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Tibbie      Market Night - FREE ICECREAM. The sign above reads the promise of things to do and free treats to eat, and when walking in, they seem to have fulfilled it. To the left, taking up the corridor to Gold Road West is an abundance of animals; cows, ponies, goats, pigs, even a few wasteland critters that look heavily sedated in this makeshift petting zoo and the where most people are flocking here is around Brigham Farm's newest members, two adorable foals and their calm mothers! Attached to the petting zoo are a line of ponies and handlers as they take children down the rest of the west road, and just before going further to south main street there's a few people manning the adoption corner. They have many poor looking animals here in need of a home; kittens, dogs, puppies, and even a few piglets sit on tables in cages, watching people pass by or huddling together trying to avoid the noisy children gawking at them.

To the right, down Gold Road East has a more spacious attraction than the petting zoo, as there's a few Mr.Handys here. The robots have been roped up and serving as a tow for a train of wheeled children's seats; they've been made crudely with wood and metal to look like cars, rocket ships, one is a disturbing looking deathclaw head, and the caboose is but a humble wheelbarrow modified with bicycle tires and flames painted on the back and sides.

The ice cream booth is the first set up along South Main Street, and following behind it and to the other side of the street is more than a dozen other set-ups; foods, weapons, clothing, toys, fresh crops, flowers, musicians are scatters throughout, even a face painter, there's a few empty booths set up should any wandering merchant take advantage of such an opportunity, and most importantly the Church of Adam's booth as they strike up thought provoking questions and pass out flyers to passersby as they try their best to gain new followers. Following up on the very end of South Main Street are a group of the Militia that aren't keeping the peace at the event, instead they're making a demonstration of coordination and showing off the effectiveness of close quarters combat.

The original businesses behind the booths are still open as the saloon is packed more than usual and some of the wares from other shops are now hung outside to try and lure customers.
Tibbie     Tibbie walks through it all slowly, smiling and checking in with the merchants to make sure they're comfortable by passing off a few bowls of ice cream she's brought with her. The weather and timing of everything's just right, the air's perfect and the sun's still out but nearing the end of it's shift for the moon to take over.

She stops at the clothing booth, checking out the things hanging up on a rope, and she pulls an outfit together, paying the kind-eyed lady with a caps and a bowl of strawberry ice cream. With her new outfit she takes to the Saloon and waits in the very long line to the restroom, once there she changes and is now officially ready to party!
Ironface Jones Once the ice cream and fixings are in place where Tibbie told him to put them the massively armored figure strides along until he can get in line for the ice cream himself, letting any smaller people go ahead of him. They obviously need it more than he does. While he waits the behemoth watches the crowd, standing extremely still when any children near him so as not to accidentally crush them.

The helmet of the armored suit comes off to reveal Ironface Jones, mighty tribal, looking pretty futuristic in his gear. As he gets his ice cream he adds a little bit of topping to it and walks off slowly, letting the crowd move around him rather than moving through them. Finally taking a bite of his sweet treat he grins broadly and bellows out, "Thank you, Tibbie! I enjoy your food very much!"
Kaelyn She's all but bouncing down the street, that or skipping, maybe hopping or just sauntering, nope definately the latter Kae's currently dressed in her tank top, her high tech halter top style bra, cargo shorts and sandals.... On her back is her backpack, and one of her many rather gigantic rifles.... Not to mention her ever-present FN P90.. Never good to walk the wastes and be unarmed... .Still though, she's here for the icecream!

