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Ashur Few still give thought to the Mutant Horde. The pitched battle at the Alamo broke its overwhelming power, and scattered the remnants like grains of wheat across the land; now and again, intrusions of mutants would assault a border town, or rumors of strange monsters would rise, but the locust swarm has been devastated. Everyone says so, after all.

What they do not mention are the men and women responsible for that suppression. In the Citadel's ruins, the new Texas Rangers were established, and their tireless policing of Texas and the New Mexico borderlands have steadily diminished the mutant threat. Freeing slaves, clearing camps, dismantling factories and foundries meant to forge weapons and armor, the destruction of hidden science facilities the Enclave used to research, refine, and produce their new strains of FEV.. it's long labor, and it'll be years before it's done. It's a big state, after all.

Which brings us to today. It's a cool afternoon, almost chilly, the sun lingering behind dark clouds pregnant with stormy promise. There is an old facility atop Signal Peak, part of the Guadulupe Mountains that stretch between New Mexico and western Texas. The highest point in all the state, it rises near ten thousand feet above sea level, offering a beautifully commanding view of the mountains and plains surrounding it.

The trek to its top was a long one, a tiring one, for any not accustomed to such work. Ashur, himself, is here, following reports from Ranger scouts that.. something is here, under heavy guard, and that mutant raiders have been descending from the mountains like a plague. The Chihuahuan Desert below has become infested with them.

Ashur walks, wrapped entirely in his grand white-gold cloak, dog at his side, power armor concealed beneath. The others? They came at his invite, as he mentioned it off-handedly during a pub crawl in El Dorado.

A path leads ever higher, the stone face of the cliffside surrounding the group. Looking down at them are a handful of strange, twisted little man-monsters, clawed, tentacled, partially melted and the like.
Kaelyn Kae's moving quietly, almost silently near Ashur, while mentioning to Tibbie "Keep yer distance from any of these mutants, don't let em close..." She informs. "Call out if you need help." She adds and carefully cycles a round into the chamber of her carbine. It's been with her through all kinds of hell at this point, she's still got it. Also strapped to the small of her back is her p90 and her colt....

Kae tilts he head, looking over the place, then notices the Centaurs... "Greeeaaaaat Centaurs... I wonder what else..." She mutters, as she shoulders her rifle... "Don't let em get too close and watch out, they can affect you at range..." she says to the other....
Tibbie      "Ma's gonna be pissed when she sees me." Tibbie warns herself as she's nearly exhausted and taking a moment to pull her boot off to check her foot. It's gotten a few blisters on the balls of her foot and new callouses are red and forming on her toes.

"At least the scenery's worth it Jefeci-OH SHIT!" She chimes a bit of optimism to Ashur which then turns to surprise as she sees the disgusting creatures!
Alasa Alasa has come along for the fun and travel. Yes, she has been moving along quietly for the most part, like on cats paws..which is good, cause she came with two cats...and since cats are better then dogs, thats even better. "Nice to get out and about...see the sights..and oh, look..centaurs...well at least we didn't run into anything to dangerous..right guys?" As she looks to the cats.
Tibbie     Tibbie's a bit too quick to shot as she misses twice! Shooting into the rocks below her intended target.

"Dammit! Just you fucks wait! I'll git cha'll!" Tibbie warns the ugly things!
Alasa Alasa watches Tibbie a moment, shoot...then like out of now where, the the Stormclouds roll a flash, Alasa's bow is in her she draws back on the bowstring, locking the arrow into place...she sights down the scope, and lets the arrow fly. Woooooosh it sails through the air, and plops right into the centuars head.
Kaelyn spotting the movement, Kae frowns and up comes the rifle... She pulls the trigger, wincing a bit as the round skips off a rock... She then frowns and kneels briefly, yet again taking aim, but this time slightly longer. Another round, and another time the bullet encounters cover... "They're holed up pretty good in there, suggest, those of us with firearms backing up a bit, draw them out." She says and follows through with just that, she moves back a little ways, trying to open up distance.
Ashur Gunshot startles the quiet mountain like claps of thunder. The hill-face breaks apart and dislodges a river of dirt and gravel, sliding down over the path the group walks to leave crunching stains in their way. The pair of mutant chimera, tended by the half dozen mutants, gurgle and rasp, squishing their way on feet-hands to the edge of the ridge and belching corrosive acid over it. It falls upon them like rain, burning flesh, seeping into the cracks of armor; for Tibbie, a hefty chunk of that burning spittle looks to take her right in the face, but then the gallant Ashur has drawn her underneath him and turned his back to it, cloak drawn around her in warm embrace.

"Careful," he rumbles, as the fire crawls down his back. "Their spit burns."

He releases her and turns, beginning to march up the path to confront them, but the way is barred by the flood of smaller mutants. A throng of deformed humanoids, they move in strange ways, and make stranger sounds; they swarm him, the ants, and claw at him. Undeterred, like the bull he is he simply stomps through them, transforming their flesh into an orgiastic explosion of blood -- he opens them like blossomed flowers, his fingers tearing through flesh, crunching bone, ripping out organs, severing tendons and arteries alike in sheer violence.

