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Tibbie     It's early morning and Conway's farm has had a healthy month, especially the chickens as Tibbie is in the kitchen with a crate full of eggs! So she sent out an open invitation to share some breakfast with her and Conway, it's the weekend afterall! Tibbie is in her usual clothes and her hair's no different than yesterday, but she wears her apron and is getting ingredients out before any fires get lit. The invitation gets some familiar faces to the farm, the usual church going crowd Tibbie volunteers at and some new ones.

"You're gonna love these cakes Boss!" Tibbie enthuses as she pulls out the cast iron skillet. She's left the door open today, the weather's been nice and being interrupted to answer every knock would surely impede her cooking.
Ragnar Something Ragnar had heard of in a settlement triggered his intrigue over this farm and its meals. Ragnar hasn't eaten anything grown from the dirty in a long while. He is amongst the coming crowd and a lady in an apron is what catches his eye. "Excuse me miss, I wasn't invited...but I'd love to pay for a meal."
Conway Conway rocks back and forth in his stained blue vinyl recliner, nicknamed the 'pancake chair'. Of course, he's sitting in this chair for preperation of Tibbie's delicious cakes. He rocks back and forth, a bit impatient and excited. "I can hardly wait." He watches Tibbie from behind, keeping his feet planted on the wooden floor.

Conway looks around, trying to find something to occupy himself. He leans over to his right, grabbing his double barrel shotgun out of the corner. He flips it open, looking down both bores. He takes out his cleaning kit that's stuffed between the recliner cushion. He takes out a long skinny bore brush and starts to thread it down the barrel up and down.

Conway doesn't mind the church-goers being invited over, even though he's of a different faith. Praise Atom. His attention turns towards Ragnar as he walks in through the door, hearing the creak of the floorboards. "Take a seat at the table, my boy." He continues to clean the bore of his shotgun, keeping his attention focused on that. "Make sure you make plenty, Tib." He looks up from his shotgun, smiling at her.
Vera Vera makes her way to the farm, lots of these farms popping up lately in the wastes outside of El Dorado. Sure the sheriff and such are in charge in town, but out here..its more the Militias job to watch over things. Vera and her assistant Sora look around, as they get closer..."Quite interesting, don't you think" Sora responds, "Not very efficent way to make food..." Vera nods, "Still, the best way to do it..cost effective." As Vera now smells something, "Either thats food...or motor oil...either would be useful."
Tibbie     Tibbie grins over her shoulder to Conway and now is approached by the tall Scandinavian man, "Aint no need for any caps here chum!" She assures him in her chipper southern accent and waves him off to the beckoning Conway. The floorplan of the farmhouse is open so Tibbie occasionally sends smiles and nods to the people filling in; she's shuffling her feet and grating potatoes, cracking eggs and whisking into large bowls, and before you know it Tibbie has whipped up a proper farmer's breakfast!

Hashbrowns, sourdough pancakes, plenty of eggs in all styles, and a reasonable side of bacon and bell peppers to go with it. The table's nearly taken up by the food alone but the hungry people have just enough room for a plate, some are taking their plates to the porch, and some are simply standing making idle chitchat with one another. Tibbie has a bit of everything on her plate as she walks the room, fishing for good reviews and any improvements she could make, and she looks like she loves the company and the feedback they bring to her cooking.
Ragnar     Conway gets his attention quick, the sound of a shotgun moving about tends to do such a thing. "Oh, thank you sir." Oh, the lady speaks! "You are as kind as you are lovely." Ragnar grins towards Tibbie. The table is ready and he settles in to lift meat to plate, along with hash browns and the rest. "Wow miss, this is wonderful." A good review is easily thrown out from Ragnar.
Conway Conway closes the barrels of the shotgun closed with a 'clack' before setting his bore cleaning brush aside. He leans back over to the right, propping the shotgun up in the corner. He pushes on his knees, standing upright to walk towards the table where the delightful food is sitting there, waiting for it to be placed in his mouth. "Looks delicious, Tib." He sends her a few nods in approval, giving her a firm pat on the shoulder.

