Conway and beams, happy as always,
"Hey boss! Hey gorgeous! It's too good a day to not take in a spot like this! Even you showed up Boss!" she welcomes Conway and his beautiful Cyldesdale, adding on to what Ashur said, "And maybe I can even draw it dead before we skin it!" Tibbie grins to Ashur and squeezes his leg, giving him a playful look. The tomgirl then accepts Lowry offer with a swig and a grimace as she down it. "Sure! Give the basket a poke, it's in the usual wrappin, I let some leftover gecko meat smoke and age up a bit so have at it!" Tibbie beams and flicks her nose to the food basket, she shows her fingers smudged with coal to signal she isn't food fishing and ruining all the goods now.

"Hi Kae!" Tibbie chimes after gasping in surprise from her abilities, "Sure glad you wasn't the Kracko-thang! We'd be caught with our pants down!" she chuckles and waves Kaelyn and CORA over to join her, Eden, and the guys.
Ashur "Little love," Ashur rumbles, reaching out to flick Eden's forehead a little after her eyes have fallen closed. "I've an urge to swim. Come, and help me change my bandages." The bull eases himself to a seated position and scoots aside, placing his back to a large rock baked warm by the day. His left hand rises to his right shoulder and behind it, fingers working magic upon the knot of wool against his shoulderblade; when it comes undone, the toga falls to his lap, exposing the whole of his upper body.

The man's near-naked body is testament to his physical strength, famed throughout the wasteland; muscle thick and heavy to an exaggerrated degree, the grooves between them clear enough to be an anataomical model, all lined with enough striation to be visible to the eye. There's no lack of scar tissue, either, from all manner of wounds; blade, beam, claw, tooth, horn, fire, fist.. follow the marks, and you follow bloody history.

At the moment, though, many of them are covered by faintly-bloodied bandages wrapping his midsection like a brace.

He waits for Eden to rouse and tend him, watching Kaelyn rise from the water. The light glimmers off her like reflected fire -- fire in her eyes, surrounded by tendrils of water, and he snorts with a moment of realization. He had expected a mutated mirelurk, not the tit-elf.

"Fire claws? If you mean the hellclaws, they live scattered around Roswell. Strange beasts. Hunting them is good sport."
Conway Conway looks down at the beaming Tibbie, sharing a weak smile as he nods. "It's lovely, I agree." Conway's eyes are a bit sunken in and dark. A portion of his weight is supported on the reins of his horse that he holds. He looks around to see Kaelyn emerging from the water, holding up a hand to wave to her. "Hello!" He says cordially. He also sends a nod towards Eden.

Monsters. These people are crazy. He slips off his boots and his socks, rolling up the pantlegs of his light denim overalls before wading into the water about knee-deep, just to catch a feel of it. "I've watered my horse here everyday for years and never have I encountered a water beast." He retorts to the mention of lake monsters.
Eden Eden groans a bit, snapped out of her relaxation, but then grins and starts changing the bandages. always more wounds on this one. "hey Tibbie, do ya think you could imagine well enough to draw this one without any open wounds? if not, you comin to swim too?
Lowry      Lowry steps back quickly at Kae's approach and fingers his gun. But seeing the red eyes and the strange girl he physically relaxes. "Never a dull moment." He mutters before turning to Tibbie. "Thanks doll!" He says politely before rummaging her basket and taking some of the gecko meat. Gotta eat. He unwraps it and takes a large bite. His eyes close as he savors it. "Thanks, ta' ya' darlin'." His tone is sincere before heading over to his horse and ripping a piece off for him. Over his shoulder he says to, Ashur, "Yea. That's what I dun' heard. Me and, uh...Iron..Face?" He looks at the ground, confused then has his epithamy. "Yea! Fuckin' Iron Face. Thats' his name. We been talkin' bout baggin' one." He then reaches into his coat as he passes the last bite of jerky to the horse. A small pouch is pulled as well as his knife. After a healthy bump is taken he returns to the group. Tibbie first offered then the others if they choose. Conway gets a nod and the knife held up too! "Just scored this shit!" Yea, he's high and in a generous mood! At Eden's remark the cowboy can't help himself. "Yea, Tibz. Ya' look hot." Weather that mean she needs a dip in the lake or he was calling her hot entirely up to the imagination.
Kaelyn kae blinkblinks and ummms, CORA speaks up "She probably is, someone tried to steal her gear and clothing,mostly her clothing and she wacked them with a fixture made of water..." Kae then blinks and pokes at CORA "Shuuush!!!" She says and rubs at the back of her neck, then she glances from person to person to person to person curiously. She blinks at the gun being fingered and whatnot, then sighs.. "Really? Reachin' for the gun when you've probably seen me how many times?" She asks curiously...

