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Tibbie The sun's still out, as it's soft evening light glints off of the various pieces of scrap, though some rusted parts resist such kindness with their matte coat. For such a dangerous place, the lighting and the impending rain clouds bring a sort of romanticism to the scrapyard.

"Now this is the kinnda place Davey would bring a lady." Tibbie says with her soft southerner accent, her usual tomgirl attire and a baseball cap added, that's about as much as she would pre-plan for any weather changes. Her boots scuff up dust as she takes in all the various little bits hiding in the piles. She's not digging into any piles like one would expect this Shantytown gal to be up to, but it seems like she's waiting for something before diving into the mysterious place further.
Doc     Dressed in red-rocket coveralls and a labcoat, the ghoul wasn't terribly feral-looking, especially with his posture and the way he was fiddling with various bits in the scrapyard. He also was cleaner than most ferals were, and was wearing shoes, which most didn't. He sang quietly to himself in a gravelly voice.

"Oh, you never see a vampire with a full grown beard,
But a vampire can't see his reflection,
So a lack of facial hair is unbelievably weird,
Since you'd think shaving would be out of the question."

    The song switched to a different one, but they were all pretty similar. He wasn't off-key, but he would have sounded much better with a guitar and possibly spoons accompanying him. At one point, he pulled some crumbs from one of his pockets and sprinkled them over a long-dead potted plant. "There," he said, as if he'd accomplished something important. In exchange, or whatever, he took a piece of rusted metal from the potted plant's old, cracked planter. Rather than pocketing it, he threw it far away, then put a hand up behind where his ear should be. "Yup," he said after a distant clatter. "Pretty much what I expected."
Kaelyn Long day of scavenging and well, Kae's on her way in from it! She'd been out at the downs, quite a ways west of here, and currently the odd woman is wandering through the scrap yard, making her way east? She pauses now, seeing people and more importantly hearing people, her long tapered ears twitching a bit as she glances around..

CORA pipes in "Carreful Kae, last time you stopped you got shot..." Kae then nods "Yus I know.. I got shot today too," CORA then adds "A couple times! Before Kae sighs "Yus and you want me to be quiet and yer shouting." Kae whispers.... CORA's avatar now makes a sheepish face. "Ooopse sorry.." Much quieter now at least.

Kae tilts her head and sighs, then shoulders her 'Eraser' coil rifle....
Jackson As per usual, Jack found himself idly trudging through the piles of rusted junk and dust in search of something worthwhile. As usual, he was failling miserably. For every pile of rusted sheet metal he dug through, he lost more and more hope in walking away with something worth his time. As Tibbie spoke, Jack smirked idly, passively kicking over a pile of tesla coils and broken glassware.
"Not my ideal place for takin' a lady. Maybe the gardens, or for a drink out in the Salt Flats. Scrapyard? Definitely not my first choice." His tone was chipper as he spoke, and he smiled as he dug around, looking for some sort of prize. However, before he could continue his efforts, a shard of rusted sheet metal descended from the heavens and bounced off of an old street sign, which tumbled down onto a pile of broken TVs, which then cascaded downward on top of Jackson, burying all but his face and right arm in metal, glass, dust, and old garbage.
"What do I do to deserve this shit?" He shouted angrily, attempting to shake himself free to no avail. "A little help?"
Tibbie The short gal gasps when Jackson's attacked, "And this is exactly right here where Davey would point out being like that this here is what the ladies like. But Davey aint got much good thinkin left from the rad fume incident 2 years ago, so his opinions aint all to, uh, clear sometimes." Tibbie explains as she grabs ahold of Jackson's arm, trying to pull him out first instead of pulling anything off of his body. When she hears the metal clank in the distance she stops pulling and shushes, "I think we aint the only ones out on a stroll Jack." she cups her hands and hoots "I got like, ten bombs and launchers and everythang! You best run if you lookin fer a fight critters!" She bluffs to anything that speaks English, not really taking into account if it was a beast.
Doc     Doc stopped in his tracks. Sounds. He pushed his hand into his pocket as he narrowed his gaze and hunkered down. Yes. Clean, white lab coat over bright red coveralls were perfect camoflauge for a junkyard. He moved from cover to cover, peeking in the direction of the shouting, hoping to see something. He had his hand on his sidearm, but he didn't intend to draw it for just anyone. He shifted piece by piece until he found himself distracted by a Nuka Cola machine's front panel. He strained as he flipped it over and looked at the inside. "Oh, poop nuggets," he complained to himself. All the lights and electronics were gone out of it. Just a fancy skid at this point. He suddenly got an idea, but after digging through his pockets and finding no string to use to drag the bit of scrap with, he decided to just make a mental note and move on. Then he turned around and remembered that there were other people there as he saw them. "Oh yeah," he said. With a John Candy-like snap of movement, he went from calm standing to bolt behind something that barely hid his width.
Kaelyn Kae blinks at hearing the warning? Then she sees a mountain of tv-covers fall and the call for help... Kae sighs and rubs the back of her neck before sligning her rifle and heading in that direction...