Conway grabs a plate from the middle, picking a seat infront of the table. He starts to load it up with a bunch of pancakes, eggs, and bacon. "I own the place, I eat first." He says cheekily before stuffing some flapjacks down his throat.
Vera Vera and Sora make there way up to the big house..or the house with people, or where the smell is coming from. "Hello, hello....seems like a little party going on in, people..yep, that sounds like to me?..what do you think Sora?" Sora ponders a moment, "More of a gathering, then a party...but still, does seem to be enjoyed by the people."
Tibbie     Tibbie swings by the two uniformed newcomers and smiles, motioning to the table. "Nice to see you both! You two are more than deserving of a hearty breakfast!" Tibbie appreciates the Militia as any good citizen should and finally takes a spot at the table where a small boy finished his plate and ran out the door to play in the fields with the other children. The crowd is all served, some taking seconds and there's still plenty left, those happy hens sure did a good job and Tibbie made sure their labor was appreciated. She smiles to Conway and Ragnar as she finally has a moment to savor her work, she chews happily and goes heavy with the maple and molasses on her stack.
Ragnar     Ragnar nods towards Vera and her companion. Maybe he saw them on the Hoover Dam at some point. Once he has cleaned his plate once, he gathers up enough helping and moves to head outside as well. Part of a big dinner is being social, isn't it? Its time to make some friends. Tibbie gets his attention first, "Been cooking like this a long time?"
Vera Vera takes a seat and a plate of food, "Ah, yes...never turn down a meal I say. A hot meal even more..." As she tries the food. Sora stand to the side, "I shall pass, this type of energy does not agree with my systems" Vera nods, "Thats true...but trust me, I'll make up for what she doesn't eat." She gives a nod of her head to those seated around her. "Hey, howdy, hi..." Then goes back to eating.
Conway Conway wakes up after eating himself into a diabetic coma. He finds syrup drenched all over his face, but much time hasn't elapsed. He sees the lady Vera sitting next to him, sending her a small nod before he picks up a link of sausage from his plate, taking a hearty bite into it. "So good."
Tibbie     "Sure have! Been cooking since I was real small, it's the family livelihood back in Shantytown!" The tomgirl answered the tall Ragnar happily. She chuckles softy as Conway seems to thoroughly have enjoyed the pancakes as promised.

"Hi!" Tibbie responds to Vera and let's her eat as she downs another bite herself. The church goers start to thin out, thanking Conway and Tibbie for the meal and head on out, some still linger though caught up in conversation and enjoying a simple pause from life.

"Hooo-man, I really outdid it today, but so did our hens, huh Conway." she grins and leans back in her chair slightly.
Ragnar "Ah. Well, you do it wonderfully." Ragnar is one of the ones who linger, mostly cuz he doesn't really have anywhere to go. And free food is free food. "They call me Ragnar, which isn't my name. But people call me it. They think I look like some viking or something."
Vera Vera overhears the conversation, "Ragnar? You sure thats a name?..reminds me of some kind of plant..or something you go to a doctor for...Doc you gotta help me, I have Ragnar...." As she finishes off her plate, then looks up.
Conway Conway hears 'Ragnar', raising a curious eyebrow. He drops his sausage link to his plate, looking around to find Ragnar. Once he has his eyes on him, he devishly smiles before asking a question. "Ragnar. Ragnar the Great, what do you do for a living? Rip people in half?" He laughs, trying to scout out any 'viking characteristics' in Ragnar to see how he might have gotten the title.
Tibbie     Tibbie chuckles, "Thanks Ragnar! People always gotta label one another. I gotta ask around on what a Viking is, cookin aint leave much time for extra things like that." Tibbie laughs even more as the comments on Ragnar chime in. She offers a sympathetic smile to Ragnar, "Name's Tibbie, so I know how having an odd name might be sometimes." Tibbie takes a second helping of hashbrowns and drizzles a bit of syrup on them. The crispy browns crack under the fork to reveal a more tender inside.
Kaelyn Well there's a figure on the horizon. It's definately got a very hour-glass type sillouette and all as they get closer and closer, now walking on the farm its self. Though they're mindful of the planting rows and somesuch!! As she gets closer, she notices people and offers a cheerful wave!!
Ragnar     "Tibbie is a nice name. It suits you a great deal...." A fake scowl covers Ragnar's face as people all seem to want to pile on with their comments and such about his name. "Yeah yeah. Who are all the rest of you then?"
Vera Vera stretches out her arms a bit, "Um, people with real names..well cept her.." as she points at Sora, "She has more of an acronymn, than a name." Sora nods, "Designation might be more apporpriate." Vera nods, "Ok, I can live with that...but as for me, you can use my name, which is Very O'Shay, Militia.." as she pushes back her duster a bit.
Conway Conway sees Kaelyn out the window waving, also returning the wave. He remembers her from the vicious assault last night. He scarfs down the remaining bit of his food, chewing and swallowing. He stands back up from his chair, using the table as a support to do so. He walks around the back of Ragnar's chair, placing both of his hands on his shoulders to give them a squeeze. "Conway, pleasure." He walks around the other side of the table, leaning down to give Tibbie a kiss on her temple. "I've got to run, Tib. Thank you for the amazing breakfast. Don't let these people leave without helping clean up."

