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Vault Girl Mr. House had not been there to greet Milton and Bart themselves despite the pre-determined meeting time. Instead a pair of Securitrons, who may have once been Hollywood starlets before the bombs dropped, or at least were programmed to with screens that showed what they COULD have looked like in place of the regular imagery were there to greet the two.

Lead into a VIP lounge, one of the Securitrons said in a sultry feminine voice, "Mr. House will be with you shortly. Please, make yourselves at home."
Milton Milton tips his hat to the robots and says in his adopted Transatlantic dicton, "Splendid, would you happen to have an armagnac?" He wonders as he smooths his hand over his suit and glances at his pocketwatch. Besuited Milton is a lily white prettyboy, it's hard to distinguish him as anything but a soft mook meant for the high roller lifestyle and destined to meet his end rolled in some back alley behind a saloon. None the less he seems chipper about everything in life hal drgging Bart over to look at some of the artifacts in Mr. Houses' Lounge before taking a seat on one of the couches, crossing his ankle over his knee showing off silk socks. :Isn't it all grand, Brother?"
Bart Bart is wearing a lovely mustard and cream suit, because of course Milton won't be seen in public with his brother looking like an uncivilized goober. Still, the scientist does his level best to act like one anyways. His broken spectacles show his rapid blinking in larger magnification. "Fascinating," he is more interested in the voice modulation of the securitrons than the veluptuous figures on screen. But it's the invitation to make himself at home. Well Milton knows what that means, but Mr. House doesn't. A little shrug, and Bartholomew starts unbuckling his belt, and making like he's about to simply drop trou. Because fuck pants at home, right?
Milton Milton is quick to lean forward and slap his brother's hands away carefully attempting to button and buckle his brother before something embarrassing happens, "Batholomew you cannot be so boorish, it's a turn of phrase."
Bart Bart gets stopped rather abruptly from making himself at home and he has to stare at Milton for a moment before exhaling a little sigh. "People really should come up with better turns of phrase that can't be misconstrued then," he says quietly and maybe a little flustered before shooing his brother away and readjusting everything so that he's 'presentable'. "Honestly," he huffs before going to look at something else that's caught his attention, the inconvenience of pants already forgotten infavor of attention deficit ooh shiny!
Vault Girl Curtains begin to part on the largest wall in the room and a massive tv screen can be seen activating and turning on, a bit slowly given how long it has been in service.

The screen is full of static before the computerized image of pre-war industrialist Mr. House appears on screen, no color though because TVs sucked in Fallout.

"The Knox Brothers. A true pleasure to meet the pair of you in person. I'd share a drink with you, but I've been refraining since the bombs dropped." A casual laugh, "You know how it is."
Milton Milton stands as the curtains draw and take off his bowler holding it to his chest, ensuring with a quick swipe of a hand that his hair is propper Danned and Dappered into place. He fits a smile onto his features and ensures with a light tug that the older Knox is in place as well. A bark of a laugh coming at the joke, not so funny, bt he gives it appropriate fair before greeting, "Salutations, Mr. House I presume? A pleasure to finally meet you. I am Milton Theodore Knox and this is my Brother, Doctor Bartholomew Caden Knox Esquire. I must say your reputation for taste preceded our arrival and has not disappointed. Thank you for having us.."
Bart Bart is taken by the screen curtains being drawn back, his awe not hidden in the least as he adjusts his cracked spectacles and wide-eyes at the behemoth of technology. "Oh," he whispers and his mouth remains in that shape. Thank god Milton is the face, because Bart is spell-bound for a moment. The laugh catches him off guard but he smiles politely and then lifts a hand in wave at Milty's introduction. That's him! "Yes, um, pleasure to meet you." He's still staring.
Vault Girl "There is no need to stand on ceremony for men of science like us. The pair of you would have done well before the bombs dropped, the exact kind of boys I'd have recruited into RobCo. I see big things for you both, even in this brave new world we inhabit." The image fizzled occasionally, but mostly stayed in focus.

Was Mr. House still alive? Was he the screen? These were all mysteries to Milton and Bart.

"I imagine the pair of you must have questions for me. Go ahead and ask them, and then we'll discuss the matter I've invited you both here for." A small slot opened up below the tv and two shiny platinum discs extended on a tray, "These are also for the pair of you. They're Platinum Chips." Obviously not the same as the original in FO:NV, "They're a token of my friendship. They'll serve you both well if you show them to any merchant who knows my name."
Milton Milty steps forward taking the chip, flipping it nimbly across his knuckles then into the air before catching it looking it over and then tucking it into his front pocket patting it. "Of Course, Mister House then you may call me Milton and my Brother goes by Bart. I was quite pleased to receive notice from you. Most don't really take my adventures of the wastes or my brother's studies very seriously. I must say you have my attention piqued though, Sir." It's the thick diction, the cultured accent that Milton and part learne from their Father. Milton presses his shiny silver specs up his nose and smiles under his perfect mustaches.
Bart Mr. House has heard of his work? Bart couldn't be more thrilled honestly, having heard rumors of the genius that was the mysterious man in the TV. Mysteries and puzzles were exactly why the Knox brothers got along though, solving them was in mutual interest! At the presentation of the chip, the man is taking it and inspecting it top to bottom like an insect with food. Yes he even gnaws on it briefly to test and check things. What? Every avenue must be traversed! "Well, since you have opened the floor; how do you control all of the Securitrons so seamlessly and as far out as the Dam? How hard would it be to harness the power of the Dam for settlements further away, say Arizona or New Mexico? Are you actually immortal, or a program, or an echo perhaps? Have you heard of the Symposium or their synthetic human creations? Have you experimented with melding living tissue with robotics before? I've heard so much about cybernetic implants but found nothing concrete," he practically pouts, "Umm," a finger taps his lips because his brain is still spinning and he has more questions surely!
Vault Girl "Thank you Milton." Mr. House's digitized eyebrows raised at the flurry of questions from Bart, but he remained patient, "I supposed I did open the floodgates to an inquisitive young mind. The Securitrons are RobCo made, they'll continue to operate under their programming long after everyone is ashes and dust my boy. The dam could potentially be used for such purposes, if there were repairs made, which in the current state of things could take decades, perhaps longer if it is the site of more battles. It's one of the relics of the old world that could help usher in a new, if proper time was afforded." Mr. House had all the time in the world, "As for who I am, I'm Robert House, no less human then you or your brother."

