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Jackson The Mojave isn't so much a place, as it is an experience. Talk about the place 'round El Dorado makes it sound like it's larger than life-- especially the strip, with it's flashing lights, packed casinos, and House's legion of automatons. But the fact of the matter is, a person doesn't know the Mojave until they've dug the heels of their boots into the sand. You gotta' breathe it in. Feel the heat on your skin as you walk down 95, watch the rays of the setting sun shining on the panels at Helios 1. flush out a cave of Nightstalkers, listening to that hissing rattle interspersed with growling, barking whines as you leave their blood in the sand. . When you're there, you feel it. And you know.
Fortunately for the group of El Dorado scavengers who'd followed Jackson Parkes into the depths of the Mojave, they wouldn't be facing down a cave full of nightstalkers, nor would they be dueling a murderous swarm of cazadors. His ventures through the Mojave in search of supplies for his homestead had made him a few friends. Through those friends, he'd gotten word of a Repcon-branded industrial facility of some sort buried in the wasteland a few miles south of Bitter Springs. So, after a lengthy journey, the group had finally arrived at the rumored place to gaze upon it's spectacle. Which... Wasn't all that much, really.
It was a sizeable two-story steel building that connected to a large warehouse of sorts. Though rusted and corroded in places, the building looksas though it's gone relatively untouched in the days since the bombs dropped. A faded, cracked black sign with sunbleached white letters and a red rocket embossed upon it proclaim the words, "Repcon Aerospace"proudly above the building's entryway for all to see. The patchwork remains of a cement awning leads toward the facility's entryway, who's glass has long since cracked and warped in the desert heat. Unpowered electronic sliding doors stand closed, and through the twisted, bubbled glass and missing sections, a lobby and check-in area of sorts can be partially perceived, as well as several hallways leading toward other sections of the building. A small, unpowered control panel is visible near the entrance that contains a speaker, a faded screen, and a call button.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell was here to assist in the techy adventure. Might even be able to earn some pretty cool junk outta it! Who knew? He had his laser rifle equipped and was looking around through his T-51 helmet. Sighing to himself. "It looks..empty?" he question curiously. "This doesn't sit well at all. Either this place is looted or we're in for a rude awakening. That's usually how these sorts of things go, yeah?" he asks of the party
Kaelyn Kae is a short ways away, or maybe not? Who knows, there's a blur there, a very slightly pixilated place of empty space. If one were to look for it at a long distance they might not even notice... Kae wanders up behind Caldwell now, then deactivates the active cammo feature on her armor, the 'predator' esque blur that is Kaelyn now appearing as the hex-shaped pixels well stop projecting what's behind her.. She thn collapses the helmet and exhails, taking a deep breath. Kae's not carrying her usual big rifles, nope she's got a new toy! Well if one were to look close. On her right thigh is a colt .45. Next to it? some kind of elongated cylinder of sorts.. It has a digital ammo display on the thing... At the small of her back is her P90.... Needless to say the 'elf' like woman is very heavily armed right now.
Tibbie      "Y'better stick around here n wait ButterBuddy." Tibbie warns her horse as she dismounts, finishing the bottle of alcohol she was drinking earlier. Her pistol's slung in her shorts' pocket and the slugger hangs on a belt loop.

