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Sparrow Sparrow is relaxing, a rarified thing around El Dorado. The blonde cowgirl's leaned back on two legs, a beer in her hand and her jacket, guns and hat on the chair next to her. Her weather-tanned face remains pretty neutral while she watches the patrons of the tavern come and go.
Doc     After a long day passed'sunbathing' in the intense radiation of the local sustained fusion sun...Doc is no worse for the wear and wanders into the saloon. He blinks a few times before moving to sit down at a random table. "Excuse me," he says to the blonde cowgirl already sitting there. "I seem to have lost something. You wouldn't happen to have seen a laser-etced, fusion-powered, arm-mountable, spring-action spudger around, would you?"
Sparrow Sparrow blinks slowly, looking up at the ghoul with a suprised expression but not nearly as unwelcoming as most. She does, however, look bewildered about Doc's request for a 'Spudger'. She clears her throat and lifts her brow, "Beg yer pardon? I'm not sure I heard correctly you said you were lookin' for a laser-etched, fusion-powered, arm-mountable, spring-action -spudger-?"
Doc     "Oh, yes," Doc says. "I've had it in my family for generations. Obviously, the ones that came after me, since I built the thing in aught seven." The ghoul seems to catch himself. "No, two aughts. Double aught seven. Well, nevermind that, now. It's probably been taken by ferals or raiders or a supermutant is using it to pick his teeth." His mind moving swiftly on like a child with ADD on sugar and caffeine, the ghoul quickly extends a hand and adds, "Hi, they call me Doc! What's your name?"
Sparrow Sparrow reaches out and slapped a half gloved hand into Doc's an shakes it once. "Most folks call me Ro, nice to meetcha Doc. That your name or your profession?" She wonders before settling back into her chair and sucking down a bit more of her bottle. "You been around a while huh? You up from Rosewell?" She wonders curiously.
Doc     Doc looks at his hand for a second. "Yes?" he answers at the name-or-profession question, as if the question of it being one or the other was new. "No, I'm from all over, lately. Probably going to stick around here for a decade or two, then move on. You know, transient style through and through."
Sparrow Sparrow's lips curl into a smile, "Yeah, 'M a doctor too. Nice ta meet you, if you want a beer it's on me. Anyway twenty year's a good long time to be in a place. Enough to make a mark anyway. Excited to be in El Dorado?" Her expression is thoughtful, "If you haven't been by I might suggest ya take a trip out to Rosewell, Hondo and Tinnie if you haven't been by while you're stayin' in th area."
Doc     "I'll think about it," Doc says. "What kind of doctorate do you have? I have seven. Most of them involve robotics or particle physics." He looks off into the middle distance as he wordlessly orders a beer. "My medical degree is in cryptobiology. It comes in very handy with the kind of things you run into out in the wastes, let me tell you."
Sparrow Sparrow grins a little, "Docterates are aorta a thing of the past. Now mostly what we get by on is feild trainin'." She says simply while gesturing to a nearby floating Mr. Handy for another beer for herself. "You don't say? Sounds pretty interestin'. You met Bart Knox yet, he runs a group of scientists in El Dorado who do some pretty good research. You might be able to compare notes with a few of them. I rather enjoy workin' with animals m'self."
Doc     "I've done some work with animals," Doc says. "There was Furious George, that chimp we put all the cybernetic implants into. I think he leveled several city blocks before city security was able to stop him. Obviously, I won't be doing THAT again." Doc rubs his chin for a moment before saying, "Bartholamew Knox, you say. I'll have to look up this gentleman."
Sparrow Sparrow blinks and winces, "That sounds unfourunate. I mean for the city and the chimp. I mean you might try and turn somethin' round these parts into half robot but I think you'd find most things round here are deadly enough as it is. Knox lives over in the green area of town, as around and anyone can point you out. You come out to El Dorado cause of the sightings of the little green men?"
Doc     "Something like that," Doc says. "I've been looking to replace an alien pistol that I lost in the great explosion of twenty-two twenty-two. 'course, that was a thousand miles from here, so you probably didn't hear, you might be too young. What year is it again?"
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Twenty-two eighty-four." She replies simply double checking her pip boy then nodding to herself. "And no, I'm far too young for that. You'll find most folks are but there've been plenty of Alien attacks lately so you might et lucky. Almost got hit by one of the things m'self." She wrinkles her nose. "You might also check out Dunwhich while you're out Rosewell way. I know a couple folks who go out on expeditions into the wastes. I might introduce ya."