CORA calls out "Yer gonna get in trouble again!" Kae then sighs "Mebbe mebbe not..." she says, Kae pulls those white bangs of hers out of her vision before she makes her way closer to the fallen pile of TV's... She notices Jackson now and sighs...

"Got yer self in trouble?" she asks and grins a bit, kneeling down and sitting on her heals..... She then reaches out with a hand and her eyes glow briefly as tv's litterally start to lift off Jackson now and begin to well hover in the air.... More and more Tv's lift off and continue to float as well those crimson eyes of Kae's begin glow brighter a bit as the girl focusses more on the TK

In short, yes, Kae has red glowy eyes now!
Jackson Tibbie's assistance was well appreciated. As she strained to pull on his arm, he dug the heels of his boots into one of hte tleevisions and pushed with all of his might.... To no effect. He struggled around briefly as she attempted to help, but he immediatly halted his movement when Tibbie notified him of the presence of someone, or something, else. He couldn't help but grin as she called out her warning, and laughed softly as it echoed through the length of the scrapyard.
""So much for subtlety." He mushed sarcastically. He did his best to wiggle around further, but was interrupted by the appearance of a now-familiar face. After asking if he'd gotten himself into some trouble, the one named Kaelyn had made her appearance, sat down next to him, and seemed to fall into some sort of trance-like focus.
"You could say that," The deputy began, straining to move. "Any assistance you could offer would be.. Well, appreciated." However, Kaelyn was way, way ahead of him. Her eyes began to glow an ominous shade of red, and as soon as they did, one--two-- hell, all of the TVs started to mystically lift off of the deputy's pinned body without so much as a touch on behalf of the woman in question. As they hovered, Jack used his oppurtunity to slide out from under them, roll back to his feet, and fix Kaelyn with a bewildered stare.
"Now, I've seen some freaky shit. But that was by far the craziest. I expect you to explain that as soon as we figure out who the hell else is here." As he spoke, Jack hastily drew his Gauss Revolver, and angled it in the direction of the sound. As he did so, he brought his cupped hand to his mouth, and let out a warning of his own.
"You have thirty seconds to show yourself with your hands up, or we're going to let our bullet-sized friends find you for us!"
Doc     "Would you stop yelling?" Doc shouted back at Jackson. "I'm trying to do science over here!" The floating TV's for some reason didn't interest him, though he did witness it. Instead, he had stooped down and was looking at a singular blade of grass that had sprung up from the loose dirt that had accumulated. "Science," he repeated to himself in a normal tone of voice. He pulled a spudger from his pocket and turned the living blade over and back again. "Hull nuts," he said. "Rusted, bloody hull nuts," he embellished. He froze, staring off into the distance. "Hang on," he said to himself. He stood up and leaned at a 45 degree angle at the waist as he looked out. "Did you just telekinese?" he called out to Kaelyn.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and looks at Jackson curiously... "Welll... Basically I'm an artifically recated psychic." she says with a shrug.. "The loonatic who created me some 200+ years ago, though it would be fun if my eyes glowed when I used my abilities.." she then ummms and taps a long tapered ere "Not to mention thought it would be great that I had long pointy ears, red eyes and big boobs..." She adds and shrugs again.. As Jackson is clear she waves that hand and the TV's float away and drop to the ground.

