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Vault Girl Earlier - Some Timeframe that's not important

You had all been hired by Mr. House for a special job that required your particular set of talents, for some of you this was no surprise since he had contacted you before the Battle of Hoover Dam.

For others, this was an opportunity you probably couldn't and shouldn't refuse. Anyone with half a brain knew that Mr. House was incredibly powerful, and refusing a request from him could be dangerous.

So it was that the group of you had assembled at a site in the Mojave where a group of Securitrons was waiting for you along with an Enclave Vertibird!

A briefing was given by Mr. House remotely. He explained that you would be recovering a scientist who had been captured by The Enclave, but he didn't share the precise details. (Bart and Milton know!

The Enclave were currently using an old NCR Prison Station off the California Coast they had codenamed Green October to hold high priority prisoners before they were transferred to a site codenamed Blue October.

Aris, Rexus, and Grover had been provided with appropriate equipment or disguises to aid in their appearance as Enclave Soldiers, hailing from an elite commando unit.

Harmon, Bart, and Milton had all been cuffed (but not locked) and were supposed to be high value prisoners that were captured after the Battle of Hoover Dam.


With Grover's expert piloting (Where the hell did he learn to fly like that!), the group of you cross over from the Mojave into California in record time. For some of you, this would be the first time seeing the crystal blue waters of the ocean, beautiful and untouched by the hand of man for centuries.

The Vertibird approached the facility, and the group of you were asked to provide your code before landing, and Aris provided the code that Mr. House had provided to the group.

Not long after you were cleared to land, only a single other Vertibird on the landing pad.

You could see a single large building above ground, as well as chemical storage tanks that had no markings.

There was no sign of any guards or security personnel as you landed, not even a welcoming party.

The group of you were free to depart the Vertibird at any time. In the distance, you could see the sun setting over the horizon.
Grover Grover stretches as he gets up from the pilot seat...moving back to join the others. "That was a bit to easy...either that, or no one else has ever been stupid enough to try something like this....still, should be interesting..." As he looks to the others.
Aris The ocean, of all things, almost fucked House's plan right up. "Hijo de puta..." Aris cursed under her breath as they caught sight of the Pacific Ocean, sparkling under the setting sun. She'd been gaping, wondering over its endlessness, when the facility asked for their code. A quick elbow to the ribs would've brought the dark haired woman back to the present. "Alpha 626," she'd relayed into the Vertibird's radio.

Now, in her fancy Enclave get-up holding her fancy Enclave pistol, Aristide waits near the Vertibird's exit, waving the latter at the 'prisoners'. "You boys done twiddlin' your thumbs, or we gonna make a day of it?"
Harmon Harmon shifts his wrist in the cuffs, getting them set up for a quick release if needed before letting his gaze drift wistfully to the Ocean. Ahhhh, wouldn't that be a life? He soaks it up as long as he can, his game face returning in an instant once they start the landing approach. He waits for the others to take the lead.
Rexus Rexus clambers out of the Vertibird. He's wearing power armor, of course... but it's all dolled up like Enclave stuff, so it should do the trick.. the dual-wielded gatlings help in the Elite Commando unit-camoflauge. He doesn't say anything as he lumbers along, glancing around the landing area.... just checking for any sentry guns that might cause problems on the way out... and making note of any security measures in general.
Bart Bart shifts uncomfortably in his cuffs for a moment, even if it was faked for the purposes of selling an illusion, being confined doesn't make the man happy. He's glaring just a little bit at the devices around his wrists, even if it was a sound plan. Put the smartie-pants in a cell next to or with the target, use superior intelligence to get out, use blazing guns back up to escape with lives in tact. Until something goes wrong. Something usually goes wrong. "Once we have the scientist in hand, we will get a hold of you again for extraction. Hopefully we can do this without too much fuss. If not, Velma is in the vertibird, if absolutely necessary," he glances at his brother, Milton and huffs a bit, "Hand cuffs are unpleasant, remind me to never wear them again?" There's a glance towards Aris for a moment, "We are coming." he says resolutely and with a hint of resignation.
Milton Milton's shoulders are slumped and he looks no more comfortable than his brother does. His dapper clothes artfully rumpled and his weapons given to one of their guards with the knoledge he'd be able to use them later. He wouldn't wish some of those weapons on anyone. Already pulling away from the vertibird he's looking back too it which adds to the authenticity of his nerves. He grunts in acnowledgement of his brothers statments. The younger brother following the scientist with a dejected look.
Vault Girl As the group begin to disembark the Vertibird, the doors to the building up ahead open and two guards in Enclave Hellfire Power Armor step out and offer salutes; their miniguns held in a guarded stance but not pointed towards the group of you.