"I dunno, I think there oughta be some neat rockets n'shit in there, I mean look, the rocket's right there!" Tibbie points out to Will with her buzzed logic. Tibbie stumbles back when she sees Kae appear behind Will "HOLY SHIT KAE!" She drops the bottle.
Jackson Jack dismounted his bike with a sigh and a grimace, nonchalantly rubbing the armored plates covering his ass to emphasize just how much long drives annoyed him. After doing so, he polished off the last of the whiskey he'd taken along in his flask. Buzzing and shooting might not've been the best idea, but Jack was a gambling man. He'd only shoot people who deserved it, even with a little bit of Grandpa's old cough syrup coursing through his veins. All he could think of over the discomfort of his ass was that he hoped this place was worth the drive. For that matter, he hoped it wasn't more trouble than it was worth. He had a bad habit of digging himself into situations that he couldn't easily tear himself out of. If any of the promised scavengeables were present, though, this place would make a remarkably good site to dig around in for extended periods of time. After clearing it out of any undesireables, Jack had half a mind to tag the place on a map for Lone Star, and let the caravans deal with the bigger scrapping operations. As of now, Jack's concerns were small-time. He wanted to verify that this place was here, dig around for anything that seemed immediatly valuable, and clear it out of any hostiles to ensure that future groups and trips could make it out this way safely. With that fact present in his mind's eye, he turned to face his gathered group of companions.
"Mission's simple," He began in his twinge of a southern drawl. His voice carried a slight hiss as it was processed through his vocal modulators, but he paid it no mind. The background noise was something no amount of tinkering or screwing with the mask could fix, so it seemed as though he'd just have to deal with it for the time being.
"We're here to dig. Metaphorically speaking, anyway. Clear this place out, grab anything we like, and make sure it's safe enough and valuable enough that it warrants a trip for El Dorado scavengers to come up here and scavenge this shithole. Long story short, we could be finding anything from nothing, to rocketry equipment, to anything in between. I haven't done any preliminary scouting of this place. Seemed too spooky to test the ground alone. Any other questions?"
Conway "I've been through the desert on a horse with no name. It felt good to be out of the rain.." Conway sings a pre-war song to himself while stepping over the hallowed skeletons of desert rodents and dehydrated horses, sorting through junk on the ground by manually picking it up and throwing it to the side to get to a lower layer. Conway is drunker than a skunk, having consumed a quarter of his weight in whiskey just a few hours before. "Blagga'snagga-.. ooogh blert..." Conway stumbles back a few paces after tripping over air, leaning sideways in his boots.
Jackson Sensing a lack of hesitation and curiosity on the part of his allies, Jackson gave them all a silent nod in the affirmative, and took that as his sign to begin their infiltration. The deputy carefully used what training he had to extracate the majority of the broken, warped glass from one of the man-sized panes of glass that flanked the electronic doors near the entrance, then carefully pivoted his body through the frame, as to avoid making any unnecesary noise. After doing so, he kept a hand close to the handle of his revolver, and slowly made his way through the vacant entrance lobby.
It was a simple enough room, with frayed, torn up chairs that were flattening with age, ancient pre-war magazines and books, and a few decorative, but frayed pieces of artwork and decor which would've created a rather luxurious appearance for the building's lobby. Aside from that, there was a front desk surrounded by thick plates of glass, one of which slid aside to allow a receptionist to speak with visitors to the facility. It was through that desk that their journey began. Jack slowly made his way across the lobby to the desk, and made an attempt at it's door. Locked, of course.
Though it took a moment, and made a bit of unnecesary noise, Jack managed to jimmy the door's lock using an old plastic card he'd found, as well as a bobby-pin and two bottle caps to use as leverage for his modified pick. After getting the door open, he stepped aside, making way for the others following him to make their way down their choice of hallway. To the left was a red hallway labeled, "R&D" while the right was a blue hallway labeled, "Operations." To those technologically inclined, they could always hack or peruse the still-active terminal behind the desk at their leisure.
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head and shrugs, taking up the lead now, moving in front of the group as she looks around curiously. Oddly though, instead of carrying her p-90 out front, she has the cylinder thingie... "Sooo Keep yer eyes open." She whispers, then activates the active stealth unit on her armor, again kind of fading away to a blur.
Tibbie      Tibbie follows Kaelyn and nods to her, albeit following nowhere near as stealthy as her.