Conway chuckles lightly to himself, offering a wave of his hat. "Ya'll enjoy yourselves now, y'hear? And don't go in the basement." His face stiffens at the last part of that. Don't. Go. In. The. Basement.
Tibbie     A bit of curiosity strikes Tibbie when she hears Sora's name is now a mystery, but she saves the question for later.
"It's my job boss!" Tibbie chuckles and waves her boss Conway goodbye."I'll make sure they mind!" She adds. Now seeing Kaelyn approach, Tibbie beams to her and invites her in.
"Hey Kae, sure nice to see you, on account of we didn't get much talkin at the lake the other day. How y'been?" Tibbie asks and proudly shows her the table of food, "I hope you do breakfast!"
Kaelyn The person is getting clooooseeeerrrrrrr.... She's then addressed then blinks at Tibbie curiously "I am wandering? And now offered breakfast? that's good!" She says cheerfully "I like breakfast!" CORA then pipes in "You allready had it...."
Ragnar "Well. Its a pleasure to meet you folks." Ragnar is holding his plate upright on top of his palm and hasn't finished eating like most people. Biscuits, gravy and eggs and so much to still eat out here. But another person approaches and Kaelyn gets a skeptical long look. Then her pip talks to her and he grins. "Always nice to have a friend out with you, isn't it?"
Vera Vera raises an eyebrow, "Really?...thats not the norm." Sora looks over at the talking Pip, "Self aware, no body...interesting....bodies rule..." Vera ponders, "But I guess, its good to know people. Backup is good to have in bad situtations."
Tibbie     Tibbie laughs, always enjoying CORA's and Kae's playful banter. She smiles to Ragnar as she enjoys watching a good appetite as she finishes her own hashbrowns. The last of the church-goers head out to start their day and the farm's background of chickens and horses chimes in occasionally. From her seat at the table, the short gal reaches around for any empty plates and stacks them near her to take to the kitchen later, she seems to be really enjoying the company this weekend.
Kaelyn Kae pokes at CORA, the holo-sprite hovering above her wrist now flailing limbs wildly... "I like breakfast, besides it's your fault I have a fast metabolism..." She adds then glances to Ragnar and nods "Pretty much every where I go..." CORA then yells out "Cept to the Shower!" Kae's ears droop and she pokes at CORA "LAst time I wore ya and took a shower you posted pics of me to anyone who would take em!"