A crackling radio transmission can be heard in Rexus, Grover, & Aris' headsets, "Incoming Team. Please respond. This is Agent Orange, the base has been compromised by, I don't know who the hell they are. They aren't human." It was no doubt an Enclave Operative on the other side of the radio, given the three of you had Enclave issued radios thanks to Mr. House.
Rexus Rexus listens quietly before chiming in. "This is Tango Team, we're all set for prisoner transfers... if the facility is compromised did you want us to load your prisoners and move them to a safer location?" he inquires, heading towards the entrance as he speaks.
Aris "You brought Velma??" Aris overhears Bart, neck straining back towards the now-empty Vertibird trying to spot the rail gun. Her face alights with surprise, like she'd just run into an old friend. Relinquishing that thought for now, though, Aris walks behind Harmon as they all pass through the doors of the buildling, her pistol trained at his back. Gotta make it look real, Harmon! The transmission over her headset elicits a frown, though. "Base's been compromised by non-humans," she murmurs quietly for Milton, Bart, and Harmon's benefit while Rexus speaks over his headset. Her eyes slide to the Knox brothers, deferring to their judgement.
Harmon Harmon's brow furrows slightly as he listens, keeping his head down a little as he stays with the group. Under his brow however his eyes are slowly and methodicaly sweeping his surroundings. He's a patient man, however, and keeps sticking to the plan for now.
Grover Grover has taken up a guard like posture, following along after the others. Mumbling to himself about forgetting his big stick. Then he hears the call over the radio..."Well now, thats something different...usally these things go much smoother...not human, yes..not human could mean lots of things..." He stops as Rexus responds to the messege...thinking to Tango a color...these people seem to name things after colors..oh well.
Bart Bart stiffens a little at the mention of non humans invading the base. "We may be too late," he murmurs, "The Symposium is already here to collect our package," he makes a face and nods towards the "guards", "Carry us along, see if we might be able to take our guests with us without a fight. But be prepared to fight robots in the shape of men," he warns them all and then goes along with the marching order.
Milton Milton reaches down to adjust his package, surely that's all he's doing. The cuffs rattle a little as he adjusts the weirdly shaped weapon in his pants and then moves to stand by his brother nodding his head. He's gone into wide-eyed observer mode now and he leans in to murmur to Bart, "Remember brother, we work back to back when we need to an if we aren't sure of the others identity there's the secret handshake."
Vault Girl "Negative. Get out of here while you still can Tango Team. I'll be damned if I let anymore good soldiers gets replaced on my watch. It's a god damned invasion, not just on America but all life. I've got eyes on you." Agent Orange transmitted as they approached the pair of guards.

"Looks like you three got a good haul." One of them pointed a minigun at Harmon menacingly, "Desert Ranger. You'll probably be promoted for this. Have the prisoners taken to processing, and report to the Commander for reassignment."

Agent Orange hissed into the mic, "Get out of there now, arm your prisoners if you have to! It's a trap."
Rexus Rexus just listens... shaking his head, "Let's go." he mutters, trudging up past the guards and into the facility. There should be signage and such around.. directing them to the prisoner facilities... just ambling along, trying to look as if he knows where he is going and belongs here!
Aris Trap? Aristide's finger twitches against her weapon's trigger guard at the word, eyes shifting back to scrutinize the only living beings they've encountered so far-- those Enclave soldiers. Who's the trap? Do they know about the trap? Drawn taut as a fiddle string, the woman pulls an extra weapon from her combat fatigues, ready to hand it off to any of the 'prisoners' who might be needing one soon. For now, though, she lingers behind the 'prisoners' and waits to see if they'll follow Rexus on along into the facility.
Grover Grover hmms, as he continues to listen to the radio. Now he's not the brightest bulb in box...but things just don't add up. If they can hear the voice warning them about it being a trap, shouldn't the guards also be hearing the same warning on the Enclave frequency..yet they act nothing is being said. "You know...I think I left some paperwork back on the Vertibird...I bet check on it."
Bart Bart is in hand cuffs, but he can only hope that Grover is going back for his gun. Instead he stands there like a properly captured scientist, his eyes darting here and there to take observance of what he can. He's looking for the signs, for the weak points. They're still walking into a trap, but he is okay with that. At least he has back up and friends right? Right. Not that he knows what to do with them at this moment, his only focus is to get past the guards that are infected, get the scientist and leave. Hyper focused as he is. A face is made as he's 'forced' to keep moving.
Milton Milton continues along as part of the chain gang. Head down as he shuffles along behind Bart. Sure he's pretty but as catche go he's almost not worth noting. Still the younger Knox's eyes dart about.
Vault Girl Agent Orange couldn't believe the group of soldiers wasn't listening. His reputation was legendary among Enclave Special Forces, even if nobody outside of The Enclave had heard of him, "God damnit. I won't let you guys get taken to, don't worry. You can't help bring back America if you're dead" Orange sighed and began preparations to help what he assumed were his only allies on the entire island.