"Where'd my bottle go?" She asks a bit too loudly, seems whatever she was drinking has gotten to her head. She doesn't ready any of the weapons on her, she's a bit distracted with the color of the hallway they're going down.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell begins to access the terminal, hacking into it before releasing the coded messages from their hidey holes. "Got some info here." he says, beginning to relay the info to the crew and whoever was listening
Conway Conway follows behind the rest, still humming pre-war songs to himself. He keeps hold of Tibbie's sleeve since he's seeing double and can't walk very straight. "Hope'yer don't mind." He hiccups, staggering toe over toe while he walks down the hallway. He hasn't drunken in awhile, and him getting carried away with Satan's brew is probably why.
Jackson Jackson led the way behind Kaelyn, steering the majority of the group toward a section of the building labeled research and development. As it sounds, after crossing through a miriad of hallways filled with run-down tech and furniture, they eventually reach a large, run-down labratory filled with decaying, scattered research equipment. Among the desks, papers, testing tables, chemical storage tanks and sample containers is a door labeled, "Offices" that leads to another section of the building. However, as the group enters the labs, they realize that the floor is littered with half-decayed corpses in various states of dress. Some are dressed as researchers, others as janitorial staff, and some are even wearing security uniforms. Before any of the scavengers have time to react, however, the miriad ferals rise to their feet, howling and screeching at the group as they cross through the labratory's doorway. From behind one of the segregated sections of the lab, A burst of radiation and light screams forth, knocking down a section of the movable wall to reveal none other than a glowing one, prepared to support it's feral comrades.
Kaelyn Kae glances around noticing the 'half' 'decayed' corpses and whatnot... Then they start to move... Kae sighs "Lovely.. ghouls.." she says and she grips that cylinder in her right hand, then reaches and crossdraws her pistol. Kae frowns then flips the 'on' switch on the cylinder. There's a snap hiss and the weapon springs a dark deeply purple 'blade' from the emitter at the end, the thing about a meter long. There's a click and Kae pops the safety off on on her 1911.... "Tibs stay close to me, I'll try and keep them away.." She says calmly...
Tibbie      Tibbie's boots are shaking a little when she sees all these nasty used-to-be-people pop out and make gross noises! She's still assisting the boozy Conway too, she shakes him a little to make him aware.

"You got it boss, but I aint gonna play coward if they get close, that's fer sure." Tibbie nods and slides her slugger loose from her belt loop. A bit hindered by Conway but ready for smashing heads should Kae miss any, although with how skilled she is, Tibbie could just be putting on a show of false courage.
Conway Conway lets Tibbie's sleeve go, not trying to hold her down from defending the squad in anyway. Oh heck, there's some scary things! Conway's uncordinated hand slips down towards his holster, pulling his revolver out. Once the revolver is drawn the barrel aims into the air while he pulls back the hammer to cock it, accidentally discharging a round into the ceiling. "Oh-.. heck.."
Kaelyn Kae's jumping into action. Her left hand comes up. Her eyes squint a moment, though through her helmet that might not be visible. Then she doubletaps the spitter in the head quite cleanly, sending mutant spray flyng backward and away from the double impact of very massive rounds. She quickly turns, pivoting slightly and slashes the nearest ghoul with her sword, using a kind of kenjutsu type single handed technique, the woman using her momentum to bring the sword back then thrusts again, striking the ghoul quickly twice in succession. The sword actually leaving glowing cuts across the creature...
Jackson At the sight of the ghouls, Jackson lept into action nearly as quickly as Kaelyn did. As her bullets found the spitting green ghoul, Jack drew his revolver with a flourish, simultaneously firing on the glowing monstrosity that bellowed it's war cry at the group in the wake of it's appearance. The first round went wide by a significant margin, but Jack had anticipated it. As the creature focused it's attention on him, He slid his finger over his pistol's charging module, and after the weapon hummed to life, laid a single shot from it directly into the ghoul's midsection. The white-tinged trail of the round passed directly through the ghoul, and into the wall behind it with a loud 'CLANG!'. Seeing the creature still standing, the deputy readied himself for whatever came next.