"Kill them and take cover," he commands, continuing to walk through them. "I will kill the chimera before they attack again."

The bodies tumble down the mountainside.
Tibbie      Tibbie makes out what Ashur said and takes a wide stance, breathing out slowly and squeezing the trigger. BAM BAM! The bullets fly toward the mutants, hitting ones legs in two spots, one being the femoral as blood squirts out for minutes before finally draining the ugly thing's body.

"Told you fuckwads! Oh yeah!" Tibbie celebrates and rushes for some cover, making a medium-sized boulder a good choice.
Kaelyn Kae frowns "Noo I think I got the centaurs!" she calls out "Just finish those swarms!" she adds, and the elf-woman, in open field no less, kneels down on a rock, steadying her rifle, as she flips her carbine to full auto.. Why she's doing full auto for such a difficult shot is anyone's guess.. She continues holding her aim, keeping both of those red eyes open briefly, then squinting and closing one as she focusses.

She takes a full breath now and her finger gently depresses the trigger.... That rifle of hers barks once, sending a short burst into the centaurs, and suddenly both are completely missing ay sign of a head, the burst taking both of them out quite neatly... "See, got em!"
Ashur The final mutant is a pitiful thing. It was a woman, once, such is clear from the exposed breasts beneath its tattered clothing. But all beauty is long faded: her hair has fallen out in patches, what's left is ratty and knotted with dirt; her teeth are yellow and black, skin peeling, each of her arms split at the center into two bone-spiked stubs, while her toes have fused together and heels swelled thick and hard like hooves.

Ashur grasps her by the throat, lifts, and throws her off the god damn cliff.

"Well done, all of you," he praises, and begins the march back up the mountain path, Dogmeat happily leading the way and alerting them to precarious footing. Eventually, they reach the summit, and a mutant marvel manifests --

The area is strewn with Legion-like decoration. Pilfered flags, the Bull painted in blood and mud and other fluids on the ground, on the walls of the buildings. There are supermutants in salvaged football pads, though they've had to combine multiple sets to fit them, leaving it looking awkward and uncomfortable.

"Ave, true to Ashur!" one booms, in thick-tongued Legion-talk, greeting his friend. "We delivered the Abomination to him. Sad we can't make more supermutants here, but Ashur said the Rangers were onto us, and that they'd track us down. Our orders are to pack up and move out now!"

The supermutant clasps a fist to his chest. "Let's go, men! March! We'll meet up with Ashur the Magnificent!"

Ashur -- who, at this moment, does not feel magnificent, and has no idea what the fuck they're talking about -- seethes. He'd heard a few rumors, but..

"I'll fucking kill every single one of them. That's my god damn name! Stop using my name!"

He charges. Just straight up fuck that noise. Who cares if there's a dozen supermutants?
Kaelyn Kae blinks and stares at Ashur "Yaaah he doesn't like supermutants..." CORA then adds "You think?" She says and Kae shrugs. She doesn't like charge into the fray, but she moves aside, her movements fluid, neat, concise as she takes up an elevated position where she can see the whole battlefield "Grab a covered position Tibbie try and soften up the mutants ahead of Ashur and keep them of fhis back." She says calmly to the other...

Kae's eyes glow briefly as she notices a mutant moving to do just that, and before she can bring her rifle up, her eyes go from the brief glowy flicker to burning like twin red suns briefly. Ther eseems to even be an odd humming sound, it's high pitched, right on the edge of hearing as said mutant suddenly stops.. He has just enough time to give a scream before he seems to kind of decompile into nigh microcscopic bits, just leaving a brief pink mist.. Then Kae's eyes stop glowing and she wipes at her nose, a bit of blood on her hand.

The rifle comes up and she begins draining burst atfter burst of fully automatic rifle fire, trying to keep Ashur's right flank clear.
Tibbie      Tibbie hangs back, taken aback by the talking uglies and Ashur's name being used by them. When the real Ashur starts to barrel into the group, Tibbie takes aim and assists Dogmeat as he tears into one of the mutant's arms. The last round in the chamber hits the mutant's neck, grazing just the right depth for a slow death. She takes cover and reloads, readying herself for more kills. Tibbie nods to Kae and blinks twice at the shear scariness of her powers.

Now snapping out of Kae's show she aims to assist the now mutant pile up on Ashur, some shots missing, and some hitting spines and legs.
Ashur The battle is long. The battle is fierce. The lead storm takes all, and by the time it's over Ashur and his canine are both panting like dogs -- the behemoth seated on a rock, helmet off, legs spread, utterly bathed in mutant blood so thick he swims more than walks. The bodies are stacked in a massive pile.

Only one has survived. When the others tried to kill him, the Legionnaire took the bullet, and demanded they stand down. He shattered the supermutant's legs and arms, twisting them in the sockets until they faced the wrong way. He's now mounted on one of the crosses the mutants themselves had erected in their camp, iron spikes driven through his flesh to keep him there as he bleeds.

Ashur, wild-eyed, is before him. "Kaelyn. Tibbie. Go, fetch Alasa -- I think she was hurt -- and return to El Dorado now. I have things to do."