The guard who had spoken nodded to Grover, "Go ahead, you know how the Commander is with paper work. He'll want your full flight plan, and mission report." The rest of the team were ushered inside, the doors to the facility closing behind them.

It was several minutes of silence as the pair of power armored guards escorted the group of you to processing. A cheerful young woman was sitting behind the desk, and stood up exclaiming, "Oh my! It looks like you all caught some real bad ones."

She began typing in a terminal, recognizing some of them on sight, "Desert Ranger Descept. This is a real nasty prisoner! You better be careful with him, it says here that he's a mutant with four nipples, and a retractable tail who eats babies." She looked at Harmon quite fearful.

Then she began to look up Milton and Bart, "Here we are! The Knox brothers. They're a pair of mad scientists who abduct innocent Americans from the wasteland and experiment on them." The poor girl shivered in terror.

"Please have the Ranger placed in isolation. The other two can be placed in with the other prisoner. Thank you so much for your great work, and dedication to making America great again. You're all so awesome! You three can head on down the hall to see the Commander, I bet he'll promote you for this!"
Rexus Rexus holds the group up just before they commit. He squints, looking down at the young woman. She looks surprisingly calm.. everyone does... and there's a breach in the perimeter? "We've got orders to transfer some prisoners from here to an Interrogation center.... Can you bring up their files?"
Bart Bart scoffs at the thought, "I beg your pardon, it wouldn't happen to occur to a single one of you that you lack both the governing bodies, and support of the people necessary to be a country, let alone the majestic United States of America. You're not even half a state. You're a nothing state. A mockery of the judiciary and federal systems!" He is not going to stop ranting at this point. He's infuriated and quite focused on the fact that these people think they're America! The gall. "Heavens! Experiment on Raiders? My dear, you realize most of them are contaminated specimens at best, what /are/ you people going on about?" All in that high and mighty Mid Atlantic accent he and his brother keep.
Harmon Harmon just arches an eyebrow as the lady reads off what he is. he snickers softly at first before erupting into a full blown laugh for a few moments. he regins himself, still chuckling a little before locking eyes with the processing lady and blowing her a kiss, "I promise I'm not that bad, sweetheart." he says playfuly grinning.
Aris Gray eyes go a bit wide, and Aristide looks at her 'prisoners' as they're described to her by the Enclave lady. Who the hell has she gotten herself into deep shit with? "Joder..." she murmurs under her breath, but then Bart's talking and, well, if she really were a guard, she'd try to shut him up, right? She pokes him in the back with her pistol, a wordless warning to tone down the common sense. This is the ENCLAVE. "If you could, ma'am," Aris adds to Rexus's request, trying to soften its edge.
Milton "Here here." Milton's transatlantic accent seconds his brother's fervor. "Accuse us of sub-par monstrosities while claiming such preposterous perjury. Utterly ludicrous." He sniffs as he looks towards the others and then peers back at Harmon, "I don't know old chap. You do look the part, diamond cut jaw. Strong eyes.." Oh but there are more distractions. Mostly involving the equipment and he mutters to hismelf with a distracted, "I say.."
Vault Girl "Don't worry! The Commander will handle all of that after you've spoken to him, you should know that's just standard procedure silly!" The cheerful young woman went back to her work at the terminal and a quartet of Enclave Soldiers moved in from the next hallway to take the prisoners away.