Kae looks now at the ghoul curiously and umms "Well technically I produced A.I.M. Dispersion fields which were then able to interract with physical objects around me and lift them..." she then umms "Yus I did.."
Tibbie "That thing you do never gets old Kae." The gal complimented while watching Kae rescue Jackson, then Tibbie squints to try and get a better look a the figure a bit far off from them, she talks casually as she strolls towards the lab coat
"What's up over here Doc? Somethin cool?" she asks as she can now see the taller than her, less-human-looking-by-the-minute-guy, her face only cringes for a moment. "Say, you remind me of Davey's uncle, at least that what he said he was when I met him. But you're lookin a bit fresher than that ghoul. Name's Tibbie!" She waited until after Kae's science-talk before rambling a bit to her introduction. The tomgirl doesn't offer a hand, but a friendly wave and she looks around for what the Ghoul-Doctor was mentioning earlier.
Jackson As the mysterious stranger screamed something toward him about science, Jackson made a note to himself to investigate just what type of science he was referring to out in a place like this. However, Kaelyn's explanation of her origins was actually rather interesting. He'd spent a lot of his youth reading up on the finer sciences of anatomy, chemistry, and genetics in particular, and the thought of psychic abilities having some sort of chemical or genetic component was something that the deputy never would've even thought about. Then again, it wasn't as though he'd actively admitted to himself that the possibility of somebody having fully-developed psychic abilities was a possibility either. As she continued her explanation, he made a mental note to himself to make some time to pick this woman's brain a bit. She was definitely an interesting one. However, the young man had more pressing concerns at the moment.
Shifting his attention toward Tibbie and the stranger, Jackson moved toward them, gun still in hand as he made his gradual approach. As per usual, it seemed as though every time he decided to hang out with Tibbie, something unusual happened. This particular unusual occurence was a ghoul in a labcoat and red-rocket branded overalls. That itself wasn't so unusual, aside from the rare appearance of a ghoul who seems to have retained his sanity-- at least, some of it. The unusual bit was the blade of grass he was so thoroughly appraising. That, by all means, shouldn't be growing inside of this sort of place. It was unique enough that the deputy's scientific curiosity overcame him for a brief instant, and he stpped closer to the ghoul in order to take a closer look himself.
"Hmm. Science indeed. Think it's developed some sort of radiation-resistant coating to protect itself? Maybe a deeper and more complex root system to pull nutrients out of less-radiation intensive pockets of soil?"
Doc     Doc gestured back with the wave, but didn't bother to introduce himself, since she already had it down, it seemed. "Pollination," he said. "Plant sex. How does it happen? I've seen gigantic bloatflies and stingwings and all kinds of insects and arthropods bigger than I am, but how is life even continuing without honeybees and mosquitos and things like that?" He turned to Jackson before saying, "Chernoble. Life can exist in irradiated environments, and over generations, develops resistance. Why do you think humans are still alive. It's vault dwellers who have the worst problems with radiation. No resistance buildup." He threw his hands skyward before saying, "But that's not why I'm here. None of it is. I need microfusion cells for an experiment I'm doing, but I keep getting distracted."
Kaelyn Kae peers at the Doc at this point and ummms "Im pretty sure there are still polinators out there and the like... Pretty certain that not all the honeybees and whatnot were killed, considering the fact that not all of the US and whatnot was turned into a giant glassed over wasteland.." she says and grins a bit.. "Am sure in the more secluded areas there are plenty of em!"

Kae glances to Jackson and shrugs "Yah, science and all, not to mention the fact I was stuck in an incubation chamber before the bombs fell and made this place what it is." she says cheerfully... The simple fact she's probably only a teeny bit younger than the ghoul here she finds quite funny...
Jackson With a nod toward both Doc and Kaelyn, Jack put forward his own two cents. First, he responded to the strange ghoul. "True as that may be, I've not once seen a single patch of grass in this scrapyard in all of the time i've spent here. Not a single blade, even. Those kind of resistances are acquired over years of natural selection. But as you said, semantics. If it's cells you're looking for, you're in luck. I happen to have access to a bunker of scientists that's chock full of the damn things. If you'd like, I can point you in the right direction. Or, at least, hand you over a few that i've got on me. The name's Jackson by the way-- Jackson Parkes. Deputy at small, and independent lover of all things scientific." His tone was friendly, and undyingly curious simultaneously. It'd been ages since Jack had run into someone that could give him a glimpse into the sciences of the old world. Well, provided he was an old-world ghoul, anyway. He then turned his attention toward Kaelyn.
"Wait... Do you mean to tell me that you've been alive since the bombs dropped?"
Doc     Doc caught the microfusion cells offered, then stuffed them in a pocket. "Hey, thanks," he said. "Well, honestly, I need to get back and start my experiment. I...have a lot of questions for all of you, though."
Tibbie The little tomgirl just shrugs as the bigger brains around her talk, "Long as everything's good and going right now, well that's fine with me." Tibbie offers her two cents and watches the Doc head out. She stretches and kicks at a nearby pile of junk, "Y'all think there's anything good in the scrap today?" Tibbie asks and takes a look to the horizon.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and looks back at Jackson curiously. She then grins... and motions with a finger... "Before the bombs fell..." she says and shrugs "Not that I've been out and about, most of that time I spent in a tube...." she says.. "Alive, concious and all, but in a stasis slash incubation tube.. My conciousness was kept in a vr environ, least till the lab I was in ran out of power to run that...." She says and shrugs slowly. "So technically I'm like really really old, but in reality I'm probably not, least I don't think.."