The symposium question is the only one unanswered, "Cybernetics are entirely within the realm of possibility, before the bombs dropped, research was being conducted heavily into such things and their applications. There are locations here within the city capable of such services, but the wait lists are quite long I here, and the costs far too much for most."

House may have done something equivalent to a sigh, "The Symposium is why I called you both here. It seemed an issue that would be better solved by great minds, rather than great warriors."
Milton Milton seems to have expected his brother's deluge of questions, as such that he nods along with them with an understanding though mildly apologetic smile Mr. Hosue's way. He does, however, seem to listen to the answers to the questions with a quirk of well-groomed brows over his blue-grey eyes. Each new answer drawing a nod from him thoughtful and a quick glance to ensure that Bart, too, was staying focused. Milton doesn't appear without understanding but instead of delving into questions about the New Vegas Wiz's science and robotics division he instead wonders. "Certainly the Symposium could have a presence in New Vegas, especially if the rumors of the connections of El Dorado's Former Mayor were true." Milton, the humble banker, tailor, explorer slash book writer does get to hear so much about the wastes and various rumors.

He will, then, wait for Bart to ask any questions he has before tacking on the end of the Scientist's words, "How can we help?"
Bart Bart is still spinning with questions but when he gets the sigh of the man, he seems to have heard that impatient sound before. Usually right before Milton just stops paying attention. So he quiets right up as he gets answers. The end though, that is most interesting and he simply focuses right on up like Milton would hope. "Indeed, how can we help? I mean other than to tell them that their work is fairly rudimentary?" he has been tinkering with the Solomon bot and he's judgy okay? "Um right, Symposiom," one can probably watch the consternation of internalized questions that go unasked, like he's hemorrhaging from the inside out. The moment eventually passes though and he glances to Milton and then Mr. House. "We are more than happy to help I believe. The Knox brothers don't say no to adventure."
Vault Girl "The Symposium is more than rumor, they are reality and what they can do, while fascinating is entirely terrifying if left in the wrong hands." Mr. House retained his composure but even if he lost it, you would never know, "They did not originate anywhere on the West Coast. The Courier believes they came from the East, but I've not been able to verify her sources and fact is more important then speculation."

A pause.

"I've word The Enclave is holding one of their researchers captive in a small camp in California at a former NCR Facility. I'd like the pair of you to lead a small team to recover him, and if you cannot, get whatever information you can. I'll arrange for the muscle, you two bring your brains." Mr. House waited to see if the pair would accept. Little did they know it wasn't really an offer.
Milton "Well I say that sounds like a right bit of fun, don't you brother dear. What say, if Mr. House makes it worth our whiles can we pull ourselves away from our various escapades to help the old chap out." He smiles towards the Television screen with his hands folded behind her looking every bit the mook. It's part of his 'charm'. He looks to his nerdy more socially inept brother. It's not just his choice after all.

Thanfully a little-known fact about the Knox brothers is their generally adaptive nature. If it benefits them.. they adapt.
Bart Bart frowns some at the clarification and the ramifications of that statement. Of course the mention of the Courier piques some interest but he quickly focuses on the task at hand. A captured scientist of the Symposium being held by the Enclave. "Two birds, one stone. We could learn much if we were able to infiltrate that holdout," he decides aloud, of course the question from Milton brings him back to reality. "Oh yes, brother. I will begin to make my excuses so that we might pack for California," he says quite easily. Of course it's not a choice but he doesn't have to realize that.
Vault Girl "Excellent." Mr. House ignored Milton's comment alluding to payment since they were already in his debt, Star Caps and Platinum Chips did not come free, and every gift had something expected in return.

"Prepare yourselves as best as you can. A captured enclave vertibird will take you to the facility, and I'll do my utmost to provide any information I can before the mission. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy all the Lucky 38 has to offer." Mr. House looked to the pair from the screen, awaiting any final questions before he went off to do Mr. House stuff!
Milton Milton appears to have none though he looks Bart's direction just to be sure. He's already putting his bowler on and smoothing his hands over his suit though.
Bart Bart for once doesn't seem to be innundating Mr. House with questions, he has things to plan and precisely calculate now! There are odds and things afoot that he has to focus on. When he realizes Milton and Mr. House are looking at him he almost jumps in surprise that they're both there still before sheepishly grinning, "I believe we will be ready in no time flat."