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Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya drinks deeply from the waterskin after you have had your fill. This she places against the wall and sits down on one of the couches that is functioning as a pew. "YOu asked earlier today about my faith. If you truly wish to listen, I will teach you. You were led to this place for a reason, as was I, and this may be a part of it. I am not a confessor. It is not my job to convert you, but I will tell you so that you may know the glory of Atom and his message."
Conway Conway stands before Zealot infront of the pew, keeping his hands clasped behind his back. He's thoroughly intruged, and by his facial expressions he'd beg to know more about the faith. "Please, I'm listening." He moves to sit down on the couch beside her, looking over at her with full attention. He leans his head a bit forward, ready to hear what she has to say about the faith.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "I shall try. The world is composed of Atoms. Each atom contains within it an entire universe. When an atom is split, many universes are created. Thus the Great War was not destructive, but a unifying and holy creation. In death, we decompose and eventually our atoms merge back with the rest. In the event of a bomb, we are reunited with Atom himself in glorious division. The hand of Atom can be seen on earth. WE call his touch the glow which you call radiation. The glow is the direct embodiment of Atom and our connection to him on earth. Every religion from the dawn of time speaks of an apocalpyse, no?"
Conway Conway rests his chin on his fist, keeping it balanced on his right thigh. "Yes, yes. Atleast the ones I'm aware of." He thinks back in his head of the knowledge he has of Christianity; his former faith. He starts to make sense of the ideas of matter and atoms. Though he's not a nuclear physicist, this all sort of makes sense. Alot of sense.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya says, "They all do. And as our world became more and more connected by travel and then by communication with computers, we all wondered, could those people in the other countries be wrong about God for thousands of years or could we be wrong? Who is right?" She pauses. "They were all right. All had shards of the truth, but none understood that God was in everything and is everything. All save the animists but they thought it was specifically having to do with nature. But a god of all is god of all. And so after the war we see things which should not be but are, Deathclaws, radscorpions, other animals who were something else a few short years ago. The theory of evolution and creation debunked all in one glorious explosion. There were dinosaurs long ago, then there werent. Now there are other things. It is division and recreation.""
Conway Conway slowly nods his head, gnawing on his thumbnail. This is all coming together. "How would one establish a connection and have The Glow?" he asks, looking up at her. He places his hands flat on his kneecaps, readjusting his gun belt for a moment so he can sit back in the couch. "This makes sense." Conway is a sensible man, and usually one not easily persuaded or easily changable. But just a moment of talking about The Atom has him full-fledged into practicing the faith. "I want to serve Atom and harness The Glow."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya smiles exultantly. "I know. Its why you were chosen to come here. There shall be trials. We will see if Atom shows you his favor as he showed me. It is a dangerous endeavor, you may be found unworthy and the trial itself may lead to division so that you can be more worthy. It is not a step to take lighty. There are many sects among the Children of Atom but I seek, to find the chosen. People like me...who are not harmed by the glow, but strengthened by it."
Conway Conway shares a weak smile, but swallows hard. He places his hand on her kneecap and gives it a squeeze of affirmation, "I'll do what it takes." He replaces his hand back on his own lap, "I agree there's a reason I took this job and came here. It was the guiding hand of Atom pushing me to be raised in new likeness." He hasn't even begun the process but he feels anew and euphoric, determined to do what it takes to prove himself to Atom. Though there's a sense of nervousness washed over him, but he tries to not let it show.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya holds up her hand and fire spontaneously erupts from her fingers before coalescing in a small ball of flame which hovers over her palm. "Behold, this is only a fraction of his power but it flows in me, through me." The flame dematerializes as she closes her hand and places it back in her lap. "A moment ago you wished to take a step in faith.....still not sure if I speak truth or not. Now you can realize that a religion of truth shall always transcened a religion of faith. This is real."
Conway His eyes widen when a spherical ball of flame appears in her hand and seemingly levitates. He's seen some stuff, but nothing like this. He's an ordinary man with ordinary roots and this is beyond him. He tries talking but nothing comes out but air. He clears his throat, wiping some sweat off his brow with the back of his hand. "I see it, and therefore, I believe it." His former religion required faith, this one.. wow, this is physical, this is evident.. this is.. real? "I believe."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya laughs happily. "I know! I only started being able to do this a few months ago. It is fate that you and I come to this place in this time. Praise be his Holy Name, Praise be to Atom!"
Conway Conway rejoices, "Praise Be to Atom." He smiles wide, still looking down at Zealot's hands. God. That was amazing. He shakes his head out of the stare, looking back at her. "How may I be in the likeness of Atom?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya raises a hand. "Patience brother, first you must finish the removal of the forsaken from Roswell.. Then...and only then...will you be prepared for your trials. But they will be prepared when we are finished here and the children come."
Conway Conway nods a few times, "I shall be patient." He understands that these things probably take time, though he is anxious to be one with Atom. He jerks his thumb over his shoulder towards the door, "I've still just got a bit more of building to do. Then, we shall rid those structures of Atom's forsaken."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya stands and nods. "Until we are reunited in glorious division, our paths here converge. Show me."
Conway Conway stands upright quickly after Zealot finds her footing, nodding once. He holds his arm out, "This way." He walks out of the cathedral and towards the worksite on the large plot of land out front.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya follows you out to the yard to inspect what you have been up too.
Conway The utility trailer is still unhitched on the worksite, covered by a blue tarp to stop any elements from getting to the assortment of power tools or steel that's inside. Conway walks over and grabs the fringe of the blue tarp, peeling it off. He folds it up against his body into a large rectangle, throwing it aisde.