CORA, kae's wrist comp (pipboy) then chimes in "Her telomeres don't fray any more if you really wanna know!!" Kae peers at CORA and sighs... "Yah there is that."
Tibbie "Golly Kae, that's.. Some crazy shit." Tibbie's forehead crinkles as she tries to wrap her head around everything Kae's been through. In the distance where Doc had left to, a bunch of snarls and footsteps are getting closer to the group in the scrapyard! Tibbie having her brain bamboozled didn't realize any of this as a four foot tall ghoul fiercely waddles and pounces on Tibbie! She loses balance and is now trying to fight it off! "You lil fucker!" She says as she's kicking and punching at it!
Jackson This woman was certainly an interesting one. Not only did she literally have the appearance of a creature that'd walked straight out of a Tolkien book, but the agelessness to boot? Given a different world, she could've been the poster child for humanity's next step in the evolutionary chain. Needless to say, it was a hell of a story, if nothing else. As the deputy took it all in, he began to clear his throat in preparation for his next list of questions, but was interrupted by the sound of the feral tackling Tibbie. Jack's reaction was instantaneous, and the result of months of finely honed skills. Without a second glance or a moment of hesitation, the deputy drew his revolver and blew the feral's head apart in one smooth, fluidic motion.
"Storytime's gonna have to wait, I think." He drawled sarcastically as he moved over to Tibbie and offered her a hand. "Best get a hold of your gun, sounds like there's a hell of a lot more where that came from."
Kaelyn Kae frowns as Tibbie's attacked, and up comes the woman's gausse assault rifle.. It's fancy, quite advanced and all that. There's a quiet hum as the weapon charges up and she raises the thing to her shoulder as she glance around curiously. Seeing the one feral down she sites around the tops of ridges and whatnot, now looking through her scope. She then sees a number of ghouls and she frowns.. Suddenly she flips the switch on the rifle to full auto.

There's a series of whining sounds followed by pops as the gun accelerate sthe tiny projectils to hypersonic speeds and well dumps a buttload of rounds, intantly ripping through the ferals, leaving holes as big around as softballs.

Kae clicks her tongue and swivels again. The whirring noise is heard followed by another series of thumps, and another small group of ferals is suddenly rendered fine paste...
Lowry Lowry makes his way into the scrapyard now, his horse seeming tired underneath. The man is bandaged up a bit beneath his hat but for the most part seems alright. When he sees the ghoul rushing Tibbie he reacts slow. Most likely drunk or something! But once he is fully aware he draws his gun from beneath his coat, quick like. Leveling it he takes his time, wobbling in the saddle and squinting his eye. But, Jackson takes care of it and he lowers the gun. At the sound of others he perks up, his eyes scanning the situation.
Jackson Kaelyn was quick to react, spraying down a crowd of ghouls with a spray of gauss-powered glory. As she did so, Jack's head was on a swivel, searching the whole of the perimeter for the source of the raspy screams that continued to echo toward the group from the surrounding scrap piles. Rather than catch sight of the ghouls, however, the lenses of his mirrored aviators fell upon the visage of a tired man riding his horse toward them with gun raised. As the deputy's eyes fell upon him, he lowered his weapon, and Jack lifted his glasses off of his eyes for a moment to give the interloper a closer look.
"Well I'll be damned," He began, a glimmer of surprise shining through his cool facade. "If it isn't just the man the Sheriff's department has been looking for." At that, the deputy levelled his revolver toward Lowry, and slid his finger along the charging module. His pistol hummed to life, and with a sigh, he spoke again.
"I don't want any trouble, and I'm sure you don't either. If you just agree to follow me back to El Dorado peacefully, this doesn't have to get ugly."
Tibbie "CHRIST!" Tibbie yells after she took Jack's hand to stand, she squats and plugs her ears as Kae's super-duper rifle blares. Her eye's scan the yard frantically as to not be caught off guard again, she sees Lowry, and the bloody scratches she now has on her legs. Tibbie unhooks the slugger from her belt loop and moves towards Lowry's horse Despair for some sort of cover, knowing Kae, Jackson, and Lowry would easily handle the horde. "I got the stragglers now!" Tibbie announces bravely, hoping it got through the gunfire.