The Red-eyed curvacious, pointy-eared woman grins cheerfully as she sees all the tables and glances from one place to another, now the hard part, figuring out where to start!!!
Victoria Victoria hadn't a clue that there was anything going on today, so it's with some confusion that she walks into the area. She's clad in her usual attire, jeans, an old t-shirt, baseball cap with a ponytail pulled through, gun at her hip. Dusty old boots kick through the dirt and dust, and from her right she'll find a flier pressed into her hands, "Oh, what the ..thanks?" The left corner of her mouth curls up in a grimacing smile, that pamphlet from the Church briefly eyed before it gets crumpled into the back pocket of her jean, "Oh." That smile turns into something much more genuine as she continues forwards the the icecream, "Ice cream." Yessss. And she'll queue up, waiting her turn.
Doc     Shuffling into the area, Doc adjusts his glasses, though the frames have no lenses in them. "Hmmm," he says. "Ah-sehd crehms." Looking about, he shifts himself this way and that as he lookd for whatever these children consider to be icecream. If it's even half as remotely creamed ice as what he remembers, he will likely enjoy himself at this little gathering, even though people were in danger of touching his irradiated goodness.
Ragnar Ragnar is still adorned in an almost pristine leather vaultsuit, with jacket and a hip-held laser pistol. The market seems fun and abustle and he moves slowly through its crowds and its vendor before arriving at ice cream. Ice cream? He starts to glance amongst the flavors and bumps into Victoria as she joins the line near him. "Oh. Sorry there, miss."
Jackson As Jackson Parkes strolled down El Dorado's bustling streets, he couldn't help but immerse himself in the festive environment. This was exactly the sort of stuff he lived for, and was the very reason he enlisted with the EDSD. This place was peaceful. Safe, even. The children were playing in the streets, the adults were happily consuming Tibbie's delicious frozen treats, and the whole of El Dorado's main street was an emalgum of carefree, innocent fun. If it weren't for the efforts of the good citizens of El Dorado, things like this just couldn't be a possibility.
The deputy started his round around the booths by getting himself a double-scooped cone of vanilla ice cream-- with nuts, of course, and found himself a nice place to lean while he scarfed down the delicious frozen treat. Leaning against the corner of a nearby building, the deputy paused for a moment to wave toward Victoria, who was waiting in line for her own cone. Though he hadn't had more than a passing word of conversation with her in the Scientists of El Dorado's bunker, he couldn't help but offer her a suggestion.
"Get nuts! These things are amazing!" Though he wasn't exactly nearby, his words carried over the crowd with enthusiasm. It was only after the words left his mouth that he realized he probably sounded like an excited five year old, and hastily began to scarf down his ice cream once again with burning red cheeks.
Victoria Victoria's feels someone bump into her, and it's then that she notices Jackson, who gets a half-smile, her hand lifting up to wave to the man in return, "Get, what, sorry ..." Said as she half turns to Ragnar, the woman laughing a little at the effusive excitement of Jackson, "Sorry for that, uh, were you in line in front of me?" Asked of Ragnar as she continues to ease forwards in the line, which gets shorter at a quick rate, thankfully for those who really want the creamy treat!, "I'll get the nuts!" Called out to Jackson, the womans dark eyes dancing in mirth, starting to feel the energy a little more now with that.
    Turning once more to Ragnar she can't help but say, "Apparently nuts are the way to go." Winking at the stranger she tucks her hands into her back pockets, rocking back on her heels, "You can go in front of me if you want, I'm still looking at all the flavors." Though rest assured. She's getting nuts.
Kaelyn Kae peers at the line and all the people waiting to get their icecream, she glances left and right, suddenly getting a bit of a mischievious grin on her face... CORA then pipes in. "Don't do it!" To Kae... Kae then glances at CORA "Do what? I Wasn't doing anything!" CORA's lil holo-avatar puts hands on her hips and taps her feet... "You were gonna TK a bowl of icecream over to your self..." Kae then blinks "I was not gonna TK a -bowl- to my self.." She responds back at CORA...

CORA's avatar dissapears for a bit... then suddenly pops in "Don't TK a whole bucket to you either!" Kae then pouts "Nuts!"
Doc     Doc takes an exaggerated, energetic, long step to close the distance to the icecream. His eyes grow wide as his jaw drops. "Ah-sehd crehms," he marvels in his GENUINE, self-taught French accent as he looks over them. Taking off his glasses, he tosses them skyward like a high school graduate tossing their cap. "Ah-sehd crehms!" he shouts, excitedly. Looking at the flavors, he rubs his hands together excitedly. "Ooh, mutefruit. There's a flavor you couldn't get before the war. Oh, and tarberry swirl. I bet that's interesting." He choked down the urge to spurt all kinds of (100% ACCURATE!) prewar history and simply says instead, "I would like one of everything, a little two of everything, maybe some five of everything."
Tibbie      Tibbie's back at the booth, smiling while explaining all the flavors and toppings to some very excited children. "There's peanut butter, cherry, one with these squishy things in it my pops calls Ghoul boogers, and y'got strawberry, vanilla.." she finishes listing off about a dozen more plus all the toppings laid out to the children before they settle on an epic mountain of flavors, what mom doesn't know wont hurt her!

"Yer more than welcome Jones! Thank for barreling these all out for me! I know Butter wouldnt've been too good at helping with that!" She chuckles to him as she's watching how out of place he looks in the crowd.

She then notices some familiar faces as they're both next in line, just as one of her teammates was about to signal only Victoria up she stops them and flags them both over. With a proud grin on her face she welcomes them to her booth "Hey you two! Pretty awesome shit we got going tonight huh! What kin I get'cha?" she asks and waves a hand over everything the booth offers, as if a stockpile of sugars and flavors really needed any extra embellishment!