Kae grins "Sooo! Someone mentioned breakfast?" She asks curiously and hops lightly on her toes, sending all kinds of things bouncing as she's not currently in her armor, just her skin suit, her t-shirt and shorts today!
Ragnar "Probably for the best. Gotta have someone watching your back." Ragnar fiddles with a bit more at the ends of his second breakfast before placing the plate down nearby. Then picks it back up and a few more dishes. "Are we cleaning up now?"
Tibbie     "Well sure, you kin start up the sink, I'll be right in." She answers Ragnar and passes him a few plates from the table. She rests her heels on an empty chair across from her though, looks like she's taking her time. "This farm gig aint all too bad, cookin's what I do anyhow and Boss aint too picky if there's pancakes in the mornin. I do miss spendin more time with my Ma though, she aint been workin too much lately, shouldn't have to in my eyes. The gal's done more for me than I even could in return." She sighs and smiles at Kae. "You ever catch that fool tryna take your clothes?" Tibbie asks.
Kaelyn Kae shrugs "Not really, I never found out who it was, I think I just scared em off..." She says cheerfully, the girl looks around curiously and occupies a chair, now leaning back as she looks from Tibie to Ragnar now curiously.. "So you workin for the sherrif out here and stuf now?"
Ragnar Ragnar is off to kitchen duty it seems. He'll be in and out a few times of different rooms before he notices Tibbie hasn't moved. At least the sink is filled up and he comes back to plop down into another chair himself. "Someone stealing your clothes, girlie?"
Tibbie     "Sure have, been cookin and tendin to the animals for a few weeks now, me and Gus are buddies now..where is he?" She asks and whistles. When she whistles a whimper and scratch of a little paw on a door is heard. "Aww jeeze Gus! Conway must've shut your lil beggin butt in here!" She stands and opens the bedroom door just few feet away. Out prances a lil floofy Sheltie dog, his eyes immediate focus to the table where the tasty food is, and then to the humans around it begging as all dogs do. Tibbie holds his face from under his jaw and kisses his nose, then she slips him a sliver of bacon.

"I didn't even hear you in there boy, you're-such-a-goooood-boy!!" She babytalks the cute dog and he eagerly awaits the next treat, putting up with whatever she babbles to him.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Tibbie now and watches her pet the dog... She smiles slighlty, and reaches into a pocket to pull out a home made granola or some kind of nut-bar type thing... She begins nibbling on it while watching folks wash dishes and whatnot.... "Well glad you're settled in here nicely!"
Tibbie     Ragnar takes it upon himself to do most of the dishes for Tibbie while she catches up with Kae, what a gentleman! He's still present, but seems pretty focused on the syrup drenched plate Conway's left. Even though most of the food's been dug into, the leftovers are still showing a lil warm steam, good thing Tibbie serves everything in cast iron!

"Yeah! There was another gal, but things didn't work out for her, Boss didn't fill me in on that much though. Say, what exactly you even do Kae? If that aint too personable of a question that is." Tibbie asks, they really haven't had much time to figure each other out even though they've been on plenty an adventure together. The farmhouse door is still open for any stragglers looking for a delicious breakfast.
Kaelyn Kae umms "Well I do research an stuff, Umm I scavenge up stuff, get my self into and out of trouble, make money on that..." She says and rubs the back of her neck. "Lately Imma building up my home plot and stuffs... I gotta get my power supply to be reliable and get the water up and going good too, then finish building my aquaponics garden..... Not to mention my lab and other stuffs
Franky     It took a little bit for Franky to find his way out to this neck of the wastes. He took a caravan ride with his machine gun for some spare caps to El Dee. "Right I suppose I'll get smoked checked strolling into the wrong farm." Franky mumbled to himself. He stopped as he neared the general porch area, taking the opportunity to retrive a cigarette and lit it up.

