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Iris Lark The clinic has been busier lately and several more healers have come to help attend to the wounded of El Dorado. Iris asked a few people for aid, and soon the building was expanded. She's been working twice as hard since, but she's happy when she works. She is standing in the first exam room now, bent a bit as she tries to deal with her own injury during a little bit of free time.
Ironface Jones Having been told the day before that he needed treatment, Ironface Jones arrived to seek Iris' services when he thought things might be quiet at the clinic. As he sticks his head in and explores a little to find her he sees that he seems to be correct, finding the physician healing herself. With a happy tone in his voice he greets her, "Good day, Friend Iris." He even gives her a brief wave. "I am here to be healed, like you said."
Iris Lark Iris jumps a bit, but recovers quickly and waves Ironface into the exam room. "Come in!" She says, moving forward to help by pulling him along. "Have a seat on the bed and let me take a look at your injuries." She pours some water into a bowl and soaks a few rags. "Did you give away all that..meat that you found?"
Ironface Jones Letting Iris pull him where she wants him, Ironface hops up onto the bed and starts peeling off armor and clothing. Since last he'd been in here Ironface had been shot and bitten by both teeth and mandibles on his torso and arm. He doesn't seem to be slowed down a whole lot by the mess of injuries, though. "I gave it away. The people here seemed grateful and I like to show them that they are worth something by providing food. The stronger our people are the better the tribe."
Iris Lark "You mentioned that, and I agree." Iris says, pulling a stool closer so she can get eye level with the injuries. "Did you wash these after you were done gifting people with food?" She asks, leaning down to grab a washcloth. She gently cleans the wounds, her lips pursed as she tries to decide if she should stitch any of them. "I'm waiting for someone who can take a look at my wound as well, treating yourself is not as easy as I thought it might be."
Ironface Jones "After I gave the food away then I went and ate some deathclaw. After that I cleaned myself up good with soap to get the bug juices off of me," Ironface says. And it's probably a good thing because he was covered in all kinds of crap after the fight. He lets the lady keep cleaning his stuff, though, since he knows that she knows better than he does. "I will find you another doctor if you like. The Sister Lady is a healer, I can try to find her at the church."
Iris Lark "I wouldn't mind that. They say that healers are horrible patients, but I hurt enough that I'm willing to set aside my pride." Iris says, pulling outu a curved needle. "I think a few stitches are necessary, but ..they'll be tiny." She adds quietly. "I'm not a doctor though, Ironface. Just a ..I don't even know if Healer qualifies. I've just been doing this for as long as I can remember. I like it." She says simply, moving to stitch up the arm.
Ironface Jones "I will try to find her and tell her to look for you," Ironface tells Iris firmly, giving her needle a glance before he looking back up to her face. "I am okay with stitches. I have needed many in my life because I have been hurt many times." And then he furrows his eyebrows her way and says, "You definitely are a healer. I do not know what makes someone a doctor but I thought you were one." He holds his arm still while she sutures.
Iris Lark "I always thought a doctor was someone who was taught by someone else." Iris says, not meeting Ironface's gaze. "I'm mostly self taught." She leans in and snips the catgut with her teeth and pats at the wound with a slightly damp cloth. She then moves to salve and wrap the other wound, her hands steady. "Thanks for ..thanks for looking for the other healer for me. I wanted to go adventuring today, but I feel like it would be dangerous if I went out in my condition."
Ironface Jones "I think that you are a doctor, anyway," Ironface says as he watches Iris do her thing, not seeming to mind the little pokes from the sutures very much. It's probably due to his experience with getting patched up. "You are welcome. It is good that you are not going out until you get healed. I am staying in until I hunt the great pig tomorrow so that I can be healed and rested for the quest."
Iris Lark Iris gives Ironface a slight grin and then she starts to laugh. "Thank you for saying that, it's sweet of you." She says, stepping down from the stool she was on. "I'm not charging you for my services, because you've helped me as well, and I appreciate that." She moves to start cleaning up, placing the cloth she used in a pot that bubbles in the corner. "What are you going to do then, if you're not going out to the wasteland today?"
Ironface Jones When he hears her laugh, Ironface nods his head up and down several times and says, "You are welcome. And thank you for fixing me." Looking at her he says seriously, "If you need anything you know to come try to find me. I like you very much and I want to help you thrive if I can do that." His big shoulders shrug when asked about his plans, "I do not know. I think I may go to the saloon to have a drink or look for some tougher armor at the stores."
Iris Lark "If you end up at the Saloon, let me know. I keep meaning to go in there and actually to people, but crowds make me a little nervous." Iris says, satisfied with her clean up efforts. "Unless I'm with Alice, it's funny, I'm pretty fearless in general when I'm with Alice." She folds her arms over her chest and a squealing noise comes from her cloak. She lifts Bacon out and places him on the ground and the piglet takes off towards the main room of the clinic.
Ironface Jones "You can come with me. I will keep you safe," Ironface tells Iris as he starts to put his clothes and armor back on, not in any particular hurry about it. "Alice is an interesting person. I enjoy when she does and says things." At the sight of the piglet Jones' eyes widen for a second and he watches it run along.
Iris Lark "I forget that I put Bacon in my cloak and when he's asleep, he doesn't mind much." Iris says, her cheeks going red. "Then he wakes up and gets testy." She reaches up to pat Ironface on his uninjured arm and nods. "Let me know, I'll be around Shantytown, working with some of the other Healers that have been gathering here." At the mention of Alice, Iris nods and a wide grin appears on her face. "I get hurt when I hang out with her, but ..I didn't get to do fun things until I came here. I can handle some scrapes and stuff, in the name of adventure."