When Doc makes his order she beams at him, "An appetite like that and I'll be glad I wont have any leftovers for Butter to haul home!" she fixes him two bowls to start with of his request while Ragnar and Victoria think on all these flavors. Doc's bowl has a half scoop of half of the lot so far and lets him serve himself any toppings he'd like to pair with it.
Ironface Jones The huge tribal devours his ice cream quickly, enjoying every bite. Putting his helmet back on Ironface stomps through the gathering as carefully as he can, slowing down or stopping occasionally when he gets too near to crowds. Watching the people getting ice cream he comments to them, "I have had the nuts and they were good." Then he identifies himself in case it's not obvious who he is, "It is I, Ironface Jones of the El Dorado tribe. This festival is very nice!" The massive mountain of a man looks at Tibbie and nods his head, "It is good to help friends. And ice cream is a wonderful thing. I am happy to help."
Ragnar "No, not at all." Ragnar responds to Victoria. He might have been further up in line, but he is fine waiting a bit longer. He half-steps backwards once to allow her in front of him. "You are probably less indecisive than I am." Tibbie is about him now and he glances across the flavors once more. Then just shrugs. "Get me whatever your favorite is please, miss chef extraordinare."
Doc     Taking his icecream, Doc begins hungrily scarfing it down. He goes for over a minute, scarfing things down, before he stops suddenly and takes in a sharp breath. "Oh, god, why does it hurt?! I'm supposed to be immune to brain freeze!" He stops as he suddenly remembers. "Wait, no. It's being microwaved. I'm immune to being microwaved. I can still get brain freeze." He quickly goes back to munching his icecream like a glutton, making a huge mess all over his face (though some might call it an improvement). Stopping occasionally to hiss through clenched teeth, he quickly has his icecream devoured and flops down onto the table on his back, the bowl flipping over onto his head, leaving his lack of a nose and mouth exposed. "Oh...oh, ah-sehd crehms. How the world has missed you so."
Kaelyn Kae eventually ends up with a large container of chocolate ice cream, muttering to CORA "I coulda gotten it faster if you'd let me..." CORA then grins "Like I could stop you anyway!" Kae then pokes at her Pip "You guilt tripped me!" To which CORA responds "As if! You did it to your self! I just tolja not to use yer abilities to get ice cream out of turn!" Kae taps the screen of Cora, making her flail her limbs again.
Victoria "Oh no, I am ..a pain in the ass when it comes to deciding, please." Victoria will state, feeling way too polite right now when ice creams involved. She waves Ranar ahead of her with an impish smile, her dark brown eyes warmly eyeing the man, "This is all so amazing, how ..I can't even imagine the work that went into this." Said as she steps in beside Ragnar, eyeing all the flavors and fixings, "Can I .." A sidelong glance towards Doc as he devous his icecream, "What did he have?" Curiously asked, her gaze shifting so she can lean in to eye the flavors, trying to pin point the flavors the jerky is eating, "Ooooh, gummy roaches. Can I get what he got, and like a bunch of gummy roaches, oooh, do you have that melted fluffy stuff, oh, you do, can I get that too, and can I get it in one of those big fun waffle looking bowls? The dipped oned, and a spoon."
Jackson At the sight of Kaelyn arguing with her wrist-mounted computer, the deputy couldn't help but feel like she'd appreciate a little human company. So, abandoning his place on the building's corner, Jack strode nonchalantly through the rapidly growing crowds of citizens to meet her, taking a healthy bite of his vanilla as he did so. As he reached her, the sight of her holographic companion flailing it's limbs around caused Jack to laugh out loud, tripping over his own feet in the process and dropping what remained of his ice cream on the ground. He'd already eaten well over half the damn thing, but it's loss was palpable as the sadness overcame him. With a look of pure despair plastered upon his sullen features, Jack spoke.
"I found my purpose in life. And there it is, lying on the ground." He said melodramatically, pointing toward the dusty cone.
"Any chance you can use those fancy-schmancy powers of yours to clean that up? Or. You know.. Get me more?" At that, he chuckled and glanced her way again.
"For that matter, why didn't you just do that yourself?"
Doc     Doc sat up, one bowl falling from his chest, the other remaining over his eyes. He shifted it back like a hat on his head and turned. "AH-SEHD CREHMS! He picked up the fallen bowl off the table and returned to the back of the line, eyes wide with his sugar rush as he blinked a bit, wondering why there was something cold running down his face. He stuck out his tongue and tried to lick his forehead. He only succeeded in reaching the bridge of his nose. After smacking his forehead, he says, "That's right. I'm not a gecko anymore." He swiped a finger of the melty icecream and licked it. "Ooh, I taste magnificent."
Victoria Victoria grimaces, suddenly, "Actually, just give me the bubble berry bright ice cream please ..not ..what he .." A nudge of her chin to the ghoul, "Had." Gag.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Jackson curiously... "Welll, ther'es a limit to how often I should use it in a day and all.. Puts strain on me pretty badly. Buuuut...." she says and reaches out. She scrunches up her face a bit in concentration as her eyes begin to glow again... Then a cone floats in their direction followed by a couple perfectly spherical globs of chocolate icecreme the size of baseballs floats over to the cone and settles into said cone, where it mushes down some and Kae hands over a perfectly stacked up double scoop icecreme cone..

