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Kaelyn Kae's really first time in the bunker, and right now she's struggling with the autodoc! "Nonono, I don't want that proceedure, yer not gonna trim my ears..>" The Autodoc responds "Ears are not within human norms.." Kae then flails her limbs and hops back "Neither is most everythng else on me, you gotta make adjustments for my anatomy!" She calls out and points at the Doc.. "Understood, Subject is most likely Mutant.." Kae then facefaults. "Oh my god.." She says and stares at the doc, just out of reach.. "Not gonna touch me, nope nope!!"
Bart Bart is just coming in with several things under his arms, armor strapped to his body. The inquisitive man can hear the arguments from the main room, so comes to inspect. When he finds Kaelyn and the Auto-doc having it out, he tilts his head to the sides, "I suppose there are programming limitations based on what the initial builders considered when they were inserting code," he sighs a little. "Are you injured, Miss Kaelyn? Do you require assistance?
Kaelyn Kae umms and nods "Yus... "She says simply and slaps away a manipulator from the AutoDoc... "I really needs to get one of these on my own and have CORA copy her programming into it..." she mutters quietly. Finally she peers at the Doc, and glances to a pencil lying on a counter. Her eyes glow briefly the pencil lifts and zooms toward the doc, pressing the off switch...

Kae suddenly smiles widly takes a deep breath, shirt stretching as well it's hard to find them in her size... Least she has the other stuff underneath... "But yah got a few injuries, got curious about something in Dunwich, need to get that treated too I think... It's one of those silly injuries you gotta get medically taken care of so nightmares go away..."
Bart Bart watches blankly as she mentions her own Auto-Doc, "I suppose you could do that, or you could let me work on this one so it could suffice to your needs?" he offers in a simplistic solution. His blinking goes faster when the pencil lifts without help and nudges the button on the robotic doctor. Bewwwwwww. Meanwhile, he's staring a little bit longer, "What..did you..did you just do that?" he asks inquisitively.

"Ah, so there is a solution to those, and it is medical, the phenomenon of Dunwich is entirely scientific." He's setting his things down and moving around to his mobile monitor, fetching clean sheets for the medical table, getting prepared. "We can get you fixed up, Miss Kaelyn, just kindly remove any metallic objects from your person, and lie down please."
Kaelyn "Oh you mean the Telekinesis?" Kae asks and nods "Yus I did do that... " She says and glances around, peering at the Doc, before hopping up on a table... "I guess, if you know how to make the requisite modificatons or addons to it's programming to allow for a rather highly modified sort like my self..." She adds and then oh's before unstrapping her P90 and setting it aside, of course the rifle gets hung up....

She then strips out of her stealth armor, and is now in her skin suit.. She glances down at the fibrous metallic-like nigh second skin and umms "Ceramic nanofibers are ok right?" She asks curiously.
Bart "Indeed," he says quietly at the mention of psychic prowess. Something he'd heard of certainly, but honestly the reality he lives in is constantly changing. Instead of getting a blue screen of death, he suddenly giggles outloud. "Indeed! You will have to tell me how you came about that, and yes, I can certainly take a look at the programming. CORA has made sure that I uh," cough, "Understand your anatomy very clearly."