One of them punched Harmon in the gut, "Cannibal scum. We know how you survive in the waste. Eating your own god damn people." Another guard spit on Harmon and kicked him, "Don't worry, the boys back at HQ will have something special for a scumbag like you."

Poor Harmon.

"Oh dear." The girl looked at what was happening to Harmon before frowning at Bart, "Raiders are people to! They just need to be taught about America. Hopefully with people like you and your brother gone, they can be reformed and become citizens just like the rest of us. President Z is just the bestest ever!"

One of the Guards who had escorted you in, nodded before the pair began to head back to their post, "Catch you guys in the break room. Would love to hear how you managed to catch that cannibal, those fuckers are tough!"
Aris The only thing more disconcerting than cannibals and mad scientist is the chipper nationalism this Enclave girl is sporting. Aristide frowns. "Then let's go see the Commander," she relates to Rexus, tipping her head in that direction. She watches as soldiers come to take their 'prisoners' away, though, eyes lingering briefly on Bartholomew. Hope you got some crazy science up your sleeve, dude.
Bart Bart grunts as he's likely hauled away anyways. The scientist shows how scrappy he can be by resisting, if just for a moment, "Gone? Gone?! You can't get rid of me! My work will outlive me - will outlive you all," he hollars rather desperately while being dragged against his will again. "President Z is going rue the day he crossed the Knox brothers. Rue iiiiittt!" His voice fades away down the hall. The glance from Aris? Did he just wink at her? Naw, probably an eye-twitching spasm from the nerd rage going on right now. Right? Maybe.
Milton Milton isn't so much being dragged along as marching along after his brother. Keeping close to the other Knox man the younger softer looking Banker seems unwilling to get too far from the elder brother. "Simply outrageous.." He continues to mutter to himself as he tries to avoid getting his suit or glasses being jostled too much.
Rexus Rexus shakes his head, "We'll escort the prisoners to their cells. We captured'em, ain't going to let anyone but us lock them up. The Commander will have to wait, us Commandos have orders." he says, stepping between the prisoners and the guards coming forward to escort, "Just show us the way, we'll be fine.. they can get a little squirrly anyways.. wouldn't want to hear how some little prisoners overpowered their guards, eh?"
Vault Girl From the hallway the Commander's quarters were stepped a stoic looking older man with a well-trimmed beard, the kind of man who could be put on a portrait. He wore a general's uniform and had an easy demeanor.

The pair of guards who had been departing stopped and saluted, as did the others in the room.

"Now son, I get you boys out of Utah are a little possessive, but out here in California, we do things a little differently. Let's go sit down and have a chat about your good work, I'd like to put you both in for a promotion, and a commendation from the President. God damned Desert Ranger, that's some fine work." The General (Commander aforementioned) stepped back and graciously directed Aris and Rexus towards his office.
Rexus Rexus glances at the others, "Appreciated, but we do have a schedule. And our commander hates lateness." he says, glancing back towards the entrance, "Our pilot can also get a little grumpy... Promotions can go into reports, no?"
Vault Girl There was only so much Rexus could do on his own.

Harmon was already being escorted out of the room, and the guards there for Bart and Milton were already grabbing them to move them out unless stopped with deadly force.

"Is there going to be a problem son? I don't much care for problems, and well, neither does the President. So unless there's been some insane mixup, a Lieutenant does not outrank a General." The guards with the miniguns were already looking ready for action if Rexus caused problems.
Rexus Rexus shakes his head, "No problems." he says, nodding to his fellows, ready to follow the Commander.
Vault Girl "Good. Follow me." The General nodded to Rexus before smiling at Aris, "Why don't you go catch some R&R Corporal. The Lieutenant and I need to have a chat." It was probably going to be a stern talking to!


Harmon was escorted to his cell, even muzzled! Like a dog. They were taking no chances with a cannibal.

Milton and Bart were escorted into a cell where a plain looking bespectacled man was sitting cross-legged. Looking up upon seeing them, he sighed and looked away from the pair. It was the man Mr. House had sent them to collect.

To be continued.

Epilogue: Meanwhile, out on the Vertibird pad, Grover ends up in a conversation with the pilot of the other Vertibird while the technicians begin to re-arm their aircraft!