It seems the freaks come out at night, as one last wave of ghouls spread out around the scrapyard, some are easily spotted as they glow more than the ending sunset behind them, while others snarl hungrily as they charge the group of tasty humans and humanoid!
Conway Conway bends around the corner, letting his horse lightly trot and take its own pace. He's very tender with his little babies. Conway is just out on patrol in his town, taking a day away from the farm to completely focus on the fugitives at-hand. That being said, he's also geared up with a fancy automatic rifle, resting against his right shoulder while he hangs onto the pistol grip of his rifle.

As he takes the corner, he sees some friends digging in the scrapyard and fighting off those pesky feral ghous. Yeah, this town has a problem. They need Atom's Touch. Not soon after that, his eyes also share the same view that Deputy Jackson has. It's one of his fugitives, Lowry. He shoulders his rifle, aiming it at Lowry down the red dot optic. "Give it up, son." He lets the reins of his horse hang freely while he keeps his gun raised.
Lowry      Lifting a brow to Jackson Lowry shouts. "Don't think so, partner." With Tibbie edging near he's kind of using her for cover. So much as to at least know she raises the danger if someone wants to shoot at him. With Conways' arrival he swings his horse over a tad. The pistol now aimed at the man. His spurs at the ready to flee and the Sig-sauer leveled to shoot. "This' aint El Dorado. Wouldn't care anyhow."
Kaelyn Another electronic whine followed by a burping sound as is heard as Kae discharges another burst from her super sciency rifle... Suddenly glowing ones are rendered holy-glowing ones or fine glowing paste floating in the air. Kae then turns and glances arond "Am I the only one firing now?!?" she asks, CORA then pipes in "I think so!" Kae then nods and sighs, turning again, and discharges her rifle yet more times, whine followed by burp, whine folloed by burp of super-sonic rounds being flung down range..> There's even the sounds of the bullet impacts too! Kae then mutters "Shoulda brought hte Beo..." CORA then pipes in "Heavier, you'da had to carry more weight!" Kae sighs.. True!
Jackson The sound of the Sheriff's voice echoing out from behind him reassured Jackson as he maintained his focus on Lowry. Kaelyn's rifle continued to fire on the encroaching ghouls full-auto, but she had to be running low in her magazine. Someone would need to cover her eventually, or they'd risk being overwhelmed. Knowing full well that Conway's sights were on Lowry, Jack turned away from him for a moment, bringing his gauss revolver down to his hip and firing six rapid-fire shots toward the wave of ghouls that threatened to pounce on their tiny group. With pinpoint accuracy, the rotten psychopaths at the end of his gun's barrel were reduced into radioactive piles of flesh and bone. He paused briefly to holster his gauss revolver only to swiftly draw his plasma pistol, and hastily fire an entire energy cell's worth of plasma down range toward the ghouls. Afterward, he slipped a new energy cell into his pistol, holstered it, drew his revolver, and did the same, though with it's own ammo.
"You don't want to do this." He warned loudly, fixing his attention squarely back upon Lowry, re-arming his revolver's charging module in the midst of his words. "Just do the right thing, come with us, and we can resolve this. Nice and easy."
Conway Conway keeps his finger planted firmly on the trigger. He's already at a slight squeeze, and his finger takes up all the slack of the trigger. One more little pull and it'll fire off a round. He keeps his rifle aimed center-mass on Lowry. "I'm not messing around with you, boy. Your move." He keeps the rifle firmly planted against his shoulder with his cheek resting against the butt. Make my day.
Tibbie Finally things seem to calm down around the scrapyard as the ghouls are picked off by Kae and Jackson, even Tibbie got to bash on one, albeit the midget ghoul that was already dead. The grudge-holding tomgirl spits on it and gives a last look around.