Devoid of armor, her normal rather baggy-ish T-shirt vest and pants, Kae's figure is rather strikingly remarkable. Yah, she was definately designed by a scientifical genius with a largely endowed anime dark elf fetish... Kae finishes climbing out of the water and reaches for her towel some 10-15 feet off, in her pile of gear... The towel leaps up and flies to her hand before Kae begins toweling off... "Sooo what brings everyone out here? Hopefully not that idgit who was trying to steal my clothing and gear?"
Ashur Ashur is a cooperative patient. He moves the way he needs to move, he never complains, and he follows instruction perfectly -- treating the medics well is something any soldier worth his salt knows to do. Eden won't struggle at all when it comes to tending his many lingering wounds, cleaning them and rebandaging him as she sees fit.

The sight of Lowry's knife and the chem-pouch he's so chipperly and generously offering causes him to tense. There's an electric thrill in the air that sparks from Ashur to addict, triggered by the tightened muscles, the fingers curling into a fist, the sudden dilation of his pupils and a clenched jaw.

"Piss off, junkie," he growls, easing himself to a stand, one arm cradling a loose bandage Eden didn't get to tie off at his midsection. "Get high on your time, but if you ever offer it to my girls again, I'll break your arms."

His voice is a snarl, practically bestial.
Tibbie     Tibbie makes a frame with her fingers and thumbs and centers Ashur and Eden in it "I sure can give it a shot, a family portait oughta be in order when Lil' Lilly and y'all get a proper moment. And Sure I'll hop in with ya!" The short tomgirl smiles and give her pad a last look; it's got most of the crude outlining done and just needs the shading and details.

"We're looking for a big old water beast thing! You seen any in there today?" She asks Kaelyn and looks curiously to Lowry. Before she rises up she's caught off-guard by the tense moment and slowly gets to her feet. Her face shows a wrinkle of worry, a rare thing for Tibbie to wear.

"Let's get wet for a while." she says meekly and shares a look to Eden. Not the sort to feel discomfort for too long, Tibbie shakes her boots off, letting them fly whichever way and slowly walks to the water.
Lowry      Lowry squints his eyes to Kae. He points at Ashur, "This bastards talkin' bout Water monsters and what not an' ya' come blazin out tha' lake like a damn...Elf! What ya' expect!" He chuckles to himself now and shakes his head. "Wouldn't wanna put ma' guns against yers anyhow." He's generous with the winks as she gets one now. And his eyes soak in her and her lack of clothes. "Had a chance ta' shoot them things yet?" He's curious about his handy work and if she is happy with the results.

