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Tibbie      The short, friendly, and neighborly Tibbie has taken it upon herself to be her own welcome wagon today! Plus, she had to get rid of all the leftover ice cream, Conway was getting spoiled having it with his morning pancakes and for an after dinner desert!

She approaches CALDWELL FAMILY FARM, at least that's what the sign said as she past it.

"Anybody hooome?" Tibbie yodels, not wanting to get a gun in her face like she had triggered Conway long ago. Her usual tomgirl outfit is dirtier than it's usual shabbiness, she must've finished chores before dawn and started her venture. She's horseless today as well, wanting Butter to stay out of the heat. The early morning heat gives Tibbie's skin a golden glow as the sun's rays try to burn her to a darker shade than her healthy tan.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell opens the door to his farm and offers a wave to the friendly neighborhood tomgirl. "Hey. Hows it hangin?" he asks, wearing standard farmworker attire. "You err..need something?" he asks of the woman. "It's not every day a pretty lady comes up to my house looking for me." he says, looking down at her. He wasn't armed, having no need out here so close to El Dorado.
Tibbie      "Hehe! I ain't really needin anything, just wanted to get my face out here and introduce myself to my new neighbors! Name's Tibbie Gaines!" she chuckles softly, speaking with her usual southerner charm and approaches the over a foot taller than her man.

"I even brought a couple tubs of ice cream to beat the heat today, and it makes sure chums really remember me." She smirks and hoists the tubs of ice cream back to rest on her pelvic bones as she stands there.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Tid Bits "Nice to meet you, Tibbie. I'll call you Tid Bits. Cause you look bite-sized." he smiles and chuckles lightly "Ice cream? That sounds yummy. Wanna come in and eat with me?" he asks curiously, offering to let her in
Tibbie      Grinning at the man's humor and offer to join him she nods, "Sure! It'd be nice to get a break." Tibbie says and follows him inside the farmhouse. She places the tubs on the table and starts shaking her arms around. "Whoo, I can't feel em! Cmon arms!" Tibbie demands her arms to warm up now as they're relieved from the cold tubs. Once done with her dance she finds a seat and tells him the flavors she's brought.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell enters his house after Tid Bits and goes to have a seat on the couch, patting besides him to allow Tibbie to sit. "That's a neat little dance. Do you call it The Tibbie Shuffle?" he asks, smiling over at her. "Oh. I'm William Caldwell by the by. I uhh..pretty much run the guardians." he says, pointing to his T-60 power armor that's at the ready and his assortment of equipment. "Oooh...this looks yummy." he says, grabbing a spoon and scooping out some ice cream into a bowl for himself. "Have at it, tid bits, it is yours after all."
Tibbie      "Heh! I can call it that!" Tibbie grins and pushes her hair behind her ears. She didn't even notice the suit!

"Holy shit! Really? That's somethin you aint see or meet everyday! It's nice to mee'cha Will!" Tibbie's enthusiasm rises and she happily scoops out a bowl of sugary cream for herself, taking the spot next to him on the couch.

"Bein a leader of things is hard! I had to run the ice cream booth last week and boy what a day! I can't even imagine running a group like the Guardians, shooting things and closin in on em like a team. Wow!" she cant get over it. She finally takes a spoonful and smiles,

"Just as fresh as the first day, man I love strawberry. Say, how long you been the head honcho for anyhow? You aint look much older than me." Tibbie comments now as she gets a good look at him.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell smiles over at Tibbie and nods. "Yeah, I used to lead the New Mexican Brotherhood Of Steel, that's where The Guardians originally came from. We uhh..sort of disbanded though after I got caught up in other things. We eventually merged with the militia and welp, here we are." he says, looking over at tid bits "Well uhhm..i've always been head honcho. Considering it's my group." he says.
Tibbie      "And y'still got time to run this farm too! Well aint that somethin, and here I thought my hands were full jugglin my Ma and Conway's farm!" she smiles, "The Militia sure is lucky to be having all of y'all in it too, El Dee sure is the safest place in the world in my opinion!" Tibbie adds and leans back.

"I got so much to be thankful for living here, If I was born anyplace else well, who knows if I'd've even made it to twenty-three!"
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods "Yep. The farm is my home and way of making food for the community and myself." he says, smiling to Tibbie. "It's pretty safe, we've had to deal with lots of Enclave recently though. Lost a lot of men in recent assaults. Good people." he says, frowning.
Tibbie      Tibbie smiles and frowns along with Will, "People can really convince themselves of anything, even dyin for it at the expense of others. Least we're on the right side of things, I hope." She says vaguely and uncertainly before taking another spoonful.