"I think they're gone for now... Oh hey chum! Hey Boss!" Then it strikes Tibbie of the past day's transgressions and her smile is a bit more nervous and forced on. She can only stand and watch for now, unsure of what's going to happen next.
Lowry      Lowry is having none of it from either of the men. "Boy?!" That part seems to grind his gears but he keeps his horse in reign before spurring off or firing. "What, ya' want with me, anyways, BOY!" He lowers himself over the mane of his horse before bolting or shooting.
Kaelyn Kae peers at the others, then checks her rifle.. "10 left... "She mutters, then shrugs and saps out her magazines, the girl topping off the first now with small 2mm diameter darts it seems... Soon enough she sets that in a pocket and glances to the others, now looking between Lowry, Conay and Jackson.. "Ooooy!!! There's not enough of this sillyness going on allready?"
Jackson The deputy maintained his calm exterior, but kept his gun's barrel fixed on Lowry's chest. As he said, he genuinely didn't want any trouble from the man. The law was the law, and the badge on his shoulder meant that he had the responsibility of upholding that law.
"Look, I'm sorry that we're sitting here in a standoff, but as per my briefing, you attempted to assault an officer of the law, and attempted to evade arrest. By all accounts, we're justified in our use of force here. Roswell is a town under the juristiction of the El Dorado Federation, and as such, also falls under the juristiction of the El Dorado Sheriff's department and militia. All we're asking is that you come back to the Sheriff's office, accept your charges, and we'll go from there. This doesn't have to turn into a firefight."
Conway Conway lightly gnaws on a piece of expired gum that's sandwiched between his molars. He keeps both eyes open, continuing to aim down the sights at Lowry. "You've got five seconds to make up your mind before I kneecap you. You'll never walk again." He licks his lower lip, entertaining himself with the thought of hurting a troublemaker.
Lowry T Lowry pushes his hat back with the barrel of his gun. "Pfft. Got 'yer facts all shot ta' hell." He looks down near Tibbie and mumbles, "Look out, darlin'." Turning back to Conway he shouts, "Awright, take 'er easy." He raises his gun and makes to get down, and then he sends spurs to the horse and starts to make the getaway!
Kaelyn As Kae sees the goings on and the horse being spurred, her eyes suddenly glow and she reaches out ith both hands! Towards Tibby? Tibby might suddenly feel a sudden pressure all about her as she's suddenly whisked toward her at high speed, and well Kae is bowled over.. "Not my best job!" she calls out as she lays ther eunder the other, eyes still glowing. Tibbie probably wouldn't feel any of the impact as Kae had kind of wrapped her in a kinetic field in the process of yanking her in her direction...
Tibbie "Whoooah I'm flyyi--!" Tibbie yells as she's flying but doesnât finish her excitement as she's no longer flying and now on top Kae, both their funbags bump and Tibbie wiggles off of her elfish friend. Tibbie laughs, "I didn't feel a thing! Goddamn that was fun! Can you fly Kae?!" she asks, a bit relieved she has something else to focus on then the standoff happening only a few feet away.
Jackson As Lowry put his spurs into his horse's flank, he mentally grappled with himself over the right course of action. Though he was within all rights to pull the trigger, He couldn't shake the feeling that he'd regret doing it later. So, contrary to his threat, rather than fire on his target, he instead deactivated the charging module and holstered his pistol. This time, he'd let the man escape. But the next time around? He wouldn't hold back until he handled this situation once and for all.
Kaelyn Kae's quite big in the funbag department and all. She blinks at Tibbie and ummms "Yaah, welcome? And no I don't fly.. I havn't figured out ho to use telekinesis to make my self fly... yet.." she adds and shrugs slowly. "Sooo can ya get up? Yer knee's crushing my pelvis." She says as she winces...
Conway Conway jostles on his saddle as Lowry starts to high-tail it, following the movement of his horse through his red-dot in a sweeping motion from left to right. He watches as he gallops away, shaking his head. He doesn't fire. He lowers his rifle down onto his lap, heaving a small sigh. "We'll get him eventually." He grabs the reins of his horse, slowly trotting over beside Kaelyn and Tibbie. He dismounts his horse, walking over to them. He grabs Tibbie by the forearm, pulling her up to her feet. "Ya'll good?"
Tibbie "Aww, I wanna see when y'do! Oh yeah!" she adds and gets off of Kae. Now sitting in the dirt, she watches Lowry galloping away. Dirt cakes up the blood down her legs and she's hauled to her feet by Conway,