Conway looks over towards what he's constructed so far with the help of Shreya. The floor/foundation and the steel bars that come out of the floor. Now it's just a matter of putting a roof on the cage, installing an easy entry door, mounting the door connector, and putting some wheels on.

Conway walks back over to the wooden utility trailer, grabbing out his cordless drill from the mix of his junk and materials, also grabbing a bag of nuts, lockwashers, and bolts. He reaches underneath all the stuff, grabbing a long square piece of sheeting that takes up the entire surface area of the trailer, pulling it out slowly. It's a skinny piece of steel that will act as the roof of the cage. He grabs it by the sharp edge, letting the other edge drag across the dirt as he walks it over to what he's gotten built.
Conway Conway reaches into his plastic ziploc baggie, which looks like it housed a sandwich before, grabbing out a handful of steel-to-steel self-drilling screws, used primarily for commercial construction. He places one on the end of the bit that's already threaded into his cordless drill. He sets the cordless drill aside, grabbing one end of the large square piece of steel. "Grab the other end for me and help me lift it onto the top of the bars. Then, I'll secure it."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks impressed. "What sort of wheels will it use. They have to be sturdy enough to hold the contraption and not sink into the ground."
Conway Conway jolts his head over at the direction of the utility trailer, "I've got some industrial caster wheels in the trailer, they should be enough to bring this thing back and forth and have enough manueverability to get it latched onto a door without much headache." He points towards the other end of the large sheet of steel he's holding, "I still need your help, Shreya. Help me lift it onto the top."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "Of course let me help." She moves around to the other side and gets a firm hold opposite from you. "So once we get it up there Im going to have to hold it in place while you climb up there right?"
Conway Conway has an 'umm' moment with the question, thinking to himself before he attempts to lift it and set it ontop of the bars. "Yes, yes. I'll have to get up there and then screw the celing into the steel bars." He makes eye contact with Shreya, "1, 2, Lift!" He raises the long skinny steel plate above his head, positioning it onto the top of the bars.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya grunts as she struggles with Conway to lift the sheet but they manage to get it up there. She holds it steady. "Ok just get up from over there...I dont think I can hold this if you hit it the wrong way before its hammered down."
Conway Conway bops his head, walking over towards the utility trailer. He keeps his cordless drill in hand while he rummages around inside to grab his small step ladder out of the back. He walks it back over to the end of the steel cage, placing it on the ground. "I'll get up there. Worst case scenario, if the steel slips out from underneath me, I'll just get impaled on a steel rod." He chuckles lightly while climbing up the step ladder. He gingerly makes his way onto the top of the steel sheeting, getting onto his knees.

Conway reaches into his back pocket, pulling out those steel-to-steel screws he grabbed earlier, placing one in his bit. He starts to screw the sheeting into the top of the thick steel bars. He does this on every single bar that comes into contact with the steel roof on both sides.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya holds on but really all she can do is keep the piece steady with little interference. "Dont do that," She says drily. She does look worried that he might impale himself though. Conway isnt just to be a builder anymore.
Conway Conway manages to screw down the top of the cage down onto the steel bars without being mortally wounded. Phew. It now looks like a complete cage, it's got all the characteristics. It's a box with bars! He slowly scoots on his stomach backwards and towards his ladder, slowly climbing down. He dusts the knees of his pants off, regrabbing the ladder by one of the steps. He tosses it carelessely into the back of the trailer, dusting off his hands. "Looking nice, eh?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya grins. "It is. This will do perfectly." She claps him on the shoulder. "I fear when this work is done your skill with building will be in much demand as we turn this place into a proper settlement. So much to do. You are going to be quite busy. I will learn from you to take some of the burden."
Conway Conway smirks with the pat on the shoulder, observing his work from a distance beside Zealot. "I'll use the talents Atom has given me to help the church anyway I can." He assures her, also patting her on the shoulder. He turns his body to the side, folding his arms over his chest while he looks down at her. "We'll build some actual pews, set some light fixtures up, put new shingles on the roof, anything you need."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "The confessor will be pleased when he arrives. I will have succeeded in my quest because of you. But I am more pleased that you will be joining us than you can imagine."
Conway Conway licks the corner of his mouth absently, looking at the cage. "You can call upon me whenever, whether it's for my duties as Sheriff, or my duty to the church." He turns back towards Zealot, giving a friendly smile. "It's an honor."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "You are most suitable to the work. You shall keep your job of Sheriff of Roswell for it coincides with your new duties to a Zealot of Holy Atom. I will teach you...naturally."