     Ashur is now heard and returned a scowl. "It is my time, you fuck. I aint no junkie." He helps himself to another bump and returns the knife and pouch, assuming anyone else got their share if they like. Now his hand is back on his gun. "Didn't know ya' owned all tha' girls." A brow lifts at that as he levels eyes with soldier. He drops it as Tibbie jumps up though. "I could go with watchin' //your// girls swim if'n ya wanna drop it." His eyes on the awesome lack of swimwear Kae and Tib do sport but his hand ever on his gun.
Eden Eden had been expecting some reaction as soon as she saw what was happening. Knowingbthere was nothing for it but to move along, dhe tugs Ashur back into place and finishes up the bandages. catching Tibbie's look, she says "yeah about done here. let's go swim, my love". another gentle tug on his hand, hopi g to distract him just a bit from the angry memories
Conway Conway gets his feet wet for a brief moment, just getting a sense of what it feels like to relax. He resigns from the water, stepping back out onto the shore of the lake. He slips his still-wet feet back into his socks, and then his boots. He laces them up real quick, looking up at the people in the water.

Conway walks back to his horse, reclaiming his hat off of the horn of the saddle. "Have fun, ya'll. I've got work to do." Instead of walking his horse again, he places a single foot in the stirrup to launch himself up and swing his other leg over, sitting in the saddle.
Ashur A bolt of rage pierces Ashur's heart as he looks down with a naked, visceral hate on the not-a-junkie challenging him. Knuckles crack and his toga gets tied off at the waist, leaving him with something halfway between a loincloth and a skirt. The attempts to pacify him find no success -- he pulls his hand free of Eden's and begins to stomp toward Lowry. "Draw your weapon, Profligate," he snarls, never stopping. "Every bullet left's kissing your prostate."
Kaelyn Kae blinks curiously, and ummms, she asides to Tibbie "Umm No, honestly, I think I was supposedly the water monster.." She says and rubs the back of her neck.. "When I use my abilities my eyes glow, since they're red, well there you go.." She adds and sighs.. Then Lowry and Ashur are getting angry toward each other. "Heey stop this!!!!" She shouts out.... "PUt the guns down, don't pound the other into the ground!" She calls out, and frowns.
Lowry      There isn't much time for the Cowboy to react. The comment about the prostate gets the gun drawn and fired! BOOM! And, BOOM! and so on. One seems to find it's mark but for someone whose tough as nails, well. Don't seem to slow the man down. Lowry is aiming again as his horse neighs in the background. Ever vigilant of his master and the trouble he so often finds.
Tibbie     The brown-haired gal waves off Conway as he rides off "See ya at dinner Boss!" she adds. Tibbie bites her lip as things heat up, looking between water and men well..

"I don't wanna catch lead, and aint much cover out here asides the water." Tibbie declares and books it to the lake, not waiting up for anyone like she was before. The clear lake water and her choice of skimpy white attire did her no favors when it came to modesty, luckily nobody seems to notice as the focus is on the land!
Conway Conway starts down the road at a slow gait, just lightly trotting on his horse until he hears a bunch of hooting and hollering. Then, he hears shots ring out. This changes it all. Conway flips his horse around, pulling back on the reins. He looks at the trouble ensuing near the lake, shaking his head profusely. "For Atom's sake." He grumbles under his breath, reaching into his overall bib to remove his Sheriff Star and pin it to his chest.

Conway charges into full gallop back towards the scene, taking his old fashioned shotgun off his back and raises it to arms.
Ashur Ashur's called a bull for many reasons. His raw strength; his affiliation with the Legion, who used it as their flag; his size; the fact his helmet, which he's not wearing, has horns; even his virility, in line with ye olde mythological resonance.

But the most important similarity is that he sees red.

The shots fill the air and Ashur lets out a beastly roar, dashing over the lakeside dirt and grass with a speed frankly terrifying from such a heavyset man, hunched over like a wild animal. It makes him harder to hit, and when he's grazed, he doesn't even stop -- he comes right in and tackles Lowry to the ground with a fierce shouldercheck, crunching something without care or notice. He lifts his arms in obvious preparation to beat the man's face in.
Conway Conway gallops up behind Ashur at full-speed, swinging his left leg over the side of his saddle to sit in it like a couch. He properly shoulders his shotgun, firing it at the back of Ashur in attempt to disable him from further battering the man underneath. Once he's taken the shot, he swing his leg back over his saddle and pulls on the reins, flipping around to a halt. His shell is filled with number 7 1/2 birdshot.