Ironface Jones "Bacon is a good friend for you to have. He is fun to watch," says the big guy as he watches Iris' cheeks turn red. At the pat on the arm he nods, "I will come try to find you before I go. Then we shall drink beer and hooch and if the cook robot is working then the food will be good." He seems to like the sound of Iris saying she's finally having fun, "I go on many adventures and hunts. You are always welcome to come with me. What did you do before where you could not do fun things?"
Iris Lark Iris scuffs her foot on the ground, and for a few moments she just stands there. "If I tell you where I came from, do you promise not to tell anyone else?" She asks, her head tilting back slightly to meet Ironface's eyes. "I'd rather people just think I wandered in to El Dorado and decided to stay." She looks slightly nervous and her hands fidget, pulling at her apron as she adds. "Only other person who knows is Achilles, because he is the one who helped me."
Ironface Jones "I promise to not tell anyone about you," Ironface says with a great deal of solemnity in his voice and a very serious expression on his face, meeting Iris' eye contact. "Do not feel like you need to tell me, though. It is okay for people to keep things to themselves." But he's not going to stop her from telling him anything she wants to. He leans forward on the edge of the exam table he's on to hear what she has to tell him.
Iris Lark "I was born in a bad place, and they raised me there and taught me now to ..well how to heal." Iris folds her arms over her chest and glances towards the exit. "The Legion were not nice people, some still aren't nice. They are slavers."
Ironface Jones "I am sorry that you were born amongst those people," Ironface says very seriously, a darker expression coming across his face as Iris tells her story. The mention of the word 'legion' almost causes him to sneer, but he doesn't want to distract too much as the lady tells him her tale. "I know of Caesar's men," he says simply enough, though his gaze does leave her face for a moment and his eyes unfocus.
Iris Lark "They are bad. Very bad. They don't treat women very well in those camps." Iris says, spreading her hands out and lifting one shoulder in a slight shrug. "If you're useful, you live, if you're not. You are given to someone or simply killed and left when they move on." She takes a deep breath before she adds, "I was mistreated, but because I had some wasn't as bad as others. I don't blame any man for deserting the Legion."
Ironface Jones The dark look on Ironface's face only deepens as Iris keeps talking. His hands ball into fists down by his sides as he listens to her tell her story and his head shakes slowly from side to side. From deep within his throat a sort of growl starts to build up and Jones grits his teeth together in a bit of a snarl. "I did not know this of them, but it does not surprise me. It makes me think my vengeance upon them was not great enough."
Iris Lark Iris blinks when Ironface growls and she inadvertently takes a step back. "I don't wish all of them ill, but there are a few if I ever meet them again..well..I'm armed now." She says quietly and then sinks into a nearby chair. "You're kind of scary, do you know that?"
Ironface Jones Seeing Iris fall back from him Ironface's expression changes almost completely, going softer immediately. His hand relax and he says apologetically, "I do not mean to frighten you, friend Iris. I just..." He takes a very deep breath, closing his eyes to calm himself down before opening them and speaking again, "I was very angry with the Legion for a very long time and I thought my anger with them was done. When I heard what you said I learned that I was wrong."
Iris Lark "You can have that anger, I am long defeated in that sense." Iris replies, and then she gives Ironface a timid smile. "You don't scare me, but you can be scary. That's a trait you need out in the wild." She holds up two hands and lifts the left. "You have the people who are taken advantage of." She then holds up the right hand. "Then you have those who take advantage." She drops her hands and then gestures idly towards the man sitting on the bed. "You're the second, but you're not the sort to hurt people with it. So that's the category I've set you in, if that makes sense."
Ironface Jones Doing his best to remain calm, Ironface returns Iris' smile with his own, trying to keep it on his face so that it doesn't immediately disappear like most of his rare pleased expressions. "It is important to me to do what is best for my people. I take any advantage that I can get to do that, so what you say makes sense to me." With a deep sigh his shoulders sag down and his eyes close again. "At one time I lost everything to Caesar's men and I was confused about my purpose until I found El Dorado. Now I have made this my tribe and the Steel Brothers my clan."
Iris Lark "Well I know your pain, in a way. I never had anything for them to take away. I was made there." Iris says leaning against the bed. "I do hope they never come here in any great force because I'm always afraid. I don't think I'm important enough for them to remember me well, or want to seek me out, but ..they take and they don't think about the consequences much."
Ironface Jones "If they try to come here I will kill them," Ironface declares rather softly for the gravity of the statement he'd made. "I have seen some of what happens when they take prisoners alive and I do not want that to be me, so I will fight until I am dead or they are dead." He's quiet again for a second, "I wish sometimes I could have been there to fight them when they destroyed my clan. I know I would not have won but I would have died with my people."
Iris Lark Iris reaches up and gently pats Ironface on his uninjured arm. "I'm glad you are here and I am sorry for your pain. I hope if I can help at all, with anything, that you'll let me." She pushes away from the bed and takes a few steps. "I've got to run a few errands, but I'll look for you around the saloon when I'm done cleaning and cooking here?"
Ironface Jones "Yes. Thank you for telling me your story and listening to mine, it means much to me," Jones says as he pats the hand that pats his arm. Climbing down from the table he says, "Yes. I shall be there for some time. I think there will be much beer consumed today." He takes a moment to make sure that he's put all of his armor and clothing on again before he begins to head for the door, "Be well."
Iris Lark Iris raises her hand in farewell and then she turns to get done with her work, moving to another part of the clinic to pull out a mop and a brush.