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Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya sits alone at the bar. Her cowl is up and all you can see from the door is her staff leaning against the bar and the high powered rifle slung over her back. She could be any sex the way the robe covers up her figure but the black hair spilling out the front of the hood as you approach suggests a female, then she looks at you and removes all doubt. Her face is itself a canvass for the marks of the Children of Atom. Her lipstick is a strange lime green color and her eyes bulge out as she regards you.
Jackson As Jack entered the Gold Digger, his eyes scanned the interior of the bar, hoping to see a familiar face among the regular patrons. However, the only person who sat at the bar was a black-robed figure with a staff leaning against it. Though the deputy couldn't say he saw people carrying around a staff very often, he wasn't one to judge, and approached an empty stool next to the figure as he dug through his pockets for a handfull of caps. As he pulled out the stool to sit down, he realized that the person was, in fact, a woman. Jack offered the tattooed-woman a nod, and the robot returned with the deputy's drink as he introduced himself.
"Howdy. Name's Jackson. Deputy at small." At that, he politely offered her a hand to shake. With his free hand, he tossed a few caps onto the bar's surface as payment for his first drink.
"Can't say I've had the courtesy to meet ya quite yet, but it's a pleasure."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks at the hand as if it might be a poisonous snake. Those eyes dont seem to blink much. After an awkward moment of silence she shakes your hand. Her flesh is rough from hard work and the elements and you can see a few scars on her hands as if she had been in knife fights in the past. "I am Zealot Shreya," she answers. "The Sheriff of Small? I have not heard of this place."
Jackson Unabashed by his trademark stupid joke not landing (as usual), Jack appraised the tattoos adorning the woman's face for a brief instant through the mirrored lenses of his glasses. The way she looked at his hand made him feel like he'd offended her somehow, but as he moved to pull away, she reached out and shook it awkwardly. As she spoke to him, it caused him to crack a bit of a grin as he grabbed his whiskey. He took a long sip out of the glass, leaned back in his stool a bit, and sighed contentedly before he responded.
"Ah, it's just a stupid joke. I was born in Shantytown, but usually work around El Dorado. Haven't been around for a while though, spend most of my time up in the Mojave these days." It was then that he finally made the connection. The tattoos on her face, the strange demeaner, and the way she'd introduced herself as 'Zealot'? Things were starting to make sense now. However, Jack had no problem with it. Atom's worshippers had never did him wrong before, and he didn't plan on doing them any wrong, either.
"So, you're a zealot? That's interesting."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "It was what must be. I was the prisoner of a Raider Gang called Finn's Warlords for many years. Without going into the grisly details, they left me in a prison cart while they went into an old bunker. The Lord of the Glow destroyed them, alarms went off and then the ground shook. Finn himself was blown from the mouth of the cave where the impact of the bars against his mortal flesh was enough to break his bones. I was able to reach down and get the keys after many tries and a sore arm. In Megaton the Children explained what had happened to me. I have served Holy Atom since. You know what is a zealot?"
Jackson Though her story was shocking, and horrifying to a certain extent, Jack maintained a relaxed composure as the woman told her tale, nodding and taking small sips out of his glass as she spoke. As she finished, he spoke up himself.
"Well, there's a saying that says people get what's coming to them. That story's a perfect example of just that. I do what I do specifically to try and keep anything like that from happening around here-- but i'm not gonna bore the hell out of you and ramble about my job." At that, jack gulped down another mouthful of whiskey, and paused as she asked him if he knew what a zealot was. The truth of the matter was that he didn't have much experience with the children of atom. However, he'd had limited contact with their missionaries and speakers on several occasions. He usually just didn't pay them any mind.
"Well, I've run across the term zealot before, yeah. In short, I'd say you're very engrossed in your beliefs to describe yourself as such."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods slowly. "The classical definition of Zealot means what you say and we are certainly that. But among the Children, a Zealot is a warrior of Atom. Knights if you will. I come first to clear the way for the Children who will be here soon. If you have a mind for some work, we will soon need guns to help with a project in Roswell."