Ashur hrms, looking down at the note, fingers scratching through his beard. Tibbie's mother waltzes in, smokey-eyed and batting her lashes, but Ashur stops her with a raised hand. "This adventure," he questions. "Where did she say she was going?"


"And where is the desk?"


The trek across the wastes takes a bit of time. Ashur is an experienced survivalist and wanderer, knowing the quickest routes, the safest paths, and where to risk a bit of danger to shave time off the trip. At the golden-armored bull's side is the loyal Dogmeat, padding at his side and barking on occassion to mark the presence of hostiles or some interesting sight. Eventually, he hears the roar of a motorcycle, and finds the rugged cuts in the ground it left behind. He takes a knee, runs a gauntleted finger along the indent, then rises; when he walks away, the heavy drag of his cloak smooths over the trail behind him.

A facility dots the horizon. It swells larger; he arrives, and finds open doors, and footprints in the dust. He carries on ahead, thunder in his steps, as Dogmeat's frantic barking at the smell of ghouls echoes through the halls and rooms.
Conway Conway The drunk and babbling Conway had enough sense to know that operating a firearm at this time was probably a bad idea, considering he already had an accidental discharge and shot the ceiling. So, gloves are off. His threw his hat aside and walked up to one of the ghoulies, sending the wooden butt of his revolver into the side of the ghoulies temple. Bink! "Get back, y'forsaken!"
Tibbie      In the fray of things Tibbie is trying to watch it all through whiskey goggles. It's when she sees Ashur, her Jefecito, she immediately makes a break for it. Luckily the ghouls were too preoccupied to catch the short lil snack Tibbie.

"Jefecito you maaaadee it!" she catches his arm and spins around to take cover behind him. "Come get these hunks of flesh back on the groun'where they'long!" Tibbie's slurring a bit and she's loosely holding her bat now.

"We'r gonna kick more ass'thn a boot'na ASS FACTORTREE!" Tibbie delares and raises to point her bat, only to have it sink back down from her weak arms.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell raises his laser rifle and aims with DEADLY PRECISION at the glowing one, releasing two pot shots into it without even trying and downing it near immediately, a quick ZAP ZAP of laser fire goes into the Glowing Juans head and brains splatter everywhere..yummy.
Jackson The firefight ended as quickly as it began. With a flash of energy weapons and the banging of gunfire, the glowing one and several of the other ghouls collapsed onto the floor in a heap. However, by the echoing sounds of growling and roaring flooding in from all around, the ghouls aren't quite done yet. Luckily for everyone involved, they don't catch the party by surprise. Ghouls-a-plenty start to knock panels out of the ceiling ventilation, and crawl out of the ducts themselves down toward the labratory's floor. Some fall outright and gain their footing, but the others have begun to quickly descend the length of the walls from the ventilation. Among them are another duo of Glowing Ones, a second group of four ravenous feral ghouls.
Doc     Doc opens the door the group had just come through, peeking his head in and looking around. "I thought I just heard the sound of a glowing one's head exploding." He raised up and glanced down at the floor. "Yup. There it is." He entered and closed the door behind himself. "Oh, ghoul party in here. Anybody not bat-shit? I've had to put down a few for trying to use my gizard as a chew toy."
Kaelyn Kae frowns as she notices that -more- ghouls are coming out of the woodworks... "Lovely." She mutters... Quickly she tops off her Colt's magazine. And waits or the oncoming ghouly attack... Then Doc wanders in and Kae turns to look at them. Currently the elf-woman is covered head to toe in nigh form-fitting space-age armor, that seems to well blurr her outline and whatnot. It's rather hard to really look directly at her.. Still though, the fact she's carrying a 1911 colt might not be missed, much less the purple-bladed laser sword in her right hand.
Conway Conway wipes his mouth after vomiting from running up to that ghoul and whopping him. All that booze squishing around his stomach made him upchuck. "Sunna'bitch." Drunk Conway is a different type of Conway all together, he's no longer the cordial Sheriff. He keeps the revolver clenched in his left hand at the ready, watching the next wave of ghouls come out of the woodwork. Pesky buggers.
Kaelyn Kae's eyes focus in on the red mutant type. It's visible that her eyes glow briefly, even with tat visored helmet of hers... Suddenly there's just a general overall light feeling of pressure throughout the room as the red mutant is slammed into the ground as if hit by a falling car.. Then worse? He's lifted and slammed again, hard enough to hear a numbe of sickening cracks...