    "Ello." He calls out, a nervous look on his face, he checks over his shoulder then nods his head up and down. "Looking for a guy called, Conway. Told me in New Vegas he owned a farm out this way."
Jackson It'd been weeks since Jackson had a spare moment to be back around familiar territory. When he received his invitation from Tibbie, he all but jumped at the oppurtunity to get off of that god-forsaken ghoul-infested farmland he'd been dooped into fixing up. As such, for the past few minutes, Jack spent the majority of his time thus far cramming his face so full of breakfast that his stomach threatened to burst at the seams. It was so damn good. While spending his days in the Mojave, he'd been living on naught more than pre war crap and NCR rations he'd bought off of rangers, and because of that, Tibbie's cooking was heavenly by comparison. In time, he finished gorging himself on breakfast, and carried his stack of dishes into the kitchen with a sigh of contentment. As he waited for a bit more room to open up at the sink, he finally spoke, having literally no idea what was being talked about up to this point.
"I know this has absolutely... No bearing on what ya'll are talking about," The deputy began, his tone filled with genuine passion.
"But that was the best fucking meal I've eaten in months."
Tibbie     When the six foot Franky steps to the porch, Tibbie smiles to Kae "Shit, I'm sure glad Cora's around to keep track of all that, I'd need a loooot of paper for all those things!" Tibbie now steps up and waves to Franky, inviting him in,

"You're in the right spot chum! Just that Bossman's out with the horses, he's real keen on that time bein his though. Come on in and get something to eat, he might show up soon, maybe he'll forget somethin an come back." Tibbie beams wide to Jackson's compliment as she walks back to him,

"It sure looked like you needed a good fill up too! Where you been anyways?" she looks him over and could tell he's a bit worse for wear.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and waves to Jackson then now to Franky? She then beams and waves to them "Halloo!" calls out the bouncy 'elf'-woman. She leans back in her chair now, stretching her back while she continually nibbles on a home made nut-bar. Currently, she doesn't have her armor on, just her usual tank top with her short sleeved skin suit on underneath and a pair of cargo shorts and lastly sandals... She grins a bit and glances over to Tibbie now curiously and pulls another nut-bar from her pocket and tosses that to Tibbie "Try that!" she says! (think honey granola bar)
Franky     A smile spreads across Franky's face when he notices Tibbie. He marvels as he pieces things together, "Small world." He mumbles, pressing his cigarette to his lips and having a drag. He glances over to Kaelyn, lifitng a 4.25 fingered palm in hello. Franky shoots his lung full of smoke away from the farmhouse entrance.

    His eyes dart in their sockets at the mention of food, he inhales sharply then drops his cigarette onto the porch and steps on the cherry. "If you insist." Franky straights up and cauciously steps throught the front door taking in the sights and nodding to those around.
Jackson "Well, I wish I could give you a straight answer Tibbs, but it's more like.. Where haven't I been?" As he spoke, Jack gently placed his dishes down into the sink, and scrubbed them off quickly and thoroughly before speaking up again. He wasn't exactly sure what was safe to tell everybody. At least, not yet.
"Long story short, I won the shittiest card game reward in history. A farm full of some of the most pissed off ferals I've had the courtesy to shoot at." At that, he smiled briefly, his typical sarcasm making it's usual appearance as he continued. "In between clearing out that hole, and searching out criminals in New Vegas who I have personal business with, I've just been.. Around." At that last part, he just sounded.. Tired. In spite of that, he wore that same grin on his face that he used to. Tibbie was nice. It was a breath of fresh air compared to some of the shitholes in Freeside. Maybe it would do him well to spend some more time closer to home.
"How've you been though? Heard ya'll had a bit of a wild time out this way the other night."
Ashur Ashur stands before a utility pole staked outside of Roswell. His chin rests between thumb and forefinger, nails drug through his beard as he squints and reads a poster nailed to it. "Wanted alive.. return to El Dorado Sheriff's Department.. signed: Sheriff Conway Brigham of Roswell."

Conway Brigham. With a nod, the brute turns and walks away, crushing aged asphalt beneath his boots.


Some while later, clad in his Hellfire power armor, donning the war-mask of Mars with its twin golden bull horns, the cruel behemoth lumbers forth upon the farmer's property. There is a kit of matches in a pouch on his belt; the wind whips through the feathered crest of his helmet, and stirs the makeshift torch clutched in his left hand. Rags, doused in gasoline, wrapped around an iron construction rod, hissing and spitting sparks and dark smoke into the air around him. He's outside the feast-hall, standing beneath the clouds scraped like butter across the sky, all a-glow with the heat.