"Who knows what the real truths of things are, aint nobody I know found out, or they aint told me." Tibbie seems to be getting philosophical, there must be something in those strawberries as it's very unlike her.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Tibbie "I've been shot plenty of times, waiting for when it's finally my time to go. Been fighting for El Dorado for some time now. People are friendly though, so I assume we're on the right side of things. Fuck the Enclave though." he says, taking a spoonful of ICE CWEAM.
Tibbie      Tibbie nods agreeably to Will's last comment about the enclave and points to a laser burn on her exposed waistline "I been in a few scuffs since I started pitch'n in too, I aint real trained or nothin, so I'll prolly collect these up real quick. Aint ever been shot yet though, is that extra painful?" she chuckles and asks Will. She seems to be enjoying the slow morning with him, working on her ice cream slowly and asking him more questions.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell frowns at Tibbies wound and pulls out his medical supplies, beginning to deal with the laser burn the way one would deal with a standard burn. "Hold still, yeah?" he asks as he deals with it. "Laser burns and shots are both designed to kill you. So it doesn't matter if it's painful or not. Power Armor is designed to protect you from most of it though. Inherited this suit from an old friend who has since passed away." he says sadly.
Tibbie      Tibbie's laser burn is looking a bit dried out and flaky from the weather and her lack of protection on it, so she allows Will to do what he can with it, trying her best not to squirm as she's extremely ticklish. She stifles a few giggles in his process of treating her.

"Aww jeeze Will, I know that feelin. Pops left me some things and even though it's been a while it still stabs at me once in a while that he aint here to snatch it out my hands like he used to." Tibbie sympathizes with Will.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell notices the ticklishness and gives her a quick friendly tickle! To lighten the mood! "Yeah, it kinda stinks losing someone you're close to. Don't even know how he died is what bugs me. I assume he went out with a bang though. I think it's just best to move on though." he says, continuing to tickle her
Tibbie      Tibbie's face squints and she begins to squeal and cackle from Will's tickles! Her body jerks as if possessed and she nearly flings her bowl! Sadly her spoon wasn't so lucky as it clangs to it's doom on the floor.

"I ca-! Bre-! Aaaauuugh!" She begs through gasping laughter, her feet now up and kicking the air in front of her as if trying to run away.
Guardian Caldwell Finally stopping his tickle assault, Caldwell laughs and patpats Tibbums on the head. "You good?" he asks, smiling down at her. "Your uhh..burn should be good now. Keep it protected from the sun though."
Tibbie      She smiles now, after catching her breath for a few minutes. "Jesus Will!" Tibbie laughs and fakes a fist his way, her only way to retaliate. "I'll do my best on that Doc, I seen Davey do the exact opposite of what doc's tell em and he didnât turn up too good usually, cept that one time.." Tibbie begins to ramble on about her friend named Davey and one of his medical mishaps.

"And that's how he got that extra finger growing outta his head lopped off!" she ends the tall tale with a chuckle and then notices her spoon is on the floor. "Aww shit. Lemme just wipe that off." She grabs the spoon and wipes it with her tee, then back into the bowl it goes.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell smiles and laughs "Davey needs to listen to medical professionals." he listens to Tibbie recount the tale of How Davey Got Fingered. and nods as it ends. "An exciting tale!" he looks down at the spoon. "You sure you don't want another one? I've got plenty of spoons and I can just wash it." he says, frowning in concern.
Tibbie      "Nah, It's all good." The brown-eyes gal waves off Will's kind offer and uses the spoon for another bite. "I live in Shantytown when I aint over here at Brigham, so I'm pretty used to being a lil off-the-book once in a while, hell my shack aint even got a floor, just dirt." Tibbie assures him a lil dirt aint hurt!

"We're pretty off book today ourselves, ice cream for breakfast" Tibbie smirks to Will.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Tid Bits "Whatever you say." he says, smiling. "I'ma go get ready for work I guess. Gotta go do some patrols and the like. Make sure folks are alright, help the elderly, that kind of stuff." he says. "Thanks for the ice cream! I'll see you later Tid Bits, you're welcome back any time i'm home."
Tibbie      "Thanks Will!" Tibbie beams at the thought of Will helping old folks and downs the rest of her bowl, which melted into cream soup. "It's sure nice knowing yer so close by, I feel safer already!" Tibbie adds a wave to Will before she hauls the tubs in her arms once again and heads for the door.

The early morning has passed and now the non-farmers are starting to walk the paths in the blazing heat. Will and Tibbie walk together just a while longer until they split ways and deal with their own lives and the lives of others.