"Thanks Boss. I get yer an'all, but Lowry's a chum of mine, you really gotta do all this to the fella?" She asks him casually.
Kaelyn Kae frowns and rubs at the back of her neck... "This whole thing is nuts.... Firstly This starts from a misunderstanding between a hotheaded hero, and Lowry who was high at the time. Ya came in, it got worse and all.. Keep in mind, Ashur is a pugilist, and a bit of a berserker..." She adds and rubs the back of her neck... "Oh and a hero... The minute any of us tried to intercede in all this we coulda been shot or punched and stuff... To try and press charges at a time like this is kinda folley, specially against someone like Ashur. And if you don't press on Ashur, then don't press on Lowry." She says and rubs at the back of her neck...
Lowry      Lowry keeps the spurs in place and 'Despair' Kicks up dust. The cloud forms behind him as he holsters his gun and turns back. The men giving no chase he pulls his hat and waves it, "See ya'll next time!" He shouts with excitment in his voice. Eventually dissapearing into the horizon the cowboy lives to fight another day it would seem.
Conway Conway shakes his head, "There's a checks and balances system with these people." He folds his arms over his chest after balancing his rifle on the saddle of his horse. "People see the law as a joke, but they won't once they see we're not playing games." He turns back to watch Lowry's horse ride off into the sunset. Damn you. "Tib, I've got two new foals. Little baby horses." He hovers his hand a few inches off the ground as a demonstration of how little they are. "They're going to be champions one day."
Kaelyn Kae peers and nods slowly "Well maybe, but you gotta realize something, there's those that going after straight up like you're doing will cause more damage to your self and other things than to the person them selves... Collateral damage is a thing.." Kae responds and rubs at the back of her neck. "Chasing after Ashur, as you are as the police are now is complete folley... I doubt I could even take em on I'd have to snipe em from extreme distance and hope it dropped him in one or two shots. I wouldn't get any more. And I've been at this whole thing nearly as long as he has... I'm also highly geneticly modified and I can't match his hand to hand fighting skills. Nobody here can... And he's got that armor of his." Kae adds and rubs the back of her neck. "Also, Ashur does more good than he does bad. He's helped defend Eldorado, New Vegas, Texas, Mexico. Yah he's abrute and an asshole, and very hotheaded, but one can say he's done more good than bad in his time here... And if you don't go after Ashur, don't go after Lowry too... Sometimes it's best to pick your battles."
Conway Conway places his hands in the pocket of his wool uniform trousers, listening to what Kaelyn has to say. He lightly nudges a dead ghoul with the toe of his boot, humming. "Maybe you're right. I don't know." He removes his hands from his pockets, bending down to grab the wrist of the ghoul. He tugs on it to see how heavy it is, not really having man-handled a ghoul before. Interesting! "To be honest, it's probably not worth it. I'll call it off."
Tibbie The little Tibbie nods and nods to Conway's determination, then squeals when he mentions the foals and lights up, looking to his hand she could almost see them in the air below it. She snaps out of it when she tunes into Kae's logic, nodding furiously with her.

"Really Boss? I'm so glad! Now I know who to invite over for Sunday Dinner!" she grins and chuckles. The rainclouds overhead chill the air now that the sun's left their sights.

"Aww shit it's getting late, can I bum a ride? I left Butter at home." She asks and looks to Kae and Jackson,

"Y'both gonna be alright getting someplace warm?" she frowns and silently wishes Conway's horse could take them all.
Conway Conway walks towards his horse, placing his long boot in the stirrups. He swings his leg over, holding his hand out for Tibbie. "Invite them whenever. And I'll take you home." He keeps his hand held out so she can use it to pull herself onto the back of the saddle. Conway's mentally battling the idea of letting somebody who knocked him out into his home for supper, but he just grins and bares it.
Tibbie Kae and Jackson assure Tibbie they got here and they can get home on their own, like adults, something Tibbie might not grasp yet as she takes Conway's assistance onto his horse. She gives them a final wave and hollers her goodbyes to them. Let's hope she didn't stir up another nest of ghouls!