"Conway Brigham," he thunders. "Explain why I should not burn your home down."

He doesn't know Conway isn't there. He waits.
Tibbie     Tibbie always has room for sweets and a crunchy granola bar fit the bill! After listening in to her answers of trouble and self-reliance, Tibbie takes a bite and crunches through it happily,

"Wow, there's a lot goin on in here, seeds, and, that honey?" she asks "We need to swap recipes sometime gal!" She smiles sincerely to her.The tomgirl now offers Franky and plate to fill with food, "Take all you'd like chum!" She now tunes in to Jackson's travels and gives him a concerning smile,

"Jackson, you oughta enjoy a break once in a while, charge that luck of yours back up!"

When she hears Ashur outside she bolts to his voice, "Hey Jefecito!" Tibbie's eyes widen as she sees he's come over for more than just a visit.

"Well now c'mon Jefecito! Conway's shoved off for a while, said somethin bout needin to resupply animal medicines outta town!" Tibbie assures the angry bull. Now whom she was lying to is unsure, Franky had heard Conway was within distance and now her friends are hearing he's out of town, and those whom had heard Conway himself know his real whereabouts are vague to all.
Kaelyn Kae's ears twitch at this point and she frowns, grabbing her backpack and that giant rifle with the drum magazine she likes to carry with her... She makes her way to the door and peers out it, staring at Ashur curiously. She then ummmms... "Not the best way to go about confronting over a wanted poster there Ashur." she says and rubs the back of her neck. The Dark-elf looking woman stares at him and his power armor then glances around the place curiously and adds "Lotsa innocents can be lost if you do that here... Tibbie, y self, Franky, Jackson... Much less the other workers on that farm...."
Franky     Franky gives tibbie a dorkish grin as he takes the plate from her. His head pans over to Kaelyn who gets the same look, his feet take him over to the table where the still steaming eats are located. He smiles down at the food and starts to load up his plate, his blue eyes glean with that christmas presents stare.

    The yells and general calls out toward the front of the farmhouse go unnoticed for Franky. A pancake plucked with to fingers while he examines it close to his face. "Mother of Yahweh..." He whispers, he looks over his shoulder and smirks dropping the pancake on his plate. Turning his body plate in hand and taking a seat on an empty chair. "Ummmm." He starts. "Ahhh! Milk!" He grins again, and pours himself a glass.
Jackson Jack began to voice his response to Tibbie, when Ashur's bellow echoed through the kitchen for all to hear. The man didn't exactly sound pleased, and the deputy had a feeling things might get ugly. It was common knowledge that Ashur wasn't exactly the pinnacle of morality, but as Jackson strolled outside, he most assuredly didn't expect the man to be standing there in gilded power armor with an iron torch in hand. He gave the ladies a moment to say their peace, though. Tibbie did as Tibbie does, and tried to soothe out the situation to the best of her ability. Fronm his point of view, it seemed the pointy-eared woman was doing the same.
However, the sight of Ashur standing there, armor gleaming from the light of his torch, set something off inside of Jackson. Up to this point, he didn't have a single problem with Ashur. But this was a bit... Barbaric. Even for him. Throwing his hat onto the porch, the deputy calmly strolled down the stairs, split the distance between the gilded bull and his target, then finally spoke up.
"On top of that... It's pretty damn illegal." His voice was deadpan, and void of it's usual sarcasm. "I didn't have a problem with you. But shit like this? This is a problem." At that, he took a step forward. "What's the matter? Did he piss in your sugar bombs?"
Ashur Ashur glitters something fierce in the firelight; he assumes a hazy aspect, the air rolling in waves around him, the solid gold of his horns, his armor, his hands, his cape all come together to make him shine like some Mayan god-king.

His hand tightens around the base of the torch, and he stands still as the mountains, and half again as hard to budge.

"Conway Brigham," he repeats, once more, before Tibbie kool-aids her way through the door and rushes to intercept him. He lowers his hand, the gas-fed flames licking at his gauntleted hand. The bull snorts, turning the impassive bronze mask of his helmet upon The Tibbie.

