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Vault Girl Continued from Scene 1198

Landing Pad

Upon returning to the Vertibird, Grover had found himself greeted by the talkative pilot of the other Vertibird until he was called to duty, and took off with a squad not long after.

Grover was out there alone. Nobody was bugging him.

Then his radio activated, and the same voice could be heard on the other end, "Agent Orange to uncompromised pilot. You should get out of here while you still can. Your team has been compromised, repeat your team has been compromised."

Isolated Prison Cell

A scientist stepped into the room, at least he must have been one based on his white labcoat. He began to appraise Harmon like a lab rat, before stating with a sinister smile, "Guards. Remove his muzzle."
Harmon Harmon cranes his head from one side to another to pop his neck after the muzzle is removed, "Don't you think this is a bit much for just one ranger, Doc?" he asks dryly between even breaths as he bides his time.
Grover Grover taps on his radio, "This is Agent...Blue Thunder, if what you say is true...any intelligence that you have might be useful to home base. What can you tell me about the enemy?"
Vault Girl Landing Pad

"They're a group of as far as I can tell Scientists that arrived here on the West Coast about a year ago from the other side of the country, somewhere out near Washington." Agent Orange replied to Grover, "This is going to sound hard to believe, but they have some kind of method of taking people and replacing them. You won't even know you're a doppleganger until they flip the switch. It's what happened at this facility."

Prison Cell

"It's never too much, with such a fine specimen to work with. We've never captured a Desert Ranger before, only heard the stories. With your knowledge added to the database, we'll do wonderful things." The Doctor kept smiling at Harmon, "You should be happy, you'll be saving the entire human race from extinction at the hands of aliens."
Grover Grover says, "If thats true, how did you not get replaced? And what happens to the people they replace? the kill them?..are the held somewhere in a tropical paradise where they think there on vacation, but actually in some giant simulated enviroment? Also if what your say is true, don't you want to leave?""
Harmon Harmon continues his slow and even breaths as he listens to the scientist speaks. His eyes narrow at the mention of Aliens. Wait, Aliens? He studies the man and decides that he doesn't have a reason to lie to him, "Well you all seemed to know a little bit about me. I'm at a bit of a disadvantage. Who are you." he asks directly.
Vault Girl Landing Pad

"I have a very particular set of skills that make me a nightmare for people like this." You guessed it, Agent Orange was played by none other then Liam Neesom, "They have my daughter, and I need to find out where they took her. She was an officer at this facility, now, I don't know what the thing inside there that replaced her is. No clue where she is either, but once they replace you, there's no sign unless they've done it from afar. They tried to replace me, I killed my doppleganger, found his guts full of machinery."

Prison Cell

"I'm just a man of science." The scientist replied, "My name, is as inconsequential as your own to history. Nobody will remember us, so it is best that we do not allow pleasantries to get in the way of progress, and survival." He injected a needle in Harmon's arm, "Very good. Very good indeed. Make yourself comfortable, this will be over shortly."

The scientist began to turn and walk out of the cell without another word.
Grover Grover says, "Well, if there not storing them somewhere on the base..then they've taken them off. Thats if there still alive...course if they took them somewhere, they must have used a ship of some kind..taking that many...unless the one that came after you, was the only one...though that doesn't seem right..machinery inside.are you sure you just didn't have a brother that was a twin, that suffered a horrible accident?""
Harmon Harmon sighs, so much for small talk. Things arn't looking well for the Ranger as he studies his room a little more, "Not even getting dinner first?" he grumbles to himself at whatever was injected into him.
Vault Girl Landing Pad

"That's what we need to find out." Agent Orange replied to Grover, "Where they're taking the people they replace or what they're doing with them. It's the only reason I haven't blown this place to kingdom come."

The skies were beginning to darken overhead, the sun long having disappeared over the horizon of the ocean.

"If you want to find your team though, I suggest moving quickly. They're about to start again. Comns will cut.." Grover was left in silence.

Prison Cell

Everything went dark for Harmon. He was unsure if it was the lights, or he had blinked but some period of time had seemed to have passed. He found his bonds loosened, and the cell door slightly ajar...