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Owner Pose
Lilly Caine Lilly could be seen riding this way, leaving a cloud of dust as she lets Sprocket stretch her legs a bit. Arriving at the lake, she slows down and walked the mare up to the edge of the water. Lilly looks about before taking off her boots. She sits down at the edge of the lake, settling her feet into the water.
Manuelito Already down by the lake, Manny is sits in a ricky old lounge chair, a fishing pole casted in the water and a beer at his side. The pole rested in a small hole next to him, the line being several feet out in the wading waters.

His cowboy hat was propped over his face, body leaned back and appears to be napping.
Lilly Caine Lilly 's feet splash a bit in the water as she leans back on her elbows. She sits there for a moment before piping up.. "Catch anything?" She seems half-distracted by trying to squirm water with her toes. She got it to work once, and now can't get it to work again.
Manuelito lifting the hat up with his hand, the Navajo looks to Lilly with a charming smile. "Never seem to catch much in these waters." He says with a chuckle before turning to open a cooler and pulls out a beer. "Drink?" he states, handing the unopened beer to her. "How are you Lilly?"
Lilly Caine Lilly waves away the offered bottle. "Nah, I'm good" She continues to make soft sounds in the water. "and I'm Good", she smiles. "We got lots of stuff on that trip out with ...", the word having a mass of it's own " but Things went pretty well concidering we got jumped by a buncha frakin sand snakes and poked some of them an' didn't really get poked that hard back. I was surprised. "
Manuelito A shrug is given as he places the beer back in the cooler. Manny looks to Lilly and seems to grimace at the word mom, his head nodding ever so slightly at the mention of Sand snakes and frowns in thought. "What kind of stuff did we get?" He inquires
Lilly Caine Lilly continues to splash. "Stuff for a some kinna aircraft. Verty-somthing. Mom was very specific" She's tried to use 'mom' ever since she was old enough to know Clara was her sister. To lilly, 'mom' is more a title, while 'Clara' holds all the love, devotion and caring that one would normaly assume with 'mother'. "She got me some nifty schematics.. and she took the parts soon as I got them. So, I think she's being her normal sneaky way and I think she's got something stashed somewhere. Only reason why I can think, or maybe she's found one she wants to steal.. Or.. she's trying to sell someone some bits.. but.. that dont make sense."
Manuelito A soft sigh escapes the lips as his head shakes ever so slightly. "Always something with Katherine." He mumbles as he leans over the arm to grab his beer and take a sip. "What kind of schematics did she give you?" He asks, eyes moving from her and to the lake quietly as he watches the waters waves splash against the beach.
Lilly Caine Lilly 's feet splash as she moves over to flump down next to Manny. The non-beer side.. Settling down, she pulls up the schematics on her pip-boy. "Motors are here.. controls here.. spinny propellor things here. Thats a pitch control, I think. or something. These are the parts she had me get.."
Manuelito Studying the schematics as Lilly informs him of the various components, a hmm eventually escapes his lips. Shifting a gaze lake, the line is reeled back in and place next to him. "Looks like a ol' airplane or perhaps drone contraption. Heard of'm when I was littler.. But never saw one before." He notes.
Lilly Caine Lilly says, "I got a brief glimpse of the one we took the parts off, but it was a bit of a rush. Not a good real hard ponder at it. All I know it's some kinna scam her and uncle Archie cooked up..", though from the tone of her voice, it's more Katherine planning and Archie the dutiful minion. "Guess we'll see. You doing okay?""
Manuelito Manny heh's, head shaking. "Again, nothing seems to have changed with those two." He replies quietly, bringing the beer to his lips and sips. Shoulders roll in a shrug. "I'm alright Lil, just cautious with Katherine and Arch showin' up in town again." The way its spoken was reserved; neither happy or mad; rather just too use to the motions of what happens when they roll through. "Otherwise doing alright."
Lilly Caine Lilly smiles, using Manny's shoulder as a support as she stands up, giving that shoulder a friendly squeezes. "I'm gonna head back..", padding over to where she left her boots. She dunks her feet in the water once more to get the sand off, the tucks damp stocking'd feet into her boots. Thats how you get a Real smell going. Damp socks. She wiggles her feet a bit as she stomps into the boots and climbs onto Sprocket. "Lemme know if you hear somethin'", she calls out.
Manuelito Manny smiles back to Lilly, his head nodding kindly to her. "Alright, be safe. Tell Clara I said hello." He asks of her in a fond voice, a pause and adds "And I will."
Lilly Caine Lilly smiles and waves, heeling Sprocket back towards town.. once again letting the mare stretch her legs.