"I see," he rumbles, metallic voice tinged with understanding and disappointment. "He will return to ash, and blood upon the black earth."

Ashur jams the end of the torch into the ground, and waves his left hand over the flame. It ignites, and the gold-black metals glow, devouring the fuel that had been splattered across it.

"I was content to let it be. I chastised him at the lake, and he was soundly knocked for attempting murder. But now the coward places a bounty on me? He will die, as will any who try to collect."

He extends that blazing fist toward Jackson.

"Are you his champion, dog?"
Jackson With a deep sigh, Jackson cracks his neck. "Whatever you want to call me. It doesn't have to be this way. I don't want this, Tibbie doesn't want this," He pauses for a moment, waving his arm toward Kaelyn. "She doesn't want it either. You don't have to burn anyone's property down. But you want a fight, I'll give you one." With that said, he adjusted his aviators slightly, the light catching their mirrored lenses as he pushed them back up the bridge of his nose.
"So what'll it be, bull?"
Kaelyn Kae peers at Jackson now and raises an eyebrow... "Ok, first and foremost, bad idea right now. Yer not outfitted to take on a human tank dressed in top of the line power armor... He'll frigging pretty much one-shot you, and we'll need every scientist and doctor in the state to put you back together again.. Specially if you don't have any form of anti material weapons with you." Kae says quietly....

She looks ove at Ashur and sighs "Ashur, this isn't the right way to go about it. Most folks in their right mind aren't going to do anything to you in fact they'll leave you completely alone. Secondly, lets look at this logically. You think coming to a Sherrif's house, and burning it down and killing any of his guests and workers who live there who might want to try and stop this action is going to do -anything- toward getting you off that wanted list?" she asks and rubs at the back of her neck

"You and Lowry got into a fight, he shot you, you went off the deep end and saw red like you usually do. Conway tried to stop you, and you knocked em out... I get it.. But maybe you should let those of us with the cool head go to Conway and talk him out of this silly wanted add..."
Tibbie     Gus, the adorable Sheltie dog's been begging and pawing at Franky relentlessly for his food, well he was until the golden-clad Ashur arrived, the little fluffy pup now skitters to the nearby bedroom and trembles under the bed should anyone peer after him. Tibbie frowns as she notices the terrified Gus, her feet are shifting from staying and leaving out the door for the sake of the animals penned up outside, this was her jobsite after all. With no Eden around to snap Ashur out of his intentions and no physical way to stop him well, she stays put just a while longer, holding onto a slight optimism that this would all work out peacefully.
Franky A squirt, a raised brow, a canister of syrup? What madness is this? Theres a patter of foot falls on the kitchen floor for what seems like a second, a childs excitement as the brown goo gets dumped onto the pancakes, the eggs, the thin strips of fatty meat. A grin shoots toward the doorway and the morning shadows and voices coming from it.

    "What?" Franky hisses, not at the doorway, not at Gus, but across the table toward an empty chair. His brow furrows and places both elbows atop the table, hands hovering over his plate. Franky allows a long sigh then plunges a utensil into the foods, "Fuck your suggestions I'm eating."

    General food murder commences, scrapped plate, open mouth chewing, slurped milk....No morsel was spared.
Ashur Kaelyn's appeal to logic and compassion earns her an impatient chuff. "The sin lies on Conway Brigham and those of his blood," he responds. "I would not murder the lot of you. I would raze his fields and his barns, and dress the smoldering ruin in the guts of his livestock like Christmas wreathes; when he returned, and wept, I would break his limbs and crucify him above the nearest wanted poster, that he might voice regret and warning to all who pass before he died."