"All of ya'll, cut this shit! You, lay down!" He hollers at Ashur, giving him orders at the top of his lungs after firing.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and reaches out now, eyes glowing, trying to pull Ashur up and back away from Lowry... NOt really able to get a good grasp on her ability, Kae frowns... "Too much practice." she mutters and then reaches out and tugs her Beowulf to her hand before the girl races toward Ashur and Lowry "Lowry, back the hell off. Ashur snap out of it! And quit frigging shooting Ashur everyon!!!" She shouts now, trying to litterally put her self between Ashur and Lowry. As she does she raises the barrel of her gun and fires a burst of the massive fully auto .50 cal in the air to at least get Lowry's attention, and maybe even draw Ashur onto her self?
Ashur A life spent brutalized by the Legion fosters certain.. misanthropic tendencies. The inclination to launch into a berserker rage, and work out all of life's frustrations on the helpless pile of meat in front of him, is the tendency Ashur most often expresses -- he doesn't even notice Conway's commands. All he feels is his hackles rise and hairs stand on-end when he senses hostility toward him, lunging to the side in time enough to turn an otherwise devastating shotgun blast into a grazing wound. The big lug's quick on his feet and whips around, grasping the horse with one hand and launching his fist in a leaping uppercut that connects squarely with Conway's chin in the saddle.

Kaelyn Kae frowns, sees Ashur turn toward someone else and shouts out "Quit shooting him you idiots!" She then runs up at Ashur, the extremely agile Elf, now hopping on a rock with one foot, then her other foot impacts the 'Bull's Back and she well climbs up and drops down, using her gun like one might use an arm-bar as she tries to pull it under Ashur's chin and around his neck, before she pulls back tightly while saying in Ashur's ear. "Calm it down, this is stupid futility." She says now, her ches tnow pressing into Ashur's back. "Calm it down now Ashur!"

The whole time CORA is calling out "Ooh this is bad, this is bad, this is a bad idea!" Kae sighs and tries to squeeze harder. She's not stronger than Ashur, but well, the Elf is suprisingly strong for a female....
Lowry      Lowry is slammed to the ground and blood explodes from his mouth and nose. He gets another shot off though, aiming for the man's knee. The 12/7 and it's report echoes over the lake. When Conway approaches the man struggles to find freedom underneath the brute. Kae's attempts are not unnoticed either but there is little time for thanks. Nor the comment he screams, "Back off?!?!" He's on the damn ground under the man. He's been slammed and is internally bleeding! Screw that noise. He will aim at the mans back too! The pistol sounds off again! The gun pointed squarely at Ashur's back. The Cowboy jumps up with a whistle. His horse running towards him.
Conway Conway understands that Ashur probably isn't complying once he sees his meaty fist swing at him towards his face. He's knocked off the side of his horse, falling off his saddle to the right. Some of his teeth become dislodged from his mouth with the devastating uppercut.

He tastes and feels his mouth instantly filling with blood. He lays on his back with his shotgun in his arms, laying underneath his horse and just on the edge of the lake. The top of his head inside the water. "Atom.." Conway groans.
Ashur The feel of bone splintering beneath his fist is like lullaby to the Legionnaire. The impact rattles teeth and he watches, with curious detachment, as one sails through the air. His mouth splits in feral smile and he leans forward, still holding the horse which is growing distinctly more uncomfortable with his proximity by the second. "Degenerate, chem-whoring scum," he snarls, shoving the beast away and turning to get back at Lowry, the real target of his rage.. only to find that, after taking a few potshots, the man has rapidly outpaced him!

He clenches his fists and stomps the ground in a petulant tantrum, throwing his head back with a furious roar. It's at this moment Kaelyn snakes her arms around him and begins trying to restrain him. For a while he flails, trying to reach around the cumbersome swells of his muscles and turn his hands in such a way as to bat her in the head or grab her and fling her off, but she wiggles and writhes in such a way as to be eel-slippery upon him.