Then Kae turns her head and brings her left hand up, pistol in hand and fires, sending two rounds out and impacting the creature's right arm...
Conway The drunk Sheriff ain't in the mood to be fucking around with things that could probably swallow him whole. "Atom's Forsaken, my friends will get you!" Conway stumbles towards a window, placing his fingers underneath the sill. He manages to pull it up after jimmying it around a bit. He swings his right leg over and then attempts to swing his left one out, but he falls out the window onto his side. "Ooof.." The injured Conway drags himself away from the building.
Doc     Doc enjoys the glow from the light bulbs, and watches them smack fruitlessly at the power armor Ashur wore. It was like watching starving rats swarming all over a crust of impossibly stale bread. Petrified bread. Bread made entirely of scrith. He realized he was holding his recently-modified weapon in his hand and needed a test target. For science, obviously. He looked back at the glowing one. Then at his weapon. Then the glowing one. Raising it, he pulled the trigger, sending glowing, blue plasma coursing between the glowing one's eyes. "Hmm," he said, non-chalantly. "It works."
Ashur They fall upon him like a swarm of maggots; rot-blooded monsters with putrid souls, their presence fills the Legionnaire with a primitive disgust, and makes sing his raging blood -- it boils, and quickens, and he senses it moments before it happens, the frame of his power armor opening as the toga-clad behemoth stumbles out. The ghouls chitter and maintain their attack on the duraframe giant for a moment, before they turn and, with all feral anger, drown him in their twisted flesh.

Beneath the seething multitude, there is no sight of Ashur, lost.

Then they are thrown off by some great rising force, swollen with mishapen muscle like tumors, hunched yet still surpassing ten feet tall, a thing of dark red skin and bulging blue veins, nude and sexually featureless, with hands the size of children and a craggy, rage-twisted face blind to all but the enemy before him.

He paints the walls red.
Jackson the ghouls grouped up in the northern and eastern sections of the lab, and they didn't waste any time throwing themselves into action. Whether it was the glowing ones setting off their radioactive detonations and clawing at Kaelyn and ashur, or the piles upon piles of feral ghouls that relentlessly charged toward Ashur and Jackson, what was previously an organized front devolved into a riot of decaying flesh. The deputy did his best to fire off rounds into the targets closest to him, and in doing so, unloaded what was left in his revolver's chamber directly into one of the glowing ones who'd decided to harass them. It charged toward him and attempted to hit him with a swinging claw, but he dextrously avoided the incoming blow as the hairs on the back of his neck stood at attention. Kaelyn dodged her own series of incoming attacks as Jackson scrambled to retrieve another weapon, and Doc suddenly pulled a mysterious looking pistol, shot one of the two glowing ones in the face, and sprinted off into another section of the laboratories.
Needless to say, this room was an all out mess, and growing steadily more chaotic with each tick of the clock. Ashur had abandoned his power armor and transformed into a mutagenic behemoth, beginning to lay into his enemies with the force of five men, and the ghouls redoubled their efforts, turning their attention to the largest of their prey.
Kaelyn Kae is dodging attacks left and right. The woman seeming rather calm or at the least bit very quiet as she neatly slips between random incoming attacks, before popping up to see the glower and the red Ted still up... Two shots are set flying at Red Ted. One round impacting his crotch, the next going between his eyes as she is bringing her pistol up in an upward sweep after having ducked below a raking claw.