Doc     "I'd like that," the ghoul says cordially. "Yeah, you smooth skins are frequently a few hundred years younger than me," he continues with gravelly voice. "Tell me about these alien attacks."
Sparrow Sparrow lifts a shoulder, "Yeah one of those perks ya'll get." She admits accepting the beer from the Mr Handy and paying him with a couple of caps before stretching her shoulders a bit. "Well? Honestly I can't really describe them. Most folks have just seen a flying saucer fighting vertbirds and that kinda thing out in the wastes. Some of my patients have odd burns."
Doc     Doc's gaze narrows and what's left of his lips purse as he considers the words. "When I had my alien gun," he said, "it didn't really do burns. It left charred skeletons. I wonder if there are multiple models." He rubs his chin again. "Well, I'm convinced," he says, finally, taking the beer offered him and chugging it down. "It's time to--oh, hey, that's good."
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "It is, they make sure it is. Keeps the folks coming back, part of the reason El Dorado's such a presence amidst the waste, that and the ladies here." She looks round the saloon and there's a wry half smile on her face. "You're in town long enough no doubt you'll see some little green men too. Like I said, Rosewell and Dunwhich are your best bets for people who have the most stories to tell bout them. Where was the last place you were?"
Doc     "The smoking crater?" Doc asks, as if it's no big deal. "That used to be Cratertown. After the supermutant attack, I renamed it something more fitting. Boom."
Sparrow Sparrow's brows lift and she shakes her head, "Yeah those were pretty unfourunate. I'm glad you were able to survive them. A lot didn't. Have you met anyone else in town yet? Mayor, Sheriff?"
Doc     Doc rubs his chin again, considering her words. "I guess I'm not used to not being mayor yet. I should probably meet those fellas, huh."
Sparrow Sparrow grins, "Not bein' the mayor? You sir are a man of many hats. I don't know how you keep up. Thankfully most of the places to meet folks aren't far from th saloon. Just a bit down the road that way." She nods. "I reckon it's a bit early for them though. You got any questions about the area?"
Doc     Doc shoves his hands into his pockets and crosses his legs as he listens to Ro. "I--OH!" He pulls out the alien alloy ray gun. "There it is." He shoves it into a more secure inner pocket, then says, "Questions? Probably. I'm going to want to set up a place to do science to things. Actually, I'm probably going to need a fusion reactor and a steady supply of energy weapon parts. Particle accelerators don't build themselves!"
Sparrow Sparrow blinks at the ray gun and looks around real quick, thankfully it's stuffed away even quicker and so no one draws. Sparrow ehales and coughs, "So that's a 'Spudger' is it?" She bobs her head a little. "Like I said, talk to Milton Knox, an if you find no luck there there's always Rosewell. The folks down there are pretty welcoming to science types."
Doc     Doc glances sideways at her curiously. "What? Spudger? No, a spudger is a flat-tipped, plastic tool used to pry electronic components apart. Usually about the size of a toothbrush. Like this." He pulled one out from his pocket. It was the size of an ink pen, but as he said, it was flat on one side, a little sharper than a fingernail. He pocketed it again. "Say, you're into animals, you said, right?"
Sparrow Sparrow points to the Spudger, "But that isnt the one you're looking for?" Once more bemused but seemingly in a friendly enough way despite her somewhat dry demeanor. "Uhm, I work with animals yes. As much as I work with humans anyway. You have a horse or pet in need of looking at?"
Doc     Doc opens his mouth, as if to excitedly give a positive response, then suddenly snaps to a sad face and says, "No. No, not really, no." He raises his hands to smooth back hair he hadn't had in centuries as he continues, "I'm always acquiring them, but things seem to conspire against me when it comes to keeping them for long."
Sparrow Sparrow's brow lifts curiously but she doesn't pry. "All right. Well if you have any other questions you're welcome to ask me. I don't always have the answers but I'm not stingy with'm if I do."
Doc     "It's a date," Doc says, raising his empty glass. "Hmm," he says, looking into said glass. "I seem to have run out of recreational beverages. Unless you can think of other recreational activities for us to engage in, I wouldn't mind a tour guide."