Jackson Now that got Jack's attention. The deputy returned his seat to it's original position, and leaned his elbows against the bar, polishing off his first whiskey. The bartending robot, being used to the regular customer's routine, was quick to replace his glass with a full one. After it did so, Jack removed his glasses, folded them up, and placed them on the bartop next to his glass.
"Hmm, interesting. Can't say you really struck me as the warrior type, but I'm not one to make assumptions or judgements off of appearances alone. Depending on what sort of job you might need help with, I might be interested. Depends on what exactly ya'll are lookin' to do."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya says, "We have devised a plan to rid Roswell of the forsaken. Most likely, the machine that my newest convert builds will by itself destroy them but....we will need contingency shooters. Its rather hard to explain without seeing the machine would be ensuring that the forsaken are not able to escape a fatal trap.""
Jackson "Ah, Conway's device, eh?" The deputy paused for a moment as an earlier conversation with the man sparked his memory on the topic at hand.
"Suffice to say I understand. I wouldn't mind attending if it meant that i'd be making the whole thing a safer process. It could attract some rather.. Unscrupulous attention, given an accident of some sort."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya scowls. "What do you mean by unscrupulous attention? Raiders?" She takes a drink of her bottle of dark beer.
Jackson The deputy paused for a moment, slipping into yet another unfortunate habit of his-- that being making less sense the more he started to drink. Clearly that whiskey he'd chugged down was kicking in faster than he thought. He ran a finger through his hair, then, with a mirthful smile, chuckled a bit and spoke again.
"No, no. nothing of the sort. I just mean that, were some of the ghouls to escape into the interior of the town.. Well, it could scare people, and cause unrest. Which we definitely wouldn't want. So, if you need someone there to make sure that kind of thing doesn't happen? I can definitely help out. At least-- I think I can."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head. "There aren't any people. Roswell is occupied in some places by ghouls who have not gone feral. The forsaken do not attack them for even in their mania they recognize their own. THe rest of us will be part of the working party. But yes...if they are left to roam they could be a danger and it is my charge to clear the danger before the Children come."
Jackson Jack nodded in response, taking the information in. Roswell wasn't often one of those places he'd gone out of his way to stay in. He'd mostly visited the town in passing. He'd spent the night at one of it's bars once, but that was about the extent of it. His interactions with the locals there had pretty much extended to that, and the occasional hello as he passed through on patrol.
"Well, either way, I'd be happy to put forth the effort. Whatever I can do to help. Any friend of El Dorado is a friend of mine."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "We can discuss payment soon when the engine is complete. You have spoken to Conway about it already?" She frowns.
Jackson Jackson nodded his head, and polished off his second whiskey in a few long, seemingly effortless gulps. Though the burn gave him goosebumps, and he shook his head about briefly after slinging it down, the man seemed to be no worse for wear after doing so.
"I did, though briefly. Our conversation was admittedly short, but I'll be sure to speak with either you or him about more of the details soon enough." With that said, Jack rose to his feet, leaving another few caps on the bar for the robot to pick up at it's leisure. He bowed his head politely to Shreya, then spoke again as he prepared to head for the door.
"I'd stay and talk about it more, but i've gotta be off. Got a long day ahead of me 'round these parts tomorrow, and don't wanna be too hung-over for it all, y'know? I'll be sure to be in contact with ya'll though. If you need the help, I'll be there to give it to you. I hope ya' have a nice evening, ma'am." Now that he'd said everything that he'd had to say, the young man retrieved his glasses, put them back onto his face, and adjusted his duster as he walked toward the doors. As he said, he had a long day ahead of him. However, as he reached the doors, he stopped and turned back to the zealot.
"Oh, by the way? Those are some nice tattoos. Must've been a talented artist." Jack shot her a smile and a wave, then turned on his heel and made his way into the outside world.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya smiles and dips her head slightly. "We shall look forward to speaking with you in a few weeks only I am sure. Atom keep you Jackson of Small." She smirks this time. "It is well to meet those who do not immediately judge in derision."