CORA then points out "Waaay to not use your powers willy nilly..." Kae phbts "I wasn't doing it for my sefl! Phtbbtbtbtb!" yes she's raspberrying CORA who's returning the favor!
Tibbie      One of Tibbie's teammates, a teenage boy gasps as he catches this sneaky ice cream flying away, he pulls on the shoulder of his co-worker, a middle-aged lady who looks a lot like she could be his mother. The woman fusses and tells him he's seeing things as she points to another bucket of chocolate ice cream and waves off the whole issue, warning him not to press it any further to her or Tibbie as they get back to working the line.

"Sure thang Vee, it's the least I can do for you and the community." She chimes and starts to scoop away but stops, now getting her a delicious scoop of bubble berry bright."Still want that dipped bowl?" she asks and follows her answer.

"And I think yer gonna like this one Ragnar, least I do." She assures him and fixes him a waffle cone; the rim dipped in dark chocolate, a scoop of vanilla bean, and a glazing of orange sauce for a classic orange cream with a devilish chocolate crunch.

When the Doc reaches the queue the middle aged woman visibly cringes at the sight and Tibbie makes sure the woman sees her disappointed frown, nearly as chastising as the look the mother had given her son earlier. Tibbie waves him over and gets to work on the second half of his smorgasbord, carefully handing him the two bowls with a smile,

"Glad to have you here Doc!"
Ironface Jones "Yes. I think you are not a gecko any longer," the massive suit of armor says to the ghoul with the faux French accent going on. Ironface obviously studies Doc, though, perhaps making sure he won't regress to killer lizard any time soon. "Of all the ghouls I have met none have told me of being geckos. And I have eaten many geckos and none were ghouls. I am curious to hear your tale, stranger."
Doc     "Thank you, I know!" Doc says, exuberantly, burying his face in icecream even before he takes his first step away from the line. He stops as he's spoken to by some manner of iron giant. Looking up, cream dripping from his lip, he says, "I have lots of tales," Doc says. "I've led a full life. Give me a few seconds to finish these bowls of ah-sehd crehm and I will tell you all about it. Where do you want me to start? With being appointed Lord of Science by Alexander Graham Bell, or when I invented gravity?" He goes back to nomming down copeous amounts of icecream, finishing one bowl, then turning to the other and slapping the first bowl on his head on top of the other one he was wearing as a hat.
Victoria "Oh Tibbie, you are a woman after my own heart." Vic will softly say as Tibbie expertly switches mid-scoop to get her a flavor that hasn't been witnessed being nostril licked away, "Yes, the bowl still, and just fluff it up. The blue fluff, maybe a bit of the pink." Her hands will lift and she'll gesture happilly with them at the ice cream and fixin's, a look given to Ragnar, "Wow, Tibs, is there anyone you don't know?" Glancing between Ragnar and Tibbie, Vic will extend a hand out to her line-mate, "I'm Victoria." She'll smile from beneath the rim of her baseball cap, "I don't think we've met."
Ragnar Ragnar eagerly takes the chocolate and vanilla congolomerate of tasty cone from Tibbie with a wide grin, licking quickly as a droplet starts to spread down towards his hand. "Thank you muchly." Someone else is talking to him and glances back towards Victoria. "I haven't met many people this far down south." He extends his hand to grasp upon hers though, "I am Ragnar."
Jackson As Kaelyn explained her predicament, Jack moved to vocalize his protest-- she shouldn't be doing things that would strain her unnecesarily. However, before he could speak, the elf-girl's eyes started glowing that luminous shade of red, and before he knew it, another waffle cone trailed across the gap toward them, followed by two spheres of ice cream that perfectly seated themselves upon his cone. Hell, he didn't even have to reach out to grab it, the lady was nice enough to even put it in his hand for him. Jack tightened his fingers around the cone, and took a tentative bite of the mysterious flavor. As it's chocolately goodness showered his taste buds, he hummed in delight as he took another bite. Then, he paused, ice-cream smeared around his lips, and saw Kae blowing a raspberry at her holographic projection. Rather than laugh or chastise the duo, the deputy decided to join in on the fun himself, blowing one straight at the hologram with a dismissive wave of his hand a moment later.
"Please! That's the best service i've ever had. You're no fun at all. We could open the best ice cream shop in New Mexico with skills like that." His voice oozed sarcasm as he spoke, but then, he realized something. Spinning on Kaelyn with an accusitory finger pointed toward her chest, he addressed her in a dead-serious tone.
"Wait a god damn second. No nuts?" He could only hope she understood the sarcasm this time around.
Ashur Time and time again, off in the crowds, glimpses of the bull of Rome can be seen; there, to the west, near a fenced-in zoo, one massive hand steadying the back of a toddler as she mounts a brahmin and rides it like a cowgirl; later, a flash from his goldspun cloak, whirling in an unseen breeze as he spins and tosses two strapping boys into the air; later still, elsewhere, near two familiar women, flicking one in the forehead with gold-plated fingers and then exchanging a kiss with both, crouching to feed a dog something deep-fried and tasty..