Then she's hit by rads.. CORA is yelling in her ear about that and Kae mutters "Yah Yah... On it..." She says and turns toward the glowing one, her body sidelong as she holds that colt up in one hand. Two more rounds are sent down range catching the creature center mass and dropping them... "Love the stopping power on this pistol.." She mutters... CORA then adds "Yer still using the gun more than the sword..." Kae then phbts "cheaper that way!"
Doc     Doc meandered around to the various radioactive samples. He gets right down and peers at them. They don't glow, for the most part. They just irradiate his face, not that he cares. He turns, opening his mouth to say something to the group, but at the sight of the massive, naked hulk, he stops. His jaw hangs open for a moment before he closes it. "You're clearly busy," he said. Turning back to the samples, he debated pocketing them. He wished he had his geiger counter on himself so he could test to see how radioactive-radioactive they were, and not just thermally radiating. No sense killing off the smooth-skins one called allies...although, Ashur WAS a curious case right now, and Doc WAS interested to see how much radiation he could take. No, no, that was a bad idea.

    "Alright, guys," Doc calls out, "There's a reactor leak I'm going to take a look at. I don't like the idea of a fission reactor going critical and blowing us all up. Please keep that thing out of the reactor room!" he concludes, gesturing at the fleshy pile that is currently standing in for Ashur. Doc stuffs his free hand in his pocket, then walks calmly toward the door that led toward the reactor.
Kaelyn Kae is again dodging swings from various ghouls, narrowly managing to avoid one group, then she rolls aside and is dodging another group, before the wall of muscled fury, known as Ashur-Hulk comes roaring through all the ghouls turning them to paste.

Kae hops to her feet and swings from across the room twice at the last red fellow, opening up two cauterized cuts across his arm from well across the place? Wierd! She spins and swings another slash, this time it becoming visible as an arc of energy leaps out from the swing and zips across the space in an instant, opening up another cut, as Kae switches her back hand swing to a forehand and opens a fourth cut on the creature... When it falls, Kae sighs, taking a very deep breath, now panting... "Ok that was intense..." she mutters then collapses the laser sword and begins putting it back as she reloads her colt...
Ashur Rip and tear, the voices whisper, seductive in their simplicity; the sound of his heartbeat in his ears drowns out everything except that temptation. Ashur clenches his teeth, grinding them with jaw-cracking force, and takes one swing-legged step forward. His bare heel crushes a limb beneath him, spraying blood in scarlet fountains to bathe his legs; he slips in it, skids forward, and lets out a bellowing howl of animal anger, flailing his arms and seizing a ghoul in each hand.

Such is how the mutant rages, swinging men like clubs, cleaving his way through the swarm with juggernaut momentum. Listen to the crack of split bone, the wet pulp of decimated organs, the liquid slosh of viscera and gore as entrails and brain matter and spinal fluid storm against the floor, the ceiling, the walls, and all those gathered.

Heads are ripped off, bullets fly from his straining, creaking, high-tech gauntlet, the magnetic coils leaving gleaming crescents of azure that fade moments later.

At the end of it, only a few ghouls are left, staring at him in some primal fear. They shudder. They hiss. He grabs one, looms, smashes it into a wall and begins to charge, arms outstretched. Its face peels away to nothing from grinding against the rough surface, leaving a wet trail as the bull barrels down on the rest with thunderous hoof-steps, stomp stomp stomp, before knocking them all into the air and literally swinging his fists through their bodies until they explode midair, leaving him utterly drenched.

