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Vault Girl Continued from Scene 1198

Prison Cell

Milton and Bart had both found themselves in a prison cell with the very man they had come to rescue. The bespectacled man said nothing to the pair of them as he looked away towards a wall trying to ignore his new cellmates.

The cell itself was nothing to write home about. Two sets of bunk beds. A toilet that didn't flush, Iron Grates with a typical lock.

Rec Room

When Aris stepped into the Rec Room she had been directed to, she saw a few Enclave members off-duty relaxing. Most of them seemed to be gathered around a radio listening to some kind of strange static.

General's Office

The General didn't sit down, remaining standing behind his desk when Rexus entered. He didn't smile as he regarded the stoic power armored figure before him or show any emotion, "I like your spirit son, you can't fake that or just give someone that kind of spirit. You're born with spirit like that. It can't be taken away from you but the essence of it can be distilled into something more fitting."
Rexus Rexus just listens quietly as the Enclave General speaks. He doesn't have much to say, just doing the proper Lieutenant-bit and hushing up to let the General talk... though he flexes his fingers against the triggers of his mini-guns.. juuuust to be on the safe side... in case things start gettin crazy.
Milton Milton looks around before shuffling over to sink down onto one of the bunk-cots. He reaches up to scratch absently at the back of his neck and clears his throat, "Well, hello old chap. I must say this place isn't qhat I thought it would be. Tell me, have they been treating you well?" He rambles on nicely as if blithely unaware of the fact he's trapped in an Enclave cell.
Bart Bart wrinkles his nose at the scent of a toilet that doesn't flush. "This is deplorable," he decides before following his brother deeper and letting the charming one introduce them. He's already looking around though. They didn't strip him, that was their first mistake. Formulating plans, and observing his new reality he starts muttering calculations to himself.
Vault Girl Prison Cell

Doctor Hoo frowned at Milton when he introduced himself, "Your mind games won't work on me. I won't give you the secrets I've locked away in my head. Save yourself the trouble and just kill me already." He clearly thought Milton and Bart were a honey-pot. Little did they know, Doctor Hoo was totally into attractive men like the pair of them!

General's Office

"So tell me. How did you bring in that Desert Ranger without a scratch?" The General smiled now, taking a seat and folding his hands on top of the ornate wooden desk as he awaited a reply.
Bart Bart is busying himself with trying to find a means of escape, he's scratching at the back of his head, thinking, plucking a few pieces of nuts and bolts out of his hair. But the accusation of participating in mind games has him twirling about and harumphing. "Honestly, sir, if you do not keep your shouting down, I will not be able to formulate an escape plan. Now zzt," he gives him a shushing motion with his hand and goes back to poking around their cell. Milton....does what Milton does then!
Milton Milton chuckles, "Unfourtunately Sir, we're in the same cunondreum as you are. More's the pity, I say, we'd have much prefered to encounter a man such of yourself on our leisure time, right Bartholomew? To pick your... brain. But now is not the time for such things.. You see.." He leans in and looks around again. "We've come to help you out of your ordeal. Isn't that splendid?" Nevermind that they, too, are locked up and deep in enemy territory.
Rexus Rexus gives a little bit of a shrug, probably hard to tell with all the armor on. "Just have to outsmart them. Look for their trails, find their tracks... look for evidence... might even lure them into a trap. These few we caught looting a raider camp after they cleared it out... we saw the smoke, managed to catch them in time.. too busy stripping the corpses to see us coming.... out in the wastes.. can't blame them for getting a little lazy."
Vault Girl Prison Cell

Doctor Hoo slowly began to turn his frown upside down, "I hope you've not come to bring me false hope. I was to be taken to the President of the NCR herself before these jackbooted thugs captured me without so much as a hello. It's bad enough having been on the run from those psychopaths at The Institute, but now The Symposium has turned out to be no better." Hoo sighed dramatically, "It's awful. You know? To be so good looking and such a genius. It's a curse." He was.. pretty average looking. What an ego.

General's Office

"Excellent work. You'll be promoted for certain. You're dismissed soldier." The General continued to smile and nodded at Rexus, signifying that he could leave the room.
Rexus Rexus nods slowly, "I live to serve." he says, bowing slightly... saluting isn't really a good idea with two miniguns strapped to your arms! He takes a few steps back then turns to depart the General's office.
Bart Bart shakes his head, "I assure you, my brother and I are incapable of fabricating such things. This was a foolish mission to begin with," he insists before sighing and starting to test the door, the lock, the hinges. He's going to Science the shit out of this problem. "Ah good, I was hoping we wouldn't have to dissuade you from remaining loyal to the Symposium and their underpants gnome style hypothesis," muttering to himself, "Step one: replace the people," poke, "Step two:" he shrugs mockingly, "Step three: profit?" he rolls his eyes and then smiles some at the other man, "Good, we'll be out of here in no time, sir."
Vault Girl Prison Cell

The room goes dark for several seconds and then everything is normal.

Doctor Hoo nods to Bart, "Well, you're a little short for a Ranger. How did you plan on getting us out of here? I fear we're running out of time."

Hallway outside the General's Office

The hallway goes dark for several seconds and then everything is normal.

Rexus was free to explore or head wherever he wanted in the facility. Nobody was going to give him a hard time it seemed!
Rexus Rexus is making a sort of mental map of the facility as he ambles along.. back towards the entrance before turning to head towards the prisoner cells... still keeping tabs of where he is... making note of any escape hatches or such things that might make sneaking out the rear easier than escaping with all guns blazing.. tactics.
Milton Milton's head tilts a little and his brow knits but his smile does not faulter. "Oh no doubt, no doubt good Chap. But we're going to need your help as well. Since you've been here longer than us I just need to know what you've observed." He pushes his specs up his nose and smiles disarmingly. "Guard switch times, unusual schedules?"
Bart Bart scoffs, "Who said anything about a Ranger, I'm a Scientist of El Dorado, sir," harumph! He waltzes right up to his brother and smiles sweetly, "It's time, dear brother. Doctor?" he says politely and nods with a little smile. And without so much as a hint of shame, he reaches for Milton's belt loops and tugs his pants open just a smidge, reaching in like nothing's wrong. He produces a weapon, it's alien in tech. With that he moves to the cell door and aims at the hinges. Fuck those hinges in particular. Bwwoooooooooooooom, melty hinge.
Vault Girl Prison Cell

Doctor Hoo is about to reply to Milton's questions when he sees Bart reach right into Milton's pants and pull out.. an alien blaster pistol. The poor man faints like one of those fainting goats, falling right over.

Was it the hands down the pants or an alien blaster in person that caused him to faint? That was a question Doctor Hoo could answer when he woke up.

The blast discharged and the lock was vaporized, the door able to be opened without issue now. They just had to escape and carry Doctor Hoo with them.

The Good News? No alarm was going off.

Inside the Prison

Rexus passes several more rooms in his travels including the barracks, but there's nobody in there.

He passes a rec room, and only static is playing on the radio, and there's no sign of Aris who was supposed to be there.

Something was definitely wrong.