After a fruitless minute or two of that, he relents, breathing heavily and hunching over. She doesn't seem like she's hurting him, serving more as a nuisance than a threat -- but the lack of assault has him relaxing, and her body doesn't feel all that bad, besides.

Still.. the attempt to choke him out is not appreciated.
Conway Conway slowly pushes himself off of the dirt, spitting the rest of his remaining loose teeth onto the ground. "Motherfuck.." He grumbles, continuing to leak blood out of his swollen gums. He reaches towards the cuff pouch on his belt, walking quickly over to the struggling Ashur. He attempts to bind the cuffs around his wrist but isn't able due to the jostling and squirming. "Stop resisting!"
Kaelyn Kae's staying calm and no she's not aiming to choke him in any position whatsoever... "Calm it Ashur, please, just calm down. We need to get you to a Medical person and get those gunshot wounds tended. You don't want to get half the country chasing after you and not be able to provide for your ladies. Show some restraint and discipline here and calm it down... " As she somehow deftly avoids flailing arms, Kae tries to shift her grip so she absolutely isn't choking the large man... "I'm your ruddy friend, I'm not wanting to attempt to hurt you in ay way..."

She then frowns at Conway while looking over Ashur's shoulder... "Stoooooop!" She says and motions to Lowry, or where Lowry is or was... "He shot first at just a threat, let me try and calm this down!" She says, voice harsh at this point. "Get Lowry away for a bit and let me try and talk to Ashur!"
Lowry      Lowry rights his hat as he jumps atop, 'Despair'. Wheeling around he stops and watches with curiousity as the Elf looking woman sort of subdues the legion type. His gun still in hand, he levels it with the mans head, then Conway. Who to shoot? Well, only one of them knocked him to the ground. He looks to Kae then. Lowering his gun and then holstering it he says loudly. "Good luck!" This is added with enthusiasim as he watches Conway struggle with the cuffs. He reigns his steed in and awaits. Having escaped easily with his life and prone to danger he aint leaving this scene! "Yea, cuff tha' bastard!" He now pulls the Sig back out and reloads his gun just in case. A fresh clip is always a good idea.
Ashur "Get off me!" Ashur bellows to Kaelyn, reaching for her again in vain. As he's trying to grab the scruff of her neck and remove that pressure pushing down on his bull-necked self, Conway comes in with the handcuffs and a mission. God bless the rule of law, and the bravery it takes to do that -- but the attempt to restrain him elicits a snort, and he rears back, slamming his head downward toward the man's collarbone. At the last moment his mouth opens and his teeth catch flesh and fabric, ripping a small wound open as he tears a flap of skin off and the blood stains him like lipstick.

He spits the meat to the ground.

"Kaelyn. I am calm. I will count to three before I hurt you."
Eden Eden has waited long enough for Daddy's temper to fizzle out. She's seem him take on monstrous machines, pull a rocket out of the sky, kill all sorts of huge and nasty creatures without hestitation
Conway Conway nearly has his heart stopped when Ashur's fat head caves in his sternum. "Ooof.." Conway has all of his air leave his body, aswell as any fight still left in him. He falls backwards in the dirt and writhes around. He kicks a bit and then just lays still.
Kaelyn Kae lets go, her eyes glowing now and quite visibly. Ashur might even feel an odd pressure niggling at the edges of his senses, however he might find him self suddenly wholly unable to move toward someone else or some such...

Guess better late than ever... Least that's what Kae says and she sighs.. "Focussing too much." She mutters to her self "Yer not in control if you bite a damned law officer and rip a chunk of his flesh out of em now are you!" She motions to the out-cold Conway. And yah, Kae's eyes are still glowing. She then looks around and frowns, before staring at Ashur "So at this point yer not going to try and tear folks arms out of their sockets or otherwise kill them if I let you go?" She says matter of factly, and no Kae hasn't 'let' go with her abilities and all as she backs away shouldering her gun.
Eden Eden has waited long enough for Daddy's temper to fizzle out. She's seem him take on monstrous machines, pull a rocket out of the sky, kill all sorts of huge and nasty creatures without hestitation. and walk away with nothing more than a new scar. She is not in the least worried for him.