Then the behemoth supermutant stands there, breathing heavy.
Jackson In the wake of the vicious battle, the group, led by Jackson, did their best to clean themselves of any stray blood that may've gotten on their belongings. What went on in these laboratories was slaughter in every sense of the word, and everyone who'd been a part of it was coated near head-to-toe in the half-rotten goop. There were just too many ghouls and bodies flying about to avoid it all, especially with the hulk of a man that Ashur became, throwing their targets around like ragdolls. However, as a silence finally settled over the building, the group was finally free to investigate the remainder of it's rooms with some semblence of safety. At least, they would have been, if not for the reactor problem that was still plagueing them. But that was just it-- the deputy suddenly had a flash of realization come over him as he retrieved and reloaded his weaponry.
"I think Doc headed down to the reactor to deal with that problem." Jackson said breathlessly, fingers pushing rounds back into his gauss revolver with methodical precision. It was at that moment when he became aware of the elephant in the room-- that being the behemoth that was Ashur, panting roughly, coated in the gore of his enemies. Jack removed his glasses, holstered his weaponry, and approached Ashur. The only visible part of his face that wasn't coated in ghoul flesh and blood was his eyes and their surrounding flesh, which had been protected up to this point by his glasses. The man was a pillar of serenity before the storm of rage that was Ashur, and his relaxation showed as he began to idly wipe at the blood coating his aviators' mirrored lenses.
"That'll do, warrior." The deputy said with that slight southern drawl accentting his words. "The enemy's gone. Take a seat. Drink this." At that, the deputy rifled through his satchel, withdrawing a flask of whiskey to offer the mutant. "Ya' look lik ya' might need it." If he was going to die, there was no used freaking out about it. If Ashur was going to attack him. He would, and there was nothing he could do about it. The least he could do was avoid being a prick about it.
Doc     Doc wanders into the reactor room and takes a moment to bask in the glow. He can hear the subtle thumping of the rampage Ashur is going on. Banging on the wall, Doc shouts, "Oy! Keep it down! I'm trying to science, here!" He's fairly certain they couldn't hear him over the stomping and face-squishing, especially since he could only barely hear all that.

    After peeking around for ghouls, he looks at the reactor. "Yup," he says with a nod. "Leaky reactor. 'bout to go critical and kill us all. Better stop it." As he shoves his alien blaster in his pocket, pulls it out, switches on the safety, then shoves it back into his pocket, he walks around the reactor a couple times before accessing the terminal. He furrows what's left of his brow and taps his chin with a finger. "Oh yes," he says, raising a finger. With motion of fingers on keys that sounded more like a deep, throaty engine firing in short bursts than individual clacks, he fixes it. Because that is what Lords of Science do. Once the threat of destruction was eliminated, he pokes around a bit, then remembers the rampaging giant upstairs. Better go check on that.

    When Doc came back through the reactor access door, he was idly playing with a yoyo as he continued to look around in the lab. "Oh, hey," he says. "You guys probably shouldn't go down there. Whole place is flooded in radiation. Would probably microwave a goat." He flips the yoyo down and does a little walking the dog before pulling it back up and catching it, raising the index finger of his other hand up. "Oh yeah," he adds, "I also prevented a core meltdown that would have blown this entire building into a smoking crater a mile wide." He looks around, as if realizing something. Then he waved his formerly up-turned finger around, angled downward as he said, "Hang on, wasn't there a huge, angry, vaguely humanoid thing stomping around up here?"
Jackson In the end of it all, things were simple. The group discussed what they should do with the building, did their best to prevent any current or future leaks of radiation, and tried there damndest to isolate any potentially hazardous materials that wouldn't be of use to them. They each managed to scavenge their own personal bits of salvage that they could use in their own ways, and they made sure that the rest of the building was clear of hostiles. This place was definitely a gold mine for scientific types-- it'd be a good idea to try and get a legitimate salvaging team up this way to try to claim some of these resources for El Dorado. With that goal in mind, the team marked a few important-looking containers with El Dorado symbology, took a few more things, cleaned themselves up to the best of their ability, and set off for their next destinations, leaving the shithole of a research facility behind them.