Eventually, his kids occupied with staring at some baby animals, their mothers gossiping and watching them while his fierce dog stands guard, great Ashur trudges off, thud-thud-thud, thunder in his footsteps as he marches on like a glorious golden war-god. His bull-horned helmet is on once more, and he is in full power armor, sticking out like a gilded thumb in an otherwise pleasant social encounter. Still, for all the blatant martial imposition of his figure, he's peaceful enough, as he pushes his way to the front of an ice cream line and begins to collect treats for his entourage.
Kaelyn Kae squitny-eyes at Jackson curiously, and a handfull sized amount of crushed nuts float over and promptly sprinkle on Jackson's noggin... "Nuts just for you!" She says and grins cheerfully. Yes Kae's incredibly mischievious. She then notices Ashur and offers a playful wave 'Hihihi!"
Doc     Suddenly, Doc remembers he left the particle accelerator on in reverse, so time is, hypothetically, running backwards for his radioactive isotopes running through it. He rushes off as he calls back words in rapid-fire to Ironface Jones, "Sorry, some other time, need to fix science, kay-thanks-bye!"
Tibbie      Tibbie winks to Victoria and nods welcomingly Ragnar before he meets new faces. A lot of people are familiar to Ashur's thunderous walk and Tibbie is one of them.

"Hey Jefecito! Glad to see you here all metal'd up! You lookin for a scoop or two?" She smirks and twirls a thick ladle around her fingers like a gunslinger would a gun. Her brown-eyes look out and see through the crowds her friends are enjoying themselves, "I think I earned a break after this one." she says quietly and readies bowls and cones for Ashur's order. She up nods to a cheery looking old man sitting with his own bowl of ice cream, who then returns the nod and heads over to the booth.
Ironface Jones The power armor helmet focuses on doc for several seconds before Ironface's distorted voice emerges from it, "I would like to hear about gravity. I think that that is very important." Then he settles in to wait patiently, letting the strange man finish his treat. Until suddenly he has to go. Ironface nods his armored head and says, "Farewell." Then he spots another figure in power armor, one he recognizes by the golden shine. With a wave that would take someone out if he wasn't careful Ironface greets the shining berserker, "Greetings. It is I, Ironface Jones of El Dorado. How does the day find you?"
Victoria Victoria takes her waffle bowl in one hand, shaking Ragnars in the other. The bowl is bitten into, a bit of icecream and candy fluff managed along with the bite, "Nife to meetcha." Said with a chewing smile for Ragnar, "I gotta go, got some errands to run, but ..nice to meet you." She quickly pays Tibbie, and then is on her way, this crowd waaaaay too big for her. Too many people.
Jackson Having been showered in delicious nuts, Jackson was anything but pleased. With a mock-look of disgust and rage, he retracted his levelled finger, turned his nose up slightly, and wiped the ice cream and nuts off of his face and hair. With ice cream in hand, he took a last bite of it, then spoke.
"You do realize. This means war." That said, the deputy immediatly thrust what remained of the chocolatey goodness directly into Kaelyn's face, pausing only to blow a raspberry in her direction afterward before disappearing into the crowd, his maniacal laughter echoing back toward her as he fled. Given his circumstances, he now found himself absent ice cream, and slid into the lines of people waiting for their next chance at a scoop. He couldn't remember the last time he'd held a genuine smile on his face for so long.
Kaelyn Kae stands there blinking some.... She casually wipes the icecream off her face, then glances arond, looking for Jackson... She got 1-upped, that won't happen! NOpe it can't happen and revenge and 1upmanship is a must! Kae glances oer to Ashur now, as she finishes cleaning off her face and asks "How is?" She says cheerfully...
Ashur Ashur turns the war-mask upon Kaelyn, gazing at her through shining lenses. The base of the helmet taps his chest armor in a dropped nod. "Ave, amicus," he responds, growling metallic through the Hellfire's speakers and air-hoses. Pivot on a heel, lift his hand, and stretch out five thick fingers, glaring down at Tibbie. Well, it looks like a glare -- with his face concealed, he really only has one expression, and the helmet is designed to look stern. "Five," he responds. "For the family."

The twin boys off at the petting zoo are currently standing, on wobbly feet, by a snoozing molerat, pinching its wrinkles and making faces at it. One pushes the other onto his butt.