There is a moment's consideration, silent save for the sizzle of his fist and the groundstruck torch. "I will wait for you all to evacuate, if that might ease your worries." Jackson's willingness to challenge him goes unremarked upon until the conversation with Kaelyn finishes, but at last, the big demon in the Hellfire armor faces him. "You would die braver than most. Tch. Answer me this, my Tibbie: you called Conway Brigham 'boss' at the lake. You are a farmhand, then. Do you think him a good man?"
Tibbie % The littlest Tibbie stammers at Ashur's question, aware that Conway's farm may be in her hands. "Well I-I mean, he's been nice to me, and nice to his animals too. Only b-been here a few weeks and he's got me Butter waitin in the stable, and you know me Jefecito, aint gonna be stickin around nobody who aint been kind to me.." she answers weakly and looks to where his eyes should be.

"I aint in no how gonna be able to stop you Jefecito, and once a mind's made it's hard to change.. But I ask that the animals be spared, they's innocent souls out there today."
Ashur There is dead quiet in the wake of Tibbie's answer. Then Ashur turns, looks around, and spots an old, thick-trunked tree upon the property. He presses his burning hand to the wood and digs his fingers in, leaving a blackscorched print upon it. After, he kneels, and, finding a soft bit of soil, douses the flame by suffocating it underground. "You are a kind girl, Tibbie. I will spare him, so stop giving me that sad look."

The brute stands and shakes his hand, brushing the dirt away, and eye-fucks the warning left on Conway's property.

"Conway Brigham will withdraw the bounty. He has one week."

He'll leave the torch there, and stalk off.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Tibbie curiously then looks to Ashur then to Tibbie and back again... She flails an arm in Ashur's direction "Oooy, listen to her and not me!!!" she calls out and then sticks her tongue out and pulls down a lower eyelid "Nyeeeeeh!" She then winks at Tibbie "Nice job." she whispers.
Tibbie Tibbie's brown eyes watch the display Ashur makes and returns her smile to him once again.

"I'll see you later Jefecito! Was nice to see you in yer get up too!" she hollers and waves from the porch. She turns to Kae and grins "Looks like Boss didn't tell me bout that part'uh the job!" she chuckles and snags the last bite of granola from the table, popping it in her mouth.

"Cmon now Gus, it's all right!" she sings to the bedroom and the dog walks out slowly, looks, then bee-lines it back to Franky.

"Thanks for stickin to yer guns their Chief, not many a man would keep the star held up in that kinnda situation." she congratulates Jackson. Taking the last look to Franky Tibbie just laughs and takes a seat, kicking up those feet once again and enjoying the lazy not-so-lazy Saturday.
Jackson Though he never thought he'd think it, Jackson couldn't help but wish he'd never left the Mojave. Any amount of ghoul sniping and gambling would be better than the tentative atrocity he was standing in the way of currently. Even with the feeling of dread crawling up his spine, he maintained an exterior aura of tranquility. He wouldn't allow this man to intimidate him. His ego was just too big for that. Kaelyn's evaluation, though accurate, wasn't exactly appreciated by the deputy. However, he maintained his silence, and allowed Tibbie to respond to Ashur's query before speaking himself. Luckily for the lot of them, the man seemed to accept Tibbie's explanation of her employer's decency. Before he walked away, he left his warning hanging over their heads. As he marched off, The deputy sighed slightly, then turned toward Kaelyn.
Your.. Evaluation... Was appreciated. But.. Just so you know? I don't do this when i'm 'prepared'," His tone was filled with mild irritation, and he emphasized the word prepared with air quotations before continuing.
"I wear this badge because I keep the law in order. If that means I'm gonna die defending somebody's farm over it, so be it." That being said, he walked back on to the porch. "The name's Jack, by the way. And I appreciate you trying to talk me out of that stupidity. It's just what a lawman has to do." At that, he walked back into the house alongside Tibbie, thanking her for the compliment.
"Like I said. It's what I do."
Franky     There's a belch from the kitchen table....Apparently the food battle was over.

    Franky's table chair sqreeched, as he leaned back to give him stomach room to digest. "Hmm." Escaped his lips, his eyes flicking from the door to the empty chair. His eye's pan down to Gus, "Hmph." A spared cut of fat is grabbed and offered to the pupper. "Real human of the peoples I am." He says to no-one in particular.