She is annoyed that her sunshine days is becoming completely derailed by these shenanigans. grabbing the largest container around, the little redhead fills it with water. Walking up behind Ashur unnoticed except by Kae (who has plenty of time to jump away if she chooses), Eden steps on the spot on his hip she always does when climbing up. She gets herself with surprising speed, just high enough to dump the bucket of water right on his head. With a stamp of her foot and the best pouty face she can manage she says "you said we were going swimming."
Lowry Lowry re-holsters his gun and shakes his head. "All yours." The words to no one in particular while he grins and pulls the reigns to his trusty steed. When the man starts counting the cowboy can't help himself from a good fifty yards off. "Ya' count when ya' get tits in yer' face?!?! No wonder you were sa' curious if'n that robot had a cock!!" He then pulls his gun and fires some shots off in the air. Celebrate! Live! One more day under his belt. And a story to tell. His eyes look to Conway with remorse now. Kinda owes that guy. Without the shotgun blast Lowry would pry be the dogmeat. A tip of the hat is given to the unconcious man. Sincere thanks, but not much he can do. Well, he aint leaving yet. Not a doctor though. He does show general concern though. "Don't let 'em die!" His voice is loud as he yells it out. "I'll keep ma' chems ta' ma'self but you see that man don't die!" Again, to no one specific but all parties involved. "Bet he'd like ta' swim one day." He slowly edges his horse and himself back. Wary of Ashur but not gonna let the Farmer die. Especially when he saved him. Lowry would stick a neck out to. One hand washes the other.
Ashur Ashur looms like primordial man -- hunched over, wild-eyed, blood dripping from a mouth that gapes like it's full of fangs and hands twisted into claws. He takes a step forward and feels the painful restriction of the telekinesis grinding at muscle and bone; he pushes through it and his body creaks, like rivets screwed into his joints are coming loose. He snarls, rabid, the veins in his neck bulging, eyes bloodshot, a throb in his forehead, the sweat mingling with Conway's blood on his hairy chest and making him shine like some monstrous beast.

"One," he spits, phlegm and viscera, forcing his way through any resistance inch by inch to lift his hands to the gun still serving to bar him.

"Two," follows, and he damn near takes a step forward, despite it all, crushing pebbles beneath his feet.


Quite literally, his head cools. For a moment, the veins seem like they might pop.. and then he just looks utterly flabbergasted, as if not believing this is the action someone would take in this situation. Eden's voice makes him laugh and laugh, and the water even washes the blood away from his mouth.

"So I did!" He booms, straightening his back. "Come along, then."

Lowry and Conway, at this point, are ignored. If he dies, he dies. If he lives, he lives.
Kaelyn Kae blinks at Eden and well forgets and lets go of the Telekinesis at this point, kins of flabbergasted her self... She then stares at Conway and looks to Ashur "I'm going to get Conway to a medical place and talk at the sherrif and office and such..." She says simply and sighs "I wasn't wanting to cause any harm Ashur, I was trying to get you to calm down and everyone else too." She says simply and rubs atthe back of her neck...

Kae then glances around once more and moves to try and take care of Conway.... And yes, Kae is actually practiced in First Aid... She's currently rending her T-shirt to use as a bandage while she sets to tending Conway's wounds as best she can....
Conway Conway continues to lie in the dirt with his hat neighboring his bloody scalp a few feet away. His handcuffs are still held loosely in his hand while he's spread out on the ground like butter. Dear Neuptune. He lays there while Kaelyn tries to do her best to clean up Ashur's mess. You strong asshole.