"But small scoops, so as not to freeze their littler brains."

That's probably how that works. He's not sure. Better safe than sorry.

It is Ironface he glances toward as his icecream is prepared. "Well enough, Ironface. It's the first time my boys have been to El Dorado -- we're going to the lake after, for a swim."

The slightly-bigger-twin chews on the molerat's ear.
Tibbie      The ladle-slinger gets to work, flexing her arms as she scoops out of the dead center of a container where it's coldest and most solid. Tibbie nods understandingly and gives Ashur half-scoops and whole scoops to accommodate his family, "You needin any help carryin all that Jefecito?" she offers her help, placing the order on the table and taking her apron off. The older man now takes her place and the next person in line as Tibbie walks out from the busy booth.

Now with some time to enjoy herself she stands between Ashur, Jones and Kae sending them smiles and little flicks of her hand from her brow signaling how much work that line was! "Oh wait!" she declares and shuffles back to the booth to make her favorite scoop, it matches Ragnar's exactly. She makes long soft licks at the scoop while she waits on her offer to be processed.
Ironface Jones "Excellent. It is good to be with family," Ironface says through his helmet, nodding faintly. "My own children greatly enjoyed swimming. It is a fun treat for them to enjoy." Then he looks around and states, "I think I will leave now. I have consumed ice cream and visited with people but it is time for me to hunt. Evening is approaching and many animals are more active at that time." Another careful wave, "It is good to see you all. Thank you for ice cream, Tibbie."
Kaelyn Kae peers at Ashur curiously "Ooh swimming... Sooo my house is coming along and stuffs! I've got the pole foundation set and the floor level built. Oh and the supports for the ceiling too! I'm making it all out of salavaged construction steel so the house is kinda heavy, but well it's coming along quite nice!" she says cheerfully...

Kae then oohs "And the windmill is up, though not connected and I've set the foundation for the aquaponics garden too!" She adds, yes she's excited about her home...
Jackson After recieving one of those delightful-looking waffle bowls filled with more vanilla and nuts, Jackson found himself striding from booth to booth, checking out all of the different things that the citizens of El Dorado were putting on display. From the clothes, to the weapons, to the synchronized performances by the militia, everything seemed to come together flawlessly for Tibbie. Everyone was happy, the ice cream was delicious, and Jack himself was having a surprisingly good time, innocent as it all was. To him, it was yet another pleasant and necesary change of pace. Far too often the lot of El Dorado's more active samaritans ffound themselves digging their heels into the dirt and returning fire on the Enclave, or raiders, or god knows who else. It was just nice to be.. Taking a breather for once.
After checking out the critters hanging about in the petting zoo and telling tall tales to a few of the kids hanging onto his duster, Jack sidled his way back over toward the other stands, only to fall in step next to Tibbie as she dug in to her own ice cream. With a smile, he drug a sleeve over his face to get some of the dessert off of his lips, then took another bite of his vanilla.
"You've really gone above and beyond with this, Tibb." He said plainly, giving the shortie a hardy slap on the back.
"You should be proud. There are a lot of happy faces here today."
Ashur "Vale," comes the Legionnaire's reply, bidding Ironface farewell. As Tibbie fills up the cones and bowls for his family, and then scoots around the table, he leans in to collect the assorted treats. One hand slides low over the table and gathers the two bowls, balancing them on palm and splayed fingers; the other, for a moment, blatantly cops a feel of her tush, and then snatches the cones and holds them between the fingers. "I will manage," he says, rising up with a rumbling breath and turning. This brings him directly into Kaelyn's way, where his head drops in a slow, lingering motion to soak in the sight of her. She's an awful pretty elf, after all, especially when she dresses.. relatively skimpy.

"Be sure to give it a strong foundation," he remarks. "And keep it higher than the water you're building near; you don't want it to flood during rains." He is no master architect, but enough erecting tents and camps in the military teaches you some very basic things.
Kaelyn Kae ooh's and nods "Most definately. I noticed where the waterlines in that valley went and built the stilts about 3 feet higher than that. I can litterally walk underneath the house if I want to with plenty room to spare." she says cheerfully. "Did the same with the garden too.. Also! I found a bit of a cave upraised too. I'm building the house right into the valley side walls more or less, the house is self supported, but I should be able to go in and out of the small cave... It doesn't go back too terribly far, and the spring empties into a pool in the cae before filtering through the sandstone and then dropping into the pond too... " she adds and shrugs... "It's clean, safe, and free of rads, so I likes it.. Oh and very very cool...."
Tibbie      The short not-so-tomgirlish-looking-today Tibbie also waves off to Ironface, happy to know he's had a good time and now curious about his family, but she saves it for another time. Kaelyn's excitement, and the sugar, is infectious as she listens in happily to Kae's plans they had talked about before coming to life!