A glance at the ceramic composition and he tilts his head, "I..believe that it will be alright, if you find discomfort from the contact points, it will have to be removed though." He's already fetching a patient gown for her and moving to pull his goggles down. "I have been improving the particle beams though, so it should only hurt a little bit, and side effects have been narrowed down to less than four," he's so proud of the progress! "Eyes closed!" he calls as brings the cannon-looking device he carries with him with all the lenses on the end aimed at the elf.
Kaelyn Kae peers ta Bart and sighs, closing her eyes tightly... "What in the world did CORA do this time anway?" Yah she took CORA off with the whole mention of removing metal stuff... CORA pipes in, her little avatar hovering above the massively modified pip boy.. "Nothing, nothing at all!!!" she calls out as Kae sighs "Yah right.." She adds and waits to get shot.....
Bart Bart hms and blinks, "CORA was very adamant that she show me your physical construction when we first met, to ensure proper treatment I believe," he smiles a little and then the dull thwump comes as the engine charges up and shifts the air pressure around them. The red beam slams through the lenses and then finds Kaelyn's form with a much gentler touch. Those particle beams go to work regnerationg cellular structure and accelerating the regrowth rate. Of course there's also the brief glance against Kaelyn's forehead that removes the effects of the alien tech used on the poor elf in Dunwich. It still burns like a few dozen bees stinging in the areas that heal. But when it's over, it all feels better.
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head "Am certan she did..." Kae says and sighs. "Right up there with her uploading pictures of me behind a frost glass window taking a shower one day..." She adds and rubs at the back of her neck... "Big sign on it too.. I do the greatest work!!!" Kae adds and rubs at the back of her neck....
Bart Bart smirks some at Kaelyn, "Yes, well," the machine is winding down and slowing in its whirring. The air pressure returns to normal and he's already putting things away and pushing those goggles up his head to set his hair in a spray of mousey brown. "She does seem to revel in putting you into interesting situations. Perhaps you could disable the personality portion of her programming?" he suggests, simply because he still regards Cora as a construct and not a person. He's checking Kaelyn with that monitor now, going over the vitals and pictures slowly. "Yes, I do do good work," he says, "how are you feeling?"
Kaelyn Kae ummms.... She then smiles "Feeling better!" She adds and umms, "Yaaah well I disable the personality, I'll kill the A.I. Sentient programs are hard to disable bits and pieces of if you want to keep the sentience..." She adds then grins... "It would be like plucking an annoying tick out of your best friend just cause it bothers you sometimes...." She adds. Then smirks "Sorry but I don't lobotomize friends."
Bart Bart shrugs a bit, letting the idea go, it's not like he knows better about Cora, and he's not a consent-ignoring bastard. He simply folds up his equipment and puts it all away again before offering the elf and her friend a polite smile. "Fair enough, well I'm glad I could be of assistance. I will work on the Auto-doc when I find some more time," he assures.
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head to the left, then finally asks "Sooo what all is going on in Dunwich? Aliens I heard?" She asks curiously, now starting to put her T-shrit and shorts back on for now.... "Can you give a bit of a brief on that one? considering I sometimes spend part of a day there?"
Bart Bart hms? "Oh, so it was infested with aliens. Qwillis and his team developed an EMP bomb and set it off to deter them. I believe it mostly worked?" he shrugs, "I haven't been out there recently. But something tells me there is more to do there. Hopefully we will be able to gather some resources and people and go take care of the remnants."
Kaelyn Kae ooooh'sand nods slowly "Wonder whatever happened to Qwill.." she mutters and shrugs, then glances to Bart "Soo Aliens huh? Think we'll ever run into the actual aliens and stuff?" She asks curiously. "bet that could be rather interesting, or even better, stealing one of their ships should said aliens prove hostile..."
Bart Bart nods quickly, "Absolutely, I've already encountered several, though I believe their spacecraft have some kind of protection measures that make them self-destruct if approached too closely." he's utterly sincere, "Milton has found one of their weapons, it is not from this world. Qwillis? I assume he is either dead or hiding." Another shrug and he latches the last lock on his boxes and smiles some, "Is there anything else I can do for you, Miss Kaelyn?"
Kaelyn Kae umms "Not really, was just chatting and stuff.. Also trying to get my home ready and stuff... It's not too terribly far from here really... I found me this really nice secluded area near the river and up in those valleys and stuff... There's a clean water spring, a small pond and creek there..." She says and grins cheerfully... "Fully intend to stick some lab stuffs and gun workng stuffs too.."
Bart Bart ahas at the discovery of her motivations. "It will be good to count you among our neighbors. If you need anything, or treatment again, do not hesitate to come here. You are a member of S.O.E.D. afterall," he insista and then matches that cheery smiling. "Such things are expensive, but we make do, do we not?" he asks with a partial smile knowing that the answer is yes already. "If you require assistance setting up the lab, or if there's something I can do, do let me know?"
Kaelyn Kae oohs's and nods "Yaaah it's all rather expensive and stuffs... The plot of land and the stuff to get all the metal I used to get the foundations and walls of my home up cost me quite the pretty penny!"
Bart Bart chuckles and nods, "Milton and I lucked out in having a family home already, all the easier to install new fixtures when the foundation is already there, mm?" he is packed up now and looking like he is heading back to the main room. "Are you staying long, Miss Kaelyn?"
Kaelyn Kae umms.. "I don't really have many plants and stuff.... Just thought maybe after a bit I could get back to getting my house built.. Gotta get that finished, then umm get my aquaponics garden built... And of course finish putting in the power source and the gun smithy area..." she adds and rubs at her neck again before grinning....
Bart Bart nods once, "I understand, I'm intending to install clean water, and power into my home, as well as the firearm workshop, the lab, and the medbay. It's an expensive journey, science!" He chuckles and takes the caps owed, "This will help at least." he assures and then tucks them away before glancing at the elf. "Coming? I wanted to poke at the Mr. Handy, and the pre-war motorcycles."