"And a windmill?! Hot damn Kae, your place is gonna be better than Brigham I bet, a fuckin party cave!"She smiles and goes in for another lick of her cone when the lightweight is pushed into it by Jack's encouraging pat on her back. Tibbie's nose and cheek are now adorned with sugary ice cream and she grins back to him.

"Thanks Jack! I'm just doin' and tryin, seems to be workin out too."

When Ashu'sr helmet and Tibbie's eyes meet she smirks and swipes ice cream off of her nose with a single finger and licks it off.
Ashur The brute chuckles when Tibbie face-plants into her ice cream, watching as she teasingly licks it from her finger while staring at him. He'd muss her hair, but even as big as his hands are, five servings fill them up thoroughly -- between all the cones and bowls, he feels like an overworked waiter. Instead, he simply watches her, and smiles underneath that mask. "Good, Kaelyn," he remarks, turning and walking once more. "I will come and check on it soon, and help you more before I return to Texas."

With that, he marches toward the petting zoo, to deliver the sugary goodness.
Kaelyn Kae nods to Tibbie "Yaah, I have lots of plans for it. I'm scrounghng upt he stuffs to make gunsmithing tools. Hoping to maybe free up a mill and lathe I found and get them repaired... Also, Imma gonna see about aquiring an autodoc too..." She adds and rubs the back of her neck. "Also needs to start scrounging up computers and the like.." CORA then pipes in "A couple physical aduncts for me!!!" Kae then sighs "Yus definately..."

Kae then grins "And the aquaponics garden aught to provide enough food for me to live on quite easily, fish and veggies, should make life good!"
Melinda Ice cream? In a world like this?

Well, when you can find a treat like this in a world like this, you best take advantage of it. And who should be approaching but none other than Corporal Melinda Bradford. The stern look on her face is replaced with a slightly more relaxed attitude as she approaches. Those who know her would be surprised possibly to learn that Melinda enjoys ice cream, but hey, even the best of the best need to relax and enjoy a treat once in awhile. In fact, as she gets closer, a smile actually forms on her face.

"Well well, seems there's some sweet treats today," Melinda says in a more casual voice than usual. "I heard something was happening here and I figured I'd check it out." She looks to Tibbie and says, "What do you have for flavors?"
Tibbie      "Shit Kae, I didn't figure you the survivor-type, but just based on whatcha look like, well. Might be hard for anyone to be guessing yer type!" Tibbie muses with Kae when she's approached by Melinda, another familiar face. She smiles and shows off the orange creame cone in her hand and points to the nearby ice cream booth heading the various other booths.

"We got all sorts Boss! Peanut butter, berries, vanilla, chocolate.." Tibbie lists off a dozen more flavors to her with the same enthusiasm she had listing it off for the children earlier in the evening,

"Not to mention all the toppins! Fruit sauces, caramels, Ghoul boogers, gummy roaches, waffle cones.." She points out to Melinda an old cheery looking man working the booth, "Check that guy there? That's my buddy Pete, he'll hook you up, since he's covering me while I'm on break and his line's a bit faster than Nora and Ryan's line." Tibbie feeds her the inside scoop.

"I'll see ya when y'come back, I wanna see whatcha got." she insists and turns back to Kae, "It's amazing to me you even know all that stuff Kae, I just found out you been around a while an all but still, that's alotta things to remember! Even pops forgot some of his recipes and he been doing em for years!" Tibbie says, still impressed in Kae's abilities.
Kaelyn Kae ummms... "Was all kinda programmed in I guess..." She says and shrugs "Lotsa time in the stasis chamber and stuffs..." Kae says now rubing a tthe back of her neck... She notices Melinda and offers a playful wave... "hallo!"
Melinda Giving a wave to Kaelyn, Melinda thinks for a moment then nods to Tibbie before heading off to Pete and saying with a smirk, "One chocolate chip cookie dough in a cone please." It's strange to see Melinda smiling like this, but it seems even the best of the best have to relax once in awhile. Of course, once all is said and done, she'll be back to her normal self again.
Tibbie      "So yer sayin, somebody went and just wrote it all on your brain like it was a notebook you cant get soggy and forget about? That's fuckin the most science-y shit I ever heard!" Tibbie announces. She's been scooping for hours now so Tibbie can easily spot the type of ice cream in Melinda's cone as well as her smile,

"Now that's somethin you aint gonna see everyday! And I don't think the moon's full tonight either!" she chuckles to herself, Tibbie head points Melinda's smile out to Kaelyn.
Kaelyn Kae ooh's and nods "Well yah, I was in that chamber for a long time..." She says and shrugs slowly before she grins a bit. "Still it's not like I can access it all at once, I just well, remember stuff now and then..." She adds then looks to Melinda "Ooh that's a nice flavor combo, you should try pistachio!!!" she adds then beams and notices her chocolate ice cream is empty, she goes to get more....
Melinda "Hey, we all gotta relax once in awhile," Melinda says to the others. "I can't be firm all the time. And pistachio? I'll consider it for another time." She takes a lick of her ice cream and nods. "Wow, been so long since I tasted real ice cream. All I've had for the longest time was that freeze dried stuff that I found in remains of old museums."
Tibbie      Tibbie listens in and frowns at the thought of Melinda museum treats before taking a lick of her own ice cream for comfort. "It's as fresh as it's gonna get! Me and Conway been in up to our knees in milk, and the Church of Atom been needing to get some more heads in the door so I figured this all might solve some problems!" Tibbie explains as they wait for Kaelyn to come back,

"Hey, we should take a walk through the place, I been livin with them foals Conway's brought over and I still can't get enough of em! He won't lemme name em, but between you and me their names are Big Brown and Legs." her voice lowers a bit at the end, who knows if Conway should pop up in the crowd, and Jackson's been using the crowds as a means to avoid sugary cold punishment from the playful back and forth he and Kaelyn had earlier.
Kaelyn Kae returns with a big bowl of ice cream, but instead of sticking the ice cream in a waffle cone she's put waffle conebits all around the outside of the bowl... She grins to the others and nibbles on ice cream and waffle cone as she looks from Tibie to Melinda curiously.. One to the other...
Melinda Noticing Kaelyn looking at her, Melinda nods to her. "Whatcha lookin' at? Haven't you seen me patrolling before?" She chuckles. "Though usually I'm more reserved and stern. Just having an off day perhaps?"
Tibbie      "Aint no harm in taking a day to recharge, specially when there's ice cream and lil critters around, hell even Jones came by and a bunch of hard-workin folks too. And, I think Pete likes yer big bowls Kae." Tibbie winks as she notices her super bowl of ice cream. "You took a walkthrough yet? I'm gonna give Melinda a walk around and thinkin you should too if ya haven't. I think the fuss over the foals is dying down so we can get a good spot." She stands on her tip toes, trying to peer over the numerous taller people to no avail, but she remains hopeful as she smiles to the two.

"There a demo with the Militia at the end, but I think Mel oughta know all about that stuff by now." Tibbie grins Melinda and flexes her bicep.
Melinda "I know about the Militia demo. I'm part of it," Melinda comments. "But for now, I figure I'll just relax a little before things get started." She looks to Tibbie and comments, "Walk around? Well, OK."
Kaelyn Kae peers at Melinda curiously and shrugs "I been like really talkative so I thought I'd let you guys talk?" Kae says and blinks some again "Ummm I'm none too good 'round animals really, sometimes they ahve fits around me and stuffs..." She says and smiles. "But you guys go ahead and do that!"
Tibbie      "Well whaddaya know! Now I'm really lookin forward to watchin you kick ass out there!" Tibbie grins and pops the last bit of cone in her mouth.

"By the time you finish that bowl I bet me and Mel'll be back to go through the rest together." Tibbie assures Kae and waves to her as she and Melinda head for the animals.

The animal's are overly adorable; little children feet and pet piglets, the Clydesdale that Conway brought is humongous enough that even Ashur might have a hard time bench pressing it, though in the distance he does seem to be looking at it, trying to calculate if he could without injury. And then there's the foals, Big Brown is a very rich chocolate shade and seems to be only a bit bigger than Legs, although Legs the freckled foal certainly owns it's unofficial name as it's legs are longer and it walk is slightly more balanced than Big Brown's. Melinda's smile still shines as long as there's still a cone in her hand and Tibbie's coos and awes put even the littler children's gleefulness to shame.

Once the two have taken in all the fuzzy things they return to Kaelyn. Together again they visit the booths; soaps being the most fragrant, kitchenware being Tibbie's favorite, clothing which they all suggested pieces for one another, and by the time they'd seen it all, Melinda had finished her cone and her game face went back on as it was time for the Militia Demo.

     It was just on the cusp of sunset when the demo starts. Starting off with a coordinated marching sequence and then the group breaks off into pairs to demonstrate the effectiveness of close quarters combat, some soldiers had wooden weapons while the others had none. Melinda was a weaponless soldier and grappled down the armed larger man in under a minute! Kae, Tibbie, Ragnar, Jackson, even Ashur and family cheered on Melinda and the Militia's efforts of such a show! And now the sun reaches it's end, the air chills and the once gentle breeze turns cold. People are rushing to get home and warm while the vendors begin to pack up quickly. Ragnar pitches in to help Tibbie load up the wagon of leftover ice cream back to Brigham Farms as Conway's already home by now, packing up the animals when the demo started. Overall it was a pretty good day for the church, for the children, and even